How to Set Up A Home Boxing Gym and Why You Should Do That?

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There are many advantages of a home boxing gym, especially if you are into the world of martial arts.

When you put everything on a piece of paper, the money you gave on a gym or club membership in a period of ten years might cost you more than all the necessary equipment.

Martial artists are mostly loners by nature. It is true that group training overall gives better performances but you won’t have to wait for anyone else to finish the station so you can work it out.

kickboxing and mma training ar home boxing gym

You work whenever you want and nobody will be able to distract you.

This type of gym is a great recommendation for people who don’t like to train in front of many people and who really want to push themselves to the limit away from the public eye.

If you really want company, you can always invite friends to train with you and enjoy the company. Boxing training sessions are mostly related to HIIT, power, endurance, strength, core exercises, and all types of sports specific quickness and explosiveness drills.

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Home Boxing Gym – Pros And Cons

The home boxing gym is one of the best investments you can make.

This is an ultimate chance to strengthen your body and prepare for maximum performances.

Remember – the main philosophy of boxing is to be light on your feet!


  • Boxing workout equipment doesn’t require all the training machines in the world.
  • An endless variety of combinations, especially when it comes to fitness equipment.
  • Good for martial artists who like to turn on the music and work hard.
  • You don’t have to wait for someone to end the circuit.
  • You don’t need extremely big space.
  • You can cover everything with 2-3 training devices.
  • Freedom to train whenever you want, even in the middle of the night.


  • Not suitable for people who like to train in the group.
  • Expensive in the beginning.
  • There is nobody to assist you if something goes wrong.
  • In most cases there will be no coach, so you will have to find something else to motivate you.
  • You will have to call partners or friends to come. For example, conditional sparring or mitt training cannot be done alone.

boxing and heavy bag

Boxing Workout Equipment – Basic and Secondary Things

When it comes to boxing fitness, you need to be aware which are the most important things:

  • Footwork;
  • Strength;
  • Power;
  • Anaerobic and aerobic endurance;
  • Reaction time;
  • Quickness and explosiveness;
  • Ability to receive an impact and cover-up.

There are only three differences you need to know when it comes to your home MMA gym setup:

  • You need to train slamming or takedown defense a lot more;
  • You will need to work and rotate on the ground;
  • You have to cover more various exercises if you want to go to the top.

Basic Boxing Strength and Conditioning Training Equipment

There are two training devices which can fulfill boxing home gym requirements. The first thing is a power rack, and the second is a Smith machine. This is an option for your home boxing gym if it has a decent amount of space.

You have the ability to work on all muscle groups, but you need to be aware of two things:

If you don’t have 7-8 feet of height, or you are low on budget and space, our advice would be buying a squat rack or a squat stand with a pull-up bar installed.

Better spend a bit more money and think about your safety! Find a space for Rep Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar.

girl workout with jump rope in boxing ring at crossfit gym

When it comes to the additional equipment for your gym, we will mention the most important ones, mixing the appliance with boxing:

  • Agility ladder – the best way to train quickness and explosiveness;
  • Jumping ropes – footwork and anaerobic-aerobic endurance;
  • Olympic barbell – whole body workout, especially upper body, all features can be done;
  • TRX suspension trainer – work on various parts of your body in an off-balance position, superb choice for more power and stability;
  • Dumbbells – nothing isolates your muscles like dumbbells, and it also needs a little space;
  • Battle ropes – despite this is more suitable for home MMA gym, you can also train hooks, uppercuts, and blocking; and it positively affects aerobic and anaerobic endurance;
  • Medicine balls – you need to slam and strengthen core for more power;
  • Push-up bars – adds more variety to your push-ups and whole body strengthening;
  • Resistance bands – you can also train explosiveness and quickness, alongside more complicated exercises;
  • Mats – good flooring is critical for comfort and successful core training sessions;
  • Gym gloves – make training sessions more comfortable;
  • Kettlebells – great way to isolate your arms or work on compound exercises;
  • A set of mirrors – it is the best option when you want to improve your technique;
  • Treadmill or an air resistance bike – this is definitively not a must since a boxer needs to run and improve his stamina in natural surroundings, and especially on the terrain with a lot of uphills and descents. But if you live in the center of a big city, it spares your time. It might affect your anaerobic and anaerobic endurance significantly.

Boxing Training Equipment – Sports Specific Stuff

When it comes to the specific set of boxing workout equipment, you have five things which are absolutely necessary for the sports specific development:

  • Heavy bag – it affects punching power and hit hardiness, and it also improves the distance. RDX has affordable models with additional equipment.
  • Speed bag – quick punches are excellent to collect points. Everlast offers a good affordable model.
  • Specialty heavy bag – a good multipurpose bag to train ducking, reaction time, slips, and punching small objects, and affordable at the same time, is offered by Blood Red Aqua.
  • Portable ropes – a great option for users who have space. Attach it to a solid object and enjoy the real feel of the fight! Revgear offers a great solution.
  • Timer – in boxing and MMA, time is everything! You must simulate extremely realistic conditions for maximum effect. Title Boxing is affordable and easy to set.

