TOP 14 Best Women's Boxing Gloves Reviewed 2024

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14 Best Boxing Gloves for Women for Training, Sparring & Heavy Bag Reviewed 2024

Why is it so many Boxing Glove makers think it’s ok to slap on a few flowers, make the glove pink and think female boxers and Muay Thai artists will just buy them up?

Women need more than just pretty. In fact, some of us HATE pink!

The best boxing gloves for women are the ones that fit well, protect their hands, last longer than a few months and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Is that so hard??

NO, it’s not!

In fact, I have here a list of 14 of THE BEST, for reals, THE BEST boxing gloves for women.

No Fluff. I Promise.

I hand selected each one myself and review each one carefully. Wanna see what I came up with?

Let’s take a look.

Top 14 Best Women’s Boxing Gloves Reviewed 2024

Society Nine Essential Training Gloves

Society Nine Essential Training Gloves for Women, Navy/Ice Blue, 14 oz | Lightweight & Synthetic Leather, Velcro Closure, Foam Construction | Ideal for Heavy Bag & Mitt Work
  • IDEAL FOR BEGINNERS: It is a reliable choice for those starting out on their journey in boxing fitness, as well as the intermediate or advanced athlete looking for a pair of reliable gloves for work on the heavy bag and speedy mitt work. We DO NOT recommend this glove for sparring.
  • MADE FOR FLEXIBILITY: The material we use there is a synthetic leather that has much more stretch and flexibility than leather (leather takes awhile to break in) so the cavity inside of the glove feels a bit more spacious to accommodate the bulkiness of a gel wrap.
  • PAIR WITH HANDWRAPS: The Essentials Training Glove is designed to accommodate quick wrap wearers as well as traditional hand wrap wearers.
  • FIND YOUR SIZE: Society Nine’s Essentials Training Glove has a more slender fit than standard unisex gloves on the market. The inner cavity of the glove is more flexible due to the synthetic leather quality, and allows for use with quick gel wraps for beginners as well as those who choose to use traditional hand wraps.
  • VERSATILE FOR COMBAT SPORTS: Ideal for heavy bag and mitt work. Pro design for boxing, kickboxing, muay thai

Style: Beginner, Heavy Bag

Review: These Society Nine Essential training gloves are ideal for the woman just getting started with boxing, Muay Thai or kickboxing.

These gloves are specially designed to fit the smaller, more rounded fist a woman’s hand makes.

This particular training glove is a budget level glove made for heavy bag work, it includes good wrist support, but it is best practice to always wear hand wraps under your gloves.


  • Easy on/easy off hook and loop closure.
  • Ample space for hand wraps.
  • Flexible synthetic leather is easy to break in.


  • NOT for sparring, heavy bag work and mitts only.


The best women’s boxing gloves for beginners for heavy bag and mitt work.

Machina Carbonado Women’s Training Gloves

Machina Carbonado 12 OZ Womens Training Gloves - Black Leather
  • Designed and produced with the female hand and wrist in mind
  • Slimmer profile, less awkward fit for women
  • Great for boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai
  • Excellent for heavy bag or focus mitt training

Style: Heavy Bag Gloves

Review: Machina Carbonados are very popular with both pro and amateur female boxers. They have a slimmer wrist and fist cavity than run of the mill unisex gloves, are made from real leather which moves with your hand and is very durable too.

The molded foam padding is dense and protective and the inner lining is waterproof to ward off odor and maintain the integrity of the glove.


  • Slimmer wrist and fist cavity-designed for the female fist.
  • Flexible yet dense and long-lasting padding.
  • Wrist supporting Velcro closure.


  • Tend to stretch with time.


Thoroughly protective yet streamlined and efficient heavy bag gloves for women who don’t want puffy gloves.

Ringside Women's Cut IMF Tech Sparring Gloves

Ringside Women's IMF Tech Boxing Training Sparring Gloves, 12-Ounce, Pink/Black
  • A leather/textured vinyl combo shell provides durability and good looks
  • Complete with an attached thumb
  • The exclusive vinyl overlay webbing on the underside of the gloves provides additional reinforcement during impact
  • Mesh promotes evaporation of sweat and water

Style: Sparring Gloves

Review: These sparring gloves will keep both you and your partner protected during sparring sessions.

They are very breathable, thanks to the mesh panel on the palm and wrist area. They are very streamlined and not at all oversized.

You will like the added wrist support from the hook and loop closure and form-fitting, snug fit fist.


  • Ideal for small hands and wrists, or petite boxers.
  • Well ventilated.
  • Good wrist support with 4-inch wide wrist strap.


  • Super snug fit.


Supportive, well ventilated and attractive sparring glove for smaller hands.

