Best Jump Ropes for Workouts + 11 Hottest Jump Ropes of 2018 Reviewed

Best Jump Ropes for Workouts + 11 Hottest Jump Ropes of 2018 Reviewed
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They aren’t just for double Dutch anymore.

The mighty jump rope is making a comeback in the fitness world.

OK, it never actually left. Boxers have been skipping rope for a long time, refining their footwork and coordination.

The CrossFit WOD frequently includes some jump rope footwork and a simple rope makes for a quick and simple cardio day workout.

There are many types of ropes to choose from and it may be hard to decide on the best jump rope for workouts or WODS.

Don’t worry, we have you covered.

We will review the different style ropes, offer reviews for 11 of the best kind of jump rope for working out, and what you should keep in mind when choosing a jump rope.

The Humble Jump Rope

You may associate the jump rope with play grounds and Elementary school children, but they are really an excellent fitness tool for adults and kids alike!

The jump rope offers:

  • Unlimited variability of steps & footwork, increasing user agility, coordination and balance
  • Completely portable & easy to carry, NO excuses cardio workout
  • Improved endurance and cardiovascular capacity
  • Can be performed just about anywhere

Man and woman workout with jumping rope in crossfit gym

What is the Purpose of the Jump Rope?

The purpose of the best jump rope for cardio is:

  • Give a great cardio workout
  • Improve performance, balance, footwork and agility
  • To be FUN

Different Jump Rope Styles! When to use Each?

Beaded rope

These plastic beaded jump ropes are heavier and often very colorful.

They are good for beginners better because they have superior tactile sensation to feel where the rope is at.

Nylon Rope

This inexpensive style rope is often seen at the gym or box ad is decent for Double unders or alternating leg work.

The thin nylon rope is appropriate for Intermediate to advanced level jumpers.

Speed Rope

With this type of rope, the rope runs thru the handle and spins, this is a very thin wire rope that is very fast.

You can not see nor feel the rope while spinning-unless it hits you. Ouch! The best speed rope is for intermediate to advanced users and causes the jumper to rely on coordination.

Cotton or Fabric  jump rope

These ropes are soft and better for kids than sports. They are slow, making double –unders and other moves challenging.

True cotton ropes can not be used in wet conditions, tend to fray, and become dirty quickly.

Leather Jump Rope

This is a classic style of jump rope. It used to be popular with boxers, but has been replaced by nylon or speed ropes.

The leather jump rope can be used I all climates, is water resistant, and durable. Plus, it has an old school vibe and looks cool.

It may not be the most popular style today, but the leather rope is functional and useful.

HEAVY Jump Rope

This is a specialty rope that can be a weighted nylon rope, or a heavy gauge nylon cord rope. They add a jolt t any cardio routine, due to the extra weight.

They are appropriate for intermediate to advanced jumpers and make a good addition to home gyms because they are an inexpensive way to add challenge and variety to a routine.

girl workout with jump rope in boxing ring at crossfit gym

What to Look for when Choosing the Best Jump Rope for Workouts

Handles – make sure you find a hope that is comfortable in your hand. Some prefer skinny handles, and some like the thicker meatier handles.

One thing folks universally dislike is handles that are too short. A handle less than 5” long is too short for most adults.


Lighter ropes are usually faster, with the exception being cloth ropes. Cloth ropes can be light and slow, and are not the best choice for fitness use.

Some ropes are designed to be heavy or weighted to offer an upper body and cardio workout simultaneously.

List of the TOP 11 Best Jump Ropes 2018

Best CrossFit Jump Ropes

The best jump rope for CrossFit is either speed ropes or lighter nylon ropes. Avoid heavy ropes that make double unders challenging. Here are three of the best CrossFit jump ropes:

Rogue Fitness Adjustable Speed Rope

Review: A reasonably priced ,coated cable speed rope with an adjustable length.

  • Adjusts up to 10 feet using a common hex key
  • Cable is coated
  • Small 5” all plastic handles, although they are durable

A value priced introduction into the world of speed ropes and double under’s.

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

Review: This sonic speed jump rope is designed to shave time from any WOD calling for a jump rope.

It features sturdy metal connectors, a thin coated adjustable wire cable and can be adjusted using a screwdriver

  • 6.75” long handle with metal ball bearings
  • 11 foot adjustable 2.5mm coated wire cable
  • Extra cable ad carry bag included.
  • Neither the cable nor the handles have a lot of heft to them

Worth the extra price, a high performance WOD rope. Easily among the best CrossFit jump ropes.

CPOKOH Speed Jump Rope

Review: This speed rope has all aluminum handles, a replacement rope and carry bag included, and a 9’8” adjustable coated cable.

  • Ball bearings built into the handle
  • Perpendicular design makes jumping a breeze
  • 16 centimeter all aluminum handles are sturdy and do not slip when wet
  • The loop design at the end of the handle adds friction

Sturdy, smooth and sweat proof CrossFit Jump rope.

Why do Boxers Train with Jump Ropes?

