TOP 10 Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Women Reviewed 2021

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TOP 10 Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Women 2021: Protect Hands & Prevent Callouses

Ladies, why do we exercise? To look good, feel good and stay fit, right?

Getting rough, lumpy, yellowed calluses on our hands, straining or injuring our wrists, or missing a PR because our grip fails helps us accomplish NONE of these goals.

What can help prevent this weight lifting induced trio of tragedies?

A pair of the best weight lifting gloves for women can help you prevent ugly, hard, painful calluses, get a good grip on the bar and if they have wrist support, they can assist in preventing wrist injury.

I did some investigating and guess what? Not all women’s weight lifting gloves function the same.

I created this list of the 10 BEST women’s weight lifting gloves to help you prevent callouses and wrist pain, and get a better grip.


TOP 10 Best Weight Lifting & Workout Gloves for Women 2021

Grip Power Pads Women's Mimi Gym Gloves

Review: If you want the absolute best weight lifting gloves for women look no further, these gloves are unlike any other. These superior weight lifting gloves feature a rubber pad in the entire palm and finger area that allows you to get a firm grip on the bar.

The wide overhand Velcro close allows you to adjust to a perfect fit, the superior construction means these gloves will last and the two sewn-in finger loops makes them a breeze to remove.

Weight lifting gloves just don’t get any better than this.


  • Rubberized pad sewn into the entire palm/finger area for grip and padding.
  • Two pull tabs for super easy removal.
  • Wide Velcro band gives a custom and secure fit.


  • Takes several wears to break in completely.


If you are a female lifter, these are hands down on the bar, the best women’s weight lifting gloves!

Grip Power Pads Women's Elite Lifting Gloves

Review: These Grip Power Pads Elite lifting gloves with wrist support are just as good as the regular gloves above, but these have an added wrist strap for wrist support.

They also have the rubber pad that adds cushion and superior grip over the entire palm and finger area.

They also have two sewn-in removal loops and are made from soft leather. These gloves are cut for a woman’s hand to ensure a good fit.

They come with a carry case and have sewn-on loop clips so you can clip them together and they won’t get lost.


  • Full palm and finger rubber pad provides cushion and grip.
  • Wrist strap gives excellent wrist support.
  • Real leather construction.
  • Designed specifically for a woman’s hand.


  • Runs a tad large.


Best weight lifting gloves for women with wrist support. If you need wrist support, get these!

Harbinger Women's Power Weightlifting Gloves

Review: These Harbinger Power weightlifting gloves are designed for a woman’s hand. They have more slender fingers and build than the men’s gloves.

They feature a full leather palm which affords excellent grip. The stretch mesh back and Velcro close allows you to get a custom fit, and the back is open so they are well ventilated.


  • Padded real leather over full palm.
  • Open ventilated back.
  • Pull tab for easy removal.


  • Run small.


These leather palmed gloves are good for the money, offer a good grip and are some of the most comfortable to wear.

RIMSports Women's Gym Gloves

Review: RIMSports women’s weightlifting gloves are attractive form-fitting gloves that are quite popular, thanks to their affordable price combined with effective performance. I love the full leather palm because it’s soft and grippy, just what you want when faced with the bar.

The Velcro tab adjusts up diagonally so you can secure a custom fit, and the soft breathable fabric on the top will keep your hands comfortable while you lift.


  • Full leather palm, including fingers.
  • Wide diagonal Velcro close for perfect fit.
  • Affordable.


  • Takes a while to break in, order small so they form to your hands with time.


Best workout gloves for women that are affordable without feeling and looking cheap.

RIMSports Weight Lifting Gloves with Wrist Wrap

Review: These RIMSports weight lifting gloves for women have a built-in wrist wrap to support your wrists while lifting weight. The wrist wrap is long enough to wrap your wrist once, so the support is moderate, without making the gloves too bulky.

They are both comfortable and durable, all at a great price. While they are inexpensive, they do not feel or look cheap and have a real soft leather palm for excellent grip and are double stitched in key areas so they will not fall apart on you.


  • Wrist wrap strap for wrist support.
  • Full soft leather palm – great grip and protection.
  • Comfortable.
  • Available in many colors.


  • Sizing is unisex, check the size chart carefully.


Budget priced winner of the category for best women’s workout gloves with wrist support.

Contraband Pink Label Women’s Lifting Gloves

Review: Contraband is known for making some of the cutest designs around when it comes to women’s weight lifting gloves. They are offered at a fair price, and you will not see patterns like this on any other gloves.

Besides being cute they are, more importantly, functional.

They have silicone grip nubs that help you hold on to the bar and the fingers have easy remove tabs when it’s time to take them off.

While these may not be the longest-lasting gloves out there, they are some of the most comfortable, cutest and least expensive women’s weight lifting gloves I know of.


  • Easy remove tabs on the index and middle finger.
  • Soft silicone grip nubs on the palm.
  • Padded for protection.
  • Many stylish design patterns to choose from.


  • The Velcro close could be improved, wider or angled for a better fit.


Cute, comfortable, cheap and they work. Good grip and protection at a low price.

Under Armour Women's CoolSwitch Flux Gloves

More Buying Options

Under Armour Logo

Check Price on Under Armour

Review: These stylish Under Armour gloves are very form fitting and soft. They fit, well, like a glove.

They have a rubber strip design on the palm that affords an excellent grip.

The soft material both conforms to your hand and provides callus protection at the same time.

I love the elastic at the wrist that allows the opening to conform to your hand and prevents the gloves from slipping. These are some of the most comfortable women’s weight lifting gloves you can get.


  • Available in black, pink or grey – striking design.
  • Terry cloth thumb for a quick and handy forehead dab.
  • Rubber grip strips.
  • Easy remove tabs on the middle and index finger.


  • Run small, size up.


Stylish women’s Under Armour weight lifting gloves that are form-fitting, protective and give you a good grip.

Under Armour Women's Resistor Training Gloves

Review: Several things make these the BEST Under Armour women’s weight lifting gloves.

For starters, they have a real soft leather padded palm that protects and is grippy.

Second, they have a stretch mesh top with an elastic band close instead of the more common Velcro. They conform perfectly to the shape of your hand.

Third, the thumb is made from terry cloth so you can use them to quickly and discreetly give your brow a quick dab. Nice touch Under Armour!


  • Breathable.
  • Form-fitting – stretch to fit with elastