Garage Gym Power is a fitness enthusiast platform created by a group of friends, that is NOW OPEN TO EVERYONE.

Yes, you too can become a contributor to the page and share your experiences, tips and any fitness related information with the world.

In its core, Garage Gym Power focuses on possibilities to create and successfully use a personal gym at your home.

The idea behind that?

To motivate people into working out more, even when you are outside your gym or if you have decided to say no to a gym membership.




At first, I wanted to introduce more people to the idea of building a personal home gym and the many different benefits of doing so. Now. together with a couple of friends, we aim to provide useful information for those, who are willing to take the steps in order to benefit from a personal home gym.




Katie is a busy wife and mother of four. She is a freelance writer and frequent contributor on Garage Gym Power. She guards her gym time jealously, and would rather miss a PTA meeting or get takeout for dinner than miss a workout.

To become a contributor to Garage Gym Power contact us for more details.