TOP 17 Best Gymnastics Grips for CrossFit & Hand Grips 2021

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17 Best Gymnastics Grips for CrossFit & Hand Grips Reviewed 2021 [Updated]

If you’re new to CrossFit, you may have noticed more experienced athletes at your box wear gymnastics gloves or hand grips during the WODs, especially when lifting heavy or using the pull up bar or gymnastics rings.

This is because CrossFit grips offer comfort, grip, protection and safety while lifting weights or using the pull up bar.

The feeling of a metal pull up bar or a barbell against your palm, especially for a high number of reps can cause unsightly calluses and tears.


If you are in the market for a pair of palm saving, tear and callus preventing gymnastic hand grips-you are in luck.

I have reviewed 17 of the TOP CrossFit grips and have a guide on what to look out for before choosing the best hand grips for CrossFit.

TOP 17 Best CrossFit Grips Reviewed 2021

Bear KompleX 3 Hole Hand Grips

Review: Bear KompleX makes the best hand grips for CrossFit out there. They are made from soft yet strong grippy lush leather.

They have an integrated wrist strap with support placed under the buckle for supreme comfort.

You can see the attention to detail that went into these gloves from the thicker than average leather, to the triple stitching throughout, these have earned the top spot in this list.


  • Thick, durable, soft and grippy leather.
  • Triple stitched for security and toughness.
  • Wrist strap is well designed and will not chafe or bother your wrist.
  • Available in two and three finger holes for your desired level of coverage.


  • A few more dollars than the competitors Gymnastic hand grips.


Easily the best gymnastics grips for CrossFit!

JerkFit WODies Full Palm Protection

Review: These three finger JerkFit WODies are one of the best hand grips on the market.

They are made with woven neoprene like elastic, and unlike the competition, they have sewn seams around the edge of the leather to prevent warping and tearing of the leather and allow it to maintain its shape.


  • Made with durable and high-grip woven neoprene like elastic.
  • Wrist support built in with elastic Velcro closure.
  • Very protective and have a great grip.


  • Pricy.


The best synthetic material CrossFit grip on the market.

PHERAL FIT Natural Leather Hand Grips

Review: The Pheral Fit leather hand grips feature a two finger hole real leather palm with dual texture, rough on the bar side for grip and smooth on the inside for comfort.

They are triple stitched to stand up to the most strenuous kipping, pull ups and deadlifts. They have integrated wrist support for heavy lifting as well.


  • Rough texture on bar side for grip – smooth on palm side for comfort.
  • Integrated wrist support.
  • Include travel carry pouch.


  • Make palms sweaty – can be used with gym chalk to keep hands dry.


Heavy duty grippy leather gymnastics hand grips that will not disappoint.

AEOLOS Leather Gymnastics Hand Grips

Review: These AEOLOS CrossFit grips are great quality considering the low price point.

The leather is soft, grips the bar easily and is quite thick and feels like it will last.

The wrist warp supports you on heavy lifts and has a secure double Velcro close.


  • Three finger holes for greater palm coverage.
  • Made from thick, durable leather.
  • Integrated wrist wrap offers support while lifting heavy.


  • The black colored hand grips leak dye on your hands – the natural shade is preffered.


Protective and supportive real leather hand grips.

ProFitness Leather Cross Training Gymnastic Grips

Review: ProFitness real leather CrossFit grips feature a streamlined two finger hole design with a Velcro close.

The leather does a good job of protecting against tears and calluses and holds up well under heavy use.


  • Real leather grips.
  • Grippy texture – great for pull ups and gym rings.
  • Accessible price with the same quality as the brand name grips.


  • Color can bleed and stain hands.


Grippy, high quality CrossFit grips at an affordable price.

RooGrips 2 Hole Hand Grips

RooGrips 2 Hole Hand Grips

Review: The Roogrips two hole leather hand grips are made from thin yet durable leather that offers protection, grip and allows you to feel the bar while you use them.

They are really worth the extra money because the substantially and comfortably improve your grip and prevent painful callouses and tears.


  • Perfect for hanging, pull up bar, gym rings and lifting.
  • Thin durable, grippy, soft leather.
  • Very comfortable to wear – second skin feel.


  • Expensive.


Worth the price! The best CrossFit grips for 2021 for barbell, pull up bar and gym rings alike.

Cross Training Fitness Grips by Emerge

Review: These 4 fingered lifting grips are designed using a soft neoprene material with a printed silicone design for grip.

These gloves are very affordable and protect your hands as you lift. They also incorporate a Velcro wrist strap to protect wrists when lifting heavy.


  • Great price.
  • Padded for protection – great for lifting.
  • 4 finger design protect the entire palm.


