TOP 6 Best CrossFit Workouts for Women [Complete Guide]

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6 CrossFit Workout Programs for Women: Videos, Resources & Books

Wake up, get yourself ready, make breakfast, make lunch, take the kids to school, maybe take yourself to work. Come home. Rinse. Condition. Repeat the same scenario.

You know the grind.

Being a woman is HARD work, and there is always someone (or something) who wants more of our time and attention.

The Truth?

Sometimes, getting to the gym is just NOT going to happen. It’s not an excuse, either. This is real life.

girl in the gym

Maybe the car breaks down or you have a sick child to care for, or heaven forbid, an unexpected HOA, HR or PTA meeting.

Ave you noticed how all PITA meetings have acronyms? Even their names are a PITA to say, so we shortened them to acronyms.

Whatever your reason for skipping the gym or box for a day, a week, or permanently, if you still have your fitness at the top of your priority list, you will find a way to make that workout work!

We promise you, there is a way to get a solid CrossFit workout done from home.

In the following section we outline several resources to help you find a CrossFit workout program for women that suits your style. Some are YouTube videos, while others are different resources around the web.

We even threw in a couple book recommendations with CrossFit programs for women, so if you like a good old hardcopy resource, or a quick kindle reference, we have you covered.

YouTube Workouts that Include a CrossFit Workout Program for Women

Man and woman workout with jumping rope in crossfit gym

POPSugar Fitness

Check out the playlists tab for a great selection of workouts for women, including a dedicated CrossFit workout list. Some of the CrossFit workouts include Yumi Lee, superstar trainer of Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba’s workout in the privacy of my own home? Sign me up!

CrossFit Basics Youtube video on the Prevoxin Chanel

This is an excellent workout for beginners. The video focuses on proper form and learning how to do specific exercises in the WoD.

The female athlete performs the moves, while the trainer gives instructions and explains the moves. The video has high production quality, professional sound and is pleasant to watch. (E.g. no annoying music or personalities)

Top 12 Battle Rope Exercises for fast weight loss

This YouTube Video features 12 battle rope exercises you can do at the Box or at home.

The battle rope, like kettlebells, is great for losing weight because they use so many muscles at once.

Battle ropes are also an inexpensive addition to a home gym. Battle rope exercises should be included in all CrossFit workout routine for women.

Fast & Dirty Circuit Workout with Alex Silver-Fagan

This workout is done by pro athlete Alex Silver-Fagan. She shows 6 staple CrossFit moves that are good for the beginner to intermediate level.

The video is fast paced and will require some knowledge of CrossFit, but we like her no-nonsense, get it done attitude, and the concise video flows quickly so it won’t waste your time.

We also appreciate that she explains what muscles are being worked and why form on each exercise is important.

20 Minute HIIT & CrossFit by Dena Maddie

Dena begins with stretching and then an upper body workout, moving into 30 second High Intensity Intervals. Al workouts are appropriate for beginners and can be done at home.

Dena shows moves that are modified for beginners, which is helpful as the beginner works to build strength.

Dena has a calm voice, the video production is professional, no distracting music and clear audio. She explains the moves, how to achieve proper form, how to modify them to suit the beginners and more those more advanced.

She shows the viewer how to avoid damaging joints and reminds us to breathe. I like this workout; it is a great one to add to the rotation.

Official CrossFit WOD

Official CrossFit WOD

For those ladies with a well equipped home gym, don’t forget that the official CrossFit website features the WoD (Workout of the day). Most athletes complete this at their box, but if you have the equipment in your home gym you can finish your WoD from home.

The great thing about the official CrossFit site is the WOD usually has an accompanying video, and there are other resources on the site, such as the Exercise/demo tab that have how to info on specific CrossFit moves.

More Muscle Sculpting resources

Hardcopy + Kindle Book

Cross Training WOD Bible. This awesome resource can be purchased in hardcopy format- one of the few CrossFit books that can! It will teach you CrossFit terminology, show you how CrossFit benefits the body and your performance, and offer a whopping 555 different CrossFit workouts from beginner level to Olympic level.

Book includes a list of workouts for women.

For more advanced users, the author also offers a book for Bodyweight WoDs (great equipment free workouts at home) or kettlebell WoDs.

If I haven’t mentioned this before, one of my favorite bloggers, Tim Ferriss swears by kettlebells for any woman who is at a plateau in weight loss.

Seriously, he prescribes like a 5 minute kettlebell swing routine, it sounds brutal, but doable. Or you can just pick up a copy of the Killer Kettle Bell WoD bible.

Kindle Only Book

This book WOD’s! The Best Cross Training WODS For Beginners

This is great for the beginner who is stuck in a rut with no real progress or direction.

This book prescribes varied workouts for beginners that will advance their skill and fitness level, and do so without being boring. Book includes a CrossFit workout plan for women.

One of the BEST aspects of CrossFit is that you DON’T do the same thing everyday, it stays fresh and interesting, although intense.

This book delivers the goods for someone who works out at home or in a traditional gym. It is eBook format only so you will need a tablet.

Crossfit Workouts with Girly Names

The Girls”

Just who are these mysterious ladies everyone is talking about? The “girls” are actually names given to specific Crossfit workouts.

These workouts were given names by CrossFit founder “Coach Glassman” who likens the naming process to the way hurricanes are named, after some really bad ladies.

A list of these workouts can be found:

  • in the CrossFit WoD Bible listed above.
  • On the Crossfit Youtube page under playlists, Title “Named Workouts” Includes Girls names and Hero workouts

Info for beginners who want to build their own gym

Our blog features several articles for the beginner who wants to workout at home.

  • The best CrossFit workouts to do at Home Has a list of 5 WoDs with girl names, plus the accompanying video. The end of the article highlights basic equipment you need to complete the workout from home.
  • The CrossFit Beginners Guide features info every beginner needs, a section on the history of CrossFit, and answers several questions often asked by those just starting out.

two crossfit girls doing pushups in outdoor

That Covers It

You are left with no excuse.

No Box, that’s OK, just get it done.

No equipment? You can easily find a WOD or CrossFit workout program for women that requires no equipment, so lack of equipment is no longer an obstacle.

No space? You can use the park or any public green space, and many people do. Don’t be shy.

Take the next step!

Leave us a comment below and tell us what your next step is. We want to hear your plan and in return we will help keep you accountable.

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