13 Best Hand Grip Strengtheners & Exercisers Reviewed 2021

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TOP 13 Best Hand Grip Strengtheners & Exercisers Reviewed 2021

Why bother with grip training anyways?

I will tell you why…

Do you want to reach greater heights as a rock climber?

Build bigger hands and stronger, more muscular and vascular forearms?

Deadlift more or deadhang longer?

Be a tougher, more well-rounded athlete?

Then stay tuned!

Here I review 13 of the best hand grip strengtheners because you need the right tool for the job.

Then I go over what to look out for before you choose the right gripper for you and go over tips, FAQs and exercise routines you can follow to get a great grip.

TOP 13 Best Hand Grip Strengtheners 2021

Captains of Crush Grippers

Rogue Fitness Captains of Crush Grippers

Review: With so much riding on your grip strength, exercising and strengthening your grip is key to improving performance in many athletic endeavors.

The Captains of Crush Grippers are made with hardy aircraft grade aluminum, knurled to grippy perfection.

You will not find their proprietary, precision springs on any other grip strengtheners out there and their quality is unrivaled.


  • Knurled just like a barbell for excellent grip.
  • Made from aircraft grade aluminum and will not corrode.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Grippers available with resistance from very light up to a massive 365 lbs.


  • Must buy a different pair of grip for each resistance level.


Well known and widely respected grippers, the Captain of Crush strength training grips are one of the best grip strengtheners available.

FitBeasts Hand Grip Strengthener

Review: This kit includes 5 different grip strengtheners and a carry travel bag.

The gripper is adjustable from 20 to 132 lbs, and s good for beginners, as hand therapy or for those who want to start with a lighter weight.


  • Includes Gripper, finger trainer, stress ball, finger stretcher, grip ring and carry bag.
  • YouTube video tutorials show you how to use the system.
  • Gripper is adjustable up to 132 lbs.
  • 5 pack makes this kit a great value.


  • Only goes to 132 lbs of resistance, which is OK, but there are higher resistance options out there.


A great value priced 5 piece kit excellent for beginners.

Heavy Grips Set

Review: Heavy grips are as advertised-heavy! The start at 100 lbs and move up in 50 lb increments to 350.

They are very similar to the Captains of Crunch, but with a smaller price tag.

These knurled aluminum handles are perfect for weight lifters, bodybuilders, rock climbers and CrossFit Athletes who rely on a strong grip. These are not your old man’s grip trainers.


  • Made with knurled aluminum grips.
  • Increments of 50 lbs.
  • Up to 350 lbs of resistance available.


  • Must buy a new set if you want to advance, not adjustable.


Offering the heaviest resistances available, The Heavy grips are among the best grip strengtheners available.

Rogue Grip Trainer

Rogue Fitness Grip Trainer

Review: This dual hand grip trainer attaches to your rig and allows you to train your grip and forearm right along with your normal routine.

This machine is completely adjustable since it uses your own Olympic weights, so you never need to buy another one. It has no springs that wear out either, and will last a lifetime.


  • Uses your own Olympic weights.
  • Can be loaded quite heavy.
  • Made with 11 gauge steel.
  • Long lasting and will not get lost.


  • Pricy.


This bad ass looking Rogue grip strengthen will be the envy of your friends, guaranteed.

Fat Gripz

Review: Fat Gripz are made from hardened rubber that fits over your barbell forcing you to hold on to a wider object, effectively strengthening your grip.

If you want to move up a level, there are three diameter Fat grips to choose from, 1.75 inches, 2.25 inches and 2.75 inches.

You will kill two birds with one stone and increase grip strength while you strength train.


  • Available in three sizes to increase the challenge.
  • Made from military spec rubber.
  • Engages more muscles than standard squeeze style grip trainers.
  • Can train grip while you lift or do pull-ups – a time saver.


  • Pricy.
  • Can’t know the exact added resistance.


Fat Gripz are the best hand exerciser for the pull up bar and increasing bar grip strength.

Beaverve Grip Strength Trainer

Review: These colorful lightweight ring style grip trainers are good for beginners or hand therapy after surgery.

They are sold as a set of three in 30, 40 and 50 lb weights so you can move up when you are ready without needing to buy anything else.

They are also an extremely budget-friendly option, which is always a bonus.


