TOP 16 Best Pull Up Bars for Home Gyms Reviewed in 2024

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TOP 16 Best Pull Up Bars for Home & Garage Gyms Reviewed in 2024

A pull up bar is the ideal fitness equipment to jump start your home or garage gym.

Whether you work from home, are tired of wasting gas and cash on a gym membership, or want a home gym to work out in on your schedule, a home or garage gym is always a great investment and it starts with a solid pull up bar.

I have searched extensively for the best pull up bars, gone through each style and brand personally and came up with this list of the 16 best pull up bars of 2024, organized by style.

I also included pull up bar exercises, pull up bar installation tips, a buying guide, and a pull up bar FAQs so you can get all your questions answered.

TOP 16 Best Pull Up Bars of 2024

4 Best Doorway Pull Up Bars 2024

If you’ve decided to go with a doorway pull up bar, you may think they all look the same. Think again. There are tons of different designs, weight capacities, and grip configurations.

Plus there are some doorway pull up bars that require NO drilling, and others that require you to drill and install mounts in the door frame, so choose carefully!

You’ll need to find the one that will work for your home.

Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway Pull Up Bar

Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway Pull Up Bar with Elevated Bar & Adjustable Width
  • INCREASE STRENGTH & MOBILITY: Doorway pull-up bar creates better workouts on the wall and floor
  • BENEFITS ALL FITNESS LEVELS: Great for tall users and all fitness levels, 10-inch wall clearance gives you a full range of motion with more headroom; Premium high-density foam pads reduce strain to comfortably support your stamina over longer workouts
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Quality steel construction lets you focus on form and repetitions without worrying about stability; Heavy-duty hardware and ABS couplers stabilize you throughout your fitness journey
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Universal-fit, expandable bar fits doorways 24 to 36 inches wide with up to 3.5-inch wide molding; No permanent mounting required, allowing you to use as a brace for floor exercises
  • WEIGHT: Supports fitness enthusiasts up to 300 pounds; Dimensions (L x W x H): 41 x 22 x 11 inches

Review: The Ultimate Body Press doorway pull up bar is not only super easy to install, it sits 10 inches out from the doorway which gives you more room to move and offers a greater range of motion.

This pull up bar holds up to 300 lbs, which will work for most athletes, and there are 4 different grip positions to hit all the angles. The neoprene grips and space between you and the wall make this the most comfortable doorway pull up bar out there.


  • No drilling needed.
  • Bar sits a full 10 inches from the wall.
  • 4 grip positions.
  • Comfortable neoprene grips.


  • The neutral grips are narrower than most people’s shoulders and you may hit your shoulders if you come all the way up on your pull up or chin up.


A sturdy indoor pull up bar that will not mark or mar the door frame and needs NO drilling.

Garren Fitness Maximiza Pull Up Bar

Garren Fitness Maximiza Pull Up Bar - Doorway Pullup Bar/Chin up Bar with 3 Sets of Screw-in Required Door-Mounts (2 Heavy-Duty and 1 Medium-Duty Sets), 26 to 39 Inches Adjustable Width
  • Build Upperbody Strength- This pull up bar for doorway use will strengthen and tone your back, arms, shoulders and abs muscles for the perfect upperbody workout for men and women
  • Safe and Secure - Heavy-duty chrome steel doorway pull up bar and door mounts provide great support and safety. Note: Always install and use the supplied screw-in door brackets (comes with 2 sets of heavy-duty and 1 set of medium-duty door mounts)
  • Versatile Uses - Get fit and strong by using the door bar for many exercises including pull-ups, chin-ups, hanging leg raises, push ups, dips, situps and crunches. It's truly a multi function piece of at home workout equipment
  • Comfortable Hand-Grips - Non-slip extra-long foam grips for extra comfort to minimize hand pain or fatigue
  • Use in Different Locations - Multiple screw-in door mount kits give flexibility to move to different places or heights. Adjusts to fit standard door ways between 26 and 39 inches. It's perfect for your home, garage, gym or the office

Review: The Garren Fitness Maximiza is a pull up bar that works for folks who have off standard-sized doorways or door frames. If you have wide walls, or wide door frame trim, you may not be able to use a “no drill” style pull up bar.

