About Us and The Site We Have Created: Garage Gym Power

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Howdy, Michael here!

I warmly welcome you to Garage Gym Power, a website born out of passion and frustration.

Before I tell you more about Garage Gym Power and generally what I can help you with, let me first tell you a bit more about myself.

A few years ago I was a different person, at a very different place in my life.

Growing up I maintained a fit body even though I ate what I wanted. I did not join sports or workout, yet I was not plagued with a weight problem. That beautiful thing called genetics, right?

I loved programming and internet marketing and they remain my passion today, along with GGP.

Then things changed:

The fun, freedom, and stress of college life caught up with me.

Drinking on the weekends, pulling stressful all-night study marathons, and free access to the dining hall buffet had a predictable effect.

Soon I realized that no genetics on Earth is going to beat an unhealthy lifestyle so I gained 25 lbs in college. Not too shocking for a programmer, I guess.

I landed a great job as a software designer, but I spent a lot of time on my A$$, worked late, and never found time to get my eating, sleep, and fitness in order.

Time to make a change. Except I don’t have time to sit in traffic to go to the gym and then sit in some more traffic to get home.

But changing my fitness became a must.

I took stock of my life and looked at myself in the mirror:

  • Nearly 30 years old
  • Worked too much
  • Never focused on my health and fitness
  • Felt unhappy, tired, and ashamed of how I looked
  • Awkward and uncomfortable around women

I decided at that moment to convert into a better version of myself.

Then, frustration ensued and threatened my resolve.

I scoured the internet for inspiration, motivation, and a solid plan to lose weight, get in shape, and get healthy.

So many websites I found prescribed diets with food I despised, promoted exercise routines I couldn’t picture myself doing, and used complicated equipment that only a gym membership could give me.

I failed to connect with any of these online trainers, programs, and plans.

I felt like these programs and plans were written for people who are already athletic and fit, and not designed for people like me.

In addition to that, a lot of what is out there is hype, BS, misinformation, and hucksters just trying to get your money.

I believed the people running these sites actually cared more about their financial triumph than my success or improving my life.

Besides that, losing time in traffic to get to the gym (where I live, the gym was like 45 minutes away), paying a monthly fee to become a member, and above all that if I hit the time when the most people are there, waiting for someone else to finish on the machine I need or with weights I need… So much wasted time.

So I figured why not make my own gym? I had a garage for two cars, and I only had one car, so I had enough space. When I started researching the prices of making my home gym, I was SHOCKED to see how inexpensive most of the stuff was!

I started with a simple bench and some free weights, but over time I’ve built a true home gym – I had a smith machine, reverse hyperextension machine, treadmill, chest press, leg press, and I managed to make a complete deadlift platform for deadlifting.

Since it’s all made from high-quality metals, all I need to do to maintain it is to clean it and every few years to change cables on extension machines! HUGE money save!

I managed to lose the excess weight and get myself in the shape of my life, but I wanted to change the game, to give people something actually trustworthy, content that will REALLY help them achieve their goals, without hype, without BS, and with all information triple checked and backed up by scientific studies.

That’s why Garage Gym Power was created.

The idea about Garage Gym Power is that it doesn’t just educate all users who come to visit us – This is for the beginner, the time-management loving athlete, the realistic home workout enthusiast. This is for YOU to discover tips, support, information, and tools to upgrade your fitness, upgrade your health, and upgrade your life.

Just by reading FREE content that I published on Garage Gym Power, you will soon find out that there is EVERYTHING you need to know about building your own home gym and not spending a fortune on doing that.

On this website, you will find exact information related to building a home or garage gym, step by step guides that I personally went through, and product reviews that I personally worked out with.

Being athletically inclined is not a requirement.

No need to follow a strict, complicated, and restrictive diet.

No need to follow complex workout routines, use special equipment, join a gym, or hire a trainer.

You already have what you need – It’s YOU!

My goal is to be your companion on your personal fitness journey. You, my reader, are always on my mind firsthand. When I have something to share, which is often, I will send a quick note to your email box to which you can subscribe here.

I always post one to two times per week and you’ll always get top quality information.

As for your questions or possible suggestions, always feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you,

Michael DuBoff
Fitness expert & Garage Gym Builder