TOP 9 Best Reflex Bags for Your Home Boxing Gym 2021

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TOP 9 Best Reflex Bags for Your Home Boxing Gym 2021

You want to get better at slipping a jab, get quicker on your feet, and improve your aim, but there is no one around to hold the pads for you?

Take heart, there is a solution!

The best reflex bags allow you to train in your home gym and improve your footwork, speed, timing, precision and more.

I searched everywhere to find the best reflex and cobra reflex bags I could.

I sifted through the crap and came up with a list of the 9 best reflex bags for your home gym, starting with the best ones first.

TOP 9 Best Reflex Bags for Home Gym 2021

Title Boxing Lightning Strike Pro Reflex Bag

Review: This Title Boxing Lightning Strike Pro bag is not the cheapest on the market, but it is one of the fastest and best out there.

It does not have a cheap bladder filled inflatable bag. It is made from high-quality dense foam and the spring it is set on is higher up, like a Cobra bag. This means it rebounds very quickly, making for a challenging training session.

If you need to train and improve the speed of your reflexes, get this bag, you will not be disappointed.


  • Lightning fast, thanks to a higher placed spring.
  • Mid-density sponge rubber filled striking bag, durable, no bladder to fill.
  • Adjustable up to 72”.


  • Pricy.


High quality, super-fast reflex bag to train for speed and rapid reflexes. Best Reflex bag for 2021.

While you are looking for a reflex bag, why not check out the best heavy bags at the same time. Heavy bags are great for practicing power punches, gaining strength and blowing off a little steam. No at-home boxing gym would be complete without one!

Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag

Review: Develop timing, footwork, and getting proper distance with this high-quality faux leather reflex bag by Ringside.

This bag has the spring at the bottom, so the bag and pole are pushed down as you punch, leaving you with time to duck and dodge as the bag comes back up.

This style reflex bag is designed to mimic the movement of an opponent’s body, training you to be fast on your feet.


  • Height adjustable up to 69”.
  • Base can be filled up to 140 lbs.
  • Spring placed on bottom to mimic opponent’s body movement.


  • The spring loosens from time to time and must be tightened.


A solid reflex training bag, great for any apartment or home gym, a great buy for the money.

If you live in an apartment but want to keep your boxing skills sharp, check out this list of the best free-standing heavy bags you can use to practice power punches.

A heavy bag is for power punching and giving it all you’ve got and makes a great compliment to the reflex bag you use for accuracy and timing.

Everlast Freestanding Reflex Bag

Review: This reflex bag will help you build the stamina, coordination and endurance you need to go the distance in the ring. It has a spring near the bottom, so the bag and pole move together, acting like the moves of a real opponent backing away and then coming back at you.

This realistic training helps you improve timing and footwork, and it makes a fun, cardiovascular workout.

It is compact and hardly takes up any space when you are not using it, making it great for an apartment or small home gym.


  • Height adjustable up to 64 “.
  • Includes foam guard under bag to protect hands from misses.
  • Spring near the bottom mimics opponent backing off then coming back at you.


  • The bag may come loose after a while and come off the pole.


Best freestanding reflex bag in the budget price range, good for cardio and increasing coordination and staying power.

Even though a reflex bag is small and light, don’t be fooled.

You need to protect your hands! If you don’t have a pair of boxing gloves, get some!

Here is a list I put together of the best boxing gloves. Take a look and pick up a pair.

Ringside Cobra Reflex Bag

Review: The Ringside Cobra reflex bag, in contrast to the standard ringside reflex bag, is a fast action bag that trains for speed. This is because the spring is placed higher than the standard bag, so only the upper portion moves when you hit.

The spring is industrial grade and provides a rapid recoil of the bag, allowing you to improve hand-eye coordination and develop lightning reflexes.


  • Higher placed spring, cobra style bag is fast and has swift recoil.
  • Height adjustable up to 5’ 7”.
  • Foam-filled punching bag.


  • Not for power punches.