This in doorway pull up bar has two discreet mounts that are screwed into the inner portion of the door frame to mount the bar securely.


  • Includes 3 sets of mounts to use it in3 different doorways.
  • Neoprene grips for comfort.
  • Heavy-duty mounts hold up to 300 lbs.


  • The bar is quite thick.
  • Must drill holes to mount.


A good pull up bar for those with wide walls or wide door frames.

ProsourceFit Multi-Grip Lite Pull Up Bar

ProsourceFit Multi-Grip Lite Pull Up/Chin Up Bar, Heavy Duty Doorway Upper Body Workout Bar for Home Gyms 24”-32”
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP - 8 non-slip foam grips to comfortably perform wide, narrow and neutral-grip exercises
  • MULTI-FUNCTION – Target multiple upper body & core muscles with pull-ups, push-ups, dips, and hanging crunches
  • EASY TO USE - Portable design easily fits on any standard doorway 24" to 32", and is simple to assemble and install
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION - Made of high grade steel that’s built to last, and holds up to 300 pounds
  • CONVENIENT STRENGTH TRAINING - Workout your back, chest, arms & abs with one piece of equipment in the comfort of home

Review: This basic “no drill” style doorway pull up bar is the best choice for those on a budget. It holds up to 300 lbs and fits in standard doorways between 24 and 32 inches wide, using no drills or mounts.

It has four grip positions, wide, narrow, standard and neutral and the grips are foam covered for comfort.


  • 4 grip positions.
  • Very affordable.
  • No drilling needed.
  • Cushioned neoprene grips.


  • Not for walls thicker than 6 inches.


Best “no drill” style doorway pull up bar for the money.

OneTwoFit Pull Up Doorway Bar

Review: The benefit of this rod-style pull up bar is that it can be used in off standard door frames and allows the door to close with it installed, which is not possible with the “no drill” style pull up bars.

This pull up bar uses a sturdy screw rod that tightens the pull up bar from both sides which will keep its tension, unlike a spring.

They recommend you install the mounting disks, and it’s best if the mounts are installed directly into the door frame itself, and not the trim, because it can crush the trim material.


  • Fits in doorways or hallways between 6″-33.5″.
  • Discreet circular mounts hold up to 330 lbs.
  • Neoprene covered handles for good grip and comfort.


  • The twist to tighten mechanism can over tighten and damage door frame trim.


A high-quality in doorway pull up solution that allows you to close the door with the bar installed.

5 Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars 2024

If stability and security are important to you, a wall-mounted pull up bar might be best for you. But, you have a few things to research.

They come in different lengths, weights, and clearances. So you need to consider what type of wall and what you will use the bar for.

If you want more info on wall mounted pull up bars specifically, check out this guide to the best wall mounted pull up bars I put together.

Rogue P-4 Pull Up System

Rogue P-4 Pull-up System

Review: Wall mounted pull up bars are one of the sturdiest and most stable style of pull up bar, and this Rogue P-4 is head of the pack.

While it does not sport the multiple grips that others may have, it is very stable, even though it sits 30 inches away from the wall. Its stability is due to the fact that it has strong support arms and is made from the same 11 gauge steel the Rogue rigs and racks are made from.

You can feel secure using this pull up bar for kipping, swinging, muscle ups and it can even be used for suspension trainers and gym rings. It’s that stable!


  • Sits 30 inches from the wall – lots of room to move!
  • Very stable, will not sway even when you swing on it
  • Customizable width means it works for any wood studs, concrete or brick wall.


  • Mounting hardware not included.


Top-rated Rogue wall mounted pull up bar, the one you want when stability matters.

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount XL Pull Up Bar

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount XL Pull Up Bar (WMP-XL)
  • Easily add professional grade workouts to any stud framed space with wall or ceiling mount
  • Universal 48 inch on-center plates fit all 16 and 24 inch studs and joists. 1.25 inch 'Perfect Grip' hammertone textured bar supports over 350lbs
  • Jig welded triangulated all steel construction and white powdercoat finish look great in every gym
  • 30 inches of wall clearance supports a full range of motion and sets an ideal space for working out with accessories like ab straps and gym rings
  • Easy installation with hardware, instructions, mounting templates, USA tech support and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee included.

