DIY Home Boxing Gym + 15 Essential Pieces of Equipment

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DIY Home Boxing Gym + 15 Essential Pieces of Gear & Equipment Reviewed 2021

Why bother building your own home boxing gym?

Boxing builds confidence – if you should ever need to defend yourself, boxing skills DO come in handy.

Boxing relieves stress, hitting the heavy bag for a few minutes is a good, healthy way to blow off steam.

Boxing is excellent exercise too.

If a good, basic, fundamental home boxing gym is a dream of yours, this article will help get you started.

Here I review 15 essential pieces of equipment for your home boxing gym, how you can set up your home gym, how to train at home and a few boxing home gym FAQs to answer all your questions.

Let’s start with that boxing gym equipment I mentioned.

THE GEAR – 15 Pieces of Boxing Gym Equipment Reviewed 2021

woman boxer punching red heavy bag in home gym

Heavy Bag and Mitt Gloves

Heavy bag gloves are likely the first piece of equipment you get for your home boxing gym.

Heavy bag gloves are designed to hit the heavy bag.

Pretty straightforward, right?

Except it’s not that simple if you are new to boxing. Heavy bag gloves are different from sparring gloves.

Heavy bag gloves are made with denser foam than sparring gloves. This is so the padding won’t break down and compress after hours of hitting the heavy bag.

You can give your sparring partner a concussion hitting him in the head with these dense foam gloves – so don’t use heavy bag gloves to spar with.

More on sparring gloves in a minute.

Heavy bag gloves are also designed to protect your hand, not necessarily a sparring opponent’s face. This is why boxers will sometimes use lighter gloves on the heavy bag, so they can feel the feedback from each punch.

A lighter glove is NOT the right choice if you are sparring because it won’t protect your opponent well.

Title Gel World bag gloves are a great pair of heavy bag gloves.

They use dense foam and protective gel padding to keep your knuckles and fist intact as you swing away on the heavy bag, they have a little built-in wrist support, and allow you to feel the punch as you hit the bag, all while giving you that all satisfying “POP” as you smack the bag.

Sparring Gloves

Sparring gloves have lighter foam or padding than heavy bag gloves. These gloves are designed to protect your partner and your hand.

They should have attached thumbs to prevent thumb jams and getting a thumb in your opponent’s eye. OUCH!

Ring to Cage Deluxe MiM-Foam sparring gloves is a good choice for sparring.

They feature 2.5 inches of protective foam, great wrist support, attached thumbs, are made from real leather and will last and perform well round after round.

Heavy Bag

man punching brown leather heavy bag

The heavy bag is a staple of any decent home boxing gym.

They are excellent for practicing hooks, all kinds of body shots, warming up, and even letting off a little aggression after a stressful day or when you are angry.

It is very satisfying to smack the heavy bag, feel the weight of it and hear the crisp clean ”pop” of your glove as leather meets leather.

The Ringside Soft Filled Leather bag is a favorite and for good reason.

It includes the chain, swivel and a bottom D ring, it comes prefilled and hard backed with cloth only, NO sand and NO foam.

This bag is SOLID and does not give or shift too much, even with heavy use. It is well built, with reinforced stitching, and can handle all the punishment you can dole out.

Speed Bag and Speed Bag Mount

Think your boxing gym is complete without this indispensable home boxing gym equipment?

Think again.

While it may seem unnatural to hit the bag with the side of your fist, it has a lot of value.

Consider this… when you block a punch, how do you swing? More often than not, it’s with the side of your fist, right?

Not only that…

A speed bag forces and trains you to keep your hands up. That’s invaluable training right there. Speed bags teach rhythm, help increase endurance, and of course… SPEED.

So get one!

I really like the Balazs i-Box speed bag platform…

…and Balazs Lazer speed bag.

You really can’t go wrong with this set.

The Balazs speed bag is balanced, looks and performs well and will last a long time. The bag platform is adjustable, sturdy and controls vibration well.

Sparring or Speed Mitts, Focus Mitts

It just wouldn’t be training without pad work.

Focus mitts and punch pads are a must-have for practice, and are some of the best equipment for a home boxing gym.


Boxing is an endurance sport, as well as one of speed, strength, timing, skill and so forth. But mitt work builds endurance and accuracy, as well as trains muscle memory and allows your partner to objectively monitor your form without worrying about being punched in the face.

