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What Is A Fitness Log and How This Journal Can Help You

It’s one thing to start working out! And it’s a whole different story when it comes to keeping yourself working hard on regular basis.

This has proved to be true more than anything else I know.


Mostly because of the lack of motivation people have mixed with blurred out goals they create for themselves. And when the results don’t come as wished, it’s simply easier to give it all up.

The big mistake here usually is that people simply don’t know exactly what their goals are. And even if they do, they are not setting out the exact steps one needs to take, in order to achieve the goal.

What is more, even if your body starts to slowly transform, but it does not look the way you wished, you forget the fact that you have gained at least some results already!

If we could all get over these problems, there is no doubt that a lot more people who take on healthy lifestyle and working out would achieve their ultimate goals.

So is it possible to turn this situation around?

What can you do, to keep up great motivation, that keeps you going until your goals become the reality?

writing journal

The experience of thousands upon thousand fitness enthusiast from around the world shows that there is a simple trick you can use, in order not to give up and get the best possible results.

And that is to create a fitness journal or a fitness log as others call it!

Why you should keep a fitness journal

It might sound silly to some, but the truth is that a significant part of achieving your goals is planning everything ahead and keeping track on what you have already done.

This why people choose to create and keep up fitness journals.

So what are the main benefits of creating a fitness log?

We can point out three main benefits, that all together build your way to achieving your goals.

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Whenever you feel like your motivation is fading away, just look back at what you have been able to so far and where you started from. Do you really want to stop midway to your goal?

Looking at what you have already done and how your progress has been growing will fuel your motivation and give you the strength to continue.


If your ultimate goal seems to be too far away, this feeling of not being able to do such a huge work can hold you back from starting at all.

Creating a fitness journal will allow you to set up several smaller goals you have to achieve on the way to your ultimate goal. Also, this allows you to create a better workout plan as you know what exactly you need to be working on.


To get better results, you have to improve over time. And that means more than just running more, lifting heavier weights and doing more push-ups.

workout tracker

You have to understand what works best for you and capitalize on that. At the same time working on what holds you back. And this is exactly what writing everything down will allow you to do.

Examples of a fitness log

All of this proves that a fitness log could be what is missing in your everyday fitness life.

To have the best results over time which lead you to achieve your goals, start out with creating your workout schedule. Then guild everything else around it!

Keep in mind, you can also use your fitness journal to precisely plan eating times with workouts, which is highly important. But remember, a fitness log is more than about planning ahead. It actually a lot more about looking back at your workouts and drawing a bigger picture of your progress.

Other things that you might want to include and describe in the journal would be:

  • Workout description
  • Time and place of the exercises
  • Duration and intensity
  • Weather conditions (if done outside)
  • Describe how you feel before and after the workout
  • Your health condition (injuries, sickness etc,)
  • How your diet goes together with the workout
  • Anything else specific you noticed during the workout (when you get tired, what energizes you etc,)

After a while, you’ll have a ton of information about yourself and your progress so far, which when analyzed will give you great insights on how your workouts tend to go in different situations and how you feel about that.

Then use this information to improve where improvement is needed and capitalize on your strengths. And of course, use your progress as motivation to keep on going.