Jumping rope is good for boxers and fighters. It builds coordination of your upper body and your lower body together.

If you are a boxer, you know you need to be able to throw punches and move your feet to get out of the way at the same time.

A simple nylon speed rope is the most common style used by boxers today.

Here are a few of the best boxing jump ropes available.

Best Boxing Jump Rope for Speed

Speed Jump Rope by 5Billion Fitness

Review: This speed rope by 5Billion features thick non slip handles wrapped in grip tape. It is adjustable coated wire jump rope and ball bearings built in to the handle.

  • Two different gauge cables and bag included.
  • Includes instructions on how to adjust
  • Thick non slip handles
  • Adjusts easily with a screw at the end of the handle
  • Some users feel the cable and handles are lighter than they expected.

Get a handle on your jump rope routine with this thick grip speed rope. The best jump rope for boxing!

Best Leather Jump Rope

King Athletic Leather Jump Rope

Review: This classic leather jump rope is a good fit for the boxer because it is made with durable real leather, has ball bearings incorporated into the handle, and can be used in all climates and conditions and is among the best jump rope for cardio.

  • 9’4” rope is adjustable to fit most heights
  • Real leather is extremely durable and can withstand most climates and gym conditions
  • Foam rubber handles offer good grip and incorporate ball bearings for quick rotation
  • Not as fast as a speed rope

A classic style rope, perfect for the timeless sport of boxing.

Best Jump Ropes for Beginners

Survival and Cross Beaded Jump Rope

Review: This bead style jump rope has a heft and tactile feel that allows the beginner to feel where the rope is at as they perfect their coordination.

It may not be as fast as a speed rope, but it is a great rope for training and muscle memory.

  • Adjustable nylon rope extends to 10 feet
  • Ergonomic grip handle has a fat capped end
  • Jump rope has a good weight
  • Challenging to adjust, must uncap the handle and untie the end knot

A sharp looking beaded jump rope to cut your teeth on.

Best HEAVY Jump Rope

Rope Fit Heavy Jump Rope

Review: This rope fit heavy jump rope is made from thick 1.5” gauge rope available in 9 foot and 10 foot length, will give you a serious arm and cardio workout.

  • 9 foot rope weighs 4 lbs, 10 foot rope weighs 5 lbs
  • Rubber coating  hand holds over the rope end for durability
  • The handles, or lack thereof, need improvement to prevent blisters

Burn more calories and strengthen your arms with this specialty rope.

Best Jump Rope for Cardio

Cross Rope Kit with heavy and light rope

Review: This jump rope set includes a light speed rope and a weighted rope, making it a useful addition to add variety on Cardio day.

  • Includes speed rope and weighted 1 lb rope
  • Ball bearings built into handles
  • Exchange ropes quickly and easily with a simple clip
  • Durable PVC coated wire on each rope
  • Can not adjust the length (order by size, based on your height)

A sensible 1 pound introduction to a weighted rope, plus speed rope for a well rounded cardio routine.

Best Speed Rope

FitScuad Speed Rope

Review: This coated cable speed rope features aluminum handles with a rubber grip are 6” long and will not lose their grip in a sweaty palm.

  • Aluminum handles with rubber foam grip
  • 10 foot long cable adjusts to fit you with easy screw adjustment hardware
  • Includes replacement rope and carry bag.
  • Some users notice the adjustment screws can work themselves loose

The best speed rope with the best handles-hands down.

Mybrosport Speed Rope

Review: The MyBrosport speed rope have metal hardware that connects the handles to the rope, not cheap plastic connections like inferior models in the same price range.

  • Quality speed rope at a great price
  • Speed bearings built into the long, ergonomically shaped handles
  • Extra cable and carry bag included
  • Easy Philips head screw adjustment, PLUS 11 foot length
  • Handles are very light

The best speed rope- High Speed for a low budget.

Best Jump Rope for Working Out at Home

RX Smart Gear Speed rope

Review: This speed rope is designed for speed wit no friction, tightness or rubbing in the rotation. Includes thick 6 inch handles and excellent grip.

  • 9 foot cable
  • Thick grip tape wrapped ergonomic handles
  • Frictionless axis swivel offers extreme speed
  • Cable not adjustable

Super speed rope with meaty handles.

Jump Rope Workout Routines You Can Try Today

75 Jump Rope Exercises to Burn Fat and Get Fit

You will ever get bored when you have 75 different jump rope moves to choose from. This video provides one of the best jump rope workouts.

Plus this video includes short snippets of the jump in slow motion, so you can see the detail and perfect your move.

How to Jump Rope for Better Boxing | A Beginners Guide

Float like a butterfly, Sting like a beeMuhammad Ali

Learn the moves that pro boxers use, and why they use the jump rope to improve their performance in the ring. Improve your reaction time, reflexes and learn how to move quickly.

So Step to it!

Skip waiting, and jump on the opportunity to expand your cardio and agility repertoire today.

We want to hear from you. Tell us in the comments below what rope you believe is the best jump rope for workouts and how you use your jump rope to improve fitness and performance.