17 Best Men’s Compression Shirts for Recovery & Slimming

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17 Best Men’s Compression Shirts For Recovery, Slimming & Gynecomastia 2021

Here I review 17 of the BEST men’s compression shirts. Plus…

I included the definitive guide to men’s compression shirts so you know what to look out for, and what to avoid before you invest.

Men just like you successfully use these compression shirts to recover faster, feel more confident and look their best.

Ready to see those reviews?

Let’s dive right in!


TOP 17 Best Men’s Compression Shirts in 2021

Skins Men's A400 Compression Short Sleeve Top

Review: This Skins brand compression shirt is rated high compression, and it’s not just any compression. This shirt is designed with gradient compression which targets and delivers oxygen to the main muscle groups post-workout.

Skins is designed to support and stabilize key muscles after a hard workout for superior recovery.


  • Gradient compression targets muscles for improved recovery.
  • Removes heat and wicks away humidity.
  • High compression.


  • Shirt runs long in the torso.


Best compression shirt of 2021 for recovery thanks to gradient, muscle targeted compression and for advanced heat and moisture wicking technology.

2XU Men's Short Sleeve Compression Top

Review: 2XU incorporates graduated compression into their recovery compression shirts. This encourages oxygen to flow to targeted muscles and aids in recovery.

The knit of the fabric is made in a circular pattern for smooth consistent, balanced compression that support muscles well.


  • Steady, heavy-duty graduated compression.
  • Antibacterial material resists odor.
  • SPF 50, excellent sun protection.


  • Runs small.


Excellent recovery compression shirt with good sun protection and targeted compression.

Wonderience Compression Shirt for Men

Review: This Wonderience compression shirt is perfect for men who want to minimize gynecomastia, slim their gut fat and stand up straighter.

This compression shirt will give you the confidence you need to take on the day, and is surprisingly comfortable, considering the high level of compression.


  • Front zip makes it easy to get on and off.
  • Two steel bones in the back completely prevent the shirt from rolling up.
  • Crossbands and steel bones promote good posture.


  • Must be hand washed.


Slimming and posture perfecting compression shirt that is easy to get on thanks to the front zip.

GKVK Men’s Compression Shirt

Review: The GKVK men’s compression shirt is a high compression shirt that minimizes man boobs and flattens the tummy and love handles a bit.

It also helps improve posture thanks to the cross back design. It is super tight, so it’s a challenge to get on, but it gets the job done at a fair price.


  • Affordable.
  • Cross Straps across the back encourage good posture, which is slimming too.
  • Reinforced control at the chest, belly and love handles area.


  • Gets hot after wearing for a while.


Affordable, slimming compression garment that encourages good posture.

Eleady Men’s Compression Shirt

Review: Two of the best features of this compression shirt is that it is long, so you can tuck it into pants and it will not roll, and the armpits come up high, so fat does not spillover from the chest area and stays confined under the shirt.

This compression shirt has a natural fit that is nearly impossible to detect under a shirt, so you can feel confident wearing it.


  • High arms and long waist prevent fat spilling out and creating unsightly bulges.
  • Smooth surface finish, undetectable under your clothes.
  • High compression, really helps conceal and shape.


  • Seams tend to unravel after repeated use.


The design of this well thought out compression shirt insures it will not be noticed under your clothes and it shapes and slims as promised.

Nike Men's Pro Cool Compression Shirt

Review: First off, this Nike compression shirt is TIGHT. Some say it runs small, and is difficult to get into, but a true compression shirt should feel like this, at least somewhat.

If you do not want it so tight, order a size up (or maybe even two). The material is NOT see-thru, once you have it on, and the material has a comfortable cooling effect.


  • Sweat-wicking dry fit fabric is cooling.
  • Long torso length, good coverage.
  • High compression material.


  • These shirts run small for just about everybody, order a size up.


Nike’s Pro Cool t-shirts are superior quality Cool compression shirts.

Baleaf Men's Compression Base Layer

Review: The Baleaf compression shirt offers good compression for a bargain price, much more economical than the national brands with comparable quality.

The Baleaf shirts have a long torso so they cover well, they are sweat-wicking and move with your body.


  • Long torso, good coverage of the midsection.
  • Tight through both chest and torso.
  • Quick-drying, sweat-wicking.


  • Standard size will be very tight, you may want a size larger if you have a large belly.


Baleaf shirts are a great value, with strong compression and a look you will love.

Insta Slim Muscle Tank

Review: This three pack of muscle tanks are a great solution under uniforms, school shirts and business attire.

