Best CrossFit Shirts for Women & TOP 15 Shirt Reviews 2024

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Best CrossFit Shirts for Women with TOP 15 Reviews 2024

Have you been rocking your husbands or boyfriends oversize cotton t-shirt during your workout?

If you are like most folks, when you start a fitness routine, you wear whatever workout clothes you have in the closet. As you settle into your routine, you eventually find that the big old baggy T-shirt may not be ideal CrossFit workout gear.

Maybe they get too wet from sweat.

Maybe the pants roll down and need adjusting, or the top exposes your tummy during pull-ups.

Maybe you find yourself constantly adjusting your clothes.

If you are doing handstand pushups and finding out the hard way what happens when your shirt meets gravity, it may be time to find a good CrossFit shirt.

The Point is this:

Workout clothes need to work! That means the fit, cut and material need to be appropriate for the task

beautiful young athletic crossfit girl body

This article will cover CrossFit shirts for women, and what to look for in terms of style, fit, material and more.

We will round that out with a review of 15 of our favorite CrossFit shirts for women, to give you some CrossFit wardrobe ideas.

First Things First:

Shirts for CrossFit Should

  • Be long enough to cover your waistband while your arms are raised.
  • Not reveal anything you want covered.
  • Stay in place without constant adjusting.
  • Fit snugly so it won’t snag equipment or show your tummy during planks etc.

CrossFit Shirts for Women: What Aspects to Consider

women with fitness shirt


Compression Wear

OK, ladies, this may apply to you, so hear me out. If you have any loose skin, from having babies, losing weight, or being overweight, or you have large breasts, you may want to consider compression tanks.

Imagine this:

You are doing a set or 20 box jumps but need to adjust your pants several times during the set because the loose skin on your belly causes them to slide.

I know this happens to me, and it is annoying.

Compression material holds the skin in place, reducing unwanted bounce, jiggle and slide.

Compression material helps tremendously with reducing jiggle and bounce.


Honestly, I LOVE cotton because it is a natural fabric, but it is HORRIBLE for CrossFit.


Because it hangs on to sweat and holds it next to your skin.

If anything is going to make you sweat buckets, it’s a WoD performed at full intensity. Cotton also tends to show the world your sweat. And that is not the look you are after, right?

Sorry gals, I need to advise against pure cotton for CrossFit.


Synthetics without a dry technology can feel HOT. As you sweat, you will feel the fabric stick to you, and since it is synthetic, it has nowhere to go.

At least cotton can soak up the sweat, not so with ordinary synthetics.

Dri-wear Dry Technologies

Dri-fit, Moisture-wicking, Cool Jade, UA Tech, hyderology, or whatever name it goes by, dry or moisture wicking technology is a must for CrossFit shirts for women.

You will sweat, so you need material that will pull moisture away from your skin and dry quickly.


women workout fitness top tank

Racer Back Tanks

Racer back tanks are, in my opinion, the best style for CrossFit. They keep you cool, the design from the back pulls the straps in and prevents them from slipping like they might with a bra or regular tank.

As a woman with narrow sloping shoulders (at least before starting CrossFit) I had a problem with straps falling off my shoulders.

Many women of CrossFit will tell you, racer back style is where it is at.

Regular Tank

Regular tanks are OK too, and some women prefer them because they cover more skin than a racer backs tank usually does.

Racer backs are known for being low cut of showing a lot of back. Regular tanks can show a lot of skin, but they can also be cut modestly. Choose a style and cut you are comfortable with.

Short Sleeve


Not a huge fan of short sleeves because sleeves can pull and tug when you have your arms over your head.

Think: Rope climb, pull-up, deadlift etc. Sleeves just get in the way.

Long Sleeve

The only time I would recommend long sleeve is in cold weather, or if you want a compression shirt with full coverage.

The full coverage of a long sleeve compression shirt can help reduce arm jiggle, whereas a tank will only help in the tummy and breast areas.

They do have their place, but probably are not for most ladies everyday workout wear.

CrossFit Shirts FAQs

athletic girls doing jump rope exercise

What are the Best CrossFit Shirt Brands?

I have a ton of favorite CrossFit apparel brands and many of them are small operations or mom and pop outfits.

