Why You Should Do Squats With and Without Weights

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Why You Should Do Squats With and Without Weights

Ever wondered why squats are one of those exercises that even those who aren’t really into fitness are doing?

If you have, let me put it this way!

women lifting weights

If you want to have a better-shaped body without going all crazy about fitness and workouts, squats can do it for you. But if you’ re really into fitness already, squats can add some color to different workouts you are already used to.

In other words, they are great.

Why should You do squats

First of all its good to know that there are many different variations for squats. Done with and without weights it’s the kind of exercise you can play with to find the perfect supplement for your workouts.

Or if you have never considered going all in on fitness, this exercises with its different variations are the perfect, quick home workout that gives great results if done regularly and correctly.

A good reason to do squats is that they are ridiculously simple exercise, just like push-ups for example. And if we learn more about them, we can see that different variations of the exercise can build the basis for a great workout and form your body the way you like it.

They are absolutely amazing if you are looking to train your booty and make it look better instead of just losing fat and making you look skinny.

Plus, with added weights, it becomes an amazing strength workout that really does burn a lot of fat if the workout is high-rep and intensity. So it all comes down to what you want, want you are capable of and how much equipment is accessible for you to use.

Squats without weights

If you are only starting off, squats without weights is a great place to start. There is no equipment needed and they are relatively easy to do. Which means you won’t be putting too much pressure on your body without having done any activities before!

Not only that, but these are great for shaping your body. Just keep in mind you need to do them properly and regularly. If it’s the only exercise you do, don’t hold back to doing them every day.

This will help you strengthen and shape your legs and hips. Combine them with a couple of other simple exercises and you’ll have the perfect workout for a better body.

Also, keep in mind that there is more than one way to perform squats even without the weights.

Combine it with lunges or add a jump to it. Might not seem to be much of a difference, but it does the job.

Squats with weights

If you are more experienced and you feel like you want to take the next step after exercising with regular squats in different variations, its time to move on and take up squatting with weights.

It’s important that you have previously started off with regular squats, to improve your technique because when exercising squats with weights, there is a bigger chance to cause injury.

This is why you have to pay attention to how you perform the different variations of squats. We suggest you not only read about squat exercising but take the time to follow some video instruction that gives you a better look at how your body has to be positioned in different situations.

girl who squats

By adding weights you’ll be training the lower-part of your body and strengthening your core. With different variations of the weight squat, you can target some more specific areas of your body. And this is why you have to understand, what are your goals for working out.

Keep in mind that squats with weights are a type of strength training, that is absolutely great for burning fat while keeping up the muscle mass. And this is exactly why it is some important to learn the right technique in order to get the best out of each exercise.

Look for whats better for you

Squats, as I said before, is the kind of exercise that is simple and easy to perform anywhere. Plus, if you are ready to invest in basic gym equipment for your home, you’ll be able to do quality workouts without going to the gym.

When you start off, we suggest you spend some time on squats without weights. This gives you a chance to learn a proper technique which is truly important for better results and even more so, to avoid injury.

And of course, you should never think about squats as an exercise only women should do. Its great for everyone and even professional athletes exercise squats with and without weights on regular basis.

What about you? What do you think about different variations of squats and the effectivity of these exercises? Let us know in the comments or by contacting us directly.