7 CrossFit Workouts for the Booty – Get a Perky Round Butt!

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7 CrossFit Workouts for the Booty – Get a Perky Round Butt!

Do you pass the butt test?

It’s not a serious test, just a game some cross fitters made up while horsing around at the gym.

They lay on the floor face down and roll a barbell with a weight over the booty area. If the butt cannot touch the bar as it passes, the participant fails the butt test and needs to work on building their gluteus maximus.

Maybe you can relate. I know I have been there. Flat, untoned, saggy, w i d e, bum. Yup. That was me.

If you want to get your booty in shape, we have the workouts you need to get your caboose on track.

This article highlights 7 of the best CrossFit workouts we found for your backside. Some are videos, others are articles. So what are you waiting for, get your brick house body on now!

CrossFit Tabata Booty Workout

This simple Tabata workout has Joe the trainer explaining the moves as Francine the athlete performs them. You learn correct form and each exercise is explained. The workout is tabata style, with 20 seconds of work, and 10 seconds of rest.

The workout uses simple equipment, just dumbbells, a kettlebell, a plyometric box and a mat.

The trainer goes through one round of the 5 exercises in the video, but the prescribed workout is 4 rounds of these 5 workouts, so repeat the sequence a total of 4 times.

Nikki Leonard Full Booty Workout

Nikki Leonard is sweet and mysterious as she busts out this booty routine donning a baseball cap. The video has no speaking, just the DJ Snake and Justin Bieber hit Let me Love you.

The equipment needed is:

  • Kettlebell
  • Barbell
  • Plyometric box

She performs Sumo dead lifts, reverse lunges, box step up and walking lunges.

I will say this: the routine is better suited to athletes who have at least some CrossFit experience, because the moves are performed, but not explained, it’s better if you have some experience before attempting. It’s a solid glute workout.

The Athletic Build: 5 Glute Commandments

For maximum Glute activation try the 5 Glute Commandments. The Commandments are:

  • Thou shalt SQUAT
  • Thou shalt DEADLIFT
  • Thou shalt do SINGLE LEG WORK
  • Thou shalt PLYO
  • Thou shalt EAT CLEAN

The article goes in depth on each commandment, includes lots of inspiring and useful photos and is an excellent resource for booty maximization.

We especially like the section on eating, as a factor in shaping the booty to perfection, because diet is indeed a factor.

This is also one of the few workouts we feature that lists plyo workouts, or jumping, which is actually really great for working the glutes.

Booty Building Glute Workout

Cross Fitting Competitive Bikini Model Janelle Saitone-McGuire includes a Cable Glute kickback as warm up and gets right into a Glutes Bridges, static lunges, sumo dead lifts, and the fire hydrant.

You will need a smith machine with a barbell to do this workout.

We love that this workout can be done in a home gym with a smith machine, or at the box. Janelle is truly an inspiration and keeps you motivated to work that behind.

Fitness isn’t a phase, it’s not a fad, or a passing trend, it’s a lifestyle…Janelle says

We could not agree more.

GLUTE WORKOUT ft Nikki Blackketter and Geo

This glutes workout is performed by Nikki Blackletter and Geo. The actual workout starts at about 3 minutes in, so if you want to skip the intro, be our guest.

The exercises include box lunges, with weights, then moves into walking lunges, wide step ups with a barbell (no weights), then progresses to side step-ups with weights. Ouch!

This will def build your Glutes!

Bravo Nikki and Geo, for a great butt routine!

FitBody HQ list of CrossFit Moves for the Butt

This concise CrossFit Booty workout list has 7 classic CrossFit moves that target the bottom. The article explains how the moves are performed. It is a simple, to the point easy read for the gal who just wants to get it done.

The feature picture shows the backside of two ladies who have no butt to speak of, which is puzzling, but the workout itself is great.

In Summation: Good article, but needs a better pic.

MASS ON THAT ASS: Glute Exercises For Size & Strength

The beautiful Jazmin Garcia is the athlete performing these exercises. Omar Isuf acts as coach and shows the viewer how to perform glute exercises effectively.

Olaf notes that Glute exercise can be hard on folks who have a bad lower back due to the fact that they involve hip extension.

His video demonstrates two videos that do not put strain on your lower back. Thanks! That’s helpful.

+Bonus Workouts

The Booty Building Workout

If you liked the athlete from the last video, Jazmin Garcia, you are sure to like her own Booty exercise video. She performs the video and narrates the video.

Jazmin performs several international sounding CrossFit exercises including:

  • Bulgarian split Squat
  • Wide stance Barbell squat with 25 lbs on each side. WOW, that’s some heavy weight!
  • Romanian Dead lift
  • Kettlebell goblet squat
  • Smith Machine step up (can be done without smith machine, it’s up to you)

Glute Ham Raises

This is not a workout routine, but a demo of one popular workout that is often done incorrectly.

The Glute Ham raise needs to be done properly to activate the glues fully and Coach Shane Sweatt shows us that form.

If you perform Glute Ham Raises at your box, this is a very helpful video to watch.

OK, that’s all she wrote.

So take the next Step-up. Make that dream booty happen!

Good Luck, and let us know how it is going in the comments below.

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