They are discreet and slim up to 5” from the torso and waist. They are long enough to tuck into pants, even for tall people.

These tanks are proudly made in the USA and contain a huge 28% spandex composition for excellent compression.


  • Strong compression helps with posture and back issues.
  • Slims up to 5” off torso and love handles.
  • Available in sizes up to 6x.


  • TIGHT! May need to pull it on up over legs instead of going over your head.


Your secret weapon. A tank that’s perfect for school and work, masking imperfections and improving posture.

Defender Men's Thermal Compression T Shirts

Review: Attractive long sleeve crew neck style compression shirt designed for athletes performing in cold or windy weather.

This shirt makes an excellent base layer for running, snowboarding or any outdoor sport in chilly weather.


  • Both warming and light, no need for bulky layers.
  • Crew neck and long sleeves offers better coverage.
  • Snug in the arms and wrist as well and torso and chest.


  • Not as long in the trunk as other brands, better for shorter torsos.


Cold weather performance compression and recovery shirt designed for athletes.

Drskin Compression Cool Dry Sports Shirt

Review: These shirts are just as good quality-wise as more expensive mainstream brands at a fraction of the price.

They are available in a wide selection of colors and prints so you can express your style.


  • Thin compression fabric which keeps you cool and dry.
  • High-quality material that washes well without losing elasticity.
  • Very affordable.


  • The logo and contrasting seams may show under a dress shirt or white shirt.
  • Crew neck runs small.


You will be impressed with the quality of the fabric of these sporty compression recovery shirts.

Under Armour Men's HeatGear Sonic T-shirt

Review: These Under Armour Sonic compression shirts are designed to show the muscles and contours of your body, conforming to every ridge and valley.

These shirts are very stretchy and may feel tight, but you can probably order your normal size, wrestle your way into it (as it is snug) and once you wash it, it still retains its original stretch and compression.


  • Torso is plenty long.
  • 4-way stretch fabric to flatten and conform in all directions.
  • Sweat-wicking and anti-odor technology.


  • Heatgear is designed to keep you cool, but some say that is not the case if you use this shirt as an underlayer.


Under Armour makes the best men’s compression shirts and this sonic HeatGear is no exception.

Shaxea Men's Extreme Compression Shirt

Review: This compression tank is designed to be slimming and is best worn under another piece of clothing, such as a dress shirt for work, or a t-shirt if you plan to hit the gym.

It fits super, super snug and works at minimizing chest (man boobs) and belly. Note, the manufacturer recommends you use their size chart to get the best fit.


  • Chest and gut flattening nylon, spandex compression.
  • Very breathable, with mesh panel shoulders, great as a layer under another shirt.
  • Extra compression panels cover the waist and chest for max compression.


  • Weird as it sounds, you put this shirt on feet first, not over your head.


Best compression tank top for minimizing gut and chest.

Esteem Apparel Original Men's Compression Shirt

Review: Another excellent slimming tank, this Esteem Apparel tank is made with spandex, has extra compression panels in the chest and abdomen area, and the armholes are cut higher so they give complete coverage and compression in that area too.

You will feel like a circus performer trying to get this tank on, and that is totally normal for high compression shirts.


  • Long torso for complete coverage.
  • Extra compression panels in the chest and tummy.
  • High cut underarms for complete coverage.


  • These run large, order a size down for the strongest chest compression.


The best compression tank top for work, under a suit or business shirt.

Copper Compression Men's Recovery T Shirt

Review: The Copper compression shirt boasts a high percentage of copper infused into the shirt, which they claim helps relieve aches and pains.

This shirt was designed with sports recovery in mind and the physical properties of the shirt keep heat against your muscles.

This is not a cooling, moisture-wicking type shirt. The copper gives it natural antimicrobial anti-odor properties and prevents odor.


  • Copper infused shirt with antimicrobial properties and claimed healing properties.
  • Curved seams and stretch of the fabric allow you to move easily while stretching and recovering from strenuous exercise.
  • The material is designed to keep muscles warm, promoting fast recovery.


  • Runs a size or two too small.


One of the best compression shirts for recovery.

CompressionZ Men's Compression Shirt

Review: This CompressionZ is a long-sleeved recovery compression shirt. The sleeves are plenty long, and the fabric is warming, so it can be worn in cooler weather, and will hold heat in.

This shirt does have a higher than normal, almost mock turtleneck style collar that helps keep you warm and provides good coverage if sunburn is a concern.


