Benefits for Women Who Box - An (Upper)Cut Above the Rest

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Health Benefits for Women Who Box – An (Upper)Cut Above the Rest

It’s no surprise that boxing is in the heavyweight category when it comes to effective workouts that will have you breaking a sweat.

But when it comes to ladies partaking in the sport, are the benefits of boxing for women really worth the risk of entering the notoriously aggressive ring?

Well, lucky for you, we’re weighing in on why you gals should think outside of the box and step inside of the boxing ring for a workout that will have you looking like a knockout.

*Cue Rocky Theme Song*

woman boxing inside the gym

Bag the Stress by Punching the Bag

By now, we know that working out stimulates happy hormones that help us to relieve stress and improve our moods.

So, it’s no surprise that women engaging in this high-intensity sport are recognizing heightened benefits thanks to the aggressive outlet that offers them a place to take out any frustrations or anxiety.

In fact, boxing is thought to be one of the most effective ways to manage stress so next time you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, take that baggage to the bag and notice quick and effective results.

Mind Over Muscle Matter

In addition to helping to reduce stress and anxiety; boxing promotes increased muscle strength thanks to high-intensity sessions that require stamina and focus.

Between throwing punches and dodging them, operating within the ring is a core workout that requires you to engage multiple muscles simultaneously all while maintaining focus and breathwork.

woman punching heavy bag with boxing gloves

Six Pack? ABSolutely!

Combinations that require consistent torso and back movements support that long lean look that many women are trying to achieve.

In addition to exercising proper punching techniques, glovework that involves catching punches also fosters the core strength required to achieve that flat stomach and washboard abs.

Get a Leg Up on the Competition

While many people think that boxing is all about using the arms, it, in fact, requires consistent footwork to help you stay mobile and light on your feet especially when in the ring.

Strong legs help to nurture an even stronger punch by offering the support and balance necessary to exercise the proper form.

This is why you’ll notice a lot of boxing classes will incorporate squat and lunge exercises to build that leg and glute strength.

A Killer Body at an Arm’s Length

Spoiler Alert: Boxing helps you to achieve toned arms…shocking, right?

While it won’t take long to notice the effect boxing has on your entire physique, your noticeably trimmer arms may beat the rest of your body to the…dare I say punch.

Even after the first few sessions, you’ll notice that engaging in a sport that requires excessive use of your arms results in a lean and toned look.

woman training in boxing ring

Takes a Jab at Fat

The benefits of boxing for females doesn’t stop at just muscle gain as it also results in fat loss.

While you’re strengthening your cardiovascular system throughout the high-intensity session, you’re also building muscle which increases your metabolism and as a result, burns fat.

Even a moderately intense workout can burn up to 600 calories!

So, step into that ring and you’ll be sure to notice quick results next time you step onto that scale.

Avoid a Black Eye by Improving Your Hand-Eye

Another one of the many benefits of boxing is that it can significantly improve your eye-hand coordination, especially when using a speed bag or punching with a partner.

Not only do you have to ensure that you’re directing your punches to the right place; but when paired up you need to make sure you’re catching the punches, too.

Because let’s face it; It’s all fun and games until someone gets punched in the face. (Been there, done that).

Look Like a Knock Out, Know How to Knock Out

This is a big one, ladies. Not only will boxing help you to achieve a killer physique, but it will also give you the defense skills necessary if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

While I hope no one reading this ends up having to put these newfound skills to the test, having the knowledge about the techniques necessary to protect yourself is an invaluable tool that every individual should add to their skillset.

So, get ready to look like an absolute knock out…all while learning how to knock someone out, too!

woman boxer punching red heavy bag in home gym

From Spare Room to Spar Room

Aside from the physical and mental benefits, one of the best parts about boxing is that you can set up practically anywhere and at any time!

If you don’t want to go to a traditional boxing gym, many work out facilities offer one-off classes that you can ease into before you’re ready to step into the ring.

And for those who thought we were going to let you off of the hook from learning how to throw the right one…well think again.

With optional equipment that’s easy to set up, it’s never been simpler to make your own DIY boxing gym at home! This way you can knock out that session without ever having to walk out the door.

Between improving cardiovascular, decreasing fat and increasing muscle, the benefits of boxing for women extend across a wide range of both physical and mental capacities.

As a healthy outlet for reducing stress and anxiety, boxing is a highly recommended tool for maintaining your mental well-being especially when trying to combat stress at work or home.

Even better, it will boost your confidence, your strength and your ability to protect should you find yourself in any dangerous situations that warrant the use of self-defense.

So, throw on those women’s boxing gloves, and get ready to take a jab at the sport that will have you shooting for the stars…or should we say shooting for the spars. (By now, you guys should know that I couldn’t end this piece without a punch line).

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