Even if you don’t have much space in your home, good boxing training equipment may help you modify the conditions and get the best out of every training session.

MMA Sports Specific Equipment

There are three additional things for your home MMA gym home setup (not included in home boxing gym equipment):

  • Tire – you will need a very big tire to train wrestling and lifting. The best option is a truck or a tractor tire. ProLine is a good choice but you can buy it in a local store too. There is only one rule – the bigger tire is better!
  • Sledgehammer or a mace bell – sledgehammer costs more but the effect is greater. Mace bell might be a solid choice for boxers too. MostFit offers amazing sledgehammer, while Apollo Athletics enables you to choose between many sizes of a mace bell.
  • Premium balance ball trainer – MMA is more complex than boxing and you have a lot of off-balance positions, and basic proprioception training is not enough. RitFit offers an affordable model with resistance bands for a combination of strength and off-balance training.

Boxing and MMA Strength and Conditioning Philosophy

The best result is always achieved when you simulate realistic conditions. When you prepare for the match, make sure you set the exact number of minutes and rest periods. It can be done with ease in your home boxing gym.

For example, you have twelve rounds of three minutes with one-minute rest (boxing). Try to work on various combinations of fitness and sports specific exercises for boxers. When it comes to MMA, you apply the same rule, but the match lasts for three rounds which last five minutes, with one-minute rest between the rounds.

If you work on pure strength, power rack and Smith Machine are the keys to the successful training.

You need to work 4-6 repetitions, with 2-3 minutes break, but your weights must be 85-90% of one repetition maximum. The safety pin will disable weights from falling and you will not be injured!

Power or hypertrophy oriented training sessions usually mean 8-12 repetitions, with 90-120 seconds rest.

When it comes to muscular endurance, you can work on it without fear. Even with a simple squat rack and weight bench with bumper plates. It is not dangerous since you work 15 or more repetitions, with 30-50% of your 1 RM.

Core strengthening exercises can be combined with each training type. You can work it when you have a day off, or at the end of each training session. But our recommendation is to leave the last 15-20 minutes for core strength, especially lower back and lateral abs.

working out with a box at the gym

Putting It All Together And Creating Combinations

Here are the basic guidelines how to train in your home boxing gym, in the case you want the best results:

  • When you train arms day or legs day (strength or power), make sure 48 hours passed between the consecutive training sessions for the same muscle group.
  • Perform quickness and explosiveness exercises only when you’re fresh.
  • Resistance band training sessions are a great idea when you try to improve the reaction time, alongside slips, counters, footwork, and movement.
  • High-intense rope jumping – not more than 2 times per week for boxing and 1 time for MMA.
  • Combine all the equipment you have to keep the training session maximally interesting.
  • Make sure you perform tire, sledgehammer, and premium balance ball routine 1-2 times per week for MMA. You have these types of movements during the fight, your body must get used to it!
  • Battle ropes can be done once for boxers, and two times per week for MMA fighters.
  • CrossFit or HIIT style training session can be done 2 times per week, not more. Lactic acid will destroy your power or hypertrophy oriented strength training the next day.
  • Try to perform core exercises every day, and include TRX suspension trainer or medicine ball at least 2 times per week. You need more advanced challenges to get closer to the top.
  • You need to remain motivated, but headphones are not a good choice unless you run on a treadmill or ride an air resistance bike. Buy a stereo, or simply install an application to your phone. Headphones will disable your movements and strikes during sports specific training session. It is always better to run in the open, and don’t do this more than 2 times per week.
  • Heavy bag training sessions might be worked 3-4 times per day for a boxer and 2-3 times for MMA fighter, but speed bag only once for both, and you mustn’t be tired at a present day.
  • Specialty heavy bag is ok with 2 times per week, depending on the ability you train. Elite boxers sometimes train it 3-4 times when they strictly improve one or two abilities, for example ducking and slips.

Final word

Generally, garage gym has many similar things to a home boxing gym. A lot of gear is used in both types of gyms, and there are many other mutual things.

You should adapt your garage gym towards the needs of MMA fighters – you will need good rubber flooring. People like comfort. In combination with makeup and design, it will draw you a lot of practitioners, if you want to be a successful coach.

Our advice is to always think about the safety first. You may have to spend more money, but nobody wants an injury or bad news. It might decline your customers.

Please leave us a comment and tell us which set of gear is perfect for your gym. Would you add some new training device?