  • Long sleeves and torso, excellent coverage.
  • Strategically placed seams offer a sleek look and complete range of movement.
  • Warming fabric aid in recovery and make a good base layer in cool weather.


  • Despite having a long torso and arms, the shirt runs small, order up if you are thick.


Complete coverage, thick fabric, among the best compression shirts for recovery.

Nike Men's Pro Cool Long-Sleeved Top

Review: This long sleeve Nike compression shirt is made with this compression material that keeps you cool, while covering completely and is in no way see thru.

The torso is long, with a small side vent/split in the hem, and the sleeves are sufficiently long also.


  • A thin cooling material, suitable for layering or wearing on a hot day.
  • Long sleeves and full coverage offer sun protection.
  • Dri-fit fabric keeps perspiration away from your body.


  • These do run small, even for compression gear.


Thin, cooling and complete arm coverage, best men’s compression shirt in long sleeve style.

Under Armour Men's HeatGear Armour Shirt

Review: This long sleeve Under Armour compression shirt is made from thin cooling material and has an SPF of over 30. It can be worn on its own, or under a work shirt, while still being cooling. The arms and torso have plenty of length, won’t ride up, and the sizing fits true to size.


  • Curved flatlock seams mean a tight form-fitting look and complete range of motion.
  • SPF 30 protection, prevents sunburns.
  • 4-way stretch fabric with sweat-wicking technology means you can comfortably wear this for hours.


  • Some find the sleeves are too long and there is not strong compression at the wrists.


If you need a long sleeve compression shirt, Under Armor has a reputation for making the best compression shirts out there.

Definitive Guide to Men’s Compression Shirts

Man with compression shirt exercising with jumping rope

Differences You Must Know About These Three Styles

I’m guessing you already know what style of compression shirt you want, but let me define the three styles and their characteristics, so you don’t end up choosing one that is NOT what you want.

There is nothing worse than buying a compression shirt, only to find it does not fit or perform the way you want and need.

The Showoff – Look Good While You Workout

The showoff compression shirts are usually thin and quite stretchy. They are designed to show off bulging biceps, cut six-pack abs, and well-defined pectorals.

You work hard and there is no way you are letting that body go to waste under a baggy old t-shirt and sweats.

Athletic Build

The showoff style, like the hardcore style, is built with an athlete in mind. The showoff style generally has a cut and construction that allows movement, is made from a material that whisks away sweat, and has antimicrobial, anti-odor technology so all that sweat does not end up smelling like S#!t after a long workout.

Functional Too!

This style is also cooling, usually offers sun protection, and may be a good choice for a professional (think Dr. or Nurse) who needs to hide tattoos under scrubs or work shirt.

It will stay cool even as an underlayer. Nike Pro Cool and UnderArmour HeatGear make the best compression shirts in this style.

Active young man training with barbell in gym

The Minimizer – Hide Man Boobs, Beer Belly and Love Handles

Sad but true, your lifestyle does not allow a ton of free time for hitting the gym, and you have let things slip a little in the health and fitness department.

You care about your looks, and your health, and have plans to make changes, but while you are on the journey, you want to look your best.

This is where the minimizer comes in.

This garment has SUPER HIGH compression to flatten chest and tummy. These shirts can be a challenge to put on.

The struggle is REAL.

If you have ever watched a lady struggle to put on pantyhose, well, now it’s your turn gentlemen. The best shapewear for men should put up a fight. If not, they may not conceal what you intend to minimize.

Some are so tight you need to step into them instead of putting them over your head.

The best gynecomastia compression shirts have double or even triple layers in key areas, to flatten and hide.

Gain an advantage: it is all about looking your best!

Tank tops are a popular style choice because many men already wear tanks under dress shirts, so they fit right in. And they make you look sharp, put together like you have all the answers. These garments help give a guy more confidence and look better at work.

They are more popular than you might think, and they look like a normal tank top to the uninitiated.

The Hardcore – Recovery Compression

They are called the hardcore because hardcore athletes work their body to the limit and need a compression shirt to help them recover.

These are recovery style compression shirts. They have thicker material that keeps muscles warm, aiding in recovery after a grueling and draining workout.

Some recovery shirts even have copper infused into the nylon, which the manufacturer says help your body and aching muscles recover faster.

When it is cold outside

This style is also used by those who work out in colder climates, maybe run outside or ride a bike long distances and need a layer to keep warm.


Post-workout recovery compression shirts combine elasticity and pressure to improve after workout blood and lymphatic fluid circulation.

This allows the body to flush out lactic acid. These shirts support tired muscles, making movement easier.