You feel me?

Good. OK, pick up a pair of focus mitts or punch pads, grab a partner and get to work!

I like both the Fairtex Focus mitts and the Pro Impact punch pads/speed mitts.

The Fairtex focus mitts are handmade in Thailand from real leather. They run small, so are ideal for those with small hands. They are quite stiff, but fit the natural shape of the hand well.

The Pro Impact speed mitts are curved and well-padded and start out stiff. They take a while to break in, but they also last a long time and can withstand a lot of abuse.

They are real leather and feature a tightening strap on the back so your partner will not be able to punch them off your hands.

Focus Mitt Training!!!

Basic Focus Mitt Drill – the 8 Count this drill is relatively simple, but hits all the basics.

Hand Wraps

If your boxing workout involves hitting anything, either the heavy bag, speed bag, or focus mitts, or even a sparring partner – hand wraps are a MUST!

Let’s be real, the human hand is not made to punch repeatedly for hours a day long term.

Whether you are male or female, the bones and joints in your hand are relatively fragile compared to how hard you can actually hit.

Even Floyd Mayweather has broken his hands a few times in his career.

My point is this: hand wraps help prevent injury, so you must wear them. They are some of the best boxing equipment for home.

Pick up a pair!

I like both the Fairtex Elastic Cotton Handwraps and the Pro Impact Mexican Style Boxing Handwraps.

The Fairtex hand wraps come in at 180 inches and are made from 100% cotton. My favorite feature?

The Velcro strips are thinner than others, and the cotton has just enough give and stretch to be comfortable, and not too stiff.

The hugely popular Pro Impact Mexican Style hand wraps are also 180 inches, but have a wider Velcro strip and are less flexible and stretchy than the Fairtex, but they do have just a bit of stretch.

If you like your wraps thick, these are for you.

Before we move on, there is something you should know.

You need to know how to wrap your hands. It is one of the first things you should learn so here is a video to give you a visual lesson on how to wrap your hand for boxing.

Upper Cut Heavy Bag

Do you really need an uppercut bag?

I think so!

Even when you are doing mitt work with a partner, the fact is, they tend to hold the mitts too low, their arms get tired, or they may occasionally have bad form.

With an uppercut bag, you take the partner out of the equation. You can mount the uppercut bag to suit your height, and you can practice your uppercut while you are training solo.

The uppercut bag will never get tired and let you down.

There are several styles of uppercut bags around, but I really love this wall mounted Windy Uppercut Punching Bag because it is a space saver.

If you have a small home boxing gym it is a great choice.

The Windy wall mount uppercut bag is well built, made with dense foam that will not shift or compress, and best of all, it mounts to the wall and takes up very little space.

Wrecking Ball Body Snatcher Round Heavy Bag

A wrecking ball is different than a heavy bag. For starters its round where a heavy bag is a cylinder. The wrecking ball allows you to practice uppercuts and overhand shots.


The wrecking ball swings around a bit more than a heavy bag allowing you to change up your training and practice reflexes as well as form.

A wrecking ball allows you to work more angles, duck and weave, and including combos with uppercuts, but still, since it is not as heavy as a classic heavy bag, you need both pieces of home boxing gym equipment to have a complete setup.

The Ringside body snatcher heavy bag wrecking ball is a favorite for many reasons.

The chain and swivel are included, it comes pre-filled, plus you can open it and add more weight, if you want.

It has reinforced stitching and seatbelt type straps that attach the chain. This wrecking ball is made with resilient powerhide, a canvas covered with PVC, which is very durable.

Double End Bag or Peanut Mexican Double End Bag

Some boxers say that a double end bag is more valuable than any heavy or speed bag.


A double end bag works speed and reflexes, and allows you to duck and weave, practice accuracy.

A double end bag is mounted to both the floor and ceiling at the same time.

Pro Tip: The looser you mount the bottom end, the less predictable the bags movement becomes, making it a greater challenge and more advanced training tool.

After all, boxers do not move in predictable rhythmic movements during a fight, so your training bag should not either.

This Mexican style, peanut leather double-double end bag will teach you how you counter punch, throw off a slip and block. All essential boxing skills, don’t ya think?

This Title infused foam double end bag is another great piece of home boxing gym equipment.

I love the sturdy riveted loops on the top and the bottom, comes with bungee cords to mount it, and instead of using air bladders to fill it, this Title double end bag is filled with dense foam with provides some satisfying resistance when you hit it.

