TOP 15 Best Under Desk Ellipticals & Mini Exercise Bikes 2024

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Top 15 Under Desk Ellipticals and Mini Exercise Bikes

Wouldn’t it be great to get in shape and burn fat on your own schedule, without even thinking about it? 

An under-desk elliptical machine or mini bike offers a way of improving your health and fitness at work, at home, or anywhere you’re stuck doing work. It’s a great way to get healthier while you’re doing other things and improving in the background.

Today we’re going to talk about these under-desk exercise machines, what they can do for you, and 15 of the best examples on the market.



The Best Under Desk Elliptical and Mini Exercise Bikes

Sunny HealthUnder Desk Pedal Exerciser - Best Overall

Sunny Health & Fitness Dual Function Magnetic Under Desk Pedal Exerciser, Portable Cardio Cycle for Adults and Seniors, Indoor Arm/Leg Exercise Mini Bike in Home & Office with LCD Monitor - SF-B0891
  • 【Versatile exercise】The under-desk pedal exerciser serves office workers, seniors, athletes & patients in rehab. Its low impact smooth motion minimizes joint strain, offering versatile fitness options for varying levels of athleticism.
  • 【Portable】Compact at 20.5" x 16.5" x 10.5" and with a 3.52 lb flywheel, this pedal exerciser is exceptionally portable. Its adjustable straps, non-slip pedals, and a sturdy base, ensuring safety during exercise and rehab sessions.
  • 【Smooth & Quiet】Featuring magnetic resistance and a belt-drive mechanism, our under desk exerciser ensures minimal friction and noise disturbance, allowing for undisturbed workouts.
  • 【Dual Functions】Switch easily between exercises on a desk-level surface. Engage upper body muscles by pedaling forward with arms. Featuring 8 levels of resistance, our mini bike offers tailored workouts.
  • 【Low Impact】Our mini bike guarantees joint-friendly lower body movement. Pedals reach 10" peak height, offering a comfortable 7" stride. Additionally, they serve as hand grips on a desk, engaging upper body muscles for a comprehensive workout.

Review: Sunny Health’s under desk pedal exercise is a great example of how to get the most out of this kind of product. With a modest price tag, it also has great features and does it all right.

First, this is a small and comfortable pedaler. It’s perfectly designed for a slight recline so you can pedal without deep hip flexion, making it a comfortable choice for anyone – even those with tight hips. This reduces the under-desk clearance required and is set with high-grip pedals and a non-slip base so it works on most surfaces.

The resistance settings are easily adjusted with a knob on the front to make it suitable for your experience and strength level. There’s also an LCD monitor atop the pedaler that allows you to track your workout, keep pace, and plan your training.


  • Affordable and offers great value
  • Solid build from a reliable company
  • Adjustable and versatile
  • Comfortable riding angle
  • Quiet magnetic resistance


  • May require additional grip mat on carpet and high-shag surfaces


This product comes at a great price with strong basics, offering great value for money. It makes for a simple and effective workout at your computer, watching TV, or under a desk at work.

It’s our winner because it combines the value and features that make an under-desk exercise bike so useful. It’s efficient, effective, and convenient.

DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Exercise Bike

DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser with Adjustable Height - Stationary Bikes for Home & Office (White)
  • STAY IN SHAPE: Our exercise bikes for home & office are the perfect at home workout equipment for physical therapy, working, reading, gaming, or just watching TV.
  • ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE: The DeskCycle 2 exercise bike offers 8 resistance settings and up to 39 pounds of resistance. Our high inertia flywheel spins 14 times per pedal stroke, simulating a smooth, challenging, real-bike feel.
  • STURDY AND QUIET: With sealed bearings, steel components, strap-in pedals, and silent magnetic resistance, our stationary bike provides a hassle-free cycling experience.
  • TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: Our detachable LCD display records rotations per minute, distance traveled, calories burned, and time elapsed. Use the compatible DeskCycle Bluetooth Sensor to connect with your phone or fitness device.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: The DeskCycle 2 exercise bike is adjustable from 9"-10" tall. Drop it down to 9" for the desk bike pedal exerciser to be compatible with desks as low as 27".

Review: DeskCycle 2 is our Editor’s choice because it is purpose-built. Everything about this product exists to be used under a desk while you’re busy – from the low profile to the position of the LCD monitor.

The range of the cycle is relatively short to reduce the clearance needed under a desk, producing a short range-of-motion but a very convenient product. It is resistance-adjustable, provides a standard LCD monitor, and is lightweight enough to move around with no problems.

The silence of this product also really helps, keeping a smooth rotation and avoiding annoying co-workers or drawing attention to the under-desk bike. The LCD monitor isn’t the most accurate but every other feature of this product is spot-on for under desk exercise and getting in shape while you work or study.


  • Great for smaller desk spaces with smaller design
  • Resistance-adjustable
  • Purpose built angles for under-desk use
  • Smooth rotation and a comfortable ride, even compared to others on this list


  • Occasional crank-shaft issues
  • Can get a bit hot during prolonged use
  • LCD monitor isn’t the most accurate


This is a great product for how deliberately it tackles the challenges of an under desk bike. You can pedal comfortably without knocking the desk, in silence, and all with a comfortable position for your hips. It’s a great approach to the evolving market of multi-tasking fitness.