Sharpen your punches with the best reflex punching bag in Cobra Style for fast action you can get.

While a cobra bag is very speedy and stands on its own, nothing quite beats a speed bag when it comes to training for swiftness. Round out your home boxing gym with one of the best speed bags money can buy. You will be glad you did!

MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag Kit 2.0

Review: The MaxxMMA reflex bag is a Cobra style bag with the spring towards the middle. This means the action is much faster than a traditional reflex bag, so it trains you for speed and agility.

The base can be filled with water or sand, but with this reflex bag I recommend sand because it is heavier and will be more stable.

This bag, unlike others, has a speed adjustment so you can make it faster or slower depending on your particular training goals. This model also comes with a core bag, which can add stability or be used on its own for training.


  • Adjustable speed with 4 speed levels available.
  • Height adjustable up to 65”.
  • Includes core weight bag which can add weight and stability to the base.


  • Best to fill with sand because some have problems with leaking and stability using water.
  • Not designed to be hit really hard.


The MaxxMMA reflex Cobra style bag comes with a lot of extras making it a good value.

Everlast Hyperflex Free Standing Heavy Bag

Review: The Everlast Hyperflex bag is the style of reflex bag with the spring at the bottom so the bag and pole move at the same time, but it also has a neck spring.

This bag is designed for agility, getting your feet moving, training you to move your body in response to the bag, and can be set up for speed training as well.

That’s right! This bag has two spring and three adjustable settings.

  • Speed flex which allows only the neck to move, used for speed training.
  • Straight flex which allows the base spring only to move for training combos and techniques.
  • Hyper flex which both neck spring and base spring move for training agility and footwork.


  • Three adjustable flex settings.
  • Includes both a base spring and neck spring for varied challenges.
  • Foam bag, no need to inflate.


  • Do not use with both springs locked, it will ruin the bag.
  • This reflex bag, like most, is NOT designed for power punching.


The most flexible reflex bag with dual springs and three flexibility settings for lots of action.

MaxxMMA Speed-Adjustable Reflex Bag

Review: This low priced starter reflex bag is height adjustable up to 61.5 inches. It is also speed adjustable and can be slower or faster depending on your personal needs.

It has an inflatable bag, and is a pretty lightweight reflex bag designed for cardio, speed and agility training, but not meant for power punching.

It is very affordable and easy to store out of the way, making it a good choice for an apartment or small home gym.


  • Adjustable height up to 61.5 inches.
  • Speed is adjustable.
  • Inflation pump included for the bag.


  • Bag tends to deflate with time.


A good budget reflex bag that is compact and speed adjustable.

If you are tight on space, but need to practice your boxing skills at home, in a limited space gym or an apartment, take a look at this list of the best punching bags for apartments and get your boxing gym set up today.


Tech Tools Freestanding Reflex Bag

Review: This inexpensive reflex bag is good for lighter, smaller boxers and those who want a cardio workout but it is not designed to be hit with a lot of force.

The bag and pole move together, encouraging you to move around quite a bit. If you are looking for a reflex bag to help you break a sweat and burn calories, this is a good choice.


  • Height adjustable up to 63”.
  • Bottom spring means both bag and pole move, mimicking opponent body movement.
  • Very affordable.


  • Not designed to be hit too hard.


An inexpensive training and cardio tool for home gym or apartment use.

Hurbo Reflex Speed Punching Bag

Review: If you want an inexpensive bag that will allow you to practice jabbing, footwork and agility, this bag is a good budget choice. It is not designed to be hit too hard, but when used the right way, it will give you a decent workout.

One feature I like on this budget reflex bag is that the bag itself is PVC covered foam, which will not pop or deflate and never needs to be inflated.


  • Height adjustable up to 60.5 inches.
  • Base can be filled with up to 88 lbs of sand.
  • Bag is vinyl covered foam, so it will not deflate or pop.


  • Not for hitting hard.


A good budget friendly reflex bag that never needs inflating, with a solid foam bag and vinyl cover.

