'Weighing in' on the 7 Best Weighted Vests for Women 2024

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‘Weighing in’ on the 7 Best Weighted Vests for Women 2024

It comes as no surprise that introducing a weighted vest into your workout routine can be intimidating.

From style, fit and even color, determining just the right fit for your body and workout is crucial to ensure that you’re exercising in a way that’s just as safe as it is effective.

Lucky for you, we’ve weighed in on the best weighted vests for women based on style, comfort, and functionality.

But first…what characteristics should you look for when…dare we say, “investing” in your new weighted vest?

Whether shopping for the perfect gear to wear during that CrossFit class or looking to add a little flavor to your daily run, we’ve outlined a few important elements that you should pay attention to before you pay for your vest.

What Characteristics Should You Look For

woman doing pull-ups on a bar wearing weighted vest


When searching for the best women’s weighted vest, you’ll more than likely encounter a variety of styles that align with what you’re using your vest for.

Ones designed like an X feature straps along the chest as opposed to the common backpack-style with straps that sit as a backpack would along your shoulders, leaving your chest free of any material.

Some of the most supportive designs actually fully cover the chest with a flexible fabric that contours to fit the female figure.


Weighted vests can range anywhere from 4 pounds all the way up to eighty pounds and beyond! Determining the best weight for you depends on your exercise, what your goals are and your strength level.

Those looking to build muscle are going to opt for a heavier vest as opposed to individuals who want to build stamina using a lighter one.

Keep in mind that unisex and women’s vests are often designed the same way in terms of weight, using either metal bars or sandbags.

The difference in how the weight is distributed is based on the adjustability of the vest. Ones that are priced on the lower end may be designed with the weight sown in.

Since there’s no way of adjusting the weight, the only option for those who want to increase the load is to buy a new one.


As with any gear, there’s a certain level of comfort that you’re striving for…especially when your workout is far from it.

Padding and adjustability are two of the key elements that you’re going to want to pay close attention to so that you can get through your workout pain-free…or well as close to it as possible.

Vests with padding along the chest torso and the straps will offer far more comfort than those without.

Adjustability is also important so that you can ensure your vest fits properly. If it’s too loose then it will bounce around during your workout which is why you want to make sure it’s tight, but not too tight where you can’t breathe.

female crossfit athlete exercising with dumbbell


Choosing a vest with the right material is also an important factor to consider when purchasing your new gear.

Those that are priced on the higher end will usually have a flexible fit like spandex and polyester for comfort along with nylon for wear and tear resistance. Standard vests that are on the low to the mid-price range are typically made of neoprene.

So, without further delay, we’re excited to share with you our picks for the vest…we mean… best weighted vests for females:

TOP 7 Best Weighted Vests for Women 2024

Tone Fitness Weighted Vest

Tone Fitness HHWV-TN012 Weighted Vest, 12 lbs, Blue
  • CONSTRUCTION - Made with soft neoprene material for a comfortable feel
  • VERSATILE - One size fits most Burn more calories, increase bone density, and increase intensity of workouts by wearing this weighted vest
  • FEATURES - Adjustable front belt for snug fit Reflective strips for visibility in the dark
  • FUNCTIONAL - Wear this vest for exercising, walking, distance running or speed, agility and quickness drills
  • CHOICES - Available in blue and black

Review: Weighing in at sturdy twelve pounds this vest is designed for comfort, functionality and style. With a backpack style design, its neoprene fabric promotes much-needed comfort during those intense sweat sessions.

Easy to adjust straps and breathable mesh help you achieve that perfect fit during those perfect workouts.

Reward: Best Weighted Vest for Beginners


  • User-friendly clips and straps for easy adjustability.
  • Reflective touches for visibility during outdoor workouts.
  • Features a cell phone pocket.
  • Breathable mesh.


  • Cell phone holder is small, but you can remove if need be.
  • Weight is sewn into the vest so you can’t adjust the heaviness.


