Best Wrist Wraps for Lifting and TOP 8 Wrist Wrap Reviews 2019

Are you ready to start getting more out of your workouts? Do you want to lift heavier weights, longer?

Whether you are a newbie to the gym or a seasoned lifter, wrist wraps will give you the results you want faster.


Wrist Wraps for Lifting

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Why Wrist Wraps?

Why are wrist wraps an important tool to your gym routine?

Over time, the joints in your wrist may weaken from repetitive lifting motions. A good pair of wrist wraps will help you lift more effectively by stabilizing your wrists to keep you injury free.

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With stabilized wrists you can reduce fatigue and pain, allowing you to lift longer. That way you actually work your muscles to the point of fatigue instead of having to stop short because of aching wrists or a weakening grip.

If you buy some of the best wrist wraps recommended for lifting you might also see an increase in how much weight you can lift – which leads to better workouts and more gains.

Who doesn’t want that?

Before You Buy

There are tons of options out there for wrist wraps and of course, each one claims to be the best!

When you begin shopping for wrist wraps, here are a few major points to keep in mind:

Most people wear their wrist wraps for the majority of their workout. Be sure you don’t end up with itchy and uncomfortable wraps.
The saying “you get what you pay for” can especially be true here. Cheaper isn’t always better. Buying the least expensive wrist wraps also won’t guarantee durability.
Nothing is worse than finding the wrist wraps you want at a bargain price only to have them fall apart after two weeks. Choose a product made of quality materials – you will thank yourself later.

There are other things to take into consideration before you make a purchase such as the style/colors you prefer and your intended purpose (powerlifting, Olympic lifting or general weight lifting).

However, the most important question is,

Can I get wrist wraps that are comfortable and durable without paying an arm and a leg?

Build Strength Without Pain

Don’t risk injury to your body. You should definitely invest in a pair of wrist wraps today to help you get stronger tomorrow.

Here are some of the best wrist wraps for lifting with reviews.

TOP 8 Best Wrist Wrap Reviews 2019

Nordic Lifting Wrist Wraps

Nordic Lifting is known for producing some of the highest quality gear for weight lifters. These wrist wraps are made of top-notch cotton and have plus-sized Velcro straps for added support.

For a high level of protection and firm support, these wrist wraps from Nordic Lifting will suit your needs.

What’s to like

  • One size fits most (men and women)
  • Cotton design provides comfort for extended wear
  • Thumb loop for added security while performing your lifts
  • Machine washable
  • Numerous color options available

What’s not to like

  • Some lifters find the thumb loop design a nuisance because it interferes with their grip
  • The one size fits most design may not allow some lifters to tighten their wraps as much as they would prefer

These wrist wraps are great whether you are a newbie lifter or a grizzled gym veteran. Nordic Lifting Wrist Wraps allow premium comfort and stability at a fairly cheap price.

Since these wraps are made of mostly cotton, they will absorb sweat. The fact that they are machine washable is a great perk – your equipment is bound to get smelly if you are putting in solid workouts.

Essential Fitness Wrist Wraps

Essential Fitness has a reputation for making products that “are ready to work as hard as you do.” That’s comforting as a hard working gym goer, isn’t it?

The Muscle Review voted Essential Fitness Wrist Wraps as the best wrist wraps for the past two years!

With a mixture of high-quality cotton, elastic, and polyester these wraps are ready to let you start hitting the weights even harder.

What’s to like

  • One size fits all (men and women)
  • Comfortable and sturdy design that allows minimal flexibility
  • Extra wide Velcro to provide added strength
  • Thumb loop design to prevent any slippage from the wraps
  • Numerous color options available

What’s not to like

  • Not recommended for extreme powerlifting
  • Some lifters have complained that the stitching has come undone after long-term wear

While it is true that these wrist wraps from Essential Fitness are not recommended for extreme powerlifters, for the casual lifter this is an excellent choice.

They are sturdy enough to provide maximal support, while also giving the lifter some flexibility during the lift without hurting themselves. If you want superior stability and top-notch appearance, these wraps are for you.

Inzer Iron Z Wrist Wraps

Inzer is the world leader in powerlifting apparel. It is no surprise then that they produce one of the best powerlifting wrist wraps in the market!

Champions all across the world use Inzer Iron Z wrist wraps. These wrist wraps are well designed with sturdy material and wide Velcro straps for additional support.

