Conor McGregor Inspired Workout Routine for Everyone

Conor McGregor Inspired Workout Routine for Everyone
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To get the best results out of your training, you have to look for the best in yourself. Build and improve on that.

And to be at absolute best, you have to learn from those who are on the top of the game.

There is absolutely no doubt that at the moment Conor McGregor is the one guy to look up to when looking for who is on the top of the game.

Conor McGregor

And there is a lot to learn from this tremendous athlete. Not just about fighting in general, but about the way we you should build and work on your body.

So here is a simple three step workout program that you can improve on and add some more techniques to.

The important thing is to keep to the basics of this Conor McGregor inspired training approach.

1. Stretching and Flexibility

Each of the following moves has to be done for a minute.

Muay Thai Knees

Stand up in a regular fighting stance and step through with the back leg of your position. While doing that drive your knee upward as you are pushing your hips forward.

Repeat the same move with the opposite leg from an opposite fighting stance.

Shoulder Rotations

Stand up straight with your feet apart in shoulder-width.

Hold both of your arms straight up and rotate them a full circle forward and backwards.

Leg Swings

Stand up straight facing a wall and both of your arms (palms) flat on the wall.

Swing your leg outward and rotate your hips while doing the swings. Do the rotation so that you feel a good stretch on your legs.

Hip Circles

Stand up straight with your feet apart in hip-width. Put your hands on your hips and push your hips forward. Do a full circle with the hips and continue in each direction for a minute.

Neck Bridge

Lie down on the floor and place your feet so that they would flat touch the floor and keep your knees at an 90 degree angle.

Lift up your heels and try to slightly push back your body until only your toes and head are the only points touching the floor. Hold this position for a couple of seconds, relax your body and repeat again.

2. Static Stretching

Hold each of these for 30 seconds

Back Roll

Sit down on the floor with both of your legs in front of you and slightly bent. Now roll backwards until your toes are touching the floor and your body is in an inverted position.

Sit-Back Shoulder Stretch

Start the position while sitting on your knees and sit back on your feet. Lean forward while stretching out your arms as far as possible. Your body and face should be positioned near the ground.

Lying Leg Stretch

Lie down on your back with one leg straight out while the other is bent in a 90 degrees. Take the straight leg up and rest it against the other one.

Now pull your knee towards yourself (chest) to flex the hip, knee and hamstring.

Seated Butterfly

Sit down on the floor and put together both soles of your feet. Place your hands on your feet and hold , while slowly pushing on you knees. Do the stretch so that you feel a stretch in the groin.

3. Locomation Conditioning

Each of the moves should be done for 80 feel and repeated three times.

Duck Walk

Do a staggered squat and slowly sit down. Your back foot should now be on the ball with your butt being rested and the heel.

Your front foot should be placed in front of you, flat and will be used to initiate the motion of moving. Start to pull yourself with your hamstrings and slowly position from the ball of your foot the positioning it flat.

Horse walk

Start the move in a low and wide stance with both of your knees bent while twisting your heels out as far as possible. From this position start shifting your weight from one to other side by bending one of your knees while stepping forward in the stance with other leg being straightened.

Lizard Walk

Start this outstanding move with a high push-up position. Move one of your hands forward while also repositioning the opposite foot forward. While your leg is bent and is still of the ground, do a single push-up.

After the push-up do the same move with opposite arm and foot and continue to repeat.

Add Your Training

These are the simple basics that athletes like Conor McGregor use to start off a good training session.

After you are finished with everything start to add your own training moves and practices, but remember to always keep an eye on movement.

You can also repeat this several times and add up some more techniques to build a complete movement training session.

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