  • Not so great for the pull up bar – not super grippy.


Great pair of lifting hand grips for lifting heavy weight.

321 Strong Genuine Leather Hand Grips

Review: These grips are made of a strong, thick leather and come in three standard fit sizes. The Velcro wrist strap keeps them in place as you lift.

Some thinner leather grips tend to flake or fall apart over time, and the thick layered leather of these grips is what sets them apart from their cheaply made counterparts.


  • Durable, pliable, quality leather – won’t fall apart.
  • Very grippy, great for pull up bar work like kipping and toes to bar.
  • Best bang for your buck.


  • The wrist wrap is stiff and may bother the wrist.


Best CrossFit hand grips at the most affordable price.

WODFitters Textured Leather Hand Grips

Review: The Wodfitters grips are made from leather which is textured on both sides, minimizing the risk of slippage while you’re lifting.

Two large finger openings won’t constrict the range of motion on your fingers, which is important for lifting things like kettlebells with smaller handles.


  • Soft supple leather palm pads mean good grip.
  • Slim wrist strap does not interfere with wrist movement.
  • Great price – very affordable.


  • Leather may wear quickly with heavy use.


Best gymnastics grips for CrossFit for this price range.

Bear KompleX 2 Hole Gymnastics Grips

Review: Bear KompleX 2 hole hand grips offer an adjustable wrist strap that features a buckle for easy closure, and the finger openings are cut in an ergonomic round shape to help hug the base of the finger securely without uncomfortable edges digging into the webbing of the fingers.

These grips are made with the best leather and have great grip. Try a pair, you will be glad you did!


  • Offer x Small size for youth.
  • Excellent for kipping and pull up bar work, very grippy.
  • Made from durable yet soft leather.


  • More expensive than other options.


Best CrossFit gymnastic grips for pull up bar work.

WOD Nation Leather Barbell Gymnastics Grips

Review: These grips are comfortable and functional. The wrist straps are made of a reinforced bulletproof nylon.

Not only will you be able to rest easy in knowing they’re not likely to come apart on you, but you’re also getting material that’s comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time.

WOD Nation uses soft textured leather that conforms to the hand better than the rigid leather used by other brands. If you do a lot of pull ups or chin ups, you’ll appreciate the flexibility offered by these grips.


  • Flexible soft leather grips – conforms well to the bar.
  • Really grippy.
  • Triple stitched construction – won’t fall apart in a month.
  • Minimalist design, just the leather hand grip and narrow wrist strap.


  • Color may bleed – may stain hands.


Best hand grips for CrossFit WODs that call for toes to bar, pull ups, kipping and all pull up bar work.

Godzilla Grip Fitness Gloves

Review: The Godzilla Grip offers full palm, 4 finger protection as you lift and do your time at the pull up bar.

These gloves are padded with neoprene and silicone and have built-in wrist support to support your wrists under a heavy load.


  • Built-in wrist protection.
  • Extra padded, neoprene with layer of silicone texture.
  • Travel bag included.


  • Padding is too thick for some users.


Well-padded lifting and pull up bar grips.

Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves

Review: Mava’s grips are secure, durable, and perfect for unisex use. They even come in a large variety of colors, making them perfect for multiple CrossFit athletes who don’t want to get their grips mixed up.

The wrist straps are integrated with the palm pad for maximum stability, and are adjustable Velcro. The three finger design provides a top-notch hold.


  • Ample wrist support for heavy lifting.
  • Open hand design so you don’t sweat.
  • Well-padded with one layer neoprene and one layer real leather.


  • Not as grippy as other CrossFit Grips – better for heavy lifting.


Good hand grips for heavy lifting and barbell work to protect hands.

Fit Active Sports Gymnastics Grips

Review: Fit Active offers up four sizes, and the first three sizes are designed to be unisex. The strap mechanism is Velcro, and the finger holes are made in a circular cut for the optimum fit.

The palm pad itself is made of a moisture wicking material, allowing sweat to escape from the palm of your hands.


  • Slim, minimalist, two finger style.
  • Narrow wrist strap, no wrist support, but won’t interfere with lifting either.
  • Made from real leather.


  • The finger holes run large.


A comfortable streamline designed hand grip made from real leather.

KAYANA Leather Gymnastics Hand Grips

Review: These grips come without wrist support, if that is your preference.

These two hole grips are made with high-quality leather and are pretty minimalist in style.

It’s just the leather that covers the two fingers and palm, and a narrow Velcro wrist strap.


  • All leather grips.
  • No thick wrist strap, the strap is pretty narrow.
  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship.


  • The leather color bleeds onto your hand.


High quality gymnastic hand grips with no wrist support.