This is a highly functional vest that’s perfect for beginners looking to add weight into their workout routines. With a design that suits almost any figure, it’s built for style, comfort, and convenience.

Henkelion Running Weight Vest

Henkelion Weighted Vest Weight Vest for Men Women Kids Weights Included, Body Weight Vests Adjustable for Running, Training Workout, Jogging, Walking
  • ATTENTION - The elastic of this vest should be at the waist. Please look carefully at the direction of wear on the pictures
  • IRON PELLETS & METAL ROCK - Henkelion weighted vest is filled with premium iron pellets and metal rock rather than using cheap river sand
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN & BALANCED WEIGHT - This weight vest is distributed weight throughout your body, including an adjustable strap to prevent slipping and sliding during exercise (WEIGHT NOT ADJUSTABLE)
  • COMFORT MATERIAL & CONVENIENT POCKET - Our weighted body vests is made of soft neoprene material and mesh pocket on the back to save room to add extra weight
  • EQUAL WEIGHT DISTRUBUTION - With pockets located at the front and back of the vest, the weight vest gives you maximum comfort during all workouts without straining your back or shoulders

Review: You’ve invested in the best women’s running shoes on the market, so why not do the same for your weighted vest? With Henkelion’s high quality equipment, there’s no need to run into trouble when wearing their weighted vest during your run.

Perfect for a light jog or hard sprint, this vest evenly distributes weight throughout your body for a comfortable, safe and effective workout.

With adjustable straps, neoprene material and quality iron pellets for weight, this gear is ideal for helping to promote core workouts, increase recovery time and overall turn up the heat on your physical activity.

Reward: Best Weighted Vest for Running


  • Iron pellets make up for added weight.
  • Adjustable strap helps secure just the right fit.
  • Mesh pocket can be used to add additional weight.
  • Quality vest at affordable price.


  • Cannot adjust the weight.
  • Some users did report that the straps ripped after a few weeks.


The perfect vest for runners, its available in different weights and fits men, women and even children with the help of an adjustable belt.

It fits comfortably, stays in place and even features an additional mesh pocket perfect for adding weight or storing personal items such as phone, keys or wallet.

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest Workout Equipment, 4lbs/6lbs/12lbs/20lbs/25lbs Body Weight Vest for Men, Women, Kids (6 Pounds (2.72 KG))
  • Weights workout equipment is perfect for cardio and weight training, increases the intensity and efficiency of your workout
  • Aduro weighted vest adds extra resistance evenly to body weights, it will not slip and slide during any activities
  • We designed Aduro weight vests for men, women or kids with an adjustable front belt and soft neoprene material for comfort
  • Mesh pocket on the back of this workout equipment saves room for you to add extra weight pockets if needed
  • Backed by Aduro Sport Lifetime Limited Warranty and friendly US customer service, buy this Weight Vest with confidence

Review: Get ready to adore this weighted vest made by Aduro. Ideal for cardio, weight training and other physical activities, adjust the buckles to evenly distribute weight across your body for a secure fit that doesn’t slide or slip.

Add extra weight to the mesh pocket to turn up the heat on an already intense workout. Made of super-soft neoprene, you can maintain a level of comfort in your workout gear while pushing outside of your workout comfort zone.

Reward: Most Secure Weighted Vest


  • Features a belt that can be easily adjusted to fit men, women and children.
  • Adds resistance to eliminate any possibilities of the vest slipping or sliding.
  • Made of super-soft neoprene for added comfort.
  • Includes a lifetime warranty.


  • Cannot add or remove weight.
  • There were a few users who reported a chemical smell.


This durable vest flaunts a secure fit that is perfect to wear when introducing to any workout. From increasing strength to calorie burn, it’s our top choice for quality fit and comfort.

