Best Power Towers with Pull-up & Dip Station – TOP 6 Reviews 2019

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After a long day of work, often times people will completely avoid the gym. The responsibilities of life will typically exceed your responsibility to maintain physical health and appearance.

If you have kids, forget it – chasing after them is enough of a workout, you might say.

Lucky for you, there are fairly inexpensive alternatives to pushing those weights every afternoon with strangers at the gym.

Instead, you could do true muscle-building exercises at home. In an effort to keep you feeling healthy and looking buff, allow us to recommend to you the best power towers!


Power Towers

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What are Power Towers?

A power tower is about as close to a full home gym as you can get, without owning a full home gym.

Any good quality power tower will offer three basic things:

  • Pull up bar: the upper portion of the tower will feature a long horizontal bar with grips on the end for wide grip pull-ups. The nicer power towers will have other areas along the bar for neutral grip pull-ups and chin-ups.
  • Dip station: a properly constructed power tower will have two horizontal bars with grips, which are typically chest high. This will allow you to perform dips without fear of your toes touching the ground.
  • Backrest: a padded backrest isn’t a must. It is, however, extremely convenient for performing leg raises.

In addition, most power towers will off handles close to the base of the tower. This allows you to perform deep push-ups, enabling greater muscle activation.

Rather than going to the gym, you could enjoy a full upper body workout in the comfort of your own home.

Before You Buy

Not many of us have ample space or can afford a full home gym.

A quality power tower can assist you in accomplishing an elusive fete though – a full upper-body workout at home!

Getting your hands on a nice power tower isn’t rocket science.

You should, though, have a good understanding of what these beasts are before buying.

Below we have listed three qualities for you to keep in mind while shopping for your tower.

  • Price: Duh! Do not break the bank for a power tower. However, do not get stuck with a lightweight space absorber by allowing money to be the motivator either. Get something that will properly serve its purpose and get you the most bang for your buck. It isn’t impossible!
  • Sturdiness: while you are pulling the weight of your body into the air, the last thing you want to feel is your equipment shaking. Not many things interfere with a set more so than a lack of stability. Make a conscious effort to examine the specifications of your proposed tower for weight. A nice, broad base will also help as well.
  • Exercises: as I mentioned above, any tower worthwhile will offer pull-ups, dips, and leg raises. Some of the best power towers will include options for even more workouts. Be mindful of your goals with this tower and be sure to fill your need.

If you are purchasing a power tower, you are going to want it to last. Not just this year but for many years to come.

An old saying, buy once, cry once, is a good motto to follow here.

There are an exceptional amount of towers listed at a cheap price. Often times though, those towers are flimsy and will wobble wildly during your workout.

By keeping a close watch on the above-mentioned pointers, you should feel comfortable knowing your power tower is going to serve you for years to come.

TOP 6 Best Power Towers Reviews 2019

Body Power Multi-functional Power Tower

If you are one of those who are looking for more than just a few workouts from your power tower, do not miss this.

With a steel constructed frame and a wide, angled base, this piece of equipment will offer quality stability.

Included in this package are 2 sling straps, cushioned back roller, and 2 clip-on handles.

What’s to like

  • 20 different exercises can be performed
  • Adjustable dip station and backrest
  • Body power workout guide for the tower included
  • Easy to assemble

What’s not to like

  • It is less than 7 feet tall, making it a little short for taller consumers
  • Plain physical design gives a dull appearance


With this power tower you can perform a lengthy list of strength-building exercises. The adjustable dip station and backrest is a nice perk because it allows a customized fit for people of all sizes.

If you want a tough looking piece, though, you should probably pick up a can or two of spray paint!

Weider Power Tower

Weider has been a renowned name in the fitness world for over 20 years by producing topnotch exercise equipment.

This piece certainly meets expectations with an appealing look and durable steel tubing. Olympic width pull-up bars and push-up bars should assist you in maximizing your strength workouts.

What’s to like

  • Durable vinyl backrest and armrests
  • Relatively small footprint – won’t take up a ton of space
  • Performs well under a heavy load from individuals
  • Padded hand grips

What’s not to like

  • Several consumers found assembly to be difficult
  • Wide arms aren’t ideal for smaller framed people


This power tower is heavy, sturdy and should offer a wobble-free tower for those who assemble it correctly. The backrest is extremely comfortable and make leg raises a breeze.

Gray coated steel tubing and a red themed backrest make for a pretty cool appearance.

As a well-known brand, it seems hard to go wrong if you pick up one of these!

XMark VKR Power Tower with Dip and Pull-up Station

This XMark power tower is one of the best pull-up/dip stations. Its design is versatile and simple, similar to that of the Weider tower.

It should offer excellent stability with square, tubular steel hardware that will allow it to rest evenly on your floor.

