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Top 10 Best Workout Tires

If you’re interested in starting a tire workout routine, you may wonder what the best workout tires are and how to compare them. There are so many on the market to choose from, and some are better for tire training than others. You’ll notice that some are especially for tire workouts while others are regular tires that you’d find on a tractor or an ATV. It doesn’t genuinely matter which kind you choose since both have their share of benefits. Even the ones that are designed for tire workouts are meant to be strong and durable, so you can exercise with them how you desire. 

Before you research the idea of tires for your workout, you should consider if this is the exercise for you. Fortunately, it can work a variety of body parts at one time, such as when you perform a tire flip. Specifically, you’re using your glutes, back, hamstrings, triceps, chest, and biceps. Therefore, it’s nearly a full-body workout in one exercise. Plus, you can perform other types of exercises with a tire. 


We’ve dug out some of the best workout tires, so you can find the perfect fit for you.


Top 10 Best Workout Tires 2024

Fitness First Gym Training Tire

Fitness First Gym Training Tire
  • Durable strength
  • 3 different weight sizes
  • Won't scratch or mark floors
  • Tires are TVC covered


Fitness First is known for high-quality fitness products, including their gym training tires. This is the case even though this product isn’t an actual tractor tire. They’re durable enough that you won’t have to worry about a flat tire. Additionally, these tires are known for not scratching the floor because they have covers that protect your floor. 

You can choose between three different weights, or you may buy them as a set. When you purchase the entire unit, it’s easier for you to advance. These tires may be used for right or left foot training, strengthening core muscles, entire body training, and life fitness and strength training in general. You may use them for your upper body. Some examples of exercises include the triple extension, lateral jumps, and more. They, however, aren’t for sledgehammer exercises because they’re not made of rubber. 

TireFlip by The Abs Company

The Abs Company TireFlip 180XL - Original and Patented Tire Flipping Solution, Safe and Space Saving Design with Expandable Training Range
  • The TireFlip 180XL is the ORIGINAL and PATENTED tire flipping solution. Safely flip tires with this functional training device. No longer do you need 50 or more feet to flip tires.
  • Starting resistance of 160 lbs with plate loading capabilities of up to 80 lbs of added resistance giving you a training range of 160 to 240 pounds.
  • The new Open Frame design allows for added safety and gives you the ability to step in as you flip.
  • 2 functional attachment brackets allow for battle rope and resistance band training.
  • Mobility wheels and EZ grip handles allow for easy movement and storage.


If you’re looking to perform tire flips in small spaces, this is a unique tire flip product. It’s not the tire or even an entire unit. Instead, it’s a product that can help you save space in your home gym and is only half of the tire. Its initial resistance is 160 pounds before adding any more weight. You can then add up to 80 more pounds of weight. Total, you’ll be able to train using anywhere between 160 and 240 pounds of resistance.  

This is an ideal piece of equipment because you can perform a tire flip in a small amount of space. This particular unit is ideal for front foot as well as either right or left foot training. It can be used for various other types of tire training. It even has sound-reducing bumpers to make your workout a bit more peaceful.

Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire


This tire is ideal for tire workouts that include lateral jumps and tire flips. It’s durable. Each tire comes without the rim. When you’re taking into consideration size, this tire is eight-inches wide. If you’re looking for a sporty-looking tire to add to your home gym, these have relatively deep grooves for their tread. 

If you use one of these tires to jump on and off or use to lift yourself on, it can hold up to 340 pounds. These are authentic tires, so although they don’t have a designated weight, you can estimate based on how much standard ATV tires weigh or use the inquiry form to learn more about the tire. 

Since they’re legitimate tires, you can use them for outdoor use in addition to indoor use, making them a versatile option.

Stens 160-011 Tire, Black

Stens Tire 160-011 Compatible with Carlisle 5110101, Exmark 1-513032, Kenda 21311030
  • Replaces OEM Part Numbers: Carlisle: 5110101, Exmark: 1-513032, Kenda: 21311030
  • Puncture resistant for durability
  • Strong carcass designed to support the weight of lawn equipment
  • Tire Tread: Turf Rider, Tire Size: 11x4.00-5, Ply: 2, Rim Size: 5", Max PSI: 22, Max Load Capacity: 210, Type: Tubeless


These tires don’t have a heavy load capacity, so they work out best for tire flips and other similar tire workouts, rather than any ones that support your weight. Therefore, you might not be able to use them for an explosive power workout. They’re strong and durable, so they’ll hold up throughout even your toughest workout. You can use them for exercises that require the tire to support your weight as well as tire flips. 

