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What Are The Real Benefits of Early Morning Workouts?

It is always difficult to start out with a new habit. As soon as you are getting used to it, you ask yourself, why didn’t I start this earlier?

If you are like me, you would wonder why it was so difficult to start in the first place.

But there is a way for every one of us to reap the benefits of early morning workouts.

You just need to go out there and get over the first hurdle. But as soon as you get into the habit and overcome your reluctance to start, you will love it.

So read on to find out some of the greatest benefits of working out early in the morning.

The Real Benefits of Early Morning Workouts

two women working out at the morning

1. You will be More Focused

What I found is that you are much more focused when you do your exercises early in the morning. After your workout, you feel the satisfaction of accomplishment. This achievement will keep you positive for the rest of the day.

Even if you achieve nothing the rest of the day, that accomplishment can not be taken away from you.

It is as if you start the day as a winner already. All those miles are behind you; you already did it, nothing can stop you now.

And that is only the benefits your brain and mind get out of this. We didn’t even talk about the benefits of your body yet. So keep on reading to hear the rest of it.

2. You will Eat Smarter

Because of the positive mindset, you are already starting to make better choices. And one of them is to eat healthier food – the types your body needs to be strong and balanced.

You will find that you actually want to eat healthier and better.

You may find that the morning workout sessions will inspire you to eat healthily and select the right food. This is as if your body and mind are starting to work together in harmony. That is a great advantage you already have by starting on the right foot and food.

Just remember that it will take a little while to get used to an early morning workout program.

But keep your eyes on the primary goal and start out at a slow pace. That way, you can adjust to the changes you are making.

3. Avoid the Heat

Especially in the warmer times of the year, you will be happy that you got your workout in before the heat strikes. This will just mean you will sweat less as you work out when it is a bit cooler.

More sweat does not necessarily mean you are working harder; it is just a way your body uses to cool off. So it is always better not to sweat too much, and you will lose fewer minerals by not sweating.

The thing with the heat is that your body can not achieve peak performance when you are getting too hot. It will just tire you out, and even the sun will burn you up if you prefer to workout outside.

young woman working out in gym

4. Perform Better

Even though it is true that your body is at its peak in the mid-afternoon, some studies propose that it may change. When you get used to the early morning exercise routine, your body will eventually perform better in the morning.

The chances of anything interfering with your early morning workout routine is much slimmer than later in the afternoon. Most of us are working during the body’s peak performance time, so you will benefit from the morning routine.

As you can see, it is good for your body to set the clock earlier and be more ready for the day you have ahead of you. It will put a skip in your step, and you may take more notice of the beautiful things in life that surround you every day.

5. Reduce Stress Levels

You will be much less stressed to tackle the day and its challenges, and you will feel more in control. This will make you do the human thing by feeling better about yourself and not trying to be someone else.

And on top of that, you will face the challenges of the day with a much more positive mindset. It will also help you feel better about your life and work and what else it is you need to do.

Scientists also found that people who exercise regularly are able to manage their lives and work better. So if you want to be an achiever, you should start with an early workout session. And you can do that without stressing.

6. It will Increase Your Appetite for Breakfast

Many of us do not have much appetite early in the morning, and you tend to skip breakfast entirely. But if you come into an early workout routine, it will help to improve your appetite, which is good for you.

It is also true that if you eat breakfast, you get inspired to make better and more relaxed choices. If you are a breakfast skipper, you will know that weak feeling later in the day. And that is not good for you.

By eating breakfast, you will fortify your body against many other not so good influences from the environment.

You may also increase your immunity against diseases and such. Even if it is not a guarantee against a cold, you will still have a chance to withstand winter illnesses.

7. Be More Alert

When you start to do your workouts in the early hours, you may find that you are more alert. Morning exercise will help you to be more in step with the hormone shifting that takes place in your body.

This increased alertness is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the early hours of the day. This is caused by the increased production of Cortisol in your body, which enables you to perform better. The levels of Cortisol in your body will drop as the day goes on.

So if you workout in the morning before 8 AM, your body will be more primed to react to the workout session. And this will increase your alertness and give you better concentration. All this will also improve everything else you do after your daily exercise program.

young woman running in morning outdoor

8. Lose that Extra Weight

There is no final verdict about this fact, but some tests suggested that you may lose weight more quickly when exercising early. Apparently, you may burn up to 20 percent more body fat when working out earlier in the day.

If your goal is to lose body fat and shed some weight, it will benefit you to work out in the morning. That is if you do your workout session even before your first meal of the day.

And as suggested earlier, because an early morning session will improve your appetite, you will also not skip breakfast.

So you lose more fat, improve your appetite, and get in your most valuable nutrition. And this will increase your overall body health.