Cubii Elliptical Stepper - Premium Choice

Cubii JR1, Under Desk Elliptical, Bike Pedal Exerciser, Seated Elliptical, Work from Home Fitness, Mini Elliptical Machines for Home Use, Exerciser for Seniors, Desk Exercise, Aqua…
  • UNDER DESK ELLIPTICAL- Cubii JR1 pedal exerciser is the leading compact and ergonomic mini elliptical that lets you workout or rehab while you sit at home or the office
  • WORK FROM HOME FITNESS - Now you can exercise while you work from home - right at your desk! Burn calories, lose weight, and feel great with Cubii elliptical machines for home use
  • LOW IMPACT, ULTRA SMOOTH ELIPTICAL EXERCISE MACHINE - Move a little more each day to reach your wellness goals! Use this under-desk elliptical, burn calories, improve mobility, and increase strength
  • BUILT-IN LCD DISPLAY FITNESS TRACKER - The digital monitor allows you to keep up with your progress by tracking calories burned, strides pedaled, distance traveled, and more! Use the Cubii mobile app to manually enter stats for even more features!
  • LEG EXERCISER - Make this Cubii elliptical the perfect fitness gift for a parent or grandparent. This compact elliptical machine is approachable for all ages to use. A great pedal exerciser for seniors, those rehabilitating, or those looking to burn extra calories

Review: This is a mini-elliptical or stepper, rather than an under desk pedaling machine. The Cubii JR1 is a well-built and sturdy piece of equipment with perfectly angled foot plates that make it comfortable for under-desk use and protecting the health of your hip joints.

It combines those 2 important features we’ve seen on the bikes, the LCD monitor and resistance adjuster. These ensure that your workout is easy to track and suits your strength and experience levels. 

The design is low-profile, lightweight, and comes with a carry handle to make the most of the portability. At the same time, it’s sturdy enough to take the constant reps and offers large, well-rubberised footplates so you can get a great workout without slipping off.

Crucially, this is a quiet product. The magnetic resistance keeps things quiet and offers smooth resistance through the whole stride. While it’s going to make some noise, it’s close to silent and ensures that you’re not drawing weird looks or undue attention in the office or at home. 


  • Premium build quality and durability
  • Great resistance-adjusters that are constant through a workout
  • Very quiet and smooth


  • A premium price-tag for all these great features


This is a premium under-desk stepper because it nails the most important features. It’s quiet, effective, reliable, and adjustable in all the important ways. The whole build is reliable and durable, without clunky noises or excess weight. A great choice for fitness in the background.

Stamina InMotion Mini Bike - Best Intermediate Under Desk Bike

Stamina Inmotion E1000 Compact Strider - Seated Elliptical with Smart Workout App - Foot Pedal Exerciser for Home Workout - Up to 250 lbs Weight Capacity - Black/Green
  • FOOT PEDAL EXERCISER - Our Desk Pedal Exerciser is a compact exercise peddler that provides effective, efficient cardio and muscle-toning workout. Even while gaming or watching TV, make cardio easy with our seated elliptical.
  • SITTING AND STANDING CARDIO TRAINING - This compact and lightweight mini strider can be used while sitting or standing. Pedal in forward or in reverse to target different muscles with low-attention leg exercise movements that can help improve circulation.
  • COMFORTABLE, COMPACT DESIGN - This desk foot pedal exerciser is designed with textured non-slip end caps that hold your feet in place and gives you a low-impact routine that is gentle to your back, knees, hips, and ankles.
  • SPACE SAVING DESIGN - This durable, lightweight seated pedal exerciser is designed for easy storage and is ideal for users with limited space and provides high-quality cardiovascular and lower-body workouts in the comfort of your home.
  • SMART WORKOUT APP - Experience connected fitness with this home gym equipment with the müüv app. With smart guided coaching, exercise demo videos, personalized workouts, assembly videos, and more, müüv provides the best workout and fitness experience with your Stamina InMotion Elliptical.

Review: Stamina’s InMotion mini elliptical is cheaper than the Cubii but attempts to cover the same crucial features. While the build-quality may be lower, it’s still bringing you the essentials: adjustable resistance, a small LCD monitor, and a comparable range of motion.

The Stamina stepper is comfortable for most people, requiring around 24” of desk-clearance. This makes it a simple and effective option, with a lower price tag than the Cubii. The actual moving parts are well-made and the cycle of the cranks is smooth and comfortable.

The foot design and size of the product make it stable and sturdy, and it even functions in both directions if you’re struggling with the positioning. This makes it a great adjustable choice for those with hip issues or lower flexibility (especially in the ankles).


  • Reversible for greater versatility
  • Great basic functions
  • Smooth, quiet resistance with a reliable adjuster
  • Reliable LCD monitor compared to many on the market


  • Lacks a handle
  • Slightly lower build quality
  • Pretty ugly


Despite its looks, the Stamina InMotion is a great product, offering the basic features done well. It includes both a monitor and adjustable resistance, while functioning quietly and reliably. This is a solid product that has a lower price tag than the Cubii and offers a great, lower entry point into under-desk exercise machines.