Since this is an actual tractor tire as opposed to a workout tire, you may use it for outdoor workouts as well as indoor workouts. You may need to find a solution to prevent the tire from scratching or scuffing your floor indoors, though, since it doesn’t have a protective jacket.  

It’s a solid black tire, so you can implement it into any home gym since it blends in well with any scheme.

15X5.00-6 2Ply X-Trac Tire Carlisle 2Ply


This is a two-ply tire. It’s also tubeless. When you’re lbs outside diameter and insider diameter, the measurement of this tire is 15 5.00-6. It’s heavy enough to provide you with an entire body workout, and you don’t have to search at a local tire store or scrap pile. 

It’s an authentic tire, so it’s able to be used both indoors and outdoors. The deep treads give it a rugged appearance that can enhance the appeal of your home gym. It’s a black color, so it’s able to be incorporated into any home gym, even if you have a certain look to your gym equipment. 

In terms of strength, this is an extremely durable tire that will hold up to a high-intensity workout, no matter how often you do it. It’s strong enough that you can perform a variety of exercises, even if means that the tire must support your weight. 

Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire - 22X12-8

Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire - 22X12-8
  • Tire only, Rim not included
  • ATVs, Utility Vehicles, Side by Side Vehicles and Fun-Karts
  • Long lasting materials
  • Stable wide construction
  • Damage resistant compounds


This is an ATV tire, so it’s designed to be durable. You shouldn’t have to worry about a flat tire. It’ll hold up through workout after workout. Since it’s an authentic tire, you can use it either indoors or outdoors. You may, however, want to purchase a cover for it if you want to use it for indoor use. That will allow cushioning in between your gym floor and the tire to prevent scratches. 

This particular tire is sturdy enough to use for flips and exercises that require the tire to support your weight. 

You can purchase this tire in six different sizes. These sizes include 18 by 8.50-10, 22 by 12-8, 22.5 by 10-8, 24 by 12-12, 25 by 13-9, 26 by 12-12. You may want to consider purchasing one tire and the next size up, so you can slowly work your way up to a more difficult workout.

ITP Mega Mayhem Mud Terrain ATV Tire 27x9-12

ITP Mega Mayhem Mud Terrain ATV Tire 27x9-12
  • Package Dimensions: 24.13 cms (L) x 67.31 cms (W) x 24.13 cms (H)
  • Product Type: Vehicle Tire
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Country Of Origin: United States


These tires truly are mega. They’ll hold up during even your most strenuous exercises. For instance, you can use them for tire flips and various other types of workouts. These are mud tires, so you’ll benefit from the deep threads. Their appearance truly makes them stand out, which could really enhance the overall appearance of your home gym. 

You can use these tires for indoor or outdoor use. Fortunately, they come in a variety of sizes. You can choose the one that’s best suited for your lifting capacity now and even the next size up to slowly work your way up. The sizes of this tire include 27 by 9-12, 27 by 9-14, 27 by 11-12, 27 by 11-14, 28 by 9-12, 28 by 9-14, 28 by 11-12, and 28 by 11-14.

TIRE 25 X 13-9 HD Field TRAX John Deere Gator Carlisle


This is a three-ply tire. It’s tubeless. The treads of the tire are deep, which enhances its rugged appearance. It’s only the tire; therefore, it’s not mounted on the wheel. 

Although you may use it in your home gym, just like you would a tire from a junkyard or other location, you may also use it outdoors. 

This particular unit is thick. This could allow you to alter your usual tire flip workout. Due to their thickness, you’ll be able to perform a variety of exercises because these tires will hold up your weight well. For example, you’ll be able to perform lateral jumps. In fact, you can use these for various strength training exercises. You can use them even if you don’t have explosive power because it’s not a huge tire. You’ll be able to use these tires for lateral jumps in addition to working out your core muscles.