9. Rev Up those Energy Levels

You have much more energy in the morning than you can muster up in the late afternoon or anytime after work. So with more energy at your disposal, you will be able to perform better during your early morning workout routine.

We all know that regular exercise improves your energy levels and keep down fatigue. Regular exercises also increase your stamina and endurance.

So after the morning workout program, you will actually feel less tired and more energetic throughout the day.

The daily early-morning workout session will, in turn, help you sleep better, and you will have even more energy available. And all this will put you in an overall better mood to perform your daily tasks better without getting too tired.

10. A Very Active Life

You will increase your physical activities for the rest of the day after a healthy physical workout in the morning. So if you intend to live a more active life, these morning workout sessions may just be the thing to do.

Your overall health will increase by getting more active and on the go, and you will get rid of other illnesses. This will put you in charge of your body and your health as well as your well being.

You will also have a much more positive attitude towards your health and fitness in general, which is good for your health, life, work, and many other things. It may even improve your relationships in the long run.

female athlete performing weight lifting exercise at gym

11. Boost the Metabolism

When you do an early morning workout, you tend to burn more calories than when you workout later. But that is not a once-off thing; you will keep on burning more calories during the day after a morning session.

Even if you push as hard as you do in the morning, you will still not burn as many calories. This will give your metabolism a huge boost for the rest of the day, which is very good for burning more fat.

The harder you push in your early morning workout session, the more you will boost your metabolism. This will increase with cardio exercises like intensity training or resistance type training.

So for a healthy metabolism put on those early morning sneakers.

12. Don’t be Distracted

If you are going for the early morning workout to the gym or just hitting the road, there are fewer distractions. Not many people like the early morning workout sessions. And the chances of getting distracted that early is pretty slim.

The chances of getting work-related distractions early in the morning are also very low. It will help you to focus more on your workout and get yourself in tune for the day.

The only people you may encounter that early are other serious exercisers, and they also do not want the distraction.

If you want to get someone to work out with you, go for just one exercise buddy. That person will help to keep you motivated rather than distract you.

This is one of the greatest advantages of early morning workouts because it keeps you in focus.

13. So Much More and Better Overall Results

You will get much better results in the long run if you workout early in the morning. This will help you to be much more consistent in your exercise routine. Your body will love the daily routine because humans are habitual creators.

It is so that if you rise early, your body is thankful for that, and you will feel much better. And after a nice workout session, you will feel the benefits throughout the day. You may even sleep better at night because of the early morning workouts.

You should actually do it for yourself to feel the difference when working out early in the morning. Nothing speaks louder than personal experience. So go out there and see for yourself what you are missing out on. Go out there and experience the benefits of morning exercises.

two girls jumping on plyo box in fitness class

And many, many more!

There are so many more health benefits around early morning workout routines. One of these benefits is the fact that you will have overall better health. These can include and are not limited to things such as better blood pressure control, fighting bad cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity.

The list just goes on. There are much better mental health benefits and even overall happiness and contentment.

On another level, it may improve relationships and help you to be focused on getting that promotion at work. Or even if you work for yourself, it may benefit your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few of the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

These answers will help you to make informed decisions regarding an early morning workout.

Is it Good to Work Out on an Empty Stomach in the Morning?

To do workouts on an empty stomach may cause your blood sugar levels to drop. This may cause dizziness and lightheadedness. Because of the lower blood sugar levels, you may crave the wrong food and cancel out the benefits.

It may be better to eat before you exercise because that will improve your metabolism.

Should I Eat Before a Morning Workout?

It is overall much healthier to eat some type of food before you set out for your morning workout. What and how much and when depends on what type of workout you do.

The time spent on your workout will also be a factor in what type of food and how much you will eat.

What to Eat Before Working Out in the Morning?

What to eat before your morning workout routine depends on a number of things. Regarding the type of diet to benefit the most from your workouts, you should consult an expert.

Many types of food may benefit you in your workouts. To determine what, you will have to be certain of what kind of workout you want to do, and how long.

On your journey to a successful workout program, you are going to need a lot of advice. Please read this article on what and how much to eat before and after a workout.

How to Start Working Out in the Morning?

That is a question that can be answered only by you. The question I would ask is if I am determined enough and how badly I want to start working in the morning?

If you read through this piece, you should pretty much be motivated by now.

Another question is what type of workout you want to do. Is it a simple running or cycling session, or do you want to attend a gym?

If you are like me, you would rather set up a gym at home.

But you do not need to go all out on bodybuilding. You can go for more casual exercise machines just to keep fit or lose weight.


For some people, it is easier to get up in the morning and fall into a workout session. For others, it may prove difficult in that they have different lifestyles, jobs, and responsibilities. Plus, some people are just not morning people.

The main thing is to get yourself motivated to get up and do your workout, even if you fail the first few times. Go out there and experience the benefits of morning workouts – you will be glad you did it!

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