  • Very affordable.
  • Three ring set, 30, 40 and 50 lbs resistance levels.
  • Good for therapy and hand recovery from surgery.


  • May not offer enough resistance for experienced athletehs.


A light and friendly grip strength trainer for beginners, elderly and for therapeutic use.

The Friendly Swede Hand Grip Strength Trainer

Review: This set of egg-shaped stress balls are sure to relieve tension while they work your arm and wrist.

They are lightweight and have resistance ranging from 20 to 40 lbs. These are good for kids, for therapeutic use, and for beginners.


  • Set of three.
  • Resistance from 20 to 40 lbs.
  • Perfect for recovery after your workout – keeps hand joints limber.


  • Resistance levels are not very high.


Best hand grip exerciser for recovery, stretching, warming up and hand therapy.

Rogue Cannonball Grips

Rogue Cannonball Grips

Review: Pick up a pair of Rogue Cannonballs and really give your grip a challenge.

These steel balls are powder coated to resist corrosion, and have ¼ inch steel connectors that will not fail on a pull up or chin up.

Train your grip on a whole new level with these balls!


  • Powder coated steel balls.
  • ¼ inch steel connectors.


  • DOES NOT include carbineers and straps to attach to the pull up bar (but can be purchased as a set).


A really unique, alternative way to increase strength in the hand and fingers.

Vive Therapy Putty

Review: This set of 4 hand therapy putty can be used before or after a workout, to stretch and warm up the hand, increase agility, and help your hand recover after a hard workout.

Each container holds a generous 3 ounces of putty, so these work for big guys too.

You can also reverse train your hands, and increase musculature and vascularity on the back of your hand as well as strengthen grip.


  • Available in 4 resistance levels.
  • Good for therapy, recovery, and working the fingers and back of the hand.
  • Pretty challenging – don’t let the putty label fool you.


  • Color may transfer to hands with heavy use.


Fun and colorful way to stretch and exercise your hand and improve your grip – exercise chart included!

IronMind TUG Gripper

Review: Iron Mind TUG Gripper is like no other. This gripper has wide grips, and allows you to work just one or two fingers at a time.

This gripper is focused on the thumb, fingers, and hand specifically, so it is especially useful to mountain and rock climbers.


  • Made from corrosion resistant knurled aluminum.
  • Available in seven strength levels.
  • Trains the thumb in isolation too!


  • Must buy a new gripper to go up a level.


The smart way to strengthen your grip one or two fingers at a time – even works on your thumb.

Trango Rock Prodigy Training Center Hangboard

Review: This Trango Hang board is an excellent way for any rock or mountain climber to strengthen their grip.

Just install in on your rock wall to strengthen virtually any hold. Includes two, three and four finger holds in both deep and shallow depths, this is a must have for any climber.

As an added bonus, the width between the grips is adjustable.


  • Grip width is adjustable, can be mounted any distance apart.
  • Includes more handholds and depths than standard hang boards.
  • Includes treacherous sloped grips to practice with.


  • Expensive.


The best adjustable hand grip strengthener for rock walls.

Mandrill Grip Strength Kit

Review: This budget set Mandrill grip strength kit offers resistance up to 88 lbs and is good for beginner to intermediate athletes.

The set adds value by including a grip ring, finger trainer, finger stretcher recovery band and a carry bag so the set travels well.

I also love that the gripper is adjustable so you simply turn up the dial when you want more challenge.


  • Set of 5 grip trainers.
  • Very low price.
  • Offers resistance up to 88 lbs.
  • Adjustable resistance gripper.


  • Rubber finger stretcher is not very durable.


A good value for beginner grip strength training and hand therapy.

Hand X Band

Hand X Band

Review: The hand X Band strengthen and defines forearms and upper hand in a unique way. Instead of contracting your hand into a fist, like other grip strengtheners, this strengthener goes over your fingers and you open the fingers instead of closing like a fist.

This works the back of your hand and forearms, enhancing muscle definition and vascularity.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Perfect balance to traditional grip strengtheners.
  • Easy to carry.


  • Bands may break over time.


Handy and portable, the perfect travel grip strength trainer.

Your Guide to Hand Grip Strengtheners – How to Choose the Best?

man chalking his hands before climbing a rope - grip training


Cheap grippers are made with cheap material and in the case of grip strength trainers – you get what you pay for.

Look for stainless steel, aluminum, high-grade rubber and military grade compounds when you choose a gripper.

