13 Best Climbing Ropes for CrossFit & Gym Reviewed 2021

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Best Climbing Ropes for CrossFit and Garage Gym – TOP 13 Reviews 2021

STOP avoiding the rope climb!

Does that pesky Rope Climb keep appearing on your WOD list, but you don’t have a rope to climb in your home gym?

Stop putting it off and conquer the climb today!

Install one of the best climbing ropes for your home gym and complete each WOD with pride.

Today I will cover a few Climbing rope basics, what you should look out for, how to use a climbing rope to workout and 13 of the best climbing ropes for 2021.

women climbing a rope in a CrossFit gym

Climbing Rope vs Conditioning Rope vs Pulling Rope – What’s the Difference?

First things first.

The rope is used in several different ways in functional fitness, CrossFit and Bootcamp style training.

It can be used for:

  • Pulling Sleds or weights.
  • Used as a battle rope for an upper arm cardio exercise.
  • Used in a game of tug of war.
  • Used in a rope climb.
  • Used to pull Steve’s car from the mud.

OK, that last one is not really related.

This article focuses on the ROPE CLIMB.


Since you will encounter different style ropes in your search for the best rope for the CrossFit Rope Climb, I think it’s helpful to lay out the differences between ropes based on purpose.

Climbing Rope

Gym Climbing ropes are designed for the rope climb.

That part is obvious, right?
The best gym climbing ropes have an eyelet at one end so you can thread the rope through, which makes it a breeze to hand it from any smooth round surface, like a sturdy solid pull up bar.

Conditioning Rope

Conditioning ropes, sometimes called battle ropes, are actually one long rope that you anchor in or near the ground.

The ends of this rope are wrapped to prevent fraying. The wrap at the end of the rope might be called end whipping.

Pulling Rope

These ropes are longer and have a smaller diameter than climbing ropes.

Although they do have an eyelet at one end to use for attaching to a weight sled or similar obstacle, they are not meant for climbing.

They are built for pulling, dragging and tug of war type activities.

Poly Dracon vs Manila vs Sisal vs Cotton, Which is Better?

muscular man is doing battle rope exercise

Benefits of Manila Fiber Climbing Ropes

The best CrossFit climbing ropes in my opinion are made from Manila, but Sisal ropes come in a pretty close second.

Just keep in mind, climbing ropes do not last forever. You must check them for wear and replace every few years or so.

The Good:

  • #1 best feature of Manila: Easier to grip – they’re not slick like synthetics.
  • Made from a natural sustainable material.
  • Stronger than Sisal.
  • Soaks up sweat from your palms, enhancing grip.

The bad:

  • Can not use outside.
  • May rot from the inside out if exposed to humidity.
  • Low quality Manila may cause splinters or shed a lot of fibers.

Benefits of Sisal Fiber Climbing Ropes

The Good:

  • Natural fiber.
  • Cheaper than Manila.
  • Softer than Manila.
  • Soaks up sweat from your palms, enhancing grip.

The Bad:

  • Readily absorbs water.
  • Not as durable as Manila (80% less strong).

Benefits of Synthetic Material Climbing Ropes

The Good:

  • #1 best feature of synthetics: Withstands Moisture and won’t rot.
  • Can be used outside.
  • Better tolerates sunny conditions, is UV resistant.

The Bad:

  • Slippery to use for climbing.
  • Will not soak up sweat from palms like Manila and Sisal will.

Benefits of Cotton Cloth Climbing Ropes

The Good:

  • Soaks up sweat from your palms, enhancing grip.
  • Soft on hands and attractive.
  • Relatively inexpensive.

The Bad:

  • Wears quickly.
  • Can not be left outdoors or exposed to rain nor humidity.
  • Not very strong.

How do I Use a Climbing Rope to Workout?

There are as many ways to use a rope to exercise as there are Oompa Loompas in Charlie’s Chocolate Factory.

Obviously, I can not list them all, but I do know two Rope Climbing workouts you can expect to see come up in a WOD:

1. The Basic Rope Climb

Rope Climbing Technique- How To

Notice how Ben demonstrates the clamp down on the rope with your feet.

