Liam Rodgers, Author at Garage Gym Power

Consultant: Liam Rodgers

Liam is a UK-based professional content writer, who specializes in the fitness industry, as well as an athlete consultant, and competitive Olympic weightlifter. Not only does he have years of experience in writing, and a degree in philosophy, but his coaching work and training have made him a true expert in the fields of fitness and weightlifting. 


Combining research and coaching

Even though he says he has a “bookish personality”, Liam never actually expected to become a writer, but when his first professional coaching role included writing, it became obvious that communicating complex information was his ‘thing’. 

Liam started freelance writing in 2014 while working in Olympic weightlifting coaching and marketing data, and hasn’t looked back. Writing is a platform for combining his passion for research and high-performance training – 7 years of experience later, it’s safe to say he’s as much a writer as he is an athlete.

He graduated from Cardiff University with a degree in philosophy, taking a particular interest in the philosophy of science. During this time, Liam was president and weightlifting coach for the fitness society, refining his technical coaching skills and getting in touch with the needs of over 100 student-athletes. This also offered chances to lead a Cardiff University sports team, and Liam mentored under top British coaches through the process.


Guidance with an eye to science and the real world alike

After graduating in 2014, he returned to the club as a contracted coach, managing the Olympic Weightlifting for the entire club. In the following 5 years, he would move on to coaching in two more companies, while also expanding his business Apex Sport and Fitness Content which he started in the same year. 

Liam now writes informative content for GarageGymPower providing an expert take – combining a decade of research skills with 7 years of practical, on-the-ground experience in coaching and consultancy roles. This helps us offer guidance with an eye to science and the real world alike.

We pride ourselves on staying grounded while making sure that our advice comes from an informed, evidence-based perspective. Liam is just one of our team to make that happen with his background interrogating scientific methods and as a qualified Olympic weightlifting coach.