Society Nine Bia Boxing Gloves

Society Nine Bia Boxing Gloves, 16 oz | Lightweight & Premium Leather, Velco Closure, Foam Construction | Ideal for Sparring, Heavy Bag, & Mitt Work
  • SECURE & COMFORTABLE PERFORMANCE: Named for the Greek goddess of force and strength, the Bia ("bye-uh") Boxing Glove is at the core of Society Nine’s mission to provide the best gear possible for the fight within every woman. Low profile velcro stays put without snagging performance fabrics or scratching when you’re in the clinch.
  • STAY COOL & DRY: The palm of the glove is fitted with a breathable mesh that helps to keep the hand ventilated and cool. The ventilation will also allow your gloves to dry faster.
  • PAIR WITH HANDWRAPS: Designed to be worn with traditional handwraps (NOT quick wraps or gel wraps).
  • FIND YOUR SIZE: Society Nine’s Bia Boxing Gloves are designed to have a fit that is more narrow and shallow than a traditional boxing glove. Reducing the depth and width of our gloves allows for a closer fit that prevents your hands from ‘floating’ when striking.
  • VERSATILE FOR COMBAT SPORTS: Ideal for sparring, heavy bag, and mitt work. Pro design for boxing, kickboxing, muay thai

Style: Sparring and Heavy Bag

Review: These super versatile Society Nine Bia boxing gloves have you covered whether its sparring or bag and mitt work you have on your agenda.

They are slim and efficient, and don’t feel like pillows on your hand, while still being very protective. They are designed for female boxers, Muay Thai practitioners and all manner of combat sports artists.

Don’t hesitate to pick up a pair, you will not be left wanting.


  • Great for BOTH sparring and heavy bag.
  • Well ventilated mesh palm.
  • Easy on and off wrist wrap closure.
  • Snug shallow fit – no floating.


  • Can be tight, take a while to break in.


Absolutely the best women’s boxing gloves in 2024 due to versatility and fit.

Cleto Reyes Professional Fight Gloves

Style: Official Fight Gloves

Review: Looking for a pair of gloves for an in the ring official fight? Look no further.

These official Cleto Reyes Girl boxer gloves are designed to specs using Safetec foam which is long lasting and high density without being bulky and cumbersome.

These are made from real cowhide, and like most fight gloves, these are lace-ups.


  • Made from high quality Cowhide, unlike other Cletos, which are goat hide.
  • Official fight gloves.
  • Slim profile – not big or bulky.


  • They are available only in pink, which not all ladies like.


Top of the line fight day gloves designed for a woman’s hand and wrist.

Fighting Sports S2 Gel Power Sparring Gloves

Style: Sparring Gloves

Review: Fighting sports makes quality sparring gloves for both men and women. While technically these gloves are unisex, they run small and would make a great choice for women with medium size hands and wrists.

They can feel a little snug at first, especially if you are wearing wraps, which you should be!

But, they will loosen slightly as you wear them in.


  • Nice tight secure and supportive wrist wrap closures.
  • Well-padded with three densities of strategically placed gel padding.
  • Fits like a glove – literally, snug and form-fitting, not oversized.


  • Gloves run over the stated weight.


Superb gel padding, well placed and comfortable. Try these gloves if others are giving you pain.

Adidas Women’s Speed 100 Bag Gloves

Style: Heavy Bag Gloves

Review: These Adidas bag gloves are long-lasting thanks to a PU cover that can take a beating without wearing down and one piece molded foam that will not compress or break down prematurely.

The Climacool technology paired with the full mesh palm panel means your hands will stay cool as you pound the snot out of the heavy bag or mitts.

These gloves are designed for the more slender wrists and smaller fists ladies tend to have.


  • Full length Climacool mesh panel for good ventilation.
  • Slender fit, designed for female boxers.
  • Long lasting Poly Urethane synthetic leather.
  • Available in orange and pink.
  • Affordably priced heavy bag and mitt glove.


  • Not much wrist support.


These are a great, low price, long lasting investment for ladies who plan on doing bag work.

Twins Special Boxing Gloves

Style: Heavy Bag and Sparring Gloves

Review: Twins Special boxing gloves are made in Thailand, a place known for high-quality boxing, Muay Thai and MMA gear.

These cowhide gloves have a smaller fist pocket and if you combine that with the adjustable wrist straps, you have a great boxing glove for women.


  • Made with care in Thailand.
  • Attached thumb prevents jambs & protects your sparring partners eyes.
  • Made with cowhide leather, lasts for years.


  • Challenging to break in, not as flexible as others.


Durable, long lasting, quality handmade boxing gloves.