Review: This truly is the ultimate wall mount pull up bar. It’s 48 inches wide, and it offers 30 inches of wall clearance.

This is an unbelievable amount of space, and it’s exactly what you’ll need to do Crossfit workouts. The bar is hammer finished to improve your grip, and the clearance is large enough to climb the wall while holding the bar.


  • 350 pound weight limit.
  • Designed to take abuse.
  • The finish is powder-coated, making the bar weatherproof. Ideal for garage or a back porch, the bar will never be damaged by the weather.


  • Since this bar is so large and heavy-duty, installation is a little more difficult.


One of the best wall mounted pull up bar that money can buy. It’s versatile, it’s spacious, has great wall clearance, and high weight capacity.

CFF Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar with 300-Pound Working Capacity; 750 lb. Static load
  • Turn the walls or ceiling of your garage into a pull up rack!
  • The CFF Pull Up Bar is a heavy-duty, commercial quality stud/joist mounted system.
  • The 46 inch wide bar sits 30 inches from the wall so that you are not limited by the wall when doing a pull up, Kip, ring dips, etc.
  • The installation is straight forward. All the hardware is included.
  • It can support users up to 300 pounds.

Review: This is another great wall mounted pull up bar for CrossFit workouts.

This pull up bar has 30 inches of wall clearance and a 46 inch wide bar.

You can mount this to a wall, or to a ceiling. The installation supports both studs and joists, which is great news for people who don’t have much space on their walls.


  • Optional ceiling installation.
  • High weight capacity accommodates a wide range of athletes.
  • Supports prevent swaying and movement.


  • Larger bars are a little more difficult to install. You’ll have to use a stud finder if you’re installing it on drywall.


The versatility makes this wall mounted pull up bar a great option for people who need a CrossFit style pull up bar, but don’t have a lot of space to install one.

Being able to flip this up and mount it to the ceiling means it can be used in more areas.

Titan Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar Training Fitness Heavy Duty
  • Manufacturer Part Number 400510 Model PullUpBarHD Fitness Goal Strengthen Core, Build Muscle, Tighten & Tone Brand Titan Fitness Features Wall Mounted Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 52.00 x 32.00 x 31.00 Inches

Review: This is one of the most inexpensive CrossFit style pull up bars you can find. It can be mounted on a wall or on a ceiling.

The width is adjustable, and can go as wide as 48 inches. It has 30 inches of wall clearance, and a weight capacity of an astounding 500 pounds.

It’s hard to beat this wall mounted pull up bar in terms of weight capacity and wall clearance – especially for the price.


  • Affordable alternative to other CrossFit pull up bars, which can sometimes cost twice as much.
  • With such a high weight capacity, there’s never any reason to be concerned that you might bend the bar.
  • Ample wall clearance.


  • Doesn’t come with mounting hardware. You’ll need to purchase it separately.


This is the best wall mounted pull up bar for a CrossFit athlete on a budget. If you’re looking for quality and you don’t have a lot to spend, this bar is your best compromise.

Yes4All Wall Mount Chin Up Bar

Yes4All Multifunctional Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar/Chin Up Bar Home Gym Workout Strength Training Equipment Large
  • ONE-PIECE SOLID STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Yes4All Wall Mount Chin Up Bar is made of heavy gauge steel for more durability and covered with black powder coating to prevent rust and corrosion. Designed for 16” and 24” stud space
  • MULTI-GRIP POSITIONS PADDED WITH SOFT FOAM: Foam padded grips bring comfort to your hands and prevent slipping caused by sweat during the whole workout time
  • GREAT FOR BUILDING UPPER BODY STRENGTH: Ideal for working out your backs, shoulder, chest, arms, triceps, biceps, lats, and the front of your abs
  • HIGH WEIGHT CAPACITY: Our chin up bar can support up to an astounding 300lbs of weight, ensuring peak performance for a long time even after heavy long time usage
  • QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION: Yes4All Chin Up Bar comes with full instructions and all mounting hardware so that you can get it usable almost as soon as it’s delivered to your home

Review: This is a very inexpensive wall mounted pull up bar, but it’s an excellent value for the price. It’s designed like a doorway pull up bar, and will allow you to do exactly the same upper body exercises that you would on more expensive models.

