Welcome to my blog everyone,

My name is Michael.

I am a fitness fanatic. As you could tell by the fact that I have started a blog on this topic.

At first I wanted to introduce more people to the idea of building a personal home gym and the many different benefits of doing so. So I could tell that Garage Gym Power is an informational site, that covers main personal gym creation related topics.

Together with a couple of friends we aim to provide useful information for those, who are willing to take the steps in order to benefit from a personal home gym.

But in this short time since starting the whole thing we have come to a realization, that there are a lot more things that many of you out there are interested in. And we totally understand that.

You see, we believe, that each an every one of us is capable of improving their body, throughout regular workouts. And as the experience of so many of us show, it’s not just the body that changes – it’s the whole life of each individual, who is ready to work hard.

Therefore I will start to talk about many more fitness and sport related things. And I am waiting for others to join in on this.

In the basis, I still want to stick my experience proving that a public gym is of course a great way to start the journey. Jet it soon becomes clear, that it is possible to reach for even higher goals, if a personal gym is accessible.

What is more, we always need to keep learning. New training session ideas, new ways of using old techniques and of course how to work on strengthening your mind.

I mean, everything is in your own hands! And this is where I want to say that you can use this site to learn therefore feel free to always ask questions. However, you can also contribute some of your ideas or stories.

By building a community of people, who are looking at possibilities to work out at home, we are aiming at improving peoples lives. And you can become a part of it by writing for us.

So far, all information on this site has been provided by several fitness enthusiasts, who are looking forward to share their knowledge and experience with others.