What is 16.1 CrossFit, 17.1 CrossFit and 18.1 CrossFit?

What is 16.1 CrossFit, 17.1 CrossFit and 18.1 CrossFit?
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If you are new to CrossFit, you may have seen these numbers rolling around your box, and be curious as to what they are all about.

It’s not some new math or different version of CrossFit.

I will explain what the numbers mean and more, so keep reading.

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What do the Numbers Mean?

These numbers correlate to the year and week of the CrossFit Games CrossFit Opens. WooHoo!

What is 16.1 CrossFit?

  • The 16 = The Year 2016
  • The 1 = Week one

The games go on for 5 weeks, so you can expect to see 16.1, 16.2, 16.3, 16.4 and 16.5. Same goes for 2017 and of course in 2018 we can expect to see the games begin with 18.1.

Registration generally begins in January and the games start in February and run for 5 weeks. So if you are interested in joining the 2018 games (and I think you should), keep your eyes peeled for the registration announcement in January 2018.

How are announcements made?

CrossFit designed the CrossFit games to be a surprise, challenge even the most elite athlete, and reveal general weaknesses us CrossFit folks have. This is why they take the announcements seriously and do not reveal workouts ahead of time.

During the open, announcements are made on Thursday. Immediately following the announcement, a couple athletes will perform the workout live On the CrossFit Games website.


You, Mr. or Mrs. Athlete, have until 5pm Pacific time the following Monday to submit your time online, which is why you need to register in advance.

Why do the CrossFit Games Exist?

The purpose of the CrossFit games is NOT just to find the fittest athletes, although it does that.

The games are designed to include all CrossFit athletes at all fitness levels.

While it is true that only the fittest athletes in each region go on to regional’s, any CrossFit athlete can participate and submit their workouts.

Many boxes have leader board competitions between members and the CrossFit open is often a time where many athletes perform important milestones, likely due to competition and tracking progress consistently.

The data you track during the open will be saved on the CrossFit website for years in the future, ad you can use it to compare and note progress. Sort of like a digital before and after of your fitness progress.

Why should I get involved if I am no super athlete rockstar?

It is likely that most of the folks at your box are not elite athletes and will not be going to the games either, but there are other great reasons to join in the games.

Your Box can track data of all members who participate and see where you box stacks up against other boxes.

This gives trainers at your box an idea of where trainers need to place focus.

Also, by joining the games, you will be able to see how you measure up to other box members, and as you know, a little competition can be a great motivator.

The Hard Truth

Joining in the event can shed some light on your performance and while the results may sting, what does not kill you will make you stronger.

If you have been just skating through your workouts maybe reporting your performance every week for 5 weeks will reveal that. It may just be the kick in the bum you need to up your game!

Tracking = Improvement

By competing in the CrossFit Games Open, you will have a record of your progress every year. You can set realistic progress goals and best of all, FEEL GOOD about how far you have come.

Blast from the past: Reviewing CrossFit Game Standards

If you are curious about what the CrossFit Game Open workouts look like, I have compiled two lists, one for each previous year. Check it out.

2016 CrossFit Games Open Standards Workouts

16.1  CrossFit

16.2 CrossFit

16.3 CrossFit

16.4 CrossFit

16.5 CrossFit

To be fair, the workouts are surprisingly short, and simple. But that does NOT mean they are easy. 16.1 includes 25’ overhead Lunges, Burpees, and chest to bar pull ups, done in succession continuously for 20 minutes (also known as a 20 min AMRAP).

*AMRAP= As Many Rounds as Possible

2017 CrossFit Games Open Standards Workouts

17.1 CrossFit

17.2 CrossFit

17.3 CrossFit

17.4 CrossFit

17.5 CrossFit

2018 CrossFit Games

We are still excitedly anticipating what the 2018 games will entail, and we should find out next February, which is not that far away if you think about it.

Are YOU training for 18.1 yet?

Well, I am. And you should be too. If this is your first CrossFit Games Open, don’t be intimidated.

The games offer scaled options (easier versions of the exercises) that accommodate beginning athletes.

Think of the 2018 games as a way to set your own personal baseline level, the place where your journey started. Then as the years pass you will always be able to look back through your digital journey and see how far you have come.

Open Workout 18.1 Standards


Have you heard on the 2017 CrossFit Liftoff?

The CrossFit Liftoff is a weightlifting competition including a snatch, clean and jerk and a metcon.


The competition begins November 30th 2017 which will launch with a live show from the CrossFit games website. You should register in advance This show will let athletes know what the metcon will be.


You have until Monday Dec 4th 2017 to submit your workout online.

We want to hear your plans. Do you plan on joining the 18.1 CrossFit Games or even participate in the 2017 Liftoff. Let us know in the comments below.



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