It’s got 6 foam padded grips to offer you many options like wide, narrow, standard and neutral grip. In addition to that, it’s made of solid steel.


  • This bar is very inexpensive. If you don’t have a lot to spend on your home gym, you’ll love how cost-effective this bar is.
  • It’s just the right size for a small home gym. Space-saving and compact.
  • Multiple grip options.


  • Since it’s a budget bar, it doesn’t come with the best hardware. You may want to replace the included hardware with higher quality pieces.


For being a bare-bones model, this wall mounted pull up bar is pretty good. If you’re just looking to find the least expensive model that gets the job done, this is the best budget option.

4 Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars 2024

Free standing pull up bars are for folks who want a pull up bar that will not cause any damage to the wall or door frame. Some free standing pull up bars fold up and are somewhat portable and can be stowed away when not in use, another nice benefit.

If you want to see my complete list of the best free-standing pull up bars, take a look here.

A power tower is a style of free standing pull up bar that often includes a roman chair, push up bars and a dip station.

Power towers are an economical choice for those who do not plan to get a barbell and cage, but want the ability to do all the exercises I just listed, including pull ups.

If you like the versatility and increased options a power tower gives you, check out this list of the best power towers available.

KT Khanh Trinh Workout Gymnastics Bar

Review: If you live in an apartment, or cannot drill holes in the wall, this free standing pull up bar is the way to go. It is a bit different from power tower style pull up bars because its “A” frame design means you can swing, do kipping pull ups, and even use it with a suspension trainer or gym rings and it remains completely stable.

It holds 485 lbs weight and will not cause any damage to your home. It also folds up so you can store it out of the way when you are done using it.


  • Capacity of 485 lbs.
  • No damage to door or walls.
  • Folds away for storage.
  • Accommodates swinging, kipping and other dynamic movements.


  • Expensive option.


The NO damage, portable, strong and stable pull up bar option.

Marcy Olympic Cage Home Gym System

Marcy Olympic Cage Home Gym System – Multifunction Squat Rack, Customizable Training Station SM-8117
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: This home gym system features a durable steel frame that’s to withstand intense use. Its walk-in design ensures easy entry to the cage, while its industrial style incorporates safety and superior functionality.
  • MULTI-GRIP PULL-UP BAR: Equipped with multi-grip pull-up handles furnished with sturdy foam pads, and adjustable safety catches, this gear allows you to perform chest press exercises, pull ups, and squat so you can target the major muscle groups.
  • CONVENIENT FREE WEIGHTS STORAGE: This high-performing equipment includes two Olympic plate storage posts and can accommodate a 6 or 7 feet Olympic bar and other weightlifting gear to let you bulk up your upper body.
  • ALL-IN-ONE STATION: You don’t have to switch between various workout stations with this gym system that combines different strength-building machines. It measures 51 inches wide and is equipped with sturdy plate posts and anchoring points.
  • 2-YEAR MANUFACTURER’S : The SM-8117 Olympic Cage Home Gym System comes with a two-year , giving you the most out of your investment. This reliable gear for is to be an excellent addition to any home gym.

Review: This free standing pull up bar solution is one I like because it doubles as a squat stand/rack for an Olympic barbell. Because it is tough enough to accommodate a weighted Olympic bar, you know it will be stable enough for pull ups, even dynamic movements like kipping.

I like the multiple grips, including angled, wide and neutral grip because that helps work the arm and back muscles in different ways.


  • 300 lb weight limit.
  • Very stable.
  • Multiple grip positions.
  • Is also a solid Olympic size squat rack.


  • Expensive.


A firm, secure free standing pull up bar that you can also use as a barbell squat rack.