Pro Tip: If you want a FAST rebound, then tighten the bungee cords securing your double end bag.

Cardio machine

man using air bike for cardio workout at gym

Boxers need the endurance to go the distance. Fighting round after round is no joke, and you must incorporate a solid cardio workout in your boxing routine.

Any boxer will tell you, a boxing match takes more out of you than sparring or practice.

I recommend an Assault Airbike increasing for cardio endurance because they are easy on the knees while still able to give you a kick butt workout in minimal time.

Rogue Fitness Assault Air Bike

The assault bike is made with high quality sealed bearings and made from steel, so I will last a long time.

Boxing Shoes

Float like a butterfly and sting like a beeMuhammad Ali

If you want to float in the ring, a pair of good boxing shoes of boxing boots are a must.

Boxing shoes should be lightweight, so you can move quickly.

They must be comfortable so they are not a distraction, and they must support your ankle as you duck, dodge and weave your way around the ring, because no one wants to lose a fight by way of a twisted ankle.

The Ringside Diablo boxing shoes are all this and more.

You can order one of 5 different colors to match your style, they breathe well to keep your feet cool, and they have a non-slip rubber sole to keep you from sliding around.


The floor you train or spar on is important.

You don’t want it bare concrete, because that tends to be too slippery.

You also do not want squishy puzzle mat style flooring because it causes too much friction and can hurt a joint or cause an ankle to twist during rapid change of motion like a pivot or turn.

This Rubber Tile is a good option because it offers plenty of traction, without holding your feet in place, preventing a pivot.

Put 4 of these together for enough room to box or spar, and you are all set.

Jump Rope

athlete training with jump speed rope

Boxers use the jump rope to increase cardio endurance and capacity. The jump rope is also a rhythm and timing tool.

It’s also probably the cheapest thing you can pick up and one of the best equipment for home boxing gym.

Boxers skip rope, it’s a popular training method, and a no brainer item for your boxing home gym.

The Rogue SR-1 Bearing Speed Rope is a great option.

Rogue SR-1 Bearing Speed Rope

It is lighting fast, comes with a replacement rope, and the sound it makes slicing through the air is badass.

Learn how to use the Jump rope to become a better boxer!


Every boxing gym needs a boxing timer to time rounds.

This Title Classic XL digital gym timer is loud and has a traditional boxing bell sound to keep track of rounds.

It can also be used for HIIT or CrossFit AMRAP style training. It has huge digital numbers and can be seen from far away.

If you prefer a timer that doubles as a wall clock, the Flex Timer is a good choice.

It’s not as flashy as the Title timer, but it works as a clock and can be mounted to the wall and controlled with a remote. It is also quieter than the Title Timer.

Body Protector

If you plan to go all out sparing with a partner, and are able to use them as a human punching bag, you might want a body protector in your home gym.

This Title Classic body protector is ergonomically designed to allow you to land kidney and liver shots without landing your partner in the hospital.

This boxing body protector pairs great with mitt and punch pad training and allows you to punch to full capacity to get some fight-like training under your belt.

I like the Title Classic body protector because it is both durable and protective.

It takes a beating, absorbs shock like a champ, and is very long lasting. It is an asset in any home boxing gym.

DIY Home Boxing Gym Equipment Checklist

  • Heavy Bag Gloves
  • Sparring Gloves
  • Speed Bag and Mount
  • Focus Mitts-Punch Pads
  • Hand Wraps
  • Upper Cut Bag
  • Wrecking Ball Bag
  • Double End Bag
  • Cardio Machine
  • Boxing Shoes
  • Body Protector
  • Flooring
  • Jump Rope
  • Timer

Now that you know what equipment to outfit your home boxing gym with, let’s look at how to set up your boxing gym and build a routine.

Complete Guide to Create Your DIY Home Boxing Gym

man kicking the heavy bag

Why Even Build Your Own Home Boxing Gym? The Pros and Cons of Having Boxing Gym

In order to grow and progress in boxing, you need practice.

One of the best arguments for building your own home boxing gym is you can fit in a workout anytime – even if your main boxing gym is closed.

Late in the evening or Sunday workouts are the reason many build their own gym.

A home boxing gym lets you work out your energy and frustration in a very physical way. Some boxers may even call it therapeutic.

