TOP 24 Best CrossFit Shoes for Men – Field Tested and Reviewed 2019

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Article last updated: October, 2019

Do you want to know a secret?

Picture this:

You are in the midst of a rope battle, and you KNOW your men are stronger than the opposing team, but for some unexplainable reason, they are gaining ground. You feel you feet sliding, inching away, GIVING away hard won turf.

Then it hits you!

Shoes Matter! especially in CrossFit. Your team is losing on a technicality. An IMPORTANT technicality: Traction. Grip. Sticky.

What a shame. I feel your pain.

You need the best CrossFit shoes you can find to come out on top, or on the right side of the line, so to speak, but just how does one choose the best CrossFit shoes?

This short Guide For men who are new to CrossFit will cover how to choose top CrossFit shoes and which types work best for specific activities.

We will close with our Top-rated 24 choices for men’s CrossFit shoes 2019 and tell you why we like them.

men lifting and wearing CrossFit Reebok Nano 6 shoes


CrossFit is different from other sports.

Basketball calls for tons of ankle support, which gets in the Way while doing squats and lunges and dead lifts.

Running shoes have a large heel to toe drop to propel you forward which would throw you off balance while lifting heavy weights.

Do you see where we are going with this?

Let’s break it down.

There are 7 items to consider when choosing the best CrossFit shoe.

What to Look For?

Hard soles

Stiff hard soles are for stability in jumps and rope or rock climb. But where they are really necessary is during heavy lifting.

A thing solid sole helps you stay planted to the ground, giving you confidence that your feet will not fail you during a lift.

Do you want to know how to lift more weight?

Use the right shoe!

Running shoes absorb shock, and that shock is your power, being lost through your feet. Hard soles return that power, allowing you to propel it into your lift.


Durability CrossFit involves an endless variety of moves.

They very definition of CrossFit tells us that it is constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity.

Shoe destroying moves include:

  • rope climbing (or sliding back down he rope)
  • lateral moves place stress on the glued seams of shoes
  • box jumping which can wear the shoestring area if the are laced tight, ect.
  • running wear the sole at the toe


Lockdown applies to shoes you wear for lifting. These shoes are meant to secure your feet snug with a strap, and keep your feet planted on the floor.

Some Multi purpose CrossFit shoes also offer some lockdown. When you hear the term lockdown, just know it means securing your foot in the shoe and on the floor.


You need a wider toebox for many CrossFit moves, and especially when lifting heavy weights. Heavy weights cause your feet and toes to spread, which is what you want, because you are more stable this way.

Heel to toe Rise

Most CrossFit activities call for a shoe with a small heel to toe rise. Or a relatively flat sole.

A 4mm rise is very common.

Running shoes rise in the back to propel you forward. CrossFit shoes have a low rise to keep you stable and distribute weight to the midsole.


Some Functional training exercises call for flexible shoes. While this is not the case when lifting weights, flexibility is needed for jumping, agility drills, ladder moves and jump rope exercises all call for flexible shoes.

Sometimes you can find shoes that perform double duty as lifters and for agility movements.

On the other hard, some athletes prefer to change shoes for lifting day and wear a proper pair of lifters. It is up to you and the budget you have.

In our review section we will highlight both styles.

So, without further ado, let’s get to those reviews.

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TOP 24 Best CrossFit Shoes for Men 2019

1. Reebok Men's Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave

Review: The update to the Nano The Nano 8.0 Flexweaves, are a welcome change from the 7.0.

Both shoes sport flexweave, but the 8.0 weave is better thought out.

Instead of a side to side weave, the 8.0 weave runs from heel to toe, moving with your foot, not against it.

The internal booty is better padded at the collar, a feature that contributes to the 8.0 being one of the most comfortable Nano’s ever. Interestingly, they dropped the “CrossFit” labels from the heel of the shoe.


  • 4mm Drop.
  • Dual density midsole for a flexible forefoot.
  • Very light, 11 oz.
  • Sole material is more pliable than 7.0.


  • Internal booty may cause a small amount of heel slip.

Our take

A welcome upgrade to the Nano 7.0, with greater comfort and flexibility.

2. NIKE Men's Metcon 4 Training Shoes

Review: The Metcon 4 is close to identical looks-wise to the Metcon 3. There are some key updates to note.

The Metcon 4 incorporates a “haptic” raised print in high wear areas over the soft upper. The Metcon 4 also has a dual layer mesh over the forefoot which means the forefoot is slightly cushioned, unlike the Metcon 3.

Nike also upgraded the laces, which stay tied better than the Metcon 3.