Mava Sports Leather Grips with Wide Wrist Support

Review: These are arguably the most secure gymnastic hand grips on the market. They feature a wide strap to support the wrist.

The palm is cut for a four finger grip, offering the most coverage and protection. The soft textured surface makes for comfortable wear and a superior surface grip.

These glove style grips come in a multitude of colors and five sizes – there’s no way you can go wrong.


  • Neoprene and leather combo for the best of both anti-slip and great grip.
  • Full palm coverage, fits over 4 fingers.
  • Wrist strap supports wrist under heavy loads.


  • Fabric feels bulky between fingers.


Really protective CrossFit grips, best CrossFit hand grips for lifting and barbell work.

Fit Active Sports Grips for CrossFit and Weight Lifting

Review: These grips are simple, and they’re perfect for anyone who only intends to use their grips for light lifting.

Their simple Velcro closure design and two finger palm pad make them perfect for barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells.


  • Grippy silicone print over neoprene textured palm.
  • Full palm protection, covers 4 fingers and thumb.
  • Adjustable wrist strep supports wrist while lifting.



If you need something thin and flexible that doesn’t sacrifice on durability, you’re going to love these grips.

The best CrossFit grips offer a great solution to a host of common issues CrossFit athletes experience during the WOD.

Why Use Gymnastic Hand Grips?

These simple accessories offer tons of benefits to anyone who opts to use them.

Even if you’re not big into CrossFit, and prefer to lift and work out your own way, you can still enjoy the benefits of hand grips.

Most people use them for three core reasons: protection, the reduction of fatigue, and the increased safety of their workout.

CrossFit Grips Protect Your Hands

You can usually tell how often someone lifts by looking at their hands. One of the most common minor lifting injuries comes in the form of blisters and calluses.

Nobody wants their hands to look rough and beaten up. To top it off, it’s very difficult to lift, let alone perform simple tasks like writing or typing, when your hands are in searing pain.

The palm guard on a Gymnastic hand grip prevents the direct contact responsible for causing these blisters and calluses.

The material, usually a durable leather, sits between the palm of the hand and the weight or bar.

The soft side of the leather presses against the palm, and the rough side of the leather makes contact with the bar.

You’re far less likely to walk away from your lifting or kipping workout with sore hands when using hand grips as a barrier.

CrossFit Grips May Reduce Fatigue

Your wrists are the thinnest part of your arm, and they can only be developed so much.

There’s not a lot of muscle tissue there to build on, and it’s relatively easy to virtually max out wrist development.

The straps on a gymnastic hand grip, particularly if they’re large straps, support the wrist and reduce wrist fatigue.

The support they provide to the wrists keeps the muscles compact and functioning in unison.

Just make sure you’re strengthening your wrists and maintaining the strength you’ve already accumulated.

CrossFit grips aren’t a full replacement for wrist development, but rather a supportive aid to prevent unnecessary fatigue and allow you to continue muscle building while minimizing the risk of overuse injury.

If you want the wrist protection without the palm grip, check out our list of best wrist wraps.

These wrist wraps allow you to go bare handed while supporting your wrists during deadlifts, heavy lifting, push ups, mountain climbers and more.

Gymnastics Hand Grips Can Make Your Workout Safer

Most everyone gets sweaty palms while working out and lifting weights – it’s just the nature of the beast.

If you’re working up a sweat lifting in the heat, your palm may start to prune up.

Pruned palms slicked with sweat are actually dangerous to lift with. Your grip becomes slippery, making it harder to lift properly.

The next thing you know, you’ve dropped a barbell loaded with 150 pounds right on your foot.

Textured leather won’t let sweat get in your way. Most grips are designed to be moisture repellent, promoting a dry surface that’s always safe for grabbing the bar.

The leather texture increases the efficiency of your grip, and sweat can’t interfere the same way it can with direct contact between your hand and the bar.

Stable grip is safe and absolutely necessary when lifting, doing pull ups, or doing chin ups.

In addition to a stable grip, a stable wrist is crucial to lifting. If you have slender, fine or weak wrists, you may just need a pair of wrist wraps for weightlifting to shore up and support your wrists under heavy weight.

woman wearing CrossFit hand grips and using kettlebell

Finding the Right Fit for Your CrossFit Grips

You can’t just pick up any hand grip and use them. You want to find the best gymnastic hand grip!

The grip itself is serving as a simulated palm, so it needs to fit as closely as possible to the actual size of your hand.

Different manufacturers run different sizing, and they all offer a chart that allows you to measure the length of your palm. Finding the right fit is critical if you want your hand grips to work for you, rather than against you.