He points out that you need a pair of shoes designed for cross training to get up that rope easier and without destroying your shoes.

Click here for a list of shoes designed to withstand the rigors of CrossFit and Functional Fitness. These shoes have a special tread that allows you to more easily climb the rope without destroying your footwear.

2. The Legless Rope Climb

The legless rope climb is brutal and takes A LOT of upper body strength, and as the name implies, you don’t use your legs to help you climb.

Movement Demo – The Legless Rope Climb

Installation Tips

There are two important things to note when hanging and using your rope for rope climbing.

  • The rope must be hung from a smooth round surface that can handle a heavy load.
  • The climbing rope should be used with accompanying landing crash pads or mats to prevent or minimize injury in case you slip from the rope and fall.

Now that we have those details out of the way, let’s get into those rope reviews.

TOP 13 Best Gym Climbing Rope Reviews 2021

Rogue Braided Eyelet Manila Climbing Ropes

Rogue Braided Eyelet Manila Climbing Ropes

Review: The best feature of this rope is the braided eyelet that allows you to quickly hang the rope without using hardware.

I also like the variety of lengths available so there are ropes that fit every home gym available.

Keep in mind, the end of the rope is finished with a loose cap to allow the Manila to breathe and prevent moisture which can deteriorate the rope.


  • Braided eyelet means no need for a mounting bracket.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Available in 5 different lengths.
  • High quality Manila.


  • Sheds fibers during climb.


Classic climbing rope, one of the best CrossFit climbing ropes, simple and durable from a name you can trust.


Review: The Power Guidance 1.5” diameter climbing rope is a good choice for indoor gyms with ample height to hang them.

They are available in lengths from 15 feet al the way to 50 feet and have a hanging/mounting/anchoring loop at one end. They can also be used for pulling or as a battle rope if you have the longer length rope.


  • Knotted loop eyelets, no mounting hardware needed.
  • 1.5” diameter.
  • 450 lb max weight.


  • Indoor only, not weather, water or moisture proof.


A low shed indoor climbing rope at a good price.

Valor Fitness Sisal Climbing Rope

Review: This 25-foot Sisal rope is long enough to hang from a tall tree or a garage gym with high ceilings.

While it can be used outside, it can not be left outside to be exposed to rain, humidity or direct sunlight.


  • Loop eyelet at one end for hanging.
  • Good price for 25’ rope.
  • Sisal material is similar to Manila and has good traction.


  • Not moisture or weather resistant,


A long climbing rope that has good traction and is not hard on hands.

CFF Manila Climbing Rope with Eyelet End

Review: This seriously tough CrossFit climbing rope is one of the best climbing ropes for CrossFit I found.

It is 20’ long, has a reinforced eyelet loop so you need no mounting hardware, and is made from genuine Manila fiber.


  • Loop eyelet end with cloth cover for added wear resistance.
  • Genuine Manila fiber.
  • 20’ long.


  • Should not be left outside for extended periods.


Rough, tough, a serious climb rope for when the WOD prescribes the rope climb. My choice for one of the best climbing ropes 2021.

The550CordShop Grade A Manila Climbing Rope

Review: This high quality genuine Manila climbing rope by 550 Cord Shop is sure to make a statement in your home or garage gym.

It is available in a standard 1.5” diameter rope or a thicker 2” diameter rope with various lengths to choose from.


  • Reinforced loop end for easy hanging.
  • Made from real Manila fiber.
  • Available in 1.5” or 2” diameter and lengths up to 30 feet.


  • Carries a gas or petrol odor which dissipates with time.


One of the best fitness climbing ropes made of real Manila fiber.

Rogue Knotted Climbing Rope

Knotted Climbing Rope

Review: This 1.5” diameter rope by Rogue fitness comes pre-knotted, with a knot tied every 16”. The rope is available in several lengths and is crafted from real Manila fiber, made in the USA.