Marcy Power Tower Pull Up & Dip Station

Marcy Power Tower Multi-Grip Pull Up & Dip Station VKR Home Gym TC-3515 BLACK, 74 pounds
  • STRENGTH TRAINING – Marcy’s multipurpose exercise tower can be used for push-ups, back training, abdomen workouts, curls, arm presses, and more.
  • INTEGRATED BACKPAD –Integrated back pad acts as a support during workouts to keep you well-assisted while performing intense regimens. The padding provides a pleasant strength-training experience, letting you work out while minimizing physical exertion.
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION – With its durable steel frame, this equipment guarantees solid construction. It sports non-slip coated handles for dip workout routines. The structure’s ergonomic design ensure that you’ll get the best workout possible.
  • FULL-BODY WORKOUT – The TC-3515 offers a full-body workout. Get a balanced physique by training your arms with the equipment’s dip handles while boosting your biceps and enhancing your back, chest, and abdomen using the device’s versatile components.
  • GYM-QUALITY TRAINING EXPERIENCE – This ergonomic training equipment boasts high-tensile strength hardware and industrial-grade component parts.

Review: This versatile free standing pull up bar power tower by Marcy just might be the best pull up bar for your home gym because it can do so much more than pull ups, which is also does well.

It has a roman chair and dip station, in addition to the multi-grip pull up bar, so you are sure to get your money’s worth.

The best part?

No need to mount or screw the unit into a wall, or occupy a doorway to use it. It is always ready to go.


  • Use it for pull ups, dips, abs and core work.
  • Multi-grip pull up handles to position hands closer together or farther apart.
  • The best freestanding pull up bar for heavy users with a 300 lbs weight limit.


  • More expensive than an exclusive pull up only bar.
  • Tall unit, 88” high. Measure your ceiling height before buying!


My choice for the most useful and best pull up bar for the well-equipped home gym.

Stamina Free Standing Pull Up Bar

Stamina Power Tower - Dip Bar Pull Up Bar Station with Smart Workout App - Dip Bars for Home Workout - Up to 250 lbs Weight Capacity
  • STAMINA POWER TOWER - Our Power Tower provides a total body workout, suitable for body strengthening, build and tone muscles, and to lose weight. This pull up bar station improves your figure, posture, mobility, balance, and overall fitness health.
  • ALL-IN-ONE CALISTHENIC EQUIPMENT - This versatile dip station offers different workout possibilities. This power tower is suitable for strength training, targeting specific muscle groups without the use of weights, and toning the muscular core.
  • STABLE AND COMFORTABLE - This pull up bar station includes secure foam hand grips at each exercise station that provide stability and comfort during exercise. The durable steel frame of this free standing pull up bar supports users of up to 250 lbs.
  • SPACE SAVING DESIGN - This compact dip bar tower is designed for easy storage and is ideal for users with limited space. Our pull up bar provides multiple workout stations that fit easily in any indoor or garage space.
  • SMART WORKOUT APP - Experience connected fitness with this home gym equipment with the müüv app. With smart guided coaching, exercise demo videos, personalized workouts, assembly videos, and more, müüv provides the best workout and fitness experience with your Stamina Pull Up Bar.

Review: This free standing pull up bar is only slightly shorter than the Marcy model, at 81” high, but it allows for several different exercises, including pull ups, dips, chin ups and push-ups.

The price is great, only a few dollars more than some wall mounted or doorway bars, plus it allows for more exercises and you do not have to put holes in the wall or occupy a doorway to use it.


  • Great for pull ups, dips, chin ups and push ups.
  • Lower padded push up bar also adds stability.
  • Multiple grips add to the usefulness of this free standing pull up bar.
  • Very easy assembly, made from 9 pieces of sturdy tubular steel.


  • 81” tall, measure ceilings before buying as you will need about 90” ceiling height or higher to use.
  • Some swing to the bar, especially if your form is not perfect, but it will not tip over.


Easily one of the best pull up bars for home or garage gym, so practical and multi-purpose you will use it every day.

3 Best Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bars 2024

Rogue P-5V Garage Pull Up System

Rogue P-5V Garage Pull-Up System

Review: The Rogue P-5V pull up system is designed to be mounted in a ceiling joist, wood stud or concrete, and has two depth options of 14 or 22 inches. The width is also adjustable up to 48 inches, making it a breeze to mount.