What’s to like

  • Adjustable padded foot bar for additional core exercises
  • Larger footprint can handle more explosive exercises
  • Padded forearm and backrest
  • L-shaped handles for perfect push-ups

What’s not to like

  • Too tall for shorter consumers
  • Pull-up bar butts up close to the main frame


Overall, with 14-gauge square tubular construction, this tower is a solid piece of equipment. You should feel comfortable knowing this piece will have minimal wobble while you exercise.

This tower also has a higher weight capacity than some, so it is ideal for bigger framed individuals or those who do explosive workouts.

Stamina X Fortress Power Tower

If you are looking for high-end equipment, Stamina X Fortress is certainly for you.

This tower has a unique design and multiple features that are non-existent on other towers. Included in this purchase would be 2 ab straps, rock climbing handholds, and foam handles.

An impressive and bold color theme might have you feeling yoked before you even begin the workout!

What’s to like

  • Boulder fit rock climbing handholds
  • Plyometric box allows you to get a lower body workout – adjustable height
  • Solid, heavy steel construction
  • Bold, red color design
  • Foam padded backrest

What’s not to like

  • High listed price


Truly one of the top-end power towers out there. The purchase price is seemingly high, but consumers are overly pleased with this product.

The adjustable plyometric box and rock climbing handles are very unique to this type of product.

Remember – buy once, cry once.

Challenge your fitness at levels you may have never been able to before!

Triathlon X Class Multi-Function Power Tower

This is yet another gym quality power tower that should give you an excellent at-home workout! With a 400-pound weight capacity, this tower is ideal for users of almost any size.

The design for this tower is rock solid, and a heavy-duty powder-coated frame should provide years of use with this purchase.

What’s to like

  • Multiple grip pull-up stations
  • Step-up support
  • Large, thick foam handles
  • Angled 3 inch thick backrest and elbow support
  • Sit-up foam rollers for comfortable ab work from the ground

What’s not to like

  • High listing price
  • Plain color design


You might find yourself training for the next triathlon after performing your workout on this solid piece of equipment.

Well, probably not, but you could at least get a high quality workout in your own home. This power tower is built to offer exceptional comfort while exercising with think foam supports at body contact points.

This box-designed frame should remain durable and stable for a long time.

Bowflex Bodytower

What a reputation Bowflex has. They have a knack for allowing you to pack of workouts into a small space, and they certainly didn’t stray away from that with this design.

The pull-up and dip station are both front facing on this piece, which will allow you to save a little more space in your home.

This will include handgrips, sling straps, and a cushioned backrest.

What’s to like

  • Ez-adjust horizontal dip station
  • Tower-mounted workout cards to track your progress
  • Small footprint so it can easily fit indoors
  • Foam backrest

What’s not to like

  • Only one grip option for pull-ups
  • Less than 6 feet tall, not ideal for tall consumers


This is one of those bang for your buck products here. There are other power towers out there more suitable for extreme workouts, however, if you are limited on space and budget, this is a can’t miss.

The pull-up bar can be thick for some, but it is sure to help you work on your grip strength! Another solid steel frame should help you exercise comfortably.

Get the Most of Your Power Tower

The best fitness power towers are a staple at every gym you might attend.

This isn’t by coincidence – the amount of exercises that stem from these towers are plenty, and important to your physique.

Now that you have one of these beauties at home, you can take full advantage and perform intense workouts at your own leisure.

But in order to truly maximize the options these towers provide and get that pump in your muscles, you have to set up an environment that will get your mind right for a good workout.

Placing your power tower in the garage where it is 100 degrees won’t motivate you to workout!

For some people, a good setting might be placing your tower indoors where the air conditioner is pumping and the fan is blowing. For others, they will take their tower outside so they can condition themselves for the elements of nature.

Whether you want the television on while you workout, or you want to hear nothing but the birds chirping, don’t set yourself up for failure.

Most people will want to work different parts of their bodies on different days. That is our recommendation as well.

Maximize your lifts by really fatiguing each muscle group on one day. It is also an excellent idea to keep track of your progress by writing down what exercises you did and how many repetitions on each workout.

If your equipment comes with a workout guide, please use it! There may be tons of other exercises you didn’t think of that you could perform on the same equipment.

Save Your Money

Bodyweight exercises are key to having maximal physical fitness.

Fortunately, you do not need a gym membership to perform quality bodyweight workouts. All you need is a quality, durable power tower and you could take your fitness to levels you’ve never seen before.

Setting achievable goals for yourself and seeing your body change as you achieve them is a major confidence boost.

Try not to be jag – just a guy. Instead, push yourself, knock down barriers, and feel great about it!

Save your gym membership money and instead invest in one of the best power towers we have listed here.

Set you and your family up properly by instigating working out at home. Nothing is more convenient!