TOP 10 Best Battle Ropes Reviewed 2021 [Beginner's Guide]

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Best Battle Ropes: Guide for Beginners, Workouts & TOP 10 Reviews 2021

You see more and more professional athletes using battle ropes.

Unlike in the beginning, when battle ropes were the trademark of MMA fighters, today more and more regular practitioners apply it in their training routine.

This thread will introduce you to the positive effects of the best battle ropes and provide some advice during purchase.

muscular man is doing battle rope exercise

What Is A Battle Rope?

A battle rope is a revolutionary training gear which enables training multiple features at the same time.

During the last century, ropes were used for sailing and ships only. But today, even if you are not a sailor, you can still use them to your advantage.

How To Use A Battle Rope?

Battle ropes are generally used for bouncing movements and simultaneous contractions of the upper body.

The positive side of bouncing is activation of many muscles which wouldn’t normally work during that type of movement.

The basic of battle rope is waving technique. If you were a cowboy or used a lasso, it won’t be a problem. Just remember this – your whole upper body is a wave, from hips to fingertips!

However, a regular practitioner might have a hard time. There are few rules you must follow:

  • When a hand goes up, it needs to be 100% relaxed.
  • You need to relax your elbows and simultaneously perform the movement.
  • Contract your muscles only when the battle ropes go towards the ground.
  • When your hands work alternately, one hand must go up while the other one goes down.
  • You will have problems in the beginning when you add squats or some other variation. The same counts for the additional equipment.
  • Balance and hand coordination are the keys to the success – you will build it as the time goes by.

Best Battle Rope Workouts & Sports Specific Training Possibilities

Before you start, we would recommend you to obtain a pair of CrossFit gloves to prevent palm blisters and scratches.

You need to know a battle rope can easily become an ultimate device for your whole body workout.

Once you try it out, you will probably be thrilled by a momentum and contraction it transfers to all areas of your body.

With a battle rope, you will be able to activate every muscle in your body, combining various exercises, positions, and movements.

You can train almost everything – power, endurance, agility, footwork, quickness, explosiveness, muscular endurance, core stability… best battle ropes can be used for weight loss, HIIT and MIIT training sessions, circuit training, or even a hardcore CrossFit session!

You can train a specific movement in Judo, wrestling, MMA, or boxing. The mechanics of movement is very similar to martial arts moves – you can run around the opponent and simulate throwing or punching!

Here is one of the best battle rope workouts for martial artists who want to improve their specific strength and conditioning.

Hooks, uppercuts, overhand, blocking, every throw above the level of the hip and various slams, especially German suplex, can become your ultimate weapon in the fight with a use of battle ropes!

You have the ability to fasten the battle ropes around a pole or a metal object (steel basket construction is a great choice). This will enable to combine more features in one training session.

Here is our choice of the best battle rope workouts for various fitness levels:

  • If you are a beginner, you will need to focus on the movement mechanics and the use of the additional equipment is not recommended.
  • Here are some of the best exercises for an intermediate level. You can combine balancing balls, tires, plyo boxes, weighted dip belts, and even ankle weights.
  • An advanced user can do all types of battle rope exercises. Are you wondering how many exercises can coaches think up from two basic ones? Human creativity has no limits!

You will probably ask how much is the rest period, and how often should you train. Try with 2 times per week at the beginning.

Rest periods will depend on your training goal. Pick your favorite exercises and start! In the case you forget quickly, here is an additional set of 45 exercises!

Are Battle Ropes Effective? Do Battle Ropes Work?

Results are the best criterion!

Battle rope exercises with a short rest interval have positive cardiovascular and metabolic effects.

This research confirms that battle rope drills have higher metabolic demands than traditional resistance exercises. It means more calories will be burned, which confirms these exercises as a good choice for weight loss.

According to this research, unilateral waves are better to develop the strength of your oblique muscles, while bilateral waves have a more significant effect on lower back muscles. Both kinds of battle rope waves are strengthening deltoid and glute muscles.

Khabib Nurmagomedov, one of the rare undefeated MMA fighters, uses battle ropes as a regular part of his training routine. And his slams and takedowns are outstanding!

Important Details When You Choose The Best Battle Ropes

women doing battle rope workout in gym


The most often materials are Polypropylene, manila, nylon, Poly Dacron, polyester, and Dacron.

Manila is made of plant and leaves “hairs” behind after the training session. Our advice is to stay away from it if you plan to train indoors.

Other five materials are all synthetic.