What’s to Like

  • Thumb loop design to keep the wraps securely in place
  • Wide Velcro straps to provide extra strength
  • The straps are adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Available in three different sizes (12”, 20”, 36”)
  • Premium sturdiness for the most hardcore lifters

What’s not to like

  • Some lifters complained that both wrist wraps are made identically, so the thumb loop on the left side can feel a bit awkward
  • They are so sturdy that they may cause pain if you try to bend your wrist during lifting
  • Only one design/color available

Inzer Iron Z Wrist Wraps are used by some of the most powerful men in the world.

These wraps come in different sizes to fit all people. While they can be a tad too stiff for casual lifters, these wraps are built to last for power lifters.

These wraps have a nice combination of durability and cost-effectiveness. Overall, these wrist wraps are strong and sturdy enough to let you start pushing big-time weight.

Villain Wrist Wraps

Another one of the best powerlifting wrist wraps on the market, Villain Wrist Wraps stands out from the competition.

While most wrist wraps offer a thumb loop that can be a nuisance for some lifters, these wrist wraps have NO thumb loop.

Villain Wrist wraps offers three different sizes for premium fit. Enjoy a firmer grip and a perfect fit with these wraps.

What’s to like

  • Designed for power lifters
  • Belt loop tightening system for easy adjustments
  • Extra-large Velcro strips for a perfect fit and added strength
  • Available in three different sizes (16”, 27”, 30”)
  • Numerous color options available

What’s not to like

  • Some power lifters prefer even longer wraps to further increase stability
  • Not ideal for lifters who like the security of the thumb loop

With the extra-large Velcro and the belt loop tightening system design, these wrist wraps are a premium option for power lifters.

The no thumb loop design provides a fix for those lifters who don’t enjoy working out with a restriction. Don’t worry about losing stability – these wraps still offer top-notch protection for your wrists! Villain

Wrist Wraps offers unique product design, with almost endless color options. These wraps are truly a standout product and a must-have for serious powerlifters.

Wrist Wraps by Rip Toned

These wrist wraps come in six fun colors and feature an adjustable, unisex fit. Everybody can enjoy them, and everyone will appreciate the lifting support they get when they use these wraps.

These are comfortable and reliable wraps, and they’ve been endorsed by prominent powerlifters.

Even when you overlook the fact that famous lifters have spoken for these wraps, they certainly speak for themselves – both in quality and in price.

What’s to like

  • The thumb loop featured on these wraps is a part of the exterior edging. It won’t slip or tear off – it’s part of the construction of the actual wrap, rather than simple addition.
  • These straps are 18 inches long, so they’ll fit almost anyone. It doesn’t matter if you have thin wrists and are just beginning your lifting journey, or if you have the muscular wrists of a seasoned pro.
  • These are very thick, heavy-duty wrist wraps. These are designed for high intensity, rigorous lifting sessions. You’ll get better support than you would with flimsy, thin wraps. The thickness makes them durable and prevents them from fraying.

What’s not to like

  • Some lifters really dislike wraps with thumb loops. They feel as though the loops hinder their grip. If you’re not a big fan of thumb loops, you’re probably not going to enjoy these wraps.
  • Thicker wraps are less breathable than thin wraps. If you find that you’re getting sweaty beneath the wraps, you might have to take them off for a minute.

These are great wraps for people who need a real performance tool. Where other wraps fall short, these wraps make up the difference.

They didn’t sacrifice function to style, and you’re not paying a fortune for a big brand name. You’re getting some of the highest quality wraps at an affordable price – what more could you possibly ask for?

321 Strong Fitness Wrist Wraps

These wraps come in two different lengths for people who need different fits – the 14 inch length is perfect for youth lifters or people with smaller wrists, and the 20 inch length is designed to accommodate people who have already began to build some serious muscle in their forearms.

These straps are a perfect 3 1/8 inches wide, which is almost the exact amount of coverage that most lifters will need to cradle their arms from the base of their hands to the end of their wrists.

What’s to like

  • Unlike wraps made of cheaper and less durable material, these wraps are designed to be washing machine safe. Since wraps often accumulate sweat, you’ll want to wash them often in order to prevent the growth of bacteria. All you need to do is throw these in with your next load of laundry. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.
  • These are made of a soft terry elastic. The material is strong enough to provide you with the support you need, but flexible enough to prevent you from restricting your range of motion. They’re comfortable, and you won’t feel squeezed in.
  • Since these wraps come in a size as small as 14 inches, they’re convenient for people who need a smaller size. If you’re purchasing these for a teen or a very inexperienced learner, the smaller size option will provide them with the secure fit they need to lift safely.

What’s not to like

  • Though these wraps are machine washable, they won’t do well in the dryer. Velcro will melt at high temperatures. You need to air dry these wraps, and that might take a few hours.
  • These wraps feature a thumb holder, but it’s not very strong. The small loop is sewn directly onto the edge, and may come loose with frequent use.