Pounding away on the heavy bag can even be somewhat like meditation, in that you can clear your mind and just get in the flow while punching the bag.

One downside to working out in a home boxing gym is lack of instruction.

If you train with bad form and have no one there to correct you, how can you improve?

You will only reinforce bad form. It is a good idea to work with a coach or trainer now and then, especially if technique and real fights or matches are your end goal.

two persons boxing

The Best Way to Set Up a Home Boxing Gym?

How to plan your home boxing gym layout?

If you have got this far, I am sure you have already been scouting out a spot in or around your home for your own boxing gym.

You probably already know this, but the garage is an ideal spot. In the garage, the noise won’t be a problem, and the concrete floor is a great foundation for rubber floor mats.

Online Gym Planner Website

As for how to lay out equipment, this will take some planning.

Measure the space, and your equipment. Then lay it all out in an online gym planner like one of these here.

Once you have it all laid out, have a friend critique your plan.

  • Is there enough space around the heavy bag to punch it?
  • Where in the space will you spar?
  • Where will you store small items like gloves and jump rope?
  • Where can you put the timer?

Having someone else look at the plan with fresh eyes will give you ideas you may not have thought of.

How to Train for Boxing at Home?

woman punching heavy bag with boxing gloves

Workouts for Beginners Who Want to Train Boxing at Home

If you are new to boxing you are probably asking yourself, “where do I begin?”

There are tons of resources out there. One beginner boxing video I really like this video by Boxer Mike Rashid.

Honestly, this video is for true beginners. It is useful for a home boxing gym or even if you plan to go to a commercial boxing gym.

It’s a good idea to study the basics, your gym mates will appreciate you having this basic knowledge ahead of time.

For this training, you only need a heavy bag, wraps and heavy bag gloves. This is more of an instructional technique video, not a follow along workout. It will give you a good foundation.

Advanced Boxing Training and Workout Routines

If you have some experience under your belt, you can use these videos to advance your skills.

Want to get faster? Use this drill to increase your punch speed.

The best thing about this video – it uses NO equipment. The only thing I recommend is using gloves during the workout.


Using gloves will train your arms to punch with speed while your gloves are on, which if you are sparring or in a boxing match, you will have on. So you may as well wear them during training.

Ready to increase your punching power?

These excessive need either a dumbbell or kettlebell, medicine ball and resistance bands. Not all boxing gyms have these extra pieces of equipment, and they are not essential equipment, but they sure do come in handy.

Check out these equipment reviews and the next video to pull off POWERFUL punches.

Boxing Home Gym FAQs Section

punching heavy bag with boxing gloves

How Much is the Cost to Build Home Boxing Gym?

You could spend a couple hundred on the bare bones basics of a pair of heavy bag gloves, wraps, a heavy bag hung on a tree and a jump rope. Get a free boxing timer app and you are all set.


…You could spend all the way up to 5k or more if you include a new air bike, flooring, 5 different bags, two pair of gloves, timer, mirrors, etc.

It’s all up to you.

Where Can I Get More Design Ideas for Home Boxing Gym?

I have a great idea. Check out Reddit. Reddit has a specialty subreddit r/amateur boxing. They have a really brief home gym guide there with a few ideas.

The subreddit r/amateur boxing is a great resource for any boxer, even if you do not have a home gym. I am subbed to it myself, and I recommend you check it out.

As I said before, you can also design your own home gym online.

Check out the article and links for the online gym builder here.

How to Train for Boxing at Home Without Equipment?

There are boxing workouts you can do from home with no equipment.

This no-equipment boxing workout is short, sweet and to the point.

It is a great way to get your heart pumping, get in shape, condition your body for boxing and cut the fat.

How Can I Cut Noise and Vibration?

If you need to keep noise and vibration to a minimum, consider using an aqua bag in place of traditional boxing heavy bags. It makes noise when you hit it, but its quieter than traditional bags.

You can also mount your heavy bag on a heavy duty spring to minimize noise.

If you live in an apartment or rent your house, you might also want to get yourself a heavy bag stand. They hold a ton of weight, are an excellent and stable option for a heavy bag, and best of all, cause no damage to your place.

The best place for a home boxing gym is the garage because you are less likely to disturb people there, so if the garage is an option go that route.

Times Up!

I want to hear from you! Why do you want to build a home boxing gym? What inspired you to get into the sport of boxing?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Peace out!

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