  • Sole is flexible near the toe joints, and stiff toward the midsole and heel.
  • Drop in insole, does not compress, stays stable.
  • Scant 10.6 oz.
  • A good lifting shoe and a good Cross Trainer.


  • Tighter/snugger than previous Metcons.

Our take

One of the most stable CrossFit shoes available, decent for lifting and more dynamic movements too.

3. NIKE Men's Free X Metcon Training Shoes

Review: The Free X Metcon is Nikes attempt at making a shoe suitable for Running (free) and CrossFit (Metcon).

The upper is pliable and flexes easily, it is not still like the standard Metcon. The shoe is more comfortable than standard metcons, but the shoe retains CrossFit features like the heel counter, stable midsole, wide toe box and 5mm drop.

They have a slight forward thrust, which is welcome when lifting.


  • Bootie-sock like upper.
  • Wrap around TPU Heel counter with adjustable lacing options.
  • Flexible Forefront.
  • Denser more durable sole than standard NIKE Free shoes.


  • Less cushion than the standard NIKE Free.

Our take

The FreeXMetcon is the CrossFit shoe you want if you split your time between training, lifting and running.

4. Reebok Mens Crossfit Nano 7.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe

Pros: These redesigned Nano 7.0 Weaves perform better and is noticeably more flexible than the original.

Cons: The new “weaves” are slightly heavier than the original Nano 7.0 s

Sole Support: Stiff soled shoe, good for heavy weights, but too stiff for easy running. 4mm heel to toe drop.

Flexibility: The toebox is more flexible than the previous version.

Grip: These have a strong grip, climb a rope level grip.

Our take

The redesigned weave on the new Nano 7.0 Weaves has both horizontal and vertical weaves, whereas the original Nano 7.0 had just vertical weaves.

Indeed, this is one of the best CrossFit best shoes for men.

5. Reebok Men's CrossFit Nano 6.0 Cross-trainer Shoe

Pros: The 6.0 has a large mesh toe box and more flexible Kevlar.

Cons: Not as breathable as previous models.

Sole Support: 3 mm heel to toe drop, and practically no arch support.

Flexibility: Sole is flexible enough for running, box jumps and tire flips.

Grip: Extra vertical grip on the bottom of the shoe for grip and rope climb.

Our take

One of the best of the Nano series, taking what was good from the 2.0 and 5.0 and improving the Kevlar. One of the best men’s CrossFit shoes in the Nano series.

6. Reebok Men's CrossFit Speed TR Training Shoe

Pros: A stable CrossFit show with a stable sole that works great for lifting and running equally well.

Cons: Runs a little large.

Sole Support: Sturdy sole for heavy lifting, with a soft insert.

Flexibility: Flexible enough to run comfortably, while remaining stable for lifting heavy weights.

Grip: Rope Pro grip on the sole, plus lots of traction for running.

Our take

An attractive sleek shoe that is perfect for a CrossFit routine that includes running. The best shoes for CrossFit and running we found.

7. Reebok Men's R CrossFit Nano 5 Training Shoe

Pros: These CrossFit shoes are Good for all WoD moves because of a wide toe box, plus they are good for running because the heel is flexible.

Cons: Minimal arch support, which is common among CrossFit Shoes.

Sole Support: Stable, 3mm heel to toe drop.

Flexibility: The upper feels more flexible than previous models.

Grip: “Gecko” style grip, a very sticky shoe with a rope pro on the inner edge of the sole.

Our take

An excellent lifting shoe that holds its own when your WoD calls for running. One of the best Reebok CrossFit shoes available.

8. Nike Men's Metcon 3 Training Shoe

Pros: Good at a lot of moves, well rounded, some arch support, breathable toe box, good lockdown and supportive.

Cons: Not great for running because of a stiff sole.

Sole Support: Good lateral support, 4mm Heel to toe drop, solid dense sole.

Flexibility: Moderately flexible, better for lifting, jumps and handstand pushups.

Grip: Grip is good for turf and gym mats.

Our take

These are a good pair of CrossFit shoes, one of Nike’s best metcon’s yet.

9. Reebok Men's R CrossFit Nano Pump FS Cross-Trainer Shoe

Pros: A nod to the old school 1985 “pump” basketball shoe Reebok pioneered, this new pump show is a CrossFit shoe. They are extremely comfortable and nearly fit like socks. The pump inflates on the upper and side of the shoe, giving a perfect fit.

Cons: These run a bit large.

Sole Support: 5mm drop, reasonably stable.

Flexibility: Very flexible, you will be able to feel each move your foot makes, also great for running.

Grip: Rope pro and ample grip on the sole.

Our take

Easily one of the most comfortable CrossFit shoes available.

