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Can you do CrossFit while Pregnant? Question Answered!

Many women wonder if they can continue their CrossFit routine, or even start a new one, while pregnant.

The question is understandable.

Pregnancy brings with it so many changes to a woman’s body and life.

Believe me, I get it

I am a mother of 4. I know all to well that pregnancy brings with it big changes in your body and self image.

But more that that, pregnancy and motherhood can pose a challenge to your sense of self, to your identity as a person.

This is one reason I guard my CrossFit time so jealously, because in my mind, it is attached to my identity, as an individual.

pregnant women doing workout

Can you identify?

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being a mom, but many moms would agree, we have identities that include not only motherhood, but our other roles and interests.

Continuing to workout while pregnant helps maintain your identity. It also helps minimize the changes in your body and keep you fit, of course.

So, can you CrossFit while pregnant?

By the end of the article you will have the info you need to decide for yourself.

We will give you info from the CrossFit website regarding working out while pregnant, How to find the right trainer, how to scale workouts and offer a few routines that you can do while pregnant.

A word of Caution: Disclaimer

We are not medical doctors and can not say that you specifically can CrossFit. Only your doctor can say that. We are speaking generally here, and this applies to most pregnant women, but certainly not all pregnant women.

As with ANY fitness routine, you must seek your doctor’s advice, stamp of approval or OK first.

The CrossFit Journal Resource

The CrossFit Journal, an extension of the CrossFit website has a ton of useful articles and videos on exercising while pregnant. Just type pregnancy into the search box and you will see.

One of the BEST articles here is Pregnancy: a Practical Guide for Scaling. This article was written by a Box owner and coach, who continued her routine while pregnant, so she knows what works.

*You must register to download the pdf chart, but registration is free.

It is such an excellent resource; I consider it required reading for women who plan to continue their routine while pregnant.

The author, Nichole Christensen, has a YouTube video interview that is great to watch, for the visual learners.

Find the Right trainer

CrossFit offers an adaptive course that trains coaches to help those who are differently abled, so to speak. It might help if you found a trainer with this certification to guide you.

Another idea is to find a trainer who has CrossFitted while pregnant, who can offer tips and guidance.

Listen to your body!

This is important for everyone, but especially the pregnant woman. This is not the time to start training for a competition.

  • If you feel uncomfortable with any CrossFit move – don’t force yourself
  • Understand, that especially later in pregnancy, your balance is different, your center of gravity changes. Box jumps will eventually become too risky. The last thing you want while pregnant is to fall.
  • Rope climbs are also out. Ergonomically it does not work, and again, you can not risk a fall.
  • You will modify exercises more and more as the pregnancy progresses and you will find more and more moves you can not do, plan for this eventuality and be OK, with it.You are doing great! Soon you will be back to your previous level, and so much faster than a woman who decided to stop working out all together.
  • If this is your first pregnancy, you may not realize the discomfort that comes from a growing belly. You might want to try a pregnancy or maternity band that offers ample belly and lower back support.
  • Remember your priority is staying safe and keeping the baby safe. As a pregnant woman, you know this instinctually. Moms are intuitive and this is all the more reason you should listen to your intuition and go with what your body is telling you.

You CAN CrossFit While pregnant: 3 workouts to try

25 Minute Prenatal Bodyweight Workout

Amy gives us a great bodyweight workout that is good for pregnant women. We love that this workout requires no special equipment and can be done at home, on those days you don’t want to hit the box.

This workout can be done through all three trimesters. In fact, Amy is demoing this workout while 35 weeks pregnant. Yeah!

First Trimester Pregnancy Workout

Flavia Del Monte has a series of workouts for pregnancy ladies that adapt as you grow. Flavia has a lot of tips and advice for pregnant women, and stresses good self care.

She has a fully equipped home gym and uses dumbbells and other equipment during the workout.

If you have a well stocked home gym, you can do this workout at home. It can of course be done at your box.

5 Best Workouts for Pregnant Women

This is a video that highlights 5 great workouts for pregnant women. It is not a follow along type routine, but instead is a list with ideas.

Benefits of working out while pregnant


OK, there are several effects I was not aware of, but found out through my research for this article.

  • Women who exercise regularly during pregnancy are three times less likely to develop hypertension and 1.5 times less likely to gain excessive weight.This 2014 study determined Exercise Throughout Pregnancy Does NOT Cause Preterm Delivery
  • Physical exercise during pregnancy reduces the level of depression in pregnant women.
  • Exercising women gain, on average,12% less weight during pregnancy that sedentary women.
  • Exercise during pregnancy increases the chance of a vagina delivery, and reduces the risk of a Caesarean birth, especially if the exercise is performed in the second and third trimester.

So, CrossFit while pregnant?

Absolutely! Drop us a line and let us know your experience working out while pregnant.

We would love to hear from you!

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