Empower Weighted Vest

Empower Weighted Vest for Women - Workout Vest - Fixed 8lbs or Adjustable 10-12-14-16lbs - Adds Resistance to Fitness Routine - Increases Intensity To Burn More Calories
  • Want To Look & Feel Empowered? It's never too late to sculpt a healthier, leaner body. Add our weighted vest to your low- and high-impact activities and take your fitness routine up a notch. Designed to specifically fit women’s curves, wear it during your morning run, walk, or cardio workouts to build your endurance and conquer your fitness goals.
  • Adds Intensity & Resistance to Workouts: Feel the burn when you add our strength training weight vests to your workouts. Available in 2 sizes: fixed 8lbs or the adjustable 10 to 16lbs vest, increase the resistance to your CrossFit or walking exercises as you get stronger. Burn more calories during your workouts to melt away body fat while toning your body.
  • Ergonomically Constructed To Fit Your Curves: Able to fit waist sizes 24 to 48 inches, our women’s weighted vest has a unique X-shape design that wraps comfortably around your chest and waist. It also evenly distributes weight across your upper body, alleviating your shoulders from bearing the load. Wear this adjustable weighted vest while doing chores around the house and burn more calories in less time.
  • Comfort For All Fitness Levels: No matter your current level in the fitness journey, you deserve a comfortable weighted vest that won't dig into your shoulders and adjusts to fit your specific waist size. Designed from soft, stretchy neoprene fabric, our vests boast all the hallmarks of durability: padded shoulders, reflective safety strips, and adjustable side straps.
  • Empower Is More Than A Name: Our products – designed by women for women – aim to help you achieve health & wellness whether you’re a fitness newbie or seasoned pro. Our innovative gear focuses on comfort, functionality, and performance. We empower women to feel and look powerful. Join our community of women and achieve a healthier mind, body, and soul. As an added bonus, we offer a free workout guide and additional streaming workouts online so you can get the most out of your workout time.

Review: Empower your workouts wearing this weighted vest by Empower. Designed specifically for the female figure, it’s made using soft and flexible Lycra spandex and features a y-shaped design that actually contours to your shape.

A pocket at the bottom front is perfect for keeping personal items such as phone, keys or wallet so that you can work out on the go without added gear for storage weighing you down.

Work out efficiently and safely with reflective touches on the front and back to keep you visible when exercising in low light.

Reward: Best Weighted Vest for Outdoor Workouts


  • X-style design adds additional support especially for ladies with a larger chest.
  • Soft and stretchy Lycra spandex keeps you feeling cool and comfortable.
  • Reflective touches to keep you visible during outdoor workouts.
  • Extra pocket to fit a cell phone.


  • Not machine washable.
  • Weight is sewn into the vest so you can’t adjust the heaviness.


This easy to use vest is perfect for any routine from core training to running outside or even participating in a day-long hike. With reflective touches, enjoy a workout that’s just as safe as it is effective.

Increase resistance, burn calories or build up strength with this vest that’s perfect for indoor and outdoor workouts.

GoPlus Weighted Vest

Goplus Weighted Vest, 12lb/16lb/20lb/30lb Weight Vest Workout Equipment with Reflective Stripe for Fitness, Strength Training, Running, Body West for Men Women Kids
  • 【Breathable Fabric & Premium Filler】Made of high quality 2.5mm neoprene, our weighted vest is soft, comfortable and breathable. Therefore, even if you wear our vest for a long time, you will not feel hot or uncomfortable. In addition, the interior is filled with black iron sand and will not cause damage to your body.
  • 【Thicker & Wider Shoulder Straps】The thickened and widened shoulder straps can evenly distribute the pressure on the shoulders and back, ensuring you won't get hurt during your workout. Besides, with exquisite workmanship and tight stitching, our weight vests will not have the problem of sand leakage.
  • 【Adjustable Buckles & Reflective Straps】The weighted vest has two buckles on the front so you can adjust it to your body shape. Therefore, there is no need to worry that the vest will fall off during exercise. The shoulder straps and back of the workout vest have reflective strips to ensure your safety even at night.
  • 【Integrated Storage Pocket】A mesh bag at the back of the weighted vest can be used to store small items such as cards, keys and mobile phones. This way, you can enjoy your workout without missing an important text or phone call. Don't worry the items will fall when you run, because the elastic edges will keep them well.
  • 【Suitable for All Fitness Enthusiasts】Our weighted vest will help you to increase workout, burn more calories, and build muscles. High quality materials keep our vests soft and elastic under extreme conditions and is ideal for all sports enthusiasts.