10. Venja Weightlifting CrossFit & Gym Shoes by Nordic Lifting

Pros: These CrossFit shoes focus on heavy lifting but could be worn everyday, or only on days when your WoD includes weights.

Cons: Not much grip on the bottom, good for lifting, not running.

Sole Support: Stiff and low, excellent for lifting. Strong, well-built heel helps you stay balanced under heavy weight.

Flexibility: Stable while still somewhat flexible. Not a shoe to go running in.

Grip: Minimal grip, designed for the gym floor.

Our take

Great CrossFit shoes for Lifting day, good as a second pair for Crossfit, a solid lifting shoe.

11. Reebok Men's Crossfit Nano 4.0 Training Shoe

Pros: Wrapped in a “duracage” that is useful for all around traction and durability, breathable with a wide toe box.

Cons: Not enough traction for running outdoors or on trails.

Sole Support: 4mm heel to toe drop.

Flexibility: More flexible than Nano 5’s.

Grip: The grip is good, but not great, includes a Rope grip, and the grip is sufficient for CrossFit, but not running on dirt or gravel.

Our take

The Nano 4.0 is a well rounded “Jack of all Trades” which is perfect for CrossFit. Among the best men’s CrossFit shoes.

12. ASICS Men's Gel-Craze TR 4 Cross-Trainer Shoe

Pros: These Asics Cross trainers are good for WoDs with running or jumping. They absorb shock due to their “fluid ride” technology.

Cons: Not as durable or cushioned as previous models.

Sole Support: 10 mm heel to toe drop, good for running.

Flexibility: Very flexible sole, also good for running.

Grip: Sole is quite grippy, but there is no rope grip.

Our take

These are a good all purpose CrossFit show at a budget price.

13. Reebok Men's R CrossFit Lifter 2.0

Pros: A “cross” Between Reeboks Nanos, and weight lifting shoes.

Cons: The Insole compresses to provide a stable lifting surface, which some do not like.

Sole Support: Stiff Rubber sole.

Flexibility: Somewhat stiff.

Grip: Grip is OK; it is what you would expect for a lifting shoe, flat at the heel with some grip at the toe.

Our take

These combo CrossFit/Lifting shoes provide the stable platform you need to achieve correct posture while lifting. One of the best CrossFit shoes for flat feet.

14. Reebok Men's CrossFit Lite LO TR Training Shoe

Pros: These CrossFit shoes are built for lifting and upper body workouts. They have a stability zone on the outside edge of the sole, giving you more surface area to stand on.

Cons: None

Sole Support: Indent in the interior heel area for good lock-in. 4mm Heel to toe drop.

Flexibility: These are more stable, less flexible. Not for agility movements.

Grip: These shoes grip the floor very well.

Our take

These are the perfect shoes for squats and lifting, very stable and flat.

15. Reebok Men's CrossFit Combine Cross-trainer Shoe

Pros: This is a first-class CrossFit show that has flexibility for running, a stable base for lifting and responsiveness for double under’s and box jumps.

Cons: No arch support.

Sole Support: The shoe’s stable sole has a heel counter built in for added stability and removable sock liner.

Flexibility: Surprisingly flexible for a lifting CrossFit shoe.

Grip: Good grip for a gym floor, not for running outside.

Our take

This shoe is a stable trainer and can handle just about any functional training exercise.

16. Under Armor Men's Charged Ultimate 2.0 Training Shoes

Pros: These Under Armor Trainers are great for those who need arch support and a more comfortable shoe, while still providing stability for lifting and flexibility for running.

Cons: On the narrow side.

Sole Support: The sole has a heel counter and low profile for stability. 10 mm drop.

Flexibility: Flexible and responsive, great for agility movements.

Grip: Tread will grip any gym or box surface easily.

Our take

These are great trainers for those who need arch support and have a narrow foot. Well suited to agility movements. The best CrossFit shoes for high arches.

17. Nike Men's Metcon 3 Training Shoe

Pros: If you need both stability and agility in one shoe, these Nike Metcon 3’s provide it.

Cons: Tight fit, a bit narrow.

Sole Support: Flywire in the midfoot area provides solid lockdown.

Flexibility: A little stiff for Agility, good stability for lifting weights.

Grip: Good for indoors, gym settings, not for outdoors or wet surfaces.

Our take

If you can only afford one pair of shoes, these Nikes may fit the bill. They are responsive enough for agility movements and running, but are not cushioned to the extent that you lose the ability to lift and feel your feet on the floor.

18. 5.11 Tactical Men's Recon Trainer Cross-Training Shoe

Pros: The most versatile CrossFit shoe we can find. The sole and tread cover several environments and won’t limit you to gym only workouts.