In general, the most efficient way to measure your palm for a grip is to start at the base of your wrists, right in the spot where your palm begins.

Measure up to where your middle finger begins, right at the first joint. Everyone’s palms are different sizes.

If you find that your palms are on the borderline between two sizes, it’s best to go with the larger size.

A size that’s a little too small will constrict the motion of your hands and leave the sides of your palm vulnerable.

woman at CrossFit gym

What to Look for When Purchasing Gymnastic Hand Grips

You’ll find that there are some major differences in the designs of CrossFit grips, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that some grips are less effective than others.

Different grips are designed for different users, and there are a few things you’ll want to take into account when deciding whether or not a set of hand grips will meet the right standards for you.

Gymnastic Hand Grip Materials

The majority of CrossFit grips have palm guards made of thick, high-quality leather. This is because leather is the most durable material, and it’s easy to texturize leather to maximize its grip.

Thin leather or fabric won’t always be able to stand up to constant use.

Leather may also create a problem for vegetarians or vegans who are against the use of leather products. Some grips are made with higher quality woven fabrics, making them an ethical alternative.

It’s important to note that these grips may not last as long, so you should plan to replace them when they start to show significant signs of wear.

Finger Holes, Should You Choose Two or Three?

Most hand grips feature two openings for the user to slide their fingers through, though some models feature three openings.

Two is the standard, as it’s least likely to decrease the flexibility of the palm. Most people will be able to make great use of a gymnastic hand grip with two finger openings, but some people prefer three finger grips.

Three finger grips are ideal for people with wide, flat palms. A two finger grip may not offer enough palm coverage if your hands are especially large or wide.

Three finger grips are slightly wider, and if you have large hands, the extra space occupied by the third finger opening probably won’t make a significant impact on your ability to tighten your grip around a barbell.

Wrist Straps

The wider the strap, the more support you’re getting.

There’s nothing wrong with thin straps on a hand grip, as long as they’re sturdy enough to stand up to use.

If wrist fatigue is a major concern you want to address, stick with a wider strap. Some straps even extend to the forearm for maximum support. If you have delicate wrists or thin arms, you may feel more secure in a grip with wide straps.

Straps also come with different closures. Velcro, buckles, and elastic are all common closures. At the end of the day, they all do just about the same thing, as long as you set them to a comfortable tightness.

Too tight and you may hurt your hand, too loose and your grips may slip.

Try out the tightness on a small weight to see how well it’s working. Make adjustments to get the strap perfect before attempting large lifts.

CrossFit Grips FAQs

CrossFit guy at the gym working out

1. How Long to Hand Grips Last?

Hand grips may last anywhere from 3 months to a year. High-end grips like Bear Komplex, JerkFit or RooGrips will last longer, but the price also reflects that.

It is my opinion that it is better to invest in grips and not go cheap, because not only do they last longer, these brands perform much better also.

2. Should I Use Chalk with My Hand Grips?

Yes! Chalk both your hands and the grips. Chalk can also be used with weight lifting gloves if that is what you use at the bar.

Pro tip: Use a high-quality pure magnesium carbonate chalk because this chalk does not have fillers that gunk up your grips.

3. Which is Better, Synthetic or Leather Hand Grips?

Both are good choices, especially if you go with one of the better brands.

For example, the Bear Komplex leather grips perform as well as the JerkFit synthetic grips.

On the other hand…

Poorly designed and cheap grips perform horribly, no matter what they are made of! Craftsmanship and design matter the most, in this case.

4. What is the Best Brand of CrossFit Hand Grips?

My favorites are WODies, JerkFit, Bear Komplex, RooFit and WodNation.

If I missed your favorite brand, feel free to make a shout out in the comments below so I can include them.

5. How do You Measure Your Hand for Gymnastic Hand Grips?

First, check the manufacturer’s size chart!

Each hand grip brand has their own size instructions!

For Example…

A medium in bear Komplex is 4.25 to 5 inches

In WODies by JerkFit a medium is 3.5 to 4 inches.

That is a huge difference!!

For most grips you measure from the base of the palm to the base of the middle finger and use that measurement to choose your size.

I will say this… if you are between sizes, order a size down, especially if the hand grips are leather. They tend to stretch and conform to your hand, even if they are tight at first.

group of athletes in CrossFit gym

Which the Best Grip For Me?

It’s important that the grips you purchase are in a size that will work for you. Always measure carefully and check the size chart because each company varies.

If you require more stability, stick to larger wrist straps. People with wider palms often fare better with the larger palm guard offered by models designed for three finger slots.

My favorite grips are the Bear KompleX 3, but WOD Nation makes a good choice too because of the super grippy soft leather and really great price.

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