It is super solid because it is built from the same 11 gauge steel as the Rogue racks and rigs, so it will not wobble or falter no matter how much you move. The finish is beautiful, the craftsmanship is top-rated, and the grip on the matte black finish is excellent.


  • Can be anchored in a ceiling joist, wood stud or concrete.
  • Bar can be positioned 14 or 22 inches from the ceiling.
  • Customizable width up to 48 inches.


  • Does not include mounting hardware.


Handsome, grippy, matte black finish on a rock solid, stable ceiling mounted pull up bar that can handle whatever bodyweight exercises you throw at it.

Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar

Joist Mount Pull Up Bar by Ultimate Body Press
  • NEW IMPROVEMENTS: Target more muscles with four fully padded grip positions - Parallel | Narrow | Standard | Wide. Exclusive lowered parallel grips improve range of motion so you can focus on form and repetition
  • PREMIUM FEATURES: Heavy-duty joist mounted pull up bar with parallel grips, mounting hardware and complete instructions. Thick welded steel construction is commercial-strength with premium high density foam pads over knurled steel grips
  • TOTAL COMPATIBILITY: Joist mounting gets your workout space away from the wall and your installation is easy with Instructions, template, and all hardware provided including thru-bolts and lag bolts for compatibility with thicker beams
  • THE ULTIMATE UPGRADE: Ultra stable and always ready, a mounted pull up bar is the ultimate upgrade from a doorway bar. 14” risers, 21” wide parallel grips, and a 42” wide bar define a generous workout space for your home gym
  • IDEAL ANCHOR FOR OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: Build a full body gym with Ultimate Body Press Ab Straps and Gymnastic Rings for highly metabolic full body workouts and assisted pull up variations. (accessories sold separately)

Review: This budget-priced pull up bar is designed specifically for mounting to ceiling joists. Although the price is low, don’t think that means the quality is bad.

This ceiling mount pull up bar is top-quality and can hold up to 300 lbs!

Plus it has 4 neoprene padded grips including parallel (neutral), narrow, standard and wide grip.


  • 4 grips, parallel (neutral), narrow, standard and wide.
  • Mounts directly to a ceiling joist – joist mount bar.
  • Affordable.


  • Neoprene grip covers wear quickly.
  • Bolts included are often not long enough, but buying replacements is easy.


If you plan to mount your pull up bar to a ceiling joist, this sturdy, inexpensive, multi-grip pull up bar is your best bet.

Gronk Fitness Ceiling Mounted Chin Up Bar

Gronk Fitness - Ceiling Mounted Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar - Pull-Up Bar For Home - Mounted Pull Up Bar - Perfect For Bodybuilding & Powerlifting Workouts - Easy To Install
  • Monkey Style Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar
  • Powder coated to prevent rust
  • Solid fixture that will take any weight up to 800lb!
  • Reversible frame to adjust to your space.
  • Assembled Size: L49" W9" H16", (48" - Wide distance between mounting holes, fits standard studs)

Review: The ultimate in garage and home gym pull up bars is this Gronk Fitness multi-grip bar. This Monkey Style pull up bar has a large variety of grips and angles to target every upper body muscle and sculpt your body with precision.

Use your body weight to work your back, biceps & shoulders all on this one extraordinary piece of equipment.


  • Holds up to 800 lbs, with mounting holes 48” apart.
  • Mounting hardware included.
  • Many grips available allowing for pronated, neutral or supinated grips.
  • Can be used with rings and suspension trainers like the TRX.


  • More expensive than other ceiling mount models, but since it has far more grip versatility I think you will find it worth it.


Functional, multi-grips, rugged and just plain good looking. You will not regret installing this beast in your home or garage gym.

Pros and Cons of Each Type of Pull Up Bar

Consider how and where you intend to work out before you decide which one you need. Let’s start by looking at the 4 different pull up bar types.

man doing pull up exercise at the CrossFit gym

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Pros

Wall mounted pull put bars are an entirely different beast from doorway and free standing pull up bars. They’re sturdier and more stable than doorway pull up bars, and they’re ideal for folks who are committed to building a dedicated home gym space.

You can jump from one workout to another without having to set anything up because the pull up bar is permanently installed.