Stens 160-687 K478 Kenda Tire, 16

Stens 160-687 K478 Kenda Tire, 16" x 6.50"-8", 2-Ply,Black
  • VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY: Stens Tire Replacement offers a diverse selection of lawn tractor tires, catering to the specific needs of homeowners and professionals alike.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Our 160-687 Tire Replacement also offers a range of lawn mower turf tires, specially crafted to protect your lawn while delivering exceptional traction and control.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: When it's time for a lawn tractor tire replacement, count on Stens for easy-to-install solutions, ensuring minimal downtime for your equipment.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Explore our range of lawn mower turf tires, engineered to provide superior traction while being gentle on your lawn, enhancing your mowing experience.
  • TRUSTED RELIABILITY: When it comes to lawn tractor tires, Stens is your trusted source for top-quality replacements that enhance the overall efficiency of your equipment.


Fortunately, this tire is only 6.5 inches tall, so it’s easy to use for tire flips. They’re even easy to use if you’re of smaller stature since regular tires are usually bigger and are a bit awkward to use if you’re smaller. These are 15-inch wide tires. They’re authentic tires, so you may use them just like you would standard tires sold as the best workout tires. They’ll withstand a rigorous workout. You can use them for both indoor and outdoor use because they’re actual tires. When you buy used tires, they tend to have worn tread. However, when you purchase brand new ones like this one, you’ll reap the reward of tires that will not only function in your home gym but will blend in well, even with your high-tech exercise equipment.

OBOR Advent ATV Tires 21x7-10, 6 Ply Sport ATV Tires (pack of 1)

OBOR Advent ATV Tire 21x7-10, 6 Ply GNCC Champion Tire, 21x7x10 All Terrain Tire
  • 【Standard Size】Tire Size [ 21x7-10 ] designed to mount on 10(in) RIM. 6-ply, Tire Type: BIAS, TT/TL: Tubeless
  • 【Choice of GNCC Riders】Chosen by GNCC Champion Adam McGill and Katie Friedman, widely used in GNCC Pro and Amateur Races. Born to elevate the performance of ATV race riders.
  • 【Unique Tread Pattern and Compound】 Upgraded from classic X-knob tread pattern. Tire tread block design and compound are engineered to be efficient with XC terrain. Suitable for hardpack, intermediate, loose loam, sand terrain, mud terrain, and desert terrain. The precision with turning and sliding is notable along with excellent traction.
  • 【Puncture-Resistant】Heavy 6-ply rated construction resists punctures and abrasions. Aggressive center line tread pattern can enhance steering response, straight-line stability and braking. High-ratio horizontal and setup groove to block can improve traction performance while cornering.
  • 【Package Note】ONE tire included, if you need a set of 2 please order 2. Because a package can only hold 2 tires, if you purchase more than 2 tires, they will be separated in multiple packages and may not arrive at the same time. You can track the tires on UPS or FedEx website.


This particular tire is available in different sizes. You can choose the width and height, which can alter your exercise. Examples of sizes for this tire include 20 by 11-8, 20 by 11-9, 21 by 7-10, 21 by 7-10, 20 by 11-9, 22 by 7-10, 22 by 7-10, 20 by 11-8, 22 by 11-9, 23 by 7-10, and 23 by 7-10, 22 by 11-9. 

When you choose one of the large tires for your tire workout like this one, you can really optimize your life fitness and overall health with exercises like a triple extension. 

This tire is a real tire, which means it’s naturally durable because it has to hold a great deal of weight. It’s meant for the outdoors, so it’s sturdy. That also means that you can use it in your indoor gym. You can also benefit from using it as part of an outdoor workout.

What Are Workout Tires?

You may wonder what workout tires are and how they differ from standard tractor tires and other types of tires. Workout tires are ones that you use to perform exercises like tire flips. You can use them to perform lateral jumps or a triple extension. If you choose a workout tire that has a high workload capacity and consists of rubber, a person can use the tire with a sledgehammer. Workout tires are also ones that you can use to support your weight and lift yourself up to work out your arm muscles and possibly leg muscles, depending on the exercise.  

If you check out the side of the tire, you may notice a few numbers in the serial number location. These numbers help determine the size of the tire. They’re on traditional tires, so you may notice them on your workout tires if you’re using a standard tire. They’re also highly durable, whether they’re a standard pair of tractor tires or ones specifically used as workout tires. 

