Get Ripped in 90 Days With the P90X Workout

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Get Ripped in 90 Days With the P90X Workout

The P90X system has been getting some enormous attention within the fitness community and the name is starting to spread out even more among those who aspire to get fit.

So there is a good reason to look into it and really understand what this workout system is all about.

I mean, it says that by following the program, you can get pretty much ripped in just 90 days!

Yes, 90 days is all you need to get yourself in great shape if you follow this program.

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Sounds too good to be true? I would usually say that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is. But in this case, it seems like the system really does the thing it says it will.

Of course, as always, you have to be ready to put in the work.

So what exactly is this P90X system? How does it work? And most important, should you try it?

What is P90X?

The first thing to keep in mind is that we are not talking about some type of exercises that you can suit to your workout needs or any of that kind.

The P90X is a workout system that comes in the form of DVD and additional information. It’s an intense home workout program that makes it a perfect addition to your home gym.

Not for everyone!

And when I say that it’s intense, I really mean it. You see, there is no easy way to get ripped in 90 days.

Also keep in mind, that this program will not work for those absolutely out of shape, with a lot of extra weight and overall bad physical condition.

This program lasts for 90 days and when you take on the challenge, you have to be ready to work out 6 or sometimes 7 days a week. Now that is a lot for an intense workout schedule.

And each of these workouts lasts for about 1 to 11/2 hours.

The new version P90X 3 offers 30-minute workouts.

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These workouts have been proved to be so intense, you are actually asked to take a specific fitness test before giving it a try. Why? Because you might give your body something it just cannot handle.

So why is there so much hype around this program if it’s that hard and there is a good chance a lot of you shouldn’t even try it? Because it proves to be effective if executed properly!

There is no easy way to getting in great shape in 90 days.

10 Reasons to Try P90X System

I hope that all of this so far hasn’t scared you off! The workout is truly hard, but there are many good reasons to give it a try.

Athlete-level workout

The creator of this system has been working with professional athletes and movie stars, that need to get ripped quickly. The system is based on the same exercises and routine, which means you get to go thru a workout program, that only the best of the best can complete.

Burning calories all day, every day

Getting ripped in 90 days means burning a lot of calories. And this is what the program is designed to do. From lifting weights to doing interval training, it has everything you need to keep those calories burning all day long.

It never gets boring

We all have some exercises that we like more than others. And doing the ones you don’t enjoy just takes the fun out of your routine.

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Well, this system incorporates all kinds of exercises so you’ll be doing something new every day. Which means its always changing and never get boring.

A true challenge to take on

Everybody wants to get results quickly, but not everyone is ready to put in the work. This workout promises great results if you promise yourself to take on a great challenge. And believe me when I say, not everyone is capable of going all the way.

More than just workouts

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, being in good shape is as much about working out as it is about diet.

The system includes a well-designed diet plan that gives you exactly what your body needs to get the results and keep you healthy on the way.

Grow mentally

This workout system really goes to show just how important it is to be not only strong physically, but also mentally. Doing something that you have never done and challenging yourself is what fitness is all about. And when you are pushing your limits physically, there is no doubt you will also grow your mental toughness.

Keep those muscles growing

Doing one exercise over and over again is not only boring but also not that challenging for your muscles.

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Your muscles get used to the specific of an exercise and it starts to come naturally. When you are doing different workouts and exercise every day, your muscles are always up for a challenge and new movement techniques. This means your muscles will keep on growing all the day thru the program.

Lower risk of injury

The different workouts and exercise also provide a lower chance of injury. Because you keep doing different exercises every day, the possibility of repetitive use injuries is a lot lower.

You might now have heard about such injuries, but the kind of problems might appear when you are doing one move over and over again.

Well-rounded workout technique

Getting shredded does not only mean looking good for some time. This system works on different aspects of your overall fitness capabilities. It increases your athletic abilities, strength, power and even balance.

All of this will not only get you shredded but also ready for continuing to work out harder in the future.

If you can do it, it’s gonna be fun

Everything about the system is designed so that it would give you the strength to get thru it.

Each exercise and workout is presented to you in an original way, with some humor included in the process. Why does this matter? It simply keeps your mind off the fact that you are going thru one of the hardest challenges you will ever take on.

There you have it. A handful of reasons you should try out the P90X workout system even if it means taking on such a huge challenge.

You Asked: Is P90X worth it?

Well, this is a question that has no one right answer. It depends if you are ready to take on one of the biggest challenges of your life.

If you are physically ready to go thru the workout system for 90 days and execute every exercise, it promises great results. Which means it is definitely worth it!

Your Experience With This Workout System

Have you taken on this workout and finished it? We would love to hear from you and get to know what you experience was like.

Was it as hard for you as you expected and what results did you achieve! All of these things might inspire more people to take on the P90X.