That makes permanently installed pull up bars great for CrossFit, or high-intensity interval training because they are always ready to go.

That’s why I believe no CrossFit home gym would be complete without a wall or ceiling mounted pull up bar.

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Cons

The drawback of wall mounted pull up bars is that they take up more space. They’re difficult to install because you MUST know where the wood studs are, and if the stud spacing in your house is not standard, that presents a challenge.

They are permanently mounted, so it isn’t feasible to move them around. Once they’re up, they’re up. You need to make sure you can put them in one spot and keep them there.

Ceiling Mount or Joist Mount Pull Up Bars

Ceiling or Joist Mount Pull Up Bar Pros

Ceiling mounted pull up bars are usually the least expensive style of pull up bar, next to the doorway pull up bar because they do not need supports like a wall mounted pull up bar, so they use less material to make.

They can hold quite a bit of weight, and are often used in garage gyms that are in a basement or unfinished garage where the joists are exposed.

They are also usually fairly easy to install because you do not need to guess where the wood stud is, and since they hang from the ceiling vs being mounted to a wall, they are generally more stable than pull up bars mounted perpendicular to a wall.

Ceiling or Joist Mount Pull Up Bar Cons

You really need a good solid, exposed joist to hang a joist mounted ceiling pull up bar. Normally joists are found in a garage or basement in a residential home.

It’s not often you see exposed joists inside the house, and if there are joists or beams inside the house, they are usually a part of the interior design of the home and therefore not ideal spots to hang pull up bars.

man doing pull up workout

Free Standing Pull Up Bars

Free Standing Pull Up Bar Pros

Free standing pull up bars do not damage the ceiling, walls or doorway since they are not hung or mounted anywhere.

Generally, free standing pull up bars include features for other exercises in addition to what you can do with a pull up bar alone, since some free standing pull up bars are power towers or squat racks.

Some free standing pull up bars, like the KT Khanh Trinh pull up bar can be folded up and put away when you are done, so that is a pro too.

Free Standing Pull Up Bar Cons

Free standing pull up bars are generally the most expensive type of pull up bar because they use a lot of material to make the pull up bar, upright supports and base.

Free standing pull up bars may wobble much more than a ceiling or wall mounted pull up bar because their stability depends on how good the base is.

Free standing pull up bars tend to take up the most space because they sit on the floor and need a decent size footprint for the base, in order to be steady as you do pull ups.

Doorway Pull Up Bars

Doorway Pull Up Bar Pros

Doorway pull up bars generally don’t require any major installation or drilling, although there are a few exceptions. You just stick them in your doorway when you want to use them, and take them down when you’re done.

These are great for people who don’t have a place to mount a pull up bar, since they can be stored away when they’re not in use.

Doorway Pull Up Bar Cons

The biggest downside to doorway pull up bars is that you can’t use them if your door frame is an irregular size.

You’re also running the risk of damaging your door frame with rigorous use.

They are subject to coming loose and falling, and are not great for dynamic movements like swinging, kipping or using suspension trainers.

Plus, most doorway pull up bars need to be removed in order to shut the door. That gets annoying fast.

man with hands on pull up bar at the gym

Pull Up Bar Exercises You May Be Missing Out On

Aside from the basic pull ups and chin ups, what other exercises can you do with a pull up bar?

We here at Garage Gym Power hear this question lot.

Some of our readers want to know if it is even worth it to invest in a pull up bar, because they can only imagine a few exercises to use it for.

The Truth is…

There are a ton of exercises you can do on a pull up bar. Here are 5 of them.

Hanging Knee Raises

This is a basic ab move that even beginners may be able to do. Simply hang from the bar and lift knees chest height in a controlled motion.

This simple move can be performed using only the best door frame pull up bar.

Knees to Elbows

This dynamic kipping move works abdominals.

You start by hanging from the bar, swing, kipping style as you pull yourself up behind the bar as you simultaneously raise your knees until they touch your elbows.

L-sits Pull Up (or Chin Up)

This advanced pull up works both arms and abs at the same time. It is a simple, yet killer exercise.

You start by hanging from the bar and extending your legs parallel to the ground. Then as you keep your legs raised, pull your chin up over the bar.