GOREDI Mini Pedal Exerciser - Ultra Lightweight and Portable Exercise Bike

GOREDI Pedal Exerciser Stationary Under Desk Mini Exercise Bike - Peddler Exerciser with LCD Display, Foot Pedal Exerciser for Seniors,Arm/Leg Exercise
  • 【BEST MINI CYCLE PEDAL EXERCISER】GOREDI level up fitness cycle provides gentle low-impact exercises for muscles, effectively helps stimulate and improve blood circulation, which is very beneficial to the movement and recovery of legs and arms. The quiet and smooth pedal movement allows you to use it in the office or home without disturbing others.
  • 【MULTIFUNCTIONAL DISPLAY】Equipped with a multifunctional LCD display, it tracks time, distance, count, total counts and calories burned. Large and easy-to-read display can keep track of your workout progress easily, or reset the data by pressing and holding the red button.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE】Easy to adjust the intensity level by rotating the tension knob for a customized exercise. It is specially designed for the elderly and rehabilitation people to perform physical therapy, relieve pain, restore and maintain sports function.
  • 【EASY TO USE AND STORE】Product size: 13.7" x 15.7" x 11.6". The foot pedal exerciser also comes with a portable handle, which makes the fitness exercise bike always ready to go. Just put it on/under the table, beside the sofa or similar space to exercise your arms and legs.
  • 【SAFE & STABLE】The non-slip rubber pads keep the stationary pedal exerciser in place even at the maximum resistance level without scratching the floor. The non-slip surface of the ergonomic pedals increases friction and safety. Adjustable four-hole foot strap can flexibly adapt to different sizes of feet.

Review: GOREDI’s under desk bike has quite a high profile but offers a very clear LCD monitor and a more upright hip-posture. This can be great if you’ve got the clearance and hip mobility for it, reducing the risk of your hamstrings restricting your range of motion.

We’re glad to see it also has adjustable resistance and uses a flywheel, offering a strong higher-end resistance relative to weight. It’s also very lightweight and has an integral carry-handle so you can take it anywhere with no fuss.

The pedals are also easily-adjustable, making for a comfortable ride without any slipping. The rubberised pedals could be larger and more supportive, but the smaller size allows for arm-cycling, too, which is a great additional option.


  • Inexpensive introduction to under-desk exercise
  • Features a resistance-adjuster and LCD monitor despite the price
  • Upright posture can help with hip-pressure on normal seats


  • Requires a large amount of clearance, usually over 40”


This is a good under-desk cycle that requires a little extra clearance. Overall, it offers a simple and effective workout with a very low price point. If you’re not sure about under-desk exercise bikes, this is a great product to make a small investment and see the benefits for yourself.

Papepipo Portable Stepper - Inexpensive and Lightweight Under Desk Exercise Stepper

Review: The Papepipo Portable Stepper is a high-quality product that is visually quite appealing. It comes in four different colors, so if you are looking for something stylish, as well as functional, this stepper might be the right fit for you.

At a price of around 90$ it coasts a bit more than other models on our list, but it also comes with a lot of accessories, like the floor matt and resistance bands – those are especially useful if you are getting the machine for your home office, as they allow you to get an upper body exercise as well.

This offers solid resistance compared to size and a surprisingly sturdy experience for the weight. The provided matt will make sure that the stepper is stable and won’t be moving on slippery surfaces. It’s also ergonomically designed and will therefore protect your hips and ankles while you use it.


  • Very light
  • Good resistance relative to weight
  • Relieves some hip stress
  • Comes with lots of accessories


  • Requires a lot of clearance for full range


This is a great way of getting exercise at low impacts at a great price – and without excess weight. You get all you need for a low impact exercise at home, but it also looks stylish enough to bring it to the office.

AtivaFit Elliptical Stepper - Affordable Premium Under Desk Elliptical Machine

Review: AtivaFit’s Under-desk elliptical machine is a great choice, with many of the same features and design beats that we saw with the Cubii. While it does lack some of the build-quality and integrity, it also has a lower price point to match.

With an adjustable resistance, LCD monitor, and large rubberised footplates, the AtivaFit is off to a great start at first glance. On top of the obvious features, it also has a good range of motion and a smooth cycle, offering comfortable use and reduced pressure on the knee and hip.

This product also has a great reputation for silence. The resistance is magnetic which ensures a quiet cycle and most moving part noise is quiet (or just needs lubrication). This product is great value offering the most important features and functions at an accessible price.


  • Very solid basics
  • A comfortable and quiet stride with reliable build
  • Good LCD monitor compared to competitors
  • Stays quiet longer with regular maintenance


  • More expensive than economy options
  • Lacks the interesting adjustability and premium build of the Cubii and DeskCycle


While it lacks the premium design and build of the Cubii, the AtivaFit is a fantastic mid-level choice. The price is affordable but reflects the quality, with key features done well, and great durability and reliability. If you’re looking for a great under desk stepper experience but don’t want to pay the premium price, AtivaFit’s mini elliptical could be perfect for you.

Sunny Health Mini Elliptical - Best Mini Stepper for Hip and Knee Comfort

Sunny Health & Fitness Pink Fully Assembled Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical Peddler, Portable Foot & Leg Pedal Exerciser- P2030
  • 【Low Impact Exercise Companion】: The under-desk pedal exerciser provides a low-impact workout, perfect for burning calories, improving cardiovascular health, and toning muscles, without putting strain on your joints. Reviewed by over 10000 satisfied customers.
  • 【Smooth & Silent Operation】: This mini elliptical, featuring a belt drive mechanism with magnetic resistance, ensures a quiet, smooth, and maintenance-free workout experience.
  • 【Versatile Compact Design】: Our low-profile elliptical fits comfortably under most desks, offering the flexibility to exercise in various environments, integrating fitness into your daily routine seamlessly.
  • 【Comprehensive Digital Monitor】: Stay updated with your workout progress via our centrally located digital monitor. It offers real-time data on time, speed, calories, and distance.
  • 【Customizable Magnetic Resistance】: With 8 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance, customize your workout to match your fitness level, enhancing muscular endurance over time.

Review: It’s no surprise to see another Sunny Health product. Just like their under desk exercise bike, the Sunny Health mini elliptical is a sturdy and effective piece of exercise equipment. This is a significantly larger stepper than others we’ve looked at with a focus on additional range and resistance options.

Each magnetic resistance option (of 8) is a significant change and the ride is both smooth and quiet. There’s a carry-handle built in and the weight is 25lbs, making it one of the larger products on the market but with a very horizontal stride, meaning you need less clearance and reducing knee-pressure.

There’s more bulk to this product than a lot of others on the list, making it slightly less portable. However, the angle of force is great for your knees and hips while the rubberised feet offer great support and the whole product is very stable (the trade-off of size and weight). This is a great exercise option if you have the room for it.


  • Stable and sturdy
  • Additional range and reduced knee stress
  • Integral carry handle and other key quality-of-life features
  • Requires less clearance than competitors
  • Quiet, reliable, and well-built


  • More expensive than other options on the market
  • Quite a large product, limiting portability


A large but very solid under-desk elliptical machine offering stability, durability, and a comfortable stride without much noise. This is a solid product from a company with a good reputation, all with a price point that competes with AtivaFit and other mid-level steppers.

Leasbar Elliptical Machine - Best Sturdy Stepper Machine for Under Your Desk

Leasbar Under Desk Elliptical Electric Foot Pedal Exerciser, Portable Elliptical Ellipse Leg Exerciser for Seniors, Quiet Compact Elliptical Exercise Machine with Remote Control
  • SCIENTIFIC SPORT: Our under desk elliptical machine has a professionally designed elliptical motion curve, which will not cause pressure on your knees and ankles even after prolonged use, making exercise safer and more reassuring.
  • KEEP HEALTHY STATUS: Whether it's the seniors, leg rehabilitation personnel, weight loss individuals, or office workers, our elliptical machine can achieve the results they want. It can burn calories, strengthen leg muscles, and help legs recover quickly. The Leasbar elliptical leg exerciser is suitable for all populations.
  • INTELLIGNET PRESET MODE: Featuring 3 automatic modes(P1-P3) and manual mode(HA), the automatic mode will gradually bring you into a sporty state. Both the remote control and screen touch can activate automatic mode, without the need for additional speed and direction adjustments during training.
  • SILENT ELECTRIC PEDAL EXERCISER: Crafted with a steel flywheel and a noiseless friction pad, Leasbar's elliptical exercise machine provides a silent exercise experience. It allows you to exercise anytime and anywhere, without disturbing your colleagues or family .
  • SPORTS DATA MONITORING: Our Leasbar seated elliptical is equipped with a digital display screen, which allows for a deeper understanding of the time, speed, distance, and calorie consumption during your training process. Master real-time data and control your fitness journey.

Review: This is a lower-priced stepper than either of the last two products. While the price is significantly reduced, it does still offer both adjustable tension and a simple LCD monitor. The black and red version also has flame decals, if that’s your style.

The Leasbar has an integral carry handle, but does weigh around 30lbs making it the heaviest on our list so far. This makes it slightly less portable but plays into the great stability and sturdiness of the stepper – making it a great choice if you’re planning on keeping it in one place.

Along with the size, you get great footplates with a strong rubberised grip and plenty of space for bigger people with bigger feet. This only helps with extra stability.

There are some quality assurance concerns with this product – specifically the installation of LCD monitors and occasional shipping issues – which Leasbar has confirmed will result in a full replacement or refund.


  • Lower price than many mid-level products with good features
  • Stable and sturdy with a heavier design and large footprint
  • Provides a reversible cycle with good angles and solid fundamentals
  • Good customer service and replacement policy/guarantee


  • Heavy and cumbersome, reducing portability
  • Occasional squeaking (lubricant on-hand)


This is a big, durable, stable product. It does come with the occasional issue from quality assurance or shipping, but Leasbar have been responsive to these issues and newer models are better. The actual product is solid by design with great footplates and a sturdiness that some lighter models just can’t match – even if it’s heavy to carry around.

Yosuda Under Desk Exercise Bike - Quiet and Reliable Mini Exercise Bike

YOSUDA Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser - Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike for Arm/Leg Exercise, Desk Pedal Bike for Home/Office Workout
  • 【Smooth and Quiet Desk Cycle】YOSUDA under desk bike pedal exerciser features a samarium cobalt magnet that provides ample load for smoother, quieter pedaling. You can focus on your work (reply emails, read books, watch TV, etc.) without bothering your coworkers/ family members.
  • 【Low Impact Mini Exercise Bike】Stationary bike pedals for desk is low impact so it is great on joints. It is not only designed for office white-collar, but also for the elderly, sports injured people, rehabilitation to do physical therapy to relieves pain, restores and maintains motor function.
  • 【8 Adjustable Resistance】YOSUDA desk cycle bike pedal exerciser comes with 8 adjustable levels of magnetic tension, you can adjust resistance based on your needs. 22 pounds weight, 4 anti-slip rubber pads, it is stable enough to keep in place even under the greatest resistance level.
  • 【Easy to Use and Store】21.26*12.28*14.37inches. Appropriate height for under desk Pedder. The easy-read big monitor tracks the Time/ Distance/ Speed/ Calories. ALSO, mini cycle exercise bike comes with a portable handle that makes it easy to carry and store, anytime, anywhere.
  • 【What You Get】A YOSUDA mini exercise bike, all tools, and instructions are in the package. 100% satisfaction Customer Service Support and ONE YEAR parts replacement at no cost. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Review: Yosuda’s under desk exercise bike is definitely the most stylish we’ve seen so far today. It’s relatively large at 22lbs and 55 centimeters (21.5 inches) high, but offers a sturdy ‘footprint’ against the floor and a relatively sophisticated LCD monitor compared to the competition.

Resistance adjustments are pretty standard with this product: 8 settings across a tension knob, adjusting magnetic resistance. Of course, this also means that it’s quiet and the rest of the design backs this up with smooth pedal cranks and a comfortable revolution.

The moving parts on this product are well-made and have a great lifespan compared to some cheaper products. Most products won’t require much maintenance, and can stand up to 100s or 1000s of miles before requiring additional lubrication.

The display is great but a little fragile, with some customers complaining of it breaking within the year. However, Yosuda also offers a 1-year warranty and guarantee, covering these kinds of issues, which is a great commitment to your peace of mind.


  • Among the best looking products on the market
  • Sophisticated LCD monitor for the price
  • Good moving parts for the price with reduced maintenance issues
  • Great lifespan and build-quality for a mid-level product
  • 1-year warranty and guarantee for better peace of mind


  • Quite tall and large, requiring serious space
  • Display can be fragile and may require adjustment within 1 year


Aside from being stylish, this product is also sturdy and reliable. This is a great product at the price point and is a step up on many of the mid-level products you’ll see on the market. Yosuda’s focus on the basics pays off and their customer service and warranty are a great bonus.

DeskCycle Mini Elliptical Stepper - Most Reliable Mini Elliptical Machine

Vive Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser - Foot Pedal Exerciser - Foldable Portable Quiet Foot, Hand, Arm, Leg Exercise Pedaling Machine LCD Display, Adjustable Tension, Fitness Rehab Gym Equipment
  • VERY SIMPLE ASSEMBLY : We have designed this product with your convenience in mind. Our team of engineers have created a quick-step setup to get you toning muscle instantly. All required tools will be included with each purchase for your satisfaction.
  • GREAT FOR TONING MUSCLES AND IMPROVING CONCENTRATION: Compact folding pedal exerciser can be used to strengthen arms and legs, effectively increasing circulation while improving stamina and relieving tension for greater focus and concentration. The Vive folding pedal exerciser can be used in the office as well as at home, for general exercise, physical therapy and rehabilitation. Use while on your phone, watching tv, or playing video games to include beneficial exercise in your day.
  • COMPACT FOLDING DESIGN FITS UNDER ANY DESK: Compact design is 9 ” high, easily fitting under a desk or similar space. Non-slip, nonmarking feet ensure the pedal exerciser stays in place on any surface, including any tabletop, carpet or hard floor surfaces. Each pedal also has a nonslip surface with adjustable toe loops for added comfort and safety. Legs fold under for compact storage and easy portability.
  • ADJUSTABLE TENSION FOR CUSTOMIZED WORKOUT: Easily adjust the tension level with the tension knob for a personalized exercise experience. Great low impact exercise for beginners and perfect for rehabilitation following a surgery or injury.
  • ONE TOUCH MULTIFUNCTION DISPLAY: A large, easy to read LCD screen displays RPM, time, speed and calories burned with the touch of a button.

Review: DeskCycle are back on our list with a high-quality under desk elliptical machine to go with their pedaller. This is a premium product with a price to match, but also has some great premium features like an adjustable pedal height setting to make the product comfortable for all users or extend the range of motion.

This comes with the durability and quality we mentioned on their cycle. The price comes from better parts, quality fitment, and a durability and longevity that makes the DeskCycle elliptical an investment in long-term fitness.

This product stays quiet for longer, has a sturdy build, and has its own integral carry-handle. It’s a solid take on the design idea and has absolutely exhausted the quality of the basics, offering a premium product that gets everything right.


  • Great purpose-built product
  • Angle of force is great for knee- and hip-health
  • Compact and small relative to both resistance and quality
  • Very quiet with a reliable tension-adjuster and LCD monitor


  • Among the more expensive products on this list
  • Relatively large


If you know you want a long-term under-desk elliptical machine, the DeskCycle is for you. It’s a long-life, well-built product that offers the adjustability and comfort you need, with the guarantee of durability and reliability. It’s a little expensive, but the trade-off with quality justifies the price.

Vaunn Pedal Exerciser - Best Seated Pedaller for Physiotherapy and Rehab

Vaunn Medical Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser with Electronic Display for Legs and Arms Workout (Fully Assembled Folding Exercise Pedaler, no Tools Required) , Dark
  • SAFE & STABLE WITH LOWER HEIGHT - New model with wider base and heavy duty frame for increased stability and support during cycle. Designed with a lower height to better fit under desks and tables.
  • ENJOYMENT IN EXERCISE - Combine your favorite activities with your workout routine. Place your pedaler under your desk while you work. Play an online game, read a book, watch a movie, or chat with a friend while working out. Exercise can be enjoyable. Note: Not for strenuous exercise or workout.
  • LEGS & ARMS EXERCISER - Helps tone muscles, improve blood circulation, and strengthen your shoulders, arms and legs.
  • RESISTANCE CONTROL - Adjustable tension knob to control the level of resistance and workout intensity.
  • QUICK-RELEASE FOLDING MECHANISM - Under desk bike pedal exerciser folds instantly. Compact, lightweight, and easy to store or bring on the go. Product is fully assembled although user may need to attach small accessories.

Review: The Vaunn under-desk exerciser comes from a medical perspective and is based on the design of light rehab pedallers. As a result, it’s a very light-weight machine without much of the style and size of other products we’ve seen.

Vaunn’s pedaler is small and folds up to be very easily stored. It comes with a low price point yet still includes both tension adjustments and an LCD monitor, with a low profile and incredibly portability.

Oddly, this small product also has some of the best rubberised foot- and hand-pedals we’ve seen on the market. The pedals are adjustable but only fit adults, which may be a concern if you’re looking for a rehab/medical pedaler for a younger person.

The smaller product does lack some of the sturdiness and function of others on the market. Specifically, you may need to adjust the tension mid-ride as the tension can ‘slip out’ over longer workouts.


  • Medical-style exerciser
  • Designed for effective light-resistance rehabilitation exercise
  • Very easy to use, lightweight, and collapsible for easy storage


  • Designed for medical, not fitness, use
  • Resistance is very light
  • Lacks the sturdiness and features of other products on the market


This is a rehab device first and foremost. The thin features and the lightweight design make it less-suitable to heavy resistance and vigorous exercise. It is very portable and lightweight, but doesn’t compete head-to-head with larger, heavy duty pedallers.

This is a great product if you’re looking to rehabilitate an injured knee or hip, or need a lighter workout. It should be used for these purposes, but doesn’t stack up as a fat-burner or fitness-builder like others on this list.

PerleCare Under Desk Elliptical - Sturdy and Reliable Elliptical Stepper Machine

PERLECARE Under Desk Portable Elliptical Machine, Bike Pedal Exerciser with Adjustable Resistance & LCD Monitor, Non-Slip Quiet Elliptical Suitable for Gym Office Home - Model PCPE01
  • DUAL MODE ELLIPTICAL: Combine the benefits of an mini elliptical and a stair stepper with this under desk exercise machine. Features adjustable resistance and an LCD monitor to track workout data. Designed for both standing and sitting workouts.
  • LCD MONITOR: The digital monitor can track calories, RPM, stride, time, and distance during exercise. Accomplish exercise goals by tracking your training data.
  • ANTI-SLIP PEDALS: The pedal exerciser, support rod, and the bottom of this under desk elliptical machine are designed with anti-slip material to ensure safety and stability. The pedals and support rod covers feature textured grip, while the bottom features an EVA anti-vibration pad.
  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO STORE: The mini elliptical is lightweight and compact in size. Easily store the unit under a desk or in a closet. The integrated handle makes it easier to carry and adjust positioning. The under desk elliptical machine measures 22.64” (L) x 16.93” (W) x 11.22” (H).
  • WHISPER QUIET OPERATION: Our under desk elliptical machine is designed to operate quietly without excessive noise. The pedal exerciser may need to be lubricated with oil periodically to reduce noise and maximize performance.Any problems, please feel free to contact us anytime, rain or shine.

Review: PerleCare’s under-desk elliptical trainer is a perfect example of the mid-level stepper. It has all the qualities and durability you’d expect without breaking the mold or attempting to do anything brave.

This product has an LCD monitor and tension adjuster, which it uses to increase and decrease magnetic tension. As others on the market, this makes it a quiet and reliable machine that only trades off top-end tension.

The footplates are large enough for just about any foot size, with basic anti-slip design and a comfortable top-layer finish. The range of motion is a standard 7-8 inches, while the product itself is reasonably large and demands some under-desk clearance for best results.


  • Strong basics
  • Adjustability features are effective and reliable
  • Good range of motion and angle of force
  • Quiet and reliable


  • Requires a fair amount of clearance
  • Quite large and not as portable as some alternatives


This is an intermediate stepper with a focus on sturdiness, build-quality, and doing the basics well. It’s like a less-expensive version of the DeskCycle elliptical, offering a comparable experience without some of the adjustability or ‘polish’ that comes with the extra $100 price point.

PerleCare offers an under desk stepper that does what you expect, with a focus on stability.

MagneTrainer Mini Bike Exerciser - Most Adjustable and Versatile Mini Bike

MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike Arm and Leg Exerciser
  • CONVENIENT: Stuck at home? Our peddler exerciser allows seniors and those with reduced mobility to get a full-body workout, all from the comfort of their home.
  • VERSATILE: Molded pedals provide a comfortable grip for use as arm bike, or strap in your feet for the perfect leg exerciser while sitting. Our velcro straps are more adjustable & durable than notches.
  • SMOOTH & SILENT: With premium magnetic resistance, our mini exercise bike ensures a super smooth pedal motion that is easy on your joints and whisper quiet.
  • PRECISE CONTROL: The step-less intensity dial on our foot pedal exerciser allows you to fine tune the resistance as you gradually increase muscle strength. Perfect for physical therapy equipment or as exercise bikes for seniors
  • USER FRIENDLY: Keep it simple with arm and leg exercise equipment that comes with easy to read LCD display. Monitor your speed, distance, time and estimated calories burned to keep track of your arm or leg workouts.

Review: The MagneTrainer mini exercise bike is a high-wattage mini-bike with good tension settings and a strong upper end. It also has a no-setting adjustment dial so that you can easily adjust up and down to find your own setting.

The versatility continues with the bi-directional resistance, allowing you to swap sides on the bike for comfort and convenience around your desk. MagneTrainer’s bike also has velcro straps to avoid the inflexibility of products like the Vaunn exerciser and others.

The MagneTrainer is quite a tall product and requires a fair amount of clearance, but can be used in both upright and reclined positions. This makes it an easy product to use, though pedal cranks may be too short for some people, depending on use and which side you’re pedaling on.


  • Highly adjustable and versatile
  • Good price for the sheer adjustability and basics of the product
  • Upright and reclined positions are both possible
  • High wattage relative to competitors


  • Pedal cranks are too short for some
  • Lacks the premium construction of a Cubii or DeskCycle


The prime selling point of this product is adjustability. It’s a simple and effective system that has high wattage and allows you to cycle in a range of ways that some products can’t. If you’re looking for an under-desk mini bike that lets you change on the fly, this is the product for you.

Cubii JR2 Seated Elliptical - Best Compact Mini Elliptical Exerciser

Review: The JR2 is an expansion on the JR1 in terms of portability. It’s a more compact design with smaller space-requirements and lower clearance for under-desk use.

Despite the smaller size, it’s still quite heavy and the weight distribution of the product ensures stability against the floor. This makes for a great balance of portability and stability. On top of that, assembly is easy and the moving parts are high-quality, reducing issues of wear and tear.

Cubii’s general high-quality approach shows up in the footplates which are grippy and well sized. This product also features high-quality and well-designed pedal cranks which require only occasional maintenance (lubrication) and a long lifespan to justify the product’s slightly higher cost.


  • All features are high-quality and robust
  • Great adjustability for pedals and resistance
  • Reliable over a long lifespan – especially moving parts
  • Great force-angle for both upright and reclined stepping
  • More compact than the JR1


  • A premium product with a higher price point than others on this list


The Cubii JR2 is effectively a smaller version of the JR1.

It’s more compact and portable, without compromising on either design quality or the stability of the product. This may change the angle and length of the stride slightly, but remains a high-quality and comfortable product to use – but which fits into more desks.

Under Desk Elliptical and Mini Exercise Bike Buying Guide

elliptical trainer

What to Look for in Mini Exercise Machines

Range of Motion 

The more range of motion a stepper or minibike provides, the more effect each stride offers. This is also great to make sure that larger people can get the same benefits. You gain strength in the muscles and joints in the range of motion you practice, so more is better for both building strength and preventing injury.

The average range for this kind of under desk exerciser is inevitably quite small, based on the size. It needs to fit under the desk, after all, and extra-long ranges may involve bumping your knees. Usually, the range is around 7-9”, which strengthens the calves and hips while you’re busy working.

A longer range will usually win, since it means better results and thus a better product, as long as it fits. Reclined positions can reduce this challenge – as well as the pressure on the hip joint.

Build Quality

The better a stepper is built, the longer it lasts and more value it offers. These kinds of endurance training products have to do a lot of repetitions and low-quality builds will wear out and need replacing sooner than their superior counterparts.

Obviously, that longevity trades off against expense. Higher quality materials and parts usually cost more to make and fit, so you pay a premium for durability. This is especially important in the moving parts of a stepper where the friction, build quality, and design principles will show up.