This is an excellent choice for a beginner, or athlete working to build up to a standard climbing rope and building endurance and upper body strength.


  • Scaled climbing rope – knotted every 16”.
  • Available in 5 lengths.
  • 1.5” diameter rope.


  • Pricy.


If you are looking for a beginner’s rope, this knotted Rogue fitness climbing rope is your ticket.

GSM Brands Sisal Gym Climbing Rope

Review: This 25’ GSM climbing rope is made from Sisal fiber, which is softer and less expensive than Manila, but also a little less durable.

This particular model has a loop for easy mounting without any hardware needed.


  • Affordable.
  • 25’ long.
  • Made from soft durable Sisal fiber.
  • 300 lb weight capacity.


  • Sheds fibers, can not use outside.


An inexpensive 25’’ rope perfect for rope climb, sled pull, tug of war and more.

RopeFit Outdoor/Indoor Manila Gym Climbing Rope

Review: This Super sturdy real Manila climbing rope can be used indoors and out. Available in lengths of 15’ to 50’ with a loop on the end for quick and secure hanging.

This rope is made by hand in the USA and is perfect for a CrossFit box, home gym, or a sturdy branch on a tree outside.


  • Real Manila Fiber.
  • Amazing 16000 lb breaking strength.
  • Indoor and outdoor rope.


  • Sheds fiber.


Best outdoor fitness climbing rope made from real Manila fiber.

Titan Fitness 30ft Heavy Battle Rope

Review: This Titan rope is made from Poly-Dracon material, which is less expensive and does not shed like Manila fiber.

This rope can be used for climbing, as a battle rope and more. This rope can be used indoors and out, very versatile.


  • Good length for a low price.
  • Durable, long lasting.
  • Will not shed.


  • Poly Dracon is more slick, slippery and challenging to climb than Manila.
  • No hanging loop on this model, must tie or use hardware to mount.


A long, reasonably priced Poly-Dracon rope from a name you can trust.

Fitness Solutions Gym Climbing Rope Graphite

Review: This affordably priced climbing rope is made from synthetic Polyethylene terephthalate that does not shed.

The rope is proudly made in the USA and includes a pre-installed metal mounting loop on one end.


  • Metal hanging loop securely bolted on to the rope.
  • Shrink-wrapped ends.
  • Versatile – use indoor or outdoor.


  • Slick and slippery.


Solid, well constructed, long lasting climbing rope.

Firesteed Sports 15 Foot Manila Climbing Rope

Review: This standard length 15-foot Manila fiber CrossFit climbing rope will last for years to come. The stainless steel hanging hardware is already installed on the rope end.

The rope is made from real Manila fiber and is made in the USA.


  • Stainless steel mounting hook installed in the end for hanging.
  • Made from real Manila fiber.
  • 15-foot standard length.


  • Not designed for extended periods outdoors.


A good standard length and width CrossFit and fitness climbing rope.

Crown Sporting Goods Poly Dac Gym Climbing Rope

Review: This crown Sporting Goods rope is ideal for those looking for an upper body challenge. It is slicker than Manila, which forces you to improve your grip strength while you work your upper body.

This rope is available in many different lengths and can be used outside if desired.


  • Metal hanging loop comes pre-installed.
  • Very affordable.
  • Several lengths available.
  • Use indoors or out.


  • Slippery compared to Manila.


Well made climbing rope that holds up in all weather conditions.

Aoneky Gym Climbing Ropes

Review: Aoneky climbing ropes are available in cotton cloth or Manila material and you can choose your ideal length. All lengths and materials come with a hanging link and carbineer attached.


  • Metal hanging link attached to rope end.
  • Several lengths available.
  • Available in cotton cloth or Manila fiber.
  • Two diameters to choose from 1.18” or 1.5”.


  • Heat shrink on the ends falls off.


If you happen to be searching for a smaller diameter or cotton cloth climbing rope, Aoneky has you covered.

Stop avoiding the rope climb and elevate your fitness level.

Choose one of the best climbing ropes to make 2021 your greatest fitness year yet.

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