These are lightweight, soft wraps that don’t sacrifice on the amount of support they offer. They’re a great balance of comfort and support.

The biggest selling point of these wrist straps is their sizing. Small wrist straps that are designed for real, intense lifting are hard to come by.

If you need a smaller size and you’re looking to accomplish some big lifts, these will be a perfect fit.

Wrist Wraps by WOD Wear

These wrist straps are designed specifically for CrossFit. While you can technically use any wrist strap for CrossFit workouts, a lot of CrossFit gyms and groups prefer uniformity in their equipment. These are made to fit the specifications of most WOD workouts, including the Nasty Girl workouts.

These wrist straps come in several stylish designs, and you can even purchase them in bulk packs if you’re looking into getting wrist straps for your whole workout group.

What’s to like

  • Since these wrist wraps are pre washed and shrunk, you only need to break them in and find your ideal fit one time. They aren’t going to shrink or change on you after they’ve gotten wet. Grab them and go, and you’ll get them right the first time.
  • These are versatile fabric wraps that can be used for anything. Lifting, body weight exercises, and even light intensity yoga are all a little easier with cloth wraps like these.
  • These wraps are double bonded and come with ties instead of Velcro closures. You can completely customize your fit, and you won’t have to worry about the Velcro coming loose while you’re working out.

What’s not to like

  • Since these straps tie on, they’re not as convenient to use as Velcro straps. They’re a little more secure, but it’s a bit of a tradeoff.
  • These straps are made of cloth rather than an elastic material, which means that they don’t stretch. This isn’t necessarily a disadvantage, but some people find flexible wraps to be a little more comfortable.

These are a top choice for CrossFit enthusiasts. They’re designed specifically for CrossFit needs, and you can’t beat the price for a specialty piece of equipment.

They’re versatile and affordable. They’re even great for things like gymnastics.

Ipow Wrist Straps

These are budget-friendly pro-quality wrist straps that any athlete for fitness conscious person would be glad to own. They come in six different colors and even a variant crafted from a very breathable fabric that will allow sweat to evaporate quickly.

These wraps also feature an optional thumb grip that can be tucked underneath the wrap if you choose not to use it, giving you options.

What’s to like

  • These wrist wraps are made of the same kind of polyester used to create medical wrist wraps used for physical therapy. This is a testament to their quality. You can wear these when you’re working out and keep them on for continued support if you feel any fatigue.
  • The 18.5 inch length is the perfect midpoint for a universal size. It will adapt to fit both smaller and larger wrists, and most people will discover that these fit just perfectly.
  • The extra breathable option is perfect for people who find traditional wrist wraps to be uncomfortable and sweaty on the inside. This material is slightly thinner and will promote better airflow.

What’s not to like

  • These are perfect entry level wraps, but they may not be great for championship style lifting. You might want something with a thicker band.
  • Because these are made of polyester, you’ll need to be a little careful with them. They can stand up to a good workout, but they may be damaged easily if you mistreat them.

These are very inexpensive, and the quality is great. They’re an excellent combination of a piece of workout equipment and an actual medical support device.

If you’re looking for wrist wraps because you’ve already sustained a wrist injury, these are the best choice for you.

They’re going to give you real support and help you prevent the injury from recurring, as long as you exercise according to your doctor’s orders.

When To Use Your Wraps

Protecting your wrists are very important if you plan to lift weights regularly. In almost every part of your workout your wrists are under stress – even squats!

Buying a quality pair of wrist wraps will allow you to keep your wrists stabilized and less likely to be injured.

Use your wrist wraps for every pressing movement in your workout. This includes bench press and shoulder press. Some lifters prefer to wear their wraps for their entire workout.

Use your discretion here and do what feels most comfortable. Be mindful, though, that wrist wraps are meant to be tight! Allow some blood flow between sets by loosening or removing your wraps.

Take It To Another Level

If you really want to take your gym routine to the next level, wrist wraps are a must.

There are plenty of options available to you. These wrist wraps, however, are some of the most outstanding options. When it comes to protecting your body, do not take shortcuts!

Spending an extra $10 on your gear will be well worth it if it stands up to the rigorous test of your gym routine.

Most of the wrist wraps listed above serve a different purpose. Figure out which one will fit your workout routine best!

These are some of the best wrist wraps for lifting on the market!

Now that you know what wrist wraps are going to give you the best bang for your buck, it’s time to invest in yourself.

Choose a pair of wrist wraps that will fit you best, and begin pumping iron more effortlessly than ever!