Buying Guide to the Best Reflex Bags

Keep these 4 factors in mind when you choose the best reflex bag for your home gym, and you will not be led astray.

man with boxing gloves hitting free-standing punching bag at the gym

How High or Tall Does This Bag Get?

The height of the bags on this list of best reflex bags range from 60 inches high, all the way up to 72” adjustable height.

I know it may seem obvious, but the taller the bag can get, the more folks it will work for.

I have also discovered through my research that max height is an indication of quality – in other words, bags that adjust taller are also better quality reflex bags.

What’s the Bag Made of? Inflatable or Dense Foam?

Most reflex bags are made of dense foam rubber covered in a PVC, Vinyl or faux leather type material. These are fine.

The foam bag head is far better than an inflatable bag head because it will not pop, deflate and never needs to be inflated.

I recommend you stick with a reflex bag with a dense foam rubber punching bag and avoid inflatable bags.

red boxing gloves and boxer is sitting on the boxing ring

How Heavy is the Base?

Most of the bags in this list of best reflex bags can be filled with either sand or water. Sand is best, and if you use sand, fill it up and then go back and add water to create even more weight.

A decent reflex bag will have a base of at least 130 lbs or more.


Reflex bags are not designed for heavy hitting, so the base does not need to be as heavy as a base for a free-standing heavy bag, but you still need some substance in the base to support it.

What is the Bag Style, Cobra or Standard Reflex Bag?

Standard Reflex Bag

Standard reflex bags have a spring near the bottom of the pole. The bag and pole bot bend down together, mimicking the body movements of an opponent as he backs off and comes back at you.

A standard reflex bag movement is slower than a cobra bag.

This type of bag is good for training counters, or someone countering you. The reflex bag is also good for judging distance, ducking and dodging, footwork, timing a precision.

Cobra Bag

The cobra bag has a spring that is near the middle of the pole or higher. When you hit a cobra bag it files back at you with much more speed than a standard reflex bag.

A cobra bag is designed for training speed. Just take a look at up and coming athlete Ryan Garcia here.

Reflex Bag FAQs

Are Reflex Bags Good?

Reflex bags and Cobra bags have their place in boxing training.

Reflex bags are tools you use to improve, just like the heavy bag, speed bag, double end bag, jump rope, sparring with a partner and actual boxing matches.

What does a Reflex Bag do for You?

A reflex bag will help you train for speed, accuracy, footwork, ducking and dodging, slipping jabs, reacting, countering and much more.

Just take a look at Canelo training with a reflex bag and no doubt you will see the value of this boxing training tool.

What is the difference between a Reflex Bag and a Cobra Reflex Bag?

Standard Reflex Bag

A standard reflex bag is mounted on a pole. When you hit a standard reflex bag, the bag and pole bend at the spring together in one motion.

It has the spring toward the bottom and moves a little slower to whip back up than a cobra bag.

Cobra Bag

A cobra bag is a small punching bag mounted on a pole.

A Cobra bag has the spring towards the middle of the pole and moves a lot faster, making it more challenging. Cobra bags train for speed, timing, precision, dodging a punch and moving your feet.

What is the difference between a Cobra Reflex Bag and a Speed Bag?

Cobra Bag

A Cobra bag is mounted on a pole. It has a spring in the middle of the pole. You hit the bag and the bag returns quickly. A cobra bag is fast, but it’s not quite as fast as a speed bag.

Also, with the cobra bag, it sits at or below head level, so you are landing punches out front.

Speed Bag

A speed bag mounts to a speed bag platform and as you hit the bag, the bag rebounds off the platform.

It moves much faster than the cobra bag. Also, it is usually mounted higher than a cobra bag stands, so it trains you to hit at or above head level.

Looking for a great speed bag? You should pick one up. No boxing home gym is complete without one. Here is a list of the best speed bags I could find.

And we are out for the count…

I hope you got what you came for. The best reflex bag for your home boxing gym will make such a great addition. Don’t wait, you will be glad you picked one up!

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