Best CrossFit Shorts for Women that DON’T Bunch Up with TOP 7 Reviews

Best CrossFit Shorts for Women that DON’T Bunch Up with TOP 7 Reviews
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Don’t you just hate it when you go to the gym, but your workout is not where it should be because your outfit is just one big malfunction waiting to happen?

Your leggings won’t stay up, you constantly need to adjust, and your bra strap keeps falling off your shoulder.

You know the score.

*For lazy readers, here are our TOP 3 CrossFit shorts for women that DON’T bunch up. Want to see the TOP 7 with full reviews? Scroll down.


CrossFit Shorts for Women

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Epic MMA Gear WOD Shorts for Women

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VIRUS Womens ECO22-Stay Cool Data Training Short

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Under Armour Womens HeatGear Armour 3

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CrossFit shorts are notorious for riding up, showing a lil’ butt cleave or giving the wearer camel toe.

We have all been there:

Embarrassing clothes mishaps have happened to us all at one time or another, but we promise, this article will show you what to look for when choosing the best CrossFit shorts for women.

We will cover the booty short basics, plus review 7 that we really like.

But first things first.

Female athlete exercising in crossfit gym

What makes CrossFit shorts different than other workout shorts?

CrossFit shorts are made from fabric with a lot of stretch. You will be using your hip flexors a lot. Think box jump or any style of squat.

The fabric needs to move, not restrict.

Shorts designed for functional fitness need to be made with moisture wicking fabric, because you will be sweating.

Crossfit shorts must not be see-thru in the slightest. You will be bending and lifting, and you need to feel secure and comfortable doing so.

If you are distracted because you are worried people can see your underwear, it will hinder your workout.

Most Importantly:

The best CrossFit shorts for women must not:

  1. ride up
  2. bunch up
  3. give you camel toe
  4. dig in
  5. show your cheeks (cheek peek)
  6. chafe your skin.
  7. give you muffin top
  8. slide down
  9. show your panties thru the material
  10. hold moisture next to the skin
  11. make you hot (like hot as in temperature, not hot as in how fine you look, sister)

It’s a tall order for short shorts, but we know there are winners out there.

crossfit woman doing squats with dumbbells

Stick with me here.

I am going to discuss how to avoid these things before we move into the reviews, so you know specifically what to look for.

Riding, bunching, camel toe and digging into the skin are related to issues with the shorts design and personal fit.

Choose shorts that have a rise that works with your body.

What is rise?

On CrossFit shorts, the rise is measured from the seam between your legs, up to the top of the waist band.

All women have different measurements, so find out what the rise of the shorts are and measure to compare with your body.

Find out where the waistband will fall and see if that will be enough coverage, otherwise you will be uncomfortable and find yourself hiking the shorts up and end up with camel toe or cheek peek.


Chafing happens when a rough seam rubs against the skin, leaving something similar to a rug burn.


Look for shorts with a flat seam, or better, seamless shorts. Problem solved.

Waistband Woes

Many shorts for crossfit have been designed with wide waistbands, because they look less dorky than one long “mom shorts” panel, offer a bit more coverage, and are comfortable.

If the waistband is too tight, you get muffin top and it can restrict movement. Too loose, and you are pulling them up constantly.

The wide band helps resolve these issues.

Material, girls!

Material matters. OK, look for material that is not in anyway see-through.

That is pretty easy to determine from reading reviews (especially reviews showing real users wearing them).

Look for material that wicks away moisture and stays cool. Synthetic material will get hotter than say, cotton, but many manufactures overcome these issues with special technology.

Look for that technology while reading the product description.

Germs, bacteria and fungi-Oh My!

You probably realize that the gym or box is probably not the cleanest, most sterile place in the world, right?

Many shorts incorporate antimicrobial material or are manufactured with material that prevents those nasties from growing.

I am so thankful.

Look for shorts with antimicrobial properties to eliminate odor. Yeah.

OK, now that we have those items out of the way, lets move on to those reviews.