The most often rope lengths are 30, 40, and 50 feet. The longest rope is the most suitable one but you need to be aware there will be no space for it if you plan to train at your home.

Some manufacturers might offer various models to attract buyers, from 10 to 100 feet in length.

Shorter ropes are good for quickness, explosiveness, and martial arts-specific strength and conditioning.

If you plan to train outside, the best battle ropes for you are the ones which maintain two demands – water resistance and maximum length.

A smaller battle rope is more suitable for traveling purposes.


The diameter of the rope will determine the type of the workout.

Wider ropes are suitable for strength training sessions, while the thinner ones are beneficial for beginners, explosiveness, and cardio sessions.

You may choose between 1.5 inches and 2-inch diameter. The thicker one will require stronger grip and activate forearm muscles more.


Non-synthetic materials are mostly waterproof, and their durability is better compared to synthetic materials.

The best battle ropes are water-resistant and use anti-fray technology. Weather is not their enemy.

Check the shrink caps on the edges – it is one more sign of enhanced durability.


The best battle ropes are not stiff and they maintain a solid level of flexibility, even during the smallest waves. Too stiff ropes are good for strength but bad for a circuit, HIIT, or MIIT training session.

Price/Quality Ratio

The best battle ropes in the market definitively cost a lot of money.

You need to think about the parameters you specifically demand and purchase the perfect rope for you.

Sometimes it is worth to invest more money, especially when a world-class product lasts for ages.

Individual Requirements

There are users which like specific color, design, decals, graphic details… There are so many various things various people like to see!

TOP 10 Best Battle Ropes for 2021

1. Battle Ropes Poly Dacron by Garage Fit

Review: This is one of the best battle ropes on the market. Not only it offers high-quality performances, but you may also choose between four colors – yellow, blue, red, and black!


  • A variety of lengths and sizes.
  • Heavy duty construction, made of Poly Dacron.
  • Heat-shrink caps for better grip.
  • Multifunctional rope – you can train every training session, every feature, and you can strengthen each muscle with ease.
  • Good for all types of fitness levels.
  • Portable and suitable for travel purposes.
  • Water and fray resistant.
  • Easy to store.
  • Waterproof sleeves, you don’t need a pair of CrossFit gloves to train.
  • Among the best battle ropes for power slams and maximum strength development.


  • Expensive.


You can call this one a luxurious battle rope. But it is worth every cent, especially for you who want good quality, training, and brighter colors in your gym!

2. Fitness Solutions Training Ropes

Review: The rope is made of 100% Poly Dacron and it is probably one of the best battle ropes for beginners. The design is simple and you won’t be needing gloves to protect your hands.


  • Waterproof and weather resistant.
  • The biggest variety of sizes and lengths in the market.
  • You can combine all types of exercises with an ease.
  • You can train all types of features if you have creativity.
  • Hand-Crafted in the USA.
  • Good for outdoor training.
  • Free access to the online training video.


  • Lighter than many ropes.
  • Mid-to-high-range price.


If you are a newbie in the world of battle ropes, this model is highly recommended. An all-around beginner will not find a better one, so many various lengths and sizes!

3. Titan Fitness 30ft Heavy Battle Rope

Review: Are you looking for the best battle ropes for your home gym? Titan Fitness offers a world-class rope for CrossFitters and home training session!


  • Perfect multifunctional rope for all types of training sessions.
  • You can successfully combine it with all type of additional equipment.
  • Amazing durability and quality.
  • Great choice of lengths and diameters.
  • Water and fray-resistant.
  • It won’t leave fibers on the floor.
  • You can wrap it around the stationary object with ease.
  • Very suitable for HIIT, MIIT, and LIIT training sessions and for regular practitioners.
  • Excellent for climbing exercises.
  • It can be used when you train outdoor.


  • Mid-range price.


Are you a CrossFitter who wants a serious challenge or a regular practitioner who is getting into the spirit of things? Titan Fitness is one of the best if you plan to train indoor!

4. Super Deal Black Battle Rope

Review: It is the great choice for low-to-mid range budget buyers who want the features of an expensive battle rope.


  • Waterproof coating and caps.
  • Good choice of sizes and diameters.
  • Superior durability, wear-resistant design.
  • Oxford Waterproof Sleeve.
  • Made of 100% Poly Dacron.
  • Very heavy battle rope, suitable for maximum strength and power training sessions.
  • It is good for both indoor and outdoor training sessions.
  • Awesome design.


  • It is not good for professional athletes.
  • Flexibility becomes critical as the time goes by.


This is one of the best battle ropes for the ones who want to focus their training sessions towards strength and building muscle mass.