Here are a few – Rogue, Hylete, IamProjectX, Under Armor, Nike, Onzie, Rokfit and Reebok.

What is the Best Material for a CrossFit Tank Top?

Tri blend – usually a blend of Polyester, cotton and rayon is quite popular.

This material is stretch and soft and can be washed a lot without wearing. Others like the feel of 100 percent cotton, and that’s cool too.

Cotton is a natural material, but it will wear with washing and show off your sweat.

What is the Best Style for a Women’s CrossFit Tank Top?

Everyone has their own preference really. A racer back style is more cooling, but does not protect your back from the bench or floor if you are doing bench presses or sit-ups.

Some like a cropped style because it lets a lot of air in and keeps you cool. Others do not like a crop style CrossFit shirt because it shows their midriff.

If you plan on doing bench work or floor work, include a CrossFit tank with good back coverage in your lineup.

The Rockfit shirt is a good example of a shirt that has good back coverage.

Is it Cool to Wear a Sports Bra as a CrossFit Top?

Depends, really. Some gyms and CrossFit Boxes have a policy that you back must be covered completely because they don’t want sweat and bare backs in contact with gym equipment like weight benches and such.

Maybe the policy is silly or bogus, but you have to respect the rules of the gym if you want to work out there.

Some people find the sports bra too revealing, but that is a matter of opinion, in my opinion.

I say do what you are comfortable with. I personally like to wear a tank over my sports bras, but I think it’s OK to wear just the sports bra alone and don’t have a problem with women doing that.

After all, you do work up quite a sweat working out and just the sports bra is a cooling option, so go for it if that’s what you like and your gym allows it.

TOP 15 Best Women’s CrossFit Shirts Reviews 2024

Nike Women's Pro Cool Training Tank Top

Nike Womens Pro Cool Training Tank Top (Large, Black/White)
  • Dri-FIT fabric helps keep you dry and comfortable
  • Mesh back panel helps keep you cool
  • Flat seams move smoothly against your skin
  • Stretch fabric and V-back straps for mobility
  • Fitted silhouette is great for layering

Review: This cute NIKE racer back tank comes in a huge variety of colors, has a great length and is cut for the curves of a woman.


  • Polyester/spandex Dri-FIT fabric, to wick and dry.
  • Mesh cooling back panel.
  • Flat sewn seams to avoid chafing.


  • Runs small.


This snug fitting racer back tank will keep you stylish and cool during your WoD.

Under Armour Women's Tech Victory Tank

Under Armour Women's Tech Victory Tank Top, Black /Granite, Medium
  • UA Tech fabric is quick-drying, ultra-soft & has a more natural feel
  • Material wicks sweat & dries really fast
  • Slim, fitted construction for a sleeker, more feminine silhouette
  • Classic racer back detail with mesh panels for unrivaled breathability
  • Under Armour’s mission is to make all athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation

Review: This Under Armour tank has a little extra length and coverage than the average tank. It has a wider back, quick drying fabric and wont slide up.


  • UA Tech Moisture transfer system keeps you dry.
  • Wide back racer back style for more coverage.
  • Slim fit and long.


  • Material can be slippery and slightly see thru if too tight or stretched.


This tank has you covered, with an extra-long stay put torso.

Compression Tank Top-Women's Racer Back Sleeveless

Compression Tank Top Women's Racerback Sleeveless Sports Tee (Black, Medium)
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE FABRIC - Keeps you warm in cold temperatures, & keeps you cool in hotter temperatures; thick and no 'see through' problems!
  • PROVEN COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY - Promotes faster muscle recovery & blood circulation, & provides great support and 'no bounce'
  • FLAT LOCK SEAMS STITCHING - Allows flexible mobility without chafing or skin irritation
  • SUPPORTIVE FIT - Keeps you dry & comfortable even with longer use
  • 4-WAY STRETCH TECHNOLOGY - Excellent, snug fit & retains shape even after multiple washes

Review: The Compression Z Racer back tank is long and fitted, with ample back coverage, while still allowing full range of movement.


  • Compression flattens tummy and adds security in the bra area.
  • Long length.
  • Modest cut.


  • Some say it is too loose in the breast area if breasts are smaller.


