7 Best Push Up Bars & Handles for Home Gym Reviewed 2024

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Best Push Up Bars for Garage Gym and TOP 7 Handles Reviewed 2024

Building strong hands and pectoral muscles without heavy weights and machines is not a myth anymore!

Even if you have an injury and the doctor says you can forget about hard CrossFit WOD that has push-ups in the routine, we’ve got you covered!

You can choose between the best push up bars for workouts or WODs.

Push up bars offer a great way to boost your endurance and burn your upper body like you never did before.

Were your wrists previously injured? We guide you through the best push up bars for wrist pain too!

Push Up Bar Purposes

You may have taught that only a super muscular athlete or a gymnast does an endless number of push-ups, but you are forgetting other tremendous benefits:

  • Combination of power and endurance;
  • An ability to train your whole body at once;
  • Various arm width and a chance to hit different muscle groups;
  • On higher levels, balance training and stability exercises;
  • An ability for both men and women to build Batman’s arms – excellent looking but very powerful;
  • Endless push-up variations.

Grip Width And Position Manipulations

When it comes to the best push up bars, it is vital to understand why the width of your arms might play the crucial role in different muscle group strengthening.

Push up bars are usually in the level of your shoulders. This is regular hand position. But what if you are a very creative coach who likes to change positions of arms?

Well, that is why you can satisfy each client’s needs – you have seven ways to combine grip width and position. It means tons of various push-ups! And arms and abdominal muscles are always involved!

Narrow grip

Your hands stand as close to each other as possible. This is the best way to isolate triceps brachii, but it is the most difficult push-up.

Normal grip

Place your hands on the width of your shoulders. This exercise targets your triceps and chest muscles.

Wide grip

Your hands are more than shoulder-width apart. If you want to isolate chest and shoulder muscles, here is your chance!

Hands in the level of your stomach or lower

It is an excellent way to increase the difficulty of the exercise.

One hand low position, another hand high position

Have you ever tried to put right hand in front of your shoulder, and left hand in the level of your stomach? This is not a symmetrical workout but difficulty is superb!

Hands in the level of your head or higher

Some people call it “Russian push-up style”. With the hands in front of your head, the difficulty is supreme, and it kills your shoulders and scapula wing muscles!

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Push Up Bars For Workouts

In the endless offer of push up bars, you need to choose something that fits your needs perfectly. It means a great handle and maximum wrist protection.

bodybuilder doing push-ups with bars


You can choose among many, from metal to rubber, depending on your goal.

Metal push up bars is featured by world-class durability and extreme workouts. But when you want best push up bars for wrist pain, stick to the rubber or plastic ones.

The plastic ones provide better comfort. Foam handle covers are also a good choice.


This is the most critical part since you sometimes need to fit everything into a very tight budget.

Try to focus on good durability and longevity. You don’t need a bar which will break easily.

Sometimes a downloadable DVD workout routine might be great, especially if you are a beginner.


When you want to disassemble parts for travel purposes, metal bars are again critical. It is easier to train on the road with plastic ones but metal bars are better for garage gym training.

Your training routine

Do you need the product for home workout, garage gym, or travel purposes?

Previous injuries

Are you going for the best push up handles or best push up bars for wrist pain? Well, the history of your wrist or elbow injuries will answer the question.

Does your health issue allow more mobility or you need something to protect wrists and elbows?

The last thing you need is a chronic wrist injury and new rest periods over and over.


Push up bars or handles with circular shape protect your wrist by taking the pressure of it. If not stable on the ground, it will also give you a chance to target different core and upper body muscle groups.

Don’t forget to warm-up properly before your training session starts, you will minimize the chance of injury. Now let’s go to the best push up bars of all categories!