Rival Boxing Bag Gloves

RIVAL Boxing RB11 Evolution Bag Gloves, Hook and Loop Closure - 1.25” of Closed Cell Foam Padding for Intense Heavy Bag Use
  • Super-rich Microfiber PU construction and 1.25 inches (3 cm) of closed cell foam and latex padding specifically designed for intense bag use.
  • RIVAL’s innovative dual angle V-Strap Wrist Lock 2 System provides greater wrist support and ensures both sides of a glove, from the thumb all the way down the cuff, are squeezed equally when securing the strap.
  • A perfect fit combined with a high-density, power-transmitting foam and a sleek, Microfiber outer makes this glove a professional masterpiece.
  • RIVAL’s trademark 15 degree Angle Cuff follows the natural angle of a boxer’s hand, to provide a more secure and comfortable fit.
  • AirFlow control system for breathability, soft padded inner lining for comfort, and embroidered RIVAL graphics complete the look of this professional masterpiece.

Style: Heavy Bag Gloves

Review: Rival boxing gloves have a smaller glove pocket and shorter finger length space, so while they are not made for women, per se, they do work well for smaller hands.

The snug fit means your hand will not be moving around inside, plus the flexible microfiber construction means it is easy to make a decent fist in these gloves.


  • One and a quarter inch foam padding.
  • Airflow mesh panels on the hands.
  • Two strap wrist fasteners for a very secure fit.


  • Kinda pricy.


Among the best women’s boxing gloves for heavy bag because they fit well & won’t shift around.

Fairtex Microfibre Boxing Gloves

Fairtex Microfibre Boxing Gloves Muay Thai Boxing - BGV14, BGV1 Limited Edition, BGV12, BGV11, BGV41
  • Long Сuff design. Ergonomically Engineered with a Unique Contoured and Tight-Fit Hand Compartment Designed to Provide a Secure and Snug Fit.
  • Constructed of Microfibrer with the Fairtex Signature Three-Layered Foam System For Excellent Hand and Knuckle Protection and Shock Dispersement.
  • Padded Palm. The BGV14 is Fairtex’s Flagship Product, and is Famous Throughout Thailand and All Across the World, with a Design Tailored for Muay Thai Practitioners.
  • Easy to Form a Fist. Designed with a Contoured Hand and Attached Curved Thumb Design for Optimal Fist Closure, Minimizing Muscle Tension.
  • Handcrafted in Thailand

Style: Sparring Gloves

Review: These high-quality real leather sparring gloves from Fairtex make a great choice for female boxers because the fist pocket is on the small side and the wrist wraps can be adjusted to be narrower than others.

They have an attached thumb to protect you and your sparring partner, and an internal grip bar so it’s easy to get a grip and keep a tight fist.


  • Made from Real leather.
  • Attached thumb.
  • Internal grip bar – easy to make a fist.


  • Padding is a little thin in the knuckle area.


A great glove for small to medium size fists.

Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves

Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop Boxing Training Gloves, Black, 16 OZ
  • All the quality and craftsmanship you have come to expect from an authentically produced Cleto Reyes product
  • These training gloves are manufactured under strict quality control in goatskin leather with water-repellent lining to keep the hands dry and comfortable as you reach your athletic and fitness goals
  • Complete with an attached thumb for safety to help prevent eye and thumb injuries and 2 inches of latex foam padding to protect your fists
  • Gloves sold in pairs and feature a full hook & loop closure that allows you to take them on and off in seconds

Style: Sparring Gloves

Review: One of my favorite things about the Cleto Reyes Training glove is the soft goatskin leather. It is leather, so it’s durable and will last a long time.

At the same time, goatskin is soft, so there is less of a break in period and it is easy for us ladies to make and keep a proper fist inside these gloves.


  • Two-inch thick foam padding-very protective.
  • Made from goat leather – durable, long lasting and flexible.
  • Hook and loop wrist supporting closures.


One of the best boxing gloves for ladies for sparring. Soft and long lasting.

Yokkao Matrix Breathable Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Style: Sparring and Heavy Bag

Review: The YOKKAO Matrix gloves are ideal for sparring, and can be used for bag work too. They are soft and pliable, easy to make a fist and won’t break your sparring partners face either.

They can get pretty snug, which is why they work for many female boxers and Muay Thai artists. They have a ton of fun colors to choose from and that never hurts, right?


  • Firm, tight, supportive wrist.
  • Soft and flexible – little breaking in period, easy to keep a tight fist.
  • Trim, efficient profile – NOT pillow gloves.
  • Handmade in Thailand.


  • Pricy.


Surround yourself with the Matrix, supportive, form fitting and streamlined boxing gloves.

Top King Training Gloves

Style: Sparring and Heavy Bag Work

Review: Top Kings are made in Thailand and generally run small, which is why they work well for average size and even petite ladies.

They are some of the tightest snuggest gloves around, so if you like a secure form-fitting feel, these are the gloves for you.


  • Attached thumb protects you and your partner.
  • Narrow, small fist pocket.
  • Mesh panel on the palm for good ventilation.
  • Made in Thailand with care.


  • The profile of these gloves is large, while the fist pocket is small – these are pillow gloves.