TOP 7 Best Women’s CrossFit Shorts Reviews 2017

VIRUS Womens ECO22-Stay Cool Data Training Short

VIRUS Womens ECO22-Stay Cool Data Training Short

Review: These shorts are designed with the functional fitness athlete in mind.

The material incorporates jade stone which helps keep you cool and dry, wicking away moisture. This jade stone technology can reduce surrounding body surface temperature by 10 degrees.


  • 2” waistband
  • Jadecool technology fabric, cooling, antimicrobial, dry
  • UV protection of 30 to 50 SPF depending on color


  • Limited colors available.
  • Hand wash only.

Our take

This novel booty short is our favorite because it stays cool and feel so good. Easily the best women’s CrossFit shorts.

IAB Women's Energy Shorts

IAB Women's Energy Shorts

Review: These booty shorts have a 3” inseam that is short but not too short. They do not ride or bunch so you won’t be constantly adjusting them. They stay in place.


  • Don’t ride up during squats, no ride” technology
  • Soft with ample stretch
  • Not see through


  • Need more colors to choose from

Our take

These are comfortable and stay put, cute without revealing everything, perfect women’s CrossFit shorts.

Reebok Women's CrossFit Chase Shemagh Bootie Shorts

Reebok Womens CrossFit Chase Shemagh Bootie Shorts

Review: These Booty shorts by Reebok have no awkward front seam, are made with antimicrobial lining, are shorter than Reeboks previous models and won’t ride up or give you camel toe.


  • No front rise seam
  • Short! 2.5” inseam
  • Anti microbial properties


  • The white shorts are a little see thru.

Our take

These fun shorts are for the daring CrossFit lady, and those who like the shorts really short.

Lululemon Sculpt Short

Lululemon Sculpt Short

Review: These LuLuLemon shorts offer more coverage with a flattering 6” inseam and a gusset free extra wide waist band panel, built for comfort.


  • 6” inseam
  • Seamless, no chafing. Yeah!
  • Super comfortable waist band/panel
  • Shaping short, flattering fit


  • Pricy

Our take

If you are not into wearing super short booty shorts to the box, but you want the fit and comfort they offer, try these Lululemon shorts with more coverage and comfort.

They are still super cute (and plenty short).

Under Armour Women's HeatGear Armour 3

Under Armour Womens HeatGear Armour 3

Review: These Under Armour CrossFit Shorts offer really great compression. They are also made of a very light material that won’t show the whole world your undies.


  • 4 way stretch
  • Anti odor technology
  • Flat seams to prevent chafing
  • Super soft waistband
  • 3” rise, pretty short


  • These run small but are designed to be tight.

Our take

If you like to feel compression from your shorts, these Heat Gear shorts fit the bill.

Epic MMA Gear WOD Shorts for Women

Epic MMA Gear WOD Shorts for Women

Review: These super cute, budget friendly CrossFit booty shorts come in like a million colors and patterns.


  • Flat stitching, no chafing
  • Endless variety of colors
  • 3” inseam
  • Easy on the budget


  • May ride if you have the waist pulled up high

Our take

If you are looking for a great deal, or need to buy many pair to rotate through, give these shorts a chance. Plus, you can probably find them in your favorite color.

RokFit Booty Shorts

RokFit Booty Shorts

Review: These super short CrossFit and Lifting shorts will not show your underwear, or restrict your movement. They are durable and made for the hardcore athlete.


  • 2” Inseam. Super short
  • Thick fabric, no see-through problems
  • Wide comfortable waistband, wont restrict and be uncomfortable
  • Durable, high quality, serious lifting shorts


  • These shorts run large, order one size down

Our take

Squats, deadlifts, boxjumps, burpees, these short shorts have you covered. Outstanding quality and comfort.

OK Lil’ miss beast mode.

These are the 7 best CrossFit shorts for women we found. That is all we have time for today.

So put on you big girl shorts and we will see YOU at the bar.



Katie is a busy wife and mother of four. She is a freelance writer and frequent contributor on Garage Gym Power. She guards her gym time jealously, and would rather miss a PTA meeting or get takeout for dinner than miss a workout.