Remember: good grippers do not fail often, but cheap grippers might.

A spring under high tension can be dangerous if it fails while you are training, so go with your gut and pick quality over price.

Appropriate Resistance and Purpose

If you are using the grip trainer for therapy or recovery, lower resistances are the right choice. If you want to increase strength and vascularity, higher resistances are the right fit.

Only you know what your goals are, just keep in mind every set has its own purpose and make sure the grip strengthener you choose not only matches your budget, but must match your purpose.

Best Exercises to Strengthen Grip and How to Use Them

man is working out in CrossFit gym

How to Use Grip Strengtheners?

Jedd gets it done in this video by showing us how to use a standard pair of grippers. I highly recommend you watch the video.

Jedd demonstrates which side of the gripper has the dogleg, which side of the gripper to hold, how to place the gripper in your hand, proper angle and more.

Some Exercises that Naturally Increase Grip Strength

Looking for a way to train your grip in addition to grip strengtheners?

Try these exercises:

  • Farmers carry or distance carries using really heavy weights.
  • Rock climbing or bouldering.
  • Deadhang – hang from a pull up bar as long as you can – be sure to change up your grip, underhand, overhand or mixed grip.
  • Hold a bumper plate for as long as you can hanging in one hand.
  • Go to a park and do the monkey bars, just like when you were a kid (It is harder now!).
  • Finger curls or wrist curls using a barbell.
  • Throw a towel over the pull up bar and hang from the towel as long as you can.

Best Grip Strength Training Resource

The best resource on grip strength training that I know of is the Grip strength Subreddit.

The grip strength Subreddit has resources like routine, ideas for specific muscle groups such as finger training or wrist focused training, ideas and tutorials on how to use specific brands of grip trainers, an entire list of specific grip training routines, and much more.

I highly recommend you check out this gripping resource.

Grip Strength Training FAQs

man doing pull up workout

Do Grip Strengtheners Work?

Yes. While it’s true there are ways to increase grip strength with no equipment, a grip trainer is a convenient and effective way to increase strength.

I love that they are a travel-friendly piece of workout equipment so you can train your grip from anywhere, even when you don’t have access to your regular gym.

I also like the fact that with most grip strengtheners you know the resistance up front, so you are not lefts guessing how strong your grip is, it is quantifiable.

Another great aspect of training with grip strength trainers is they are available in HEAVY resistances, up to 365 lbs for the Captain of Crush grippers and 350 lbs of resistance for the Heavy Grips.

BAM! That’s a lot of weight!

What is the Best Hand Grip Strengthener Brand?

My personal favorite brands are Captain of Crush, Cannon Powerworks, Fit Beasts, Heavy Grips, Apollo athletics pinch blocks, Iron Mind, Ivanko, Rogue, Fat Gripz, Trango, Vulcan and Gorilla Strength.

What is the Best Adjustable Gripper, or Grip Strengthener?

I like the Robert Baraban RED Adjustable Hand Gripper. It is not as popular and widely used as the ones I reviewed, but it has a whopping 50 different levels of adjustment between 50 lbs and 100 lbs of resistance.

I also like that it is chrome plated steel so it won’t rust, and it’s easy to carry with you.

Highly adjustable, and IMO, the best adjustable hand grip strengthener.

How do I Test My Grip Strength?

Two ways.

First Measure:

Find a pull up bar and time how long you can deadhang. Use different grips such as underhand, overhand or mixed grip. Keep track of these times so you can judge your progress based on how long you can hang using each grip.

Second measure:

Get a gripper with a known resistance level and judge your grip based on the most difficult gripper you can close.

Why is Grip Strength an Important Measure?

Your grip strength may be a limiting factor holding you back during training. It determines how many pull ups and chins ups you can do.

It also limits your deadlift weight and weighted snatches, and about a thousand other exercises rely on grip strength. But you already know that, that’s why you are here, right?

Fun fact: Your Grip strength may predict your level of aggression and sexual prowess. A study was done by the University of Albany, NY found that, at least when it comes to college-age men, the stronger the grip, the more sexually wanton and assertive the guy was.

It did not, however, find that to be true of women. Hmmm…

Well, What are You Waiting For?!?!

Don’t wait, pick up a pair of the best hand grip strengtheners for your routine and start pushing your limits today.

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