Top King Gloves are a great fit for Queens too, with a snug fit and narrow wrist that works well for women too.

Society Nine Icon Lace Up Boxing Gloves

Society Nine Icon Lace Up Boxing Gloves, Ocean Blue, 14 oz | Includes a Self Lacing Tool | Premium Leather, Thicker Padding Structure, Finger Compartment | Ideal for Sparring, Heavy Bag, Mitt Work…
  • CUSTOM FIT: The Icon Lace Ups have a bigger fit profile due to extra padding construction overall for sparring. If you're focusing on speed and accuracy, a smaller and lighter glove would be advantageous; whereas an athlete focusing on power would likely want the additional protection and support of a heavier glove.
  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION: Lace up gloves provide for a truly custom fit for wrist protection and is thickly padded with premium leather for protection around the fist for shock absorption.
  • LACE UP YOURSELF: Tired of asking someone else to lace your boxing gloves for you? These gloves come with a Lace and Loops tool which is designed to allow you to self-lace your own lace up boxing gloves!
  • FIND YOUR SIZE: They have the most room in the fist compartment out of all our glove products, but they still will be a more contoured fit compared to most sparring gloves on the market. In general, it is still a fit that is more narrow and shallow than most unisex gloves on the market. Reducing the depth and width of our gloves allows for a closer fit that prevents your hands from ‘floating’ when striking.
  • VERSATILE FOR COMBAT SPORTS: Ideal for sparring, heavy bag, and mitt work. Pro design for boxing, kickboxing, muay thai,

Style: Fight, Sparring and Heavy Bag

Review: This is Society Nine’s fight day glove. They are more padded than other models, feature a lace-up close, are extra thick at the wrists for even more support, and are made from long-lasting premium leather.

The best thing about these gloves is they are designed for women. They are more contoured, narrow and shallow than unisex gloves.


  • Includes lacing tool.
  • More room in the fist pocket than other society nine gloves.
  • Amply padded to protect you and your opponent.


  • Expensive.


A perfect fit, superior protection and a supportive wrist. What more can you ask for?

Super Quick Guide to Women’s Boxing Gloves

woman punching heavy bag with boxing gloves

What factors to keep in mind before buying?

Women have smaller fists, more delicate joints, and slimmer, more vulnerable wrists. Size of the glove, the fist pocket, and how tight you can get the wrist wrap and all important factors.

Brands like Machina and Society Nine make gloves that fit the shape of a woman’s fist.

Also, keep the purpose in mind…

  • Heavy Bag Gloves – A heavy bag glove is for mitts and heavy bag. It has dense foam that will not compact and will protect your hands. A heavy bag glove should not always be used for sparring.
  • Sparring Gloves – If you are sparring you need a glove that protects your partner. It should be soft enough that it does not destroy their face, have an attached thumb so you don’t poke your partner’s eye out or jamb your thumb and have enough padding at the knuckle so you don’t hurt your partner.

Women’s Boxing Glove FAQ

woman training in boxing ring

Are Men’s and Women’s Boxing Gloves the Same? Women’s Boxing Gloves vs Men’s?

Women have smaller hands

Most women have smaller hands and wrists than men, on average. This makes unisex and men’s gloves problematic.

Women have more rounded fists

Men’s hands are more square, whereas a woman’s fist is more rounded. There are distinct differences between a man’s hand and a woman’s.

You want a glove that is contoured to your hand so you are not floating around in it. A glove that fits the contour of your hand will protect better than one where your hand moves around inside.

Women have shorter hands

A man’s hands are often longer too, so a women’s fingers may not reach right in men’s gloves.

Women need gloves that are shallower. Brands like Top King and Fairtex tend to be shallower and make good choices.

If you are a woman, look for gloves that are designed for women, such as those made by Society Nine or Machina, or go for a brand known to run small, like Fairtex, Twins, YOKKAO or Top King.

Do I Have to Wrap My Hands Underneath My Boxing Gloves?

Yes, it is a must.

You must wrap your hands under your glove. All boxers and Muay Thai artists do this. If you don’t you will damage your knuckles, joints and wrists.

Ladies have more delicate wrists and joints, making this even more important.

What are the Best Boxing Glove Brands?

Society Nine, Machina, Ring to Cage, Top King, Fairtex, Twins, Winning, Title, YOKKAO, Cleto Reyes, Rival, Lonsdale and Fighting Sports.

After you are done picking out your gloves, you may be in the market for some other boxing equipment.

May I suggest our guide to the best heavy bags? Or you can work on your speed game with some of the best speed bags out there.

And if you are looking to turn some corner of your home into your own personal boxing sanctuary, we have the guide to a boxing home gym available for your reading pleasure.

That’s a Wrap!

With 14 of the best boxing gloves for women laid out right here for you, you have no more excuses to be sporting man-gloves, lady!

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