How to Choose a Men’s Compression Shirt for Recovery

man training at the gym wearing compression shirt and headphones

Does it Target Specific Muscles?

Recovery compression shirts that target specific muscles help keep them in place post-workout. These recovery compression shirts are designed to be tighter and therefore stabilize and support key muscle groups.

This targeted stabilization helps minimize vibration and reduces muscle soreness and stiffness following a tough workout.

Does it Offer Graduated Compression to Better Deliver Oxygen?

Graduated compression is looser in some areas and tighter in key target areas.

Graduated compression can help move the flow of blood and lymph fluid after a workout, a time when blood flow naturally decreases.

This uptick in circulation can help clear the byproducts of a tough workout which help reduce muscle achiness and inflammation.

How’s the Compression?

Here’s the deal.

An effective recovery compression shirt must be tight. It also must be worn for several hours post workout.

This may be uncomfortable for some athletes, but the benefit is muscles that ache less and recover faster had they not been compressed.

How to Choose a Men’s Compression Shirt for Slimming

man chalking his hands before climbing a rope - grip training

Armhole Issues – Will I Spill Out or Stay Concealed?

If you are using a compression shirt to lean out, the compression from the shirt will push your fat around, and it must go somewhere.

The best compression shirts for slimming are designed so bulges of fat will not peek out. One key area you want to pay attention to is the armholes.

They must be relatively high to keep the fat around your chest under wraps.

How Tight is it? Compression Matters!

If you want to get any effect at all, the compression garment must be really tight to hide man boobs, beer belly and love handles.

Be prepared for a shirt that is hard to get on and off because it is so tight.

There are options out with front zip, like the Wonderience Compression Shirt, but most do not have this feature.

Length of the Shirt – Can I Tuck it in or Will it Roll Up?

If you are trying to slim down, look for shirts that are a bit longer than your regular shirt, that way you can tuck them into your pants and prevent them from rolling or riding up.

Another option is a shirt with metal boning that prevents the “Roll-up” effect, like the Wonderience Compression Shirts reviewed above.

Will it Show Under a Shirt?

If the compression shirt has zippers, boning, or creates new bulges, this will increase the chances of the compression shirt being visible under your clothes.

To avoid being detected, choose a slimming compression shirt that is smooth with flat seams. The Eleady Men’s Compression Shirt is a good candidate.

How Easy is it to Get On and Off?

Most slimming compression shirts are a pain to get in and out of. Some manufacturers even suggest you step into the garment from the neck opening and pull it up over your body.

If this is not OK with you, there are shirts that zip up in front.

Just be aware…

There is a tradeoff with compression shirts that zip closed, and that is they are easier to detect under your clothes.

Men’s Compression Shirts FAQs

man doing exercise with the barbell in the gym

What is the Benefit of Compression Shirts for Recovery?

Compression shirts help increase the flow of blood and lymph flow after a tough workout.

While your blood may be pumping pretty hard during exercise, this flow naturally drops off post workout. This increase in circulation helps your body clear itself of lactate and reduces inflammation.

Compression gear also stabilizes the muscles you used while working out. These shirts lessen the movement of the exhausted muscles, and allow them to repair faster than using no compression.

If you really want to benefit from the circulation improvement recovery compression gear offers, why not try a pair of compression tights post workout? I have a list of the best compression tights reviewed here.

When Should You Wear Compression Shirts for Recovery?

If you are looking for recovery benefits, wear the compression shirt immediately after your workout for a minimum of 2 hours and not more than 4 hours.

Also, avoid wearing recovery compression shirts too much, because your body adapts to them, and they become counterproductive.

Do Compression Shirts Work for Recovery?

Yes. Compression gear helps move lymph fluid which carries waste from your body.

Compression gear also assist with blood circulation, facilitating blood flow return to the heart where it can be re-oxygenated, which speeds recovery.

Does Compression Tighten Skin?

Compression shirts have not been proven to tighten loose skin, but what they can do is make someone with loose skin more comfortable while they workout.

If you have loose skin, wearing a compression shirt can hold the skin down, preventing painful bouncing, rubbing, jiggling and the chafing that comes along with the rigorous movement.


This covers the top compression shirts, but there are also compression pants, which serve many of the same purposes. Compression pants can be designed for recovery, to keep you cool (or warm) and to minimize or show off, just like shirts.

Be on the lookout for an article from Garage Gym Power about compression pants.

If you are planning a new workout routine you might be interested in picking up a pair of the best workout shoes. I have the best workout shoes reviewed for 2021 right here.

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