List of TOP 7 Best Push Up Bars 2024

Elite Sportz Push Up Bar

Elite Sportz Push Up Bars - You Will Feel Less Wrist Pain Than When Doing Normal Pushups. Very Sturdy and Won’t Slide Around
  • A PUSHUP WITH FAR LESS STRAIN ON YOUR WRISTS, Rotating push up stands greatly reduce the strain on your wrists due to the movement in the handles. just twist the push up bars as little or as much as you like for the perfect push up
  • VERY STURDY AND WON’T SLIDE ON YOU, when doing your push-ups, you can confident the Elite Sportz push up bars won’t collapse or move around on you. these well built handles will provide you a long lasting serious workout with serious results
  • PUSHUPS THAT ARE COMFORTABLE ON THE HANDS, being comfortable while doing push ups simply means you will do more of them. the Elite Sportz push up bars come with rounded edges on the handles and you will appreciate the smooth rotation in the base, so that you can hit any angle and work different muscle groups
  • LIGHT WEIGHT, PORTABLE AND COMES FULLY ASSEMBLED, small enough and light enough to pack in any bag to take anywhere you want to workout, yet strong enough and cheap enough to get amazing value from as well
  • OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU, at Elite Sportz, customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. All Push Up Stands from Elite Sportz Equipment come with a 1 year Warranty.

Review: This is probably one of the best push up bars for wrist pain. Rotating stands to protect your wrists and improve the difficulty of the exercise at the same time.


  • Cheap.
  • It won’t slide.
  • Maximum comfort.
  • Very light and portable.
  • Great durability.
  • An ability to change the grip angle with ease.
  • Good elbow and shoulder protection.
  • You get a jump rope in the package too.


  • A range of motion is limited because it is not tall.


As a mixture of plastic, rubber, and steel, with handles made of rubber and plastic, Elite Sportz is probably the best value push up bar.

Garren Fitness Maximiza Push Up Bars

Maximiza Push Up Bars - Ultra 25mm - Strongest Steel Pushup Stands with Comfortable Foam Grip and Non-slip Chrome Bars – Safe, Sturdy and Less Wrist Strain
  • PROTECTS WRISTS and REDUCES PAIN - enables you to maintain straight wrists so far less stress or strain on the wrists and joints which means you can do more hand positions and have no wrist pain - so you can do more and better push ups
  • STRONG, STURDY and STABLE - Ultra-strong Chrome Steel 25mm (1 Inch) bars with no joins, welds or pieces. No assembly required. They do not wobble or slip. Each Push-Up Bar holds up to 330lbs (150kg)
  • EASY TO USE - Portable, lightweight fitness equipment that are perfect for push-ups at home, gym, office, or travel. Stick them in your bag and you're all set
  • COMFORTABLE - foam hand pads, stable and non-slip. Your choice of 2 grip sizes - Ultra 25mm typically suits heavier people, men and larger hands.
  • DEEPER MORE INTENSE WORKOUTS - greater range of motion, deeper pushups and more push-up positions for varied muscle use. Build and tone muscles - target the triceps, biceps, lats, pecs, deltoids and abs. Great for Crossfit, Insanity or P90x

Review: Highly durable steel push up bar with foam pads for maximum protection of your wrists and joints. Suitable for all seven ways of grip and positioning – an excellent choice for a creative coach.


  • Maximizes pain reduction.
  • Very stable and sturdy.
  • Portable and it takes very little space.
  • Very cheap.
  • Amazing range of motion – no limits.
  • Good for difficult and easy exercises.


  • It doesn’t come with other equipment.
  • It should be padded more.


If you want long-lasting and wrist-protecting push up bar, don’t hesitate!

Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite
  • Pushup stand Designed to rotate slightly, engaging more muscles and increasing strength and definition in arms, shoulders, chest, back and abs
  • Ergonomic grips help distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure points and joint strain on wrists and elbows
  • Built to last construction with smooth rotation and steel ball bearing system; Treads on bottom of handles Securely grip all floor surfaces
  • Weight Vest Ready, 400 Pound weight Capacity; also called the Perfect V2 Pushup
  • Dimensions: 10 inches x 8.25 inches x 6.2 inches; weight: 4 pounds

Review: It is made to rotate slightly and increase the difficulty of the exercise.

Ergonomic grips can distribute weight on wrist and elbow evenly – probably the best all-around push up bar.


  • It can handle 400 lbs practitioner.
  • Steel ball bearing system.
  • Good choice for a creative coach.
  • It comes with a 21-day workout chart.


  • A bit too expensive.
  • Not the best choice for travelers.


Extra price is worth since it combines wrist protection with a possibility to train all muscle groups.

Legend Pushup: Push Up Bars + Stability Trainer

Review: This push up bar is a product for an advanced practitioner who has the complete control of his own body and who tries to develop his training program into calisthenics.

Legend Pushup will combine brutal core exercises, world-class balance adjustment drills, and outstanding stability requirements.