A great tank for bustier ladies because the compression keeps everything secure and the modest cut keeps everything covered.

RBX Active Women's Back Detail Yoga Tank Top

Review: This relaxed tank is roomy ad feminine, with a pretty twist at the back.


  • Soft material, relaxed fit.
  • Very light material, great piece to layer with a cute sports bra.
  • Available in many subtle, conservative tones.


  • Runs large.


This tank is great for days you don’t want a restrictive tank. It is more relaxed than most.

Reebok Womens CrossFit Forging Elite Fitness Tank Top

Reebok Cross Fit F.E.F Graphic Tank, X-Large, Black/Prired
  • Slim fit design
  • Racerback silhouette
  • Sleeveless construction
  • Semi-rubbery front chest branding

Review: The Reebok women’s CrossFit tank is built with the Female CrossFit athlete in mind.


  • Slim Fit.
  • Cotton blend.
  • Fits close to the body and moves with you.


  • Can see bra because of cut, sports bra recommended.


This dynamic tank embodies the CrossFit attitude and its body hugging design allows you to perform any WoD exercise.

ASICS Women's Attacker Tank

ASICS Women's Attacker Performance Tank, Black/White, Small
  • Hydrology for superior performance
  • Contrast White Piping
  • Screening Instruction C
  • Country of origin: United States

Review: This gently fitted top is cut to conform, but not constrict. It is long but not too long, and has a fit women love.


  • Nylon/Lycra fitted tank.
  • Incorporated “Hydrology” Dry technology so you never have to let them see you sweat.
  • Fits true to size and is flattering.
  • Comfortable high quality seams.


  • No bra or extra support in that area, bra underneath necessary.


This Black racer back tank by Asics fits fantastically and looks great with curve flattering, slimming, white piping accent and a modest back.

Nike Women's Dry Performance Athletic Training Tank

Nike Womens Dry Training Tank White/Pure Platinum/Black SM
  • Dri-FIT Technology helps keep you dry and comfortable.
  • Loose fit and racerback design allow natural range of motion.
  • Dropped back hem offers enhanced coverage.
  • Flat seams feel smooth against your skin.

Review: This is THE top to show off your muscular back. It has a Band which of course reads “Just Do It”.

The back is very open and allows a full range of the moment. The tank is roomy, not constructive.


  • Flattering back side.
  • Fun “Just Do It” slogan.
  • Attractive rounded bottom hem.
  • Dri-fit technology.


  • Be sure to wear a nice sports bra underneath, because everyone is going to see it, at least from the back.


If you want to show of your back and biceps, this popular tank will deliver.

Adidas Women's Essentials Linear Loose Tank Top

adidas Women's Essentials Linear Loose Tank Top, Black/White, XX-Small
  • Climalite fabric sweeps sweat away from skin
  • Loose fit styling
  • Racerback allows full range of motion

Review: This sassy tank says “All Business” at the box. It is loose fitting, comfortable and will keep you dry.


  • Several bold colors available.
  • High cut in the front.
  • Moisture wicking technology.
  • Lose fit and flattering curved back hem.


  • Arm holes are cut a little low, so you can see the side of the bra.


This tank is great for killing it at the box or lounging at home, it is comfortable, wicks away perspiration, and looks great.

Worth Defending Tank

Worth Defending Iwo Flag Raising Tank Top
  • Designed by a Veteran
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

Review: This racer back tank by born Primitive is sure to be one of your go-to favorites.

It is made from a super soft cotton Polyester blend which is comfortable stretchy and soft, as well as being really light weight.


  • Soft blended cotton, rayon, polyester material.
  • Ample arm holes for ease of movement.
  • Attractive racer back cut style.


  • Runs large.


An attractive racer back tank with extra-long coverage.

Rokfit Deadlift Squad Women's Tank Top

Review: This tank is made from really cute grey marbled fabric which is mostly polyester and a little cotton.

The tank material is breathable and the cut offers a little more coverage than a racer back style, which is perfect if you are doing bench work or any exercise where you need to lie on your back.


  • Extra coverage in the back.
  • Soft breathable material.
  • Large arm holes for easy movement.


  • Runs small.


A soft, long, breathable CrossFit tank with good back coverage.