Cons: No arch support.

Sole Support: 8mm heel to toe drop. These are good runners, but the sole is somewhat rigid. Plus they have an ortholite insole.

Flexibility: Somewhat rigid, but flexible enough for running.

Grip: Rope zone for good grip, great indoor/outdoor tread, all terrain CrossFit shoes.

Our take

Go anywhere and be prepared for just about anything with these excellent all-around Functional Training Shoes. These are top rated CrossFit shoes.

19. NIKE Men's Train Prime Iron DF Cross-Trainer-Shoes

Pros: A Comfortable cross trainer with good ankle and support for lift days, plus flexible enough for agility and running.

Cons: These Nike’s run small.

Sole Support: While these shoes are snug and narrow on the inside, the front sole flares a bit on the outside edge to add stability for lifting.

Flexibility: These shoes are flexible, and use dual density foam and flywire cables to secure your feet for dynamic movements.

Grip: Tread pattern faces several sides for excellent traction.

Our take

Well balance cross trainer that covers many WoD Tasks, one of the best Nike CrossFit shoes.

20. NOBULL Men's Black Ivy Trainer

Pros: The No Bull trainers are understated and indestructible; in fact the upper is one single piece and has the texture of a basketball.

Cons: The shoe has very little cushion.

Sole Support: More stiff than the Nano, not soft foam. 4mm Heel to toe drop. Hard sole that is low to the ground.

Flexibility: They are flexible and are fine for running and agility movements.

Grip: Shoes include rope grip on the sole and multidirectional grip pattern, plus the upper offers grip to, in the case of rope climbs.

Our take

Wide and stable, durable with minimalist styling and great indoor or out, these CrossFit shoes cover all the bases. Easily one of the best minimalist CrossFit shoes out there.

21. New Balance Men's MX40V1 Cross Trainers

Pros: The new balance Minimus 40s have a reasonable amount of cushion to them, but the cushion completely compresses when lifting, so they are stable and comfortable.

Cons: Narrow fit.

Sole Support: Rapid rebound outsole foam for agility and running. 4mm heel to toe drop.

Flexibility: Flexible and comfortable, neutral shoe.

Grip: Extremely grippy, responsive Vibram sole give ample feedback.

Our take

All around versatile WoD show that gives feedback and stability, in one shoe.

22. Nike Men's Metcon 2 Training Shoe

Pros: These second gen Metcons are far more wear resistant than the previous model. There is a heel clip for handstand pushups.

Cons: These Metcons run wide.

Sole Support: Wide soles offer added stability for lifting.

Flexibility: Flexible and good for most all CrossFit movements.

Grip: Inner and outer rope grip on the sole. Good grip on the bottom, ok for running.

Our take

These shoes are nearly identical to the original metcons except they are more durable and they have a heel slider for handstand pushups. Among the best Nike CrossFit shoes.

23. Vivobarefoot Men's Motus Cross Fit Shoe

Pros: If you hate wearing shoes, consider the Vivobarefoot CrossFit Shoe. They will give you grip unlike any other shoe and you won’t even notice you are wearing them.

Cons: They are snug.

Sole Support: 0 drop, flat barefoot feel shoes.

Flexibility: Flexible enough for “monkeying” around, running and any agility movements.

Grip: Crazy good grip, especially on industrial or slippery floors, you will be gecko like.

Our take

If you want to feel the ground beneath your feet, and have the most feedback, not to mention grip, possible, choose these. Anyone up for a game of Tug o War?

24. Nike Men's Metcon 1 Cross Trainer

Pros: These First Generation Nike CrossFit Shoe is very cushioned making them good for running, but compresses well for lifting.

Cons: These Nike’s run about a half size small for length, but are wide.

Sole Support: 4mm drop. These feature dual density foam which adds stability in the heel area while maintaining a flexible toe area.

Flexibility: Both sole and upper are quite flexible, great for agility, rope climb, box jump and running.

Grip: These shoes have thick grippy rubber soles and were one of the first to incorporate a rope grip on the side.

Our take

Nike hit the gate running with their first generation CrossFit shoe and this well balanced classic performs well for just about any functional training activity thrown your way.

Truly, among the best CrossFit shoes for men.


A lot of wisdom is gained reviewing 24 different CrossFit shoes.

Certain brands stand out as head of the pack. Reebok looks like the leader of the pack with many shoes available designed specifically for CrossFit.

Nike won’t be left behind however, they offer their carefully constructed Metcon line as stiff competition.

Vibram is doing their thing with the most minimalist, feel the floor shoe out there, and 5.11 made a tactical CrossFit shoe worthy of police and military use.

The selection is wide, choose with care. Stay fit!