Review: Get ready to have a major soft spot for this weighted vest’s super soft material made of 2.5mm neoprene. As breathable as it is comfortable, black iron sand adds weight for increased resistance and strength training.

Thick shoulder straps help you to distribute weight across your shoulders and back for a safe and productive workout.

Reward: Most Durable Weighted Vest


  • Premium stitching to eliminate risk of sand leakage.
  • Made with 2.5mm neoprene.
  • Includes extra pocket for storing personal items such as keys or phone.
  • Adjustable straps that are extra wide and thick for a comfortable and sturdy fit.
  • Easy-to-clean.


  • Cannot adjust weight.
  • Available only in 12-pound or 20-pound weight.


Made with high-quality materials, this vest is durable, comfortable and made with the utmost attention to detail to ensure black iron sand remains inside of the vest.

Ideal for any fitness routine, introduce this equipment to effectively burn more calories, increase strength and promote an overall more efficient workout.

miR Women’s Weighted Vest

MiR Womens Weighted Vest 10lbs - 50lbs (50)
  • Great Design for maximum comfort.
  • Secure and snug fit on the body for a great workout.
  • Includes adjustable Velcro belt
  • Weights can all be removed and is adjustable
  • 50lbs total weight, 50lbs max weight capacity

Review: We can hardly ‘weight’ for you to use this vest that allows you to remove or add weight. Designed for women of all heights, it promotes mobility, comfortability, and variety.

Easily add or remove weight for the workout you want using the weight of your choice. With removable weights that are about the size of soap bar, there’s no need to worry about any sand or pellets leaking from the vest after extensive use.

Look like a pro just as much as you work out like one wearing this vest that certainly holds its weight.

Reward: Best for Adding Weight


  • Great for doing crunches and sit ups.
  • You can add or remove weight to your liking.
  • Adjustable straps for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Evenly distributes weight for a safe workout.


  • Is one of the more expensive vests.
  • Some women with smaller waists found that the vest wasn’t as snug as they would have hoped.


With the option to add or remove weight, this vest is perfect for beginners looking to start out light and work their way to adding more weight as they increase strength and stamina.

For more advanced ladies, it provides all that you need for an effective workout that will help you to achieve your fitness goals.

SweatFlix Weighted Body Vest

Review: CrossFit like never before in this weighted vest by BodyRock. Available in 6, 8, 10- and 12-pound weights, this gear will have you putting your next session into gear.

Increase calorie burn, pump up resistance and push your workout to the limit wearing this vest that we think is well worth the investment.

Adjust the straps for a secure, non-slip fit that will have you focused on your workout and not your workout gear.

Reward: Best Women’s CrossFit Weighted Vest


  • Velcro adjustments on the side are perfect for squats and lunges.
  • Comfortable and adjustable chest straps.
  • Designed for style and comfort.
  • Available in a variety of different weight options.


  • Is on the pricier side.
  • Built-in weight so you can’t add or remove.


Take your CrossFit workout to another level wearing this weighted vest that will help build strength, increase stamina and support a workout unlike any other.

Whether you are a novice or total CrossFit pro, feel comfortable and secure in this perfectly fit vest that will have you focused on your training rather than your training gear.


When shopping for the best weighted vests for women, it’s of the utmost importance that you take into account your objectives, body type and of course your preference in terms of style, comfort, and design.

Proper training requires a fundamental understanding of what your body needs and what you want for your body.

From using the right gear to incorporating the right nutrition, it’s crucial that you treat your body in a way that will promote efficient muscle build, proper recovery and overall strengthen your health and wellbeing.

Garage Gym Power is excited to continue fueling your workouts and all of your fitness goals to help you push beyond limits you never thought possible.

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