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What is LIIT (Low-Intensity Interval Training)

You must have heard about HIIT before! You know, High-Intensity Interval Training that we have also talked before.

It looks like high-intensity isn’t for everyone and now LIIT is taking the fitness world by a storm.

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This type of training has been around for some time and now it has been able to get some attention. Mainly due to the fact that HIIT is just too much for so many people out there. Of course, it great for people who are in good shape and are ready to rock and roll. But when it comes to beginners of fitness and others with only fairly good fitness levels, there is a need for something to start off with.

And it looks like this is exactly why LIIT is gaining some popularity.

You see, fitness and healthy lifestyle continues to be on a rise. More people are looking for different ways to fight their way thru the first steps of fitness. And this is where LIIT comes in as the ultimate way to get your body used to workouts.

The difference from HIIT

Low-Intensity Interval Training is in almost every shape and form similar to HIIT. All workouts are done in interval os higher and lower intensity, but the difference here is that in LIIT, the high-intensity intervals are not all that intense at all. And the recovery periods are longer.

This means that low-intensity interval training is a lot more sustainable and better suited for beginners, adults with little experience and is less risky for injuries.

When it comes to the workouts themselves, the biggest difference is in how long the workouts are. To get similar results doing LIIT as you would from HIIT, it takes twice about twice as much time.

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But keep in mind, that the workout itself is easier and does not push you to the limits for 30 minutes straight.

Benefits from LIIT

As I said before, these low-intensity workouts are absolutely amazing for beginners and adults with little experience or some signs of an aging body starting to show. It also works great as recovery training.

This is important!

Even with less intense exercises and longer recovery periods within the workout, you can still burn the same amount of calories as in a HIIT workout. This is however only possible if you do it right and follow a set program.

Keep in mind that this is still interval training which is exactly what makes it so effective.

This also applies to weight loss. Over a longer period of time, you can achieve the same weight loss effects as with HIIT. Which again makes it well suited for those, who are not in the best form and want to change that!

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And of course, because the main thing here is the changing intervals, there is a chance to modify almost any exercise you like to fit well in with your LIIT workout.

Best LIIT Workouts

As I just said, a great thing about LIIT just as in the case with HIIT is that you can take your favorite exercises and apply them to low-intensity interval training. This means you can build the kind of workout that best fits your needs and liking.

Also, you don’t need to visit the public gym with a membership since these are perfect for a home gym or just no equipment training.

beginner workout

Of course, there are many different workout programs created for those who are looking to find their way into a healthier and more active life via LIIT.

Take a look at the video below to see an example of a good LIIT workout.

And don’t be scared to take this as a basis for what you can work around later on. Choose the kind of exercise that you like and just add it in on this program to create your best workout experience.

Also, even you are doing some really intense training already, you can still jump the bandwagon of lox-intensity interval workouts and use it in recovery days. A good example would be cardio trailing that is fitted to LIIT.

Will it be the next Trendy Fitness thing

It really does look like this kind of low-intensity workouts could be the next big thing in the world of fitness. But for now, we’ll just have to wait on see.

Or better, instead of waiting, do a good workout!