5. NEXPro Battle Rope

Review: This is one of the best battle ropes for someone who prefers HIIT training sessions. The rope is not too heavy, which means you will be able to work on long intervals!


  • Affordable.
  • Made of 100% Polypropylene and Polyester.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Very durable.
  • Oxford waterproof sleeve.
  • Extremely strong construction.
  • Heavier rope, but can be used for almost all types of training sessions.
  • Great for quickness, explosiveness, reaction time, and calisthenics workouts.
  • Dirt-resistant.
  • Highly suitable for smooth surfaces and mats.
  • Very flexible rope.


  • Only one diameter of three lengths is available.
  • It might fray if used too much outdoor.


You will not make a mistake if you buy all of the sizes at once! It is definitively among the best battle ropes for home gym or group training session!

6. ZENY Poly Dacron Battle Rope

Review: This is one of the best battle ropes for a martial artist who wants to become the hardest hitter in the division.


  • Low-to-mid range price.
  • Solid choice of diameters and sizes.
  • 3-Strand Twisted PolyDac Strong Construction.
  • Made of 100% Poly Dacron.
  • Oxford waterproof sleeve.
  • Heavy battle rope, very good for martial artists who want to work on their strength.
  • Very sturdy.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Wear and fray-resistant.


  • The rope is too stiff and not suitable for waving or alternate motions at high intensity.
  • Not for beginners.


Any advanced user or professional athlete will find it amazing. But you need to know this rope is more of hypertrophy-oriented strength than a cardio workout.

7. Yaheetech Poly Dacron Battle Rope

Review: Yaheertech is among the best battle ropes for the users who like to train outdoor and have a tight budget.


  • Affordable.
  • Good quality and construction.
  • Made of Poly Dacron.
  • Sturdy bound end handles.
  • Good battle rope for kids and women.
  • Versatile and easy for maintenance.


  • Not suitable for atypical surfaces and indoor training.
  • Only 1.5-inch diameter is available.


If you need an affordable battle rope for CrossFit, HIIT, or group training session you’re in the right place!

8. Comie Poly Dacron Battle Rope

Review: Are you looking for a good all-around battle rope? This is probably one of the best battle ropes for a wider population.


  • Made of 100% Poly Dacron.
  • Water and fray resistant.
  • Very durable.
  • It has Oxford waterproof sleeve for additional protection.
  • Excellent for outdoor training.
  • Easy for maintenance.
  • Heat Shrink Caps are on the ends of the battle rope.
  • Awesome construction.
  • Sturdy battle rope.
  • Good choice of sizes and lengths.
  • Good choice for maximal strength and power sessions, especially power slam and similar techniques.


  • The flexibility of the rope, especially thicker model, is critical.
  • Not good for quickness and explosiveness training sessions.


Everybody can train with Comie, in almost any surround, and the weather is not an enemy. Every successful group training coach should have one.

9. Giantex Strength Training Undulation Battle Rope

Review: Giantex offers the model which is probably the best for an outdoor workout at the moment.


  • Affordable.
  • Weather and water resistant.
  • The rope is harder than many in the market.
  • The battle rope is also covered with waterproofing sleeve – the second layer of protection.
  • Made of Poly Dacron.
  • Great durability.


  • Only two lengths and one diameter are available.
  • Not suitable for practitioners with bigger hands.
  • Not good for indoor training and atypical surfaces.


This is an excellent decision if your budget is tight but you want maximum quality and durability.

10. Trademark Innovations Strength Training Battle Rope

Review: This is the best choice for CrossFitters. It is also good for all kinds of interval training, you can build excellent endurance with it!


  • Low-to-mid range price.
  • Made of Dacron.
  • Excellent for anchoring with a sturdy object.
  • Awesome flexibility.
  • Good for indoor training.
  • Multiple lengths available.
  • One of the best battle ropes for quickness and explosiveness training.


  • Only one diameter available.
  • Fraying might appear after few months of use.
  • Not the best choice for outdoor training.


Trademark Innovations is a choice for the practitioners who like a very tough training session. Good for professional athletes, especially martial artists.

Final word

The best battle ropes are definitively something every serious practitioner needs to have.

Battle rope gives you a unique opportunity to train indoor or outdoor, strengthening the whole body without the need to possess any other training device!

It can be combined with other gear in the gym, which means more makeup and better approach to the client if you are a coach. Best battle ropes will open you an opportunity to go higher in the world of fitness coaching!

Please leave us a comment and tell us which is your favorite set of ropes.

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