Onzie Women's Power Tank

Onzie Women's Power Tank, Black, S/M
  • Shelf bra lining for extra support for your most powerful workouts
  • Elastic stretch fit

Review: The Onzie nylon spandex tank is for women that want a snugger tank that moves with the body and fits closer to the body.

This tank is also shorter than other CrossFit tanks, as it sits at the midriff. It has good back coverage and is cut high in front to keep you comfortable and not exposed.


  • Spandex material fits close to the body.
  • Shorter shirt, sits at navel level.
  • Good back coverage and modest coverage in front.
  • Shelf-bra incorporated into the tank.


  • Not many color options available.


A comfortable form fitting tank with built in shelf bra.

Bad Decisions Barbell Club Women's Tank

Bad Decisions Barbell Club Womens Tank

Review: OK, maybe you have made a few bad decisions, and haven’t we all?

But picking up this tank will not be one of them.

This super cute CrossFit tank top for women is extra-long for good coverage, is really soft so it’s comfortable, and the arm hole size is not ginormous, like some tanks out there.


  • Soft thin, comfy material.
  • Moderate size arm holes, not too big.
  • Really long, good coverage behind.


  • Runs large.


Picking up this Bad decisions shirt is the right decision to make!

Women's Muscle Thread Tank Top

Thread Tank Strong As A Mother Tank Top for Women, Comfy & Stylish Sleeveless Muscle Tee, Cool Summer Shirt, Gift for Mom Charcoal Grey Medium
  • EXPRESS YOUR STYLE: Made with pre-shrunk fabric, offering an outstanding blend of comfort and style. Ideal for summer tops, vintage novelty, and casual wear, you'll love showcasing your unique personality with this cool shirt!
  • SIZE AND FIT: If you are between sizes, PLEASE CHOOSE A SIZE UP. Model is 5'9" and wearing a size small. [NOTE: The generic Amazon size chart above differs from this item.] REFER TO SIZING CHART IN IMAGES
  • WEAR YOUR STORY: Threadtank's unique designs embody storytelling through creative art and fashion. Our shirts are perfect for showcasing your personal journey or gifting to someone special. Let your clothing be a testament to your story, making you stand out from the crowd.
  • DESIGNED IN USA: Designed and made in the US, our graphic tees are crafted with love and attention to detail. The garment-dyed tees are made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and long-lasting enjoyment, perfect for avid storytelling enthusiasts.
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA: Surprise your friends and loved ones with a fun, sarcastic and memorable gift from Threadtank. Share the joy of creative design and storytelling with those who matter most.

Review: This Strong as a Mother CrossFit tank is actually made with a thin, soft, stretchy material you will love against your skin.

It also has a curved back hem to cover your back side a little better, but the arm holes are on the wide side so you may need a sports bra with this tank.


  • Soft comfortable material.
  • Curved back hem for a little extra bum coverage.
  • Fun Maxim “Strong as a Mother” on front.


  • You will need a sports bra under it because the arm holes are wide.


A super soft tank with good back-side coverage..

Women's WODies Camo Crop-Tank

Review: This crop top by Jerkfit is sure to keep you cool as you lift heavy. It sits above the navel, but is a bit longer in back, in case you are doing bench work or need to lie on the floor, you back is covered.

This provocative tank would pair great with a pair of WODies hand grips.


  • Midriff style cropped tank.
  • Good back coverage, ok for bench and floor work.
  • Cool Camo print.


  • Not many color options available.


Cool crop tank is great for the CrossFit athlete who wants to show off hard a earned six pack.

Rogue Basic Women's Tank

Rogue Basic Women's Tank

Review: The Rogue Basic tank is a top rated best seller for women who CrossFit – and with good reason.

This Poly/Cotton/Rayon tank has a wide cut racer back style, is long enough to offer good coverage, comes in a ton of fun colors, and it’s made from recycled and organic materials.


  • Eco friendly materials.
  • Washes well, won’t fade or peel.
  • Good backside coverage, plenty long.


  • Runs small.


Your new go-to favorite CrossFit tank top – you won’t be disappointed!

So, what are you waiting for? That wraps up our 15 CrossFit shirts for women, and we hope you find one that is right for you.

Let us know in the comments if we missed YOUR favorite shirt; we are always looking for the next great find.

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