Toes to Bar

This classic CrossFit move can be done using a home or garage gym pull up bar.

It REALLY works the core.

It starts with hanging from the bar, arms extended, lifting the knees, rolling upwards (the really hard part) then extending the toes until they tap the bar, and reversing this sequence in a controlled manner on the way back down.

Muscle Ups

A muscle up is one of the most difficult moves you can do on the pull up bar and uses a wide range of arm and back muscles.

It can be thought of as a combination of a pull up and push up done in one motion.

To perform a muscle up, hang, arms extended, from the bar, swing and kip up and back into a pull up, transitioning into pushing your chest up past the bar.

This move relies on a strong, dynamic and powerful kipping movement to keep momentum through the transition.

Doorway and ceiling mount pull up bars are not suitable for this exercise. Only the best free standing pull up bar will work.

girl doing pull ups

How to Work Up to a Pull Up – a Guide for Women

Some of our readers let us know they are unable to do even one pull up, and indeed, many people purchase a pull up bar in hopes of learning to do a pull up, or working up strength to do a pull up.

Buying a pull up bar can be a great motivation to work towards your first pull up.


It can be a great place to hang your laundry.

Since we want to see you succeed with your fitness, we have a few resources to help you with your first pull up.


Pull up assist bands. We put together a list of the best pull up assist bands to ease you into your first pull up.

Seasoned athletes will benefit from these bands as well because they can be used as an assist for more difficult moves after you master the basic pull up.


We have a short guide: How women can build up to a pull up, a super short 5 step guide that walks you through each step to achieve your goal.


If you cannot do a proper pull up and are working your way up to one, try some of these pull up alternatives to strengthen your arm and back muscles and prepare for your first pull up.

Pull Up Bar FAQs

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What is the Best Home Pull Up Bar?

I prefer wall mounted or ceiling mounted pull up bars best. They are the most stable, safe and secure. Mounted pull up bars hold the most weight and are versatile because they can be used with a suspension trainer, gym rings and resistance bands.

For the wall mounted pull up bar style, my favorite is Rogue P-4 Pull Up System because it is built as tough as the Rogue rigs and I love the attractive, grippy black matte finish.

For a ceiling mounted pull up bar I prefer the Gronk Fitness Ceiling Mounted Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar because it has so many different grip positions, a powder-coated grippy finish, it has a tank-like build and it looks badass.

Do Pull Up Bars Damage Doors?

It depends. Some do, some claim not to.

If a doorway pull up bar was the only option I had, I would choose the IkonFitness Pull Up Bar which will not damage the door frame or door, provided you do not slam the door shut on it!

Other doorway pull up bars may damage the word, the door frame or the trim, or they may require you to drill holes to mount the pull up bar, which causes damage.

To tell you the truth, even if the door mounted pull up bar does not create damage, I prefer wall or ceiling mounted pull up bars better.

Doorway mounted pull up bars are known for falling or failing during use. A properly mounted quality pull up bar will not do that, even if you swing on it or use it with a suspension trainer.

Wall and ceiling mounted pull up bars, when properly installed, are much safer and it is much easier to fill a few holes in a wall than replace a door frame or the trim around the door.

How Do You do Pull Ups at Home without a Bar?

No bar at home? No problem. Check out these pull up bar alternatives you can do from home. You can even use these pull up bar alternative exercises to get a head start on your fitness and strength training bodyweight routine as you wait for your pull up bar to be delivered.

What is the Optimal or Ideal Height for Your Pull Up Bar?

Your height determines the ideal height to hang your pull up bar.

My recommendation:

The height should be one where if you are standing on the ground the middle joint of your fingers (but not palms) are able to touch the bar.

This height is perfect because:

  • It allows you to reach the bar without a step or jumping up.
  • It is high enough to allow a stretch once you are gripping the bar.
  • You can dismount the bar without dropping or falling off (especially important if you are performing weighted exercises).

I hope by now you realize that choosing the best pull up bar is an important part of creating your ideal home gym.

I highly recommend you choose the most sturdy and secure pull up bar you can afford. I prefer ceiling or wall mounted pull up bars because they are safe, stable and secure if you have it correctly installed.

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