Price isn’t always 1-1 with quality, however, and some of the economy items we’ve discussed today hold up surprisingly well compared to their premium alternatives. 


People are different in their length, strength, and fitness. A stepper machine or under-desk mini bike that is adjustable offers a more varied way of training. This is key to getting the most specific benefits for your body and needs.

Primarily, you should be looking for adjustable resistance. This helps determine just how difficult a single stride will be and how much muscular effort it takes. Not only does it help you fit to where you are now, in terms of strength, but allows you to progress your exercise in different ways.

Higher resistance means you don’t just have to do more time on the stepper, but can progress with resistance and adjust your workouts. That kind of adjustment makes for better training, more sustainable results, and a better overall workout experience – even when you’re training under the desk.

Volume and Discreteness

If you’re training at work or in a communal space, the silence of a stepper is a huge factor. It allows you to get your exercise without alerting or annoying co-workers, family members, or other people.

The goal is to forget that your stepper is there while you work off the calories and improve your fitness. Louder products reduce your versatility and are more annoying for you and others – nobody wants that.

Monitoring: Accuracy and Metrics

Many steppers have a monitor that allows you to track the most important factors of your workout. These include things like time, distance, steps taken, and speed. These help you track workouts and design new ways of improving.

The more items that your monitor tracks – and the more reliably – the better. Some steppers don’t have monitors (especially budget options) but they can add a new element of self-checking to your workout and opening up new ways of training.

Resistance levels: Standing vs Seating

For today’s reviews, everything needs to be seated. We’re looking for under-desk bikes and steppers that can be used comfortably while seated. That also includes recline versions and other forms of lower body training that can be used in different conditions.

Standing steppers have more resistance and require the whole of your bodyweight to depress the foot-cranks. These aren’t going to work under your desk since they require more force than you can produce in the kind of quantities we’re looking at to burn fat and build endurance.

Under Desk Elliptical Machines & Mini Exercise Bike FAQs

closeup of stepping machine

  1. 1. Is a mini stepper effective? 

Yes. A mini-stepper might not be a huge range, but it offers a way of training the muscles of the lower body as well as developing fitness in the heart and lungs. 

You need to put lots of steps in – due to the short-range – but it will ultimately make you fitter and stronger. This is a great benefit under the desk when you’d otherwise not be moving at all. It’s a great way to stay active and avoid sedentary office life.

  1. 2. Is an under desk bike effective?

Just like the mini stepper, an under desk bike is effective for increasing calorie burn and lower body fitness. It’s a great way to build fitness in the comfort of your own home or desk at work, with very little effort-demand.

It’s a great way to keep active during an otherwise-sedentary task and keeps your calorie expenditure up. This makes it an effective exercise for everyone, with adjustable resistance and low impact.

  1. 3. Will a mini stepper tone my legs? 

Eventually, through a combination of burning fat and improving muscle strength in the lower body, a mini stepper can tone your legs. This depends on other factors, too, like how much you’re using it, what your diet is like, and how 

You can use a stepper to tone your legs as part of a larger lifestyle and diet combination. It’s great for multitasking your fitness.

  1. 4. What is better, an Under-Desk Bike or Elliptical?

This is down to your personal preference. The bike is a classic low-impact cycling movement, while the stepper is more similar to the lower body exercise of an elliptical machine. These are both effective, accessible ways to exercise.

They will both strengthen the lower body, improve your calorie-spend, and are easy to get along with. The cycle may be better for building hamstring strength if you focus on cycling in circles, but that’s up to your goals.

Ultimately, these two items offer similar benefits and what matters is which motion you prefer to practice. The benefits are very similar.

  1. 5. What does a mini stepper do?

The mini stepper is a sort of tiny elliptical machine that you place underfoot and press down on. This strengthens the muscles of the lower body, specifically the thighs and hips, allowing you to exercise while seated – such as at a desk or while watching TV.

It’s a great way to burn more calories and exercise these muscles at home. The versatility and opportunity to exercise easily while seated make it a popular choice for beginners, older people, and anyone who wants to train under their desk or sofa while they’re busy. 

  1. 6. Can a mini stepper help with weight loss?

A mini stepper is a great way to help lose weight. It’s a simple, resisted exercise machine that is used for endurance. Not only that, but it’s typically designed to be used for long periods of time, racking up large calorie-spend and a significant amount of weight loss potential. 

It won’t cause weight loss by itself, but it can help you lose weight. The calories you spend on the exercise machine make it easier to burn up more fat throughout the day – at a time when you’d typically be inactive. This is great for making the most of your time and multitasking your way to better fitness.


The best thing about under desk elliptical and mini bikes is that they help you get fitter without thinking about it. They’re background exercise that helps you build lower body fitness, keep active, and stave off the worst parts of desk work.

They can be used by anyone due to the range of products on the market and the resistance adjusters. Whether you go for a stepper or a mini bike, you’ll get exercise on your own terms – whether that’s doing work or watching TV.

Staying active is one way of drastically improving your health and fitness and – with a mini bike or elliptical – you can do that anywhere, anytime. Make sure you’ve got the right clearance, pick the right product, and you’ll be in great shape before you realise you’re exercising.