  • Eliminates wrist pain.
  • Improves the growth of chest muscles, shoulders, triceps, back, and shapes core muscles.
  • You can try all kinds of advanced exercises, including the most difficult ones.
  • Exercise videos are a part of the offer.
  • Very stable.
  • Great durability, made of metal, with rubber grips for Stability Mode and high-quality foam grip for Rocking Mode.


  • It is not recommended for beginners.
  • Mid-range price.


Any serious fitness enthusiast who has serious plans for his body should purchase Legend Push Up. It is probably the best choice for CrossFit or calisthenics workouts.

CAP Barbell Pair Of Push Up Bars

CAP Barbell Push Up Bars (Pair), Chrome
  • One pair of high-quality, chrome plated push up holders
  • Slip-resistant foam covered handles for comfort
  • Hard rubber footpads for stability
  • Push ups target your chest, shoulder, and back muscles
  • Designed to improve your positioning for pushups

Review: It is a fantastic choice for a traveler. CAP Barbell Push Up Bars really take very little space in your backpack, it is very mobile, and the design is awesome.


  • Good choice for a creative coach.
  • Affordable.
  • Made of chrome, plastic, and rubber.
  • World-class durability.
  • Rubber footpads provide more stability during advanced exercises.


  • Not the best choice for someone who has wrist problems.
  • No additional accessories.
  • You might need to readjust between the sets if your hands are bigger.


The most suitable choice for someone with a low budget and no wrist problems. You can even pack it into the smallest partitions of your rucksack or baggage.

Pulchra Push Up Stands

Review: Pulchra Push Up Stands is a great choice. It doesn’t take too much space, and it can make your movement deeper.


  • Made of very light material, and extremely durable.
  • It can handle up to 660 lbs (300 kg).
  • Sponge grips will keep your hands dry for a prolonged period of time.
  • Unique 9.6 degrees incline for outstanding wrist protection.
  • Skid-resistant.
  • Mobile.


  • It is harder to perform calisthenics exercises.
  • Grips and rubber base should be thicker – you might have problems if you have big hands.


This is an ordinary push up bar which offers high-quality experience and a great way to develop the muscles of upper body and core.

Power Press Push Up

POWER PRESS Push Up Board – Foldable Push Up Board for Men and Women, Push Up Handles with 30+ Color Coded Combo Positions for Exercise – At Home Workout Equipment Men, Pushup Board, Original
  • Original U.S. Patent & Trademark: Designed to optimize your push up technique and reduce errors, our push up board is the largest and widest, with 30+ combo positions that give you a full-body workout in just 30 minutes.
  • Maximize Your Routine: Mix positions for an accurate work out that maximizes upper body definition, improves pushup posture, and reduces joint strain. Whether a beginner or pro, male or female, the Power Press push up technique elevates core and upper body strength training.
  • Effective Color-Coded Board System: The easy-to-follow multiple color pushup positions target specific muscles (chest, shoulders, back, triceps) and promote proper form. Develop your major and minor muscle groups with the perfect push up fitness solution.
  • Safe & Easy To Use: Our quality calisthenics equipment has premium non-slip material, thick hand grips for comfort, and it’s simple to assemble and store, making it perfect for your home gym or dedicated exercise equipment areas.
  • Free tone and burn workout: 10 week HIIT total gym program (YouTube) Highly effective sculpting and weight loss for upper and lower body. Dimensions: 36"L x 16.5"W x 2"D with 300 lb weight capacity.

Review: This is the best push up bar for someone who wants to affect every muscle of the upper body.

The design is colorful, and it is very easy to orientate.


  • Excellent durability.
  • Awesome choice for your garage gym and harder training sessions.
  • Lightweight.
  • Multi-functional push up bar.
  • You get access to a Youtube channel for strength and conditioning.
  • Non-slip hand grips.
  • Excellent way to track progression and grip width.


  • Expensive.
  • Very large and non-suitable for small space.
  • It is not mobile.


Power Press Push Up is worth spending some extra money. Your training session can be varied and fun like never before!

Wrap Up

The best push up bars are the ones that support your training style and provide the best results!

Maybe you want to be a super pro, and maybe you just like to train for enjoyment!

Push up bars are an excellent way to combine creativity, balance, momentum, beginner and advanced exercises. You can also set a new goal every day and track your progress.

Please write us a comment. Which push up handles are your choice and why?