Sometimes, you’ll notice a protective covering on the tire, but that’s with workout tires that are specifically manufactured as exercise tires. In some cases, it’ll have charge model timers. Charge model timers can benefit you during your workout. 

What Should I Consider Before Buying Workout Tires?

When you start doing exercises like a tire flip or other similar tire exercises, you’ll want to find a particular unit or set that’s specifically for your desired workout. For instance, if you’re doing tire training and you plan to use perform sledgehammer exercises, you should read up about the composition of the tire.

You’ll need ones that consist of real rubber because the other tires won’t hold up to this particular exercise. You’ll also want to take into consideration if you plan on using the tire only indoors or outdoors as well. Some are made for indoor use only. Before you purchase, you’ll need to figure out a size that works best for you.

Try for a lower weight that still seems like it’ll be a challenge until you build up strength and adjust to this particular exercise. Generally, you’ll need to look at both the lbs outside diameter and inside diameter. You can find this information on the serial number information.

In addition, purchasing new rather than large tires from a scrap pile or local tire store may mean your tires will last longer and look better in your gym.

What Are the Benefits of Using Workout Tires?

You can benefit from doing tire exercises in general, even if you don’t use a tire that’s specifically for exercise. They’re durable and can withstand a great deal of weight, especially when you consider that they’re designed to haul people since the ones not for exercise are originally designed to be used on a vehicle. 

Workout tires are versatile. You can use them to work out your core muscles, arms, legs, and more. In fact, you may find that you can get a full-body workout with workout tires. You may use them to perform tire flips, which exercise various parts of your body. If you’re unsure of any other exercises, you can perform a simple internet search. You’ll discover a variety of ways you can incorporate tires into your workout, including exercises that require the tire to hold your weight. 

You can find them in various sizes, so it’s not difficult to find a size that works well for your specific needs. Some tires are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This means that you can use them in an indoor gym. On the other hand, you can perform tire flip after tire flip in an outdoor setting with them.  

An example is the tire jump squat, which consists of your squatting and jumping onto the tire. Then, you squat and jump backward back onto the ground. This is meant as an explosive power exercise. It burns a higher number of calories than regular squats while it also increases both your upper and lower body strength. Additionally, you may opt to use it to perform the deadlift. For this exercise, you stand inside of the tire.

You turn your hands outward and grab onto the edges of the tire. Then, you lift the tire and bring it back down. You’re working both your legs and arms with this exercise. And these aren’t nearly the only options you have.

What Are the Differences Between Connected and Disconnected Workout Tires?

You’ll have the option to choose between connected and disconnected workout tires. Both can benefit your workout, depending on what your goals are. Both can help you build muscles in various parts of your body, including your arms and legs. Certain exercises you perform with either connected or disconnected workout tires work different parts of your body. 

You might want to try working with both types of tires and discover for yourself which is the most beneficial for your workout. You may find that one feels more comfortable for you than the other. You might also feel that one type fits into your workout routine better than the other.

How Much Does it Weigh?

The weight of different tires varies based on the size and type of tire. Even the length and height aren’t good indications of the tire weight because some tires are wider than others, and some are more heavy-duty despite a more sleek design.

Even though the serial number location gives you information about the size, this won’t tell you how much the tire actually weighs. Instead, it tells you information about the size as opposed to the weight. 

Sometimes, you can find information about how much the tire weighs in the product description. The tires that are specifically made for this type of exercise may weigh around or over 100 pounds. The weight may be under 100 for tires that weren’t made for gym purposes. If you’re unsure, use the inquiry form and ask. 


Overall, tractor tires are versatile for a tire workout routine. You can perform different exercises, so it could benefit you to have a tractor tire in your home gym, even if you don’t plan on doing tire flips. Much of what ranked on this list as the top products are genuine tires that are designed for tractors and ATVs.

They’re incredibly durable, and you can use them for a variety of purposes in a home gym, including the Mega Mayhem mud tire and the Kenda Bearclaw. We even included a tire that officially a workout tire that’ll be easy on your floor as well as a product that’s much more space-efficient than the rest.

Plus, if you have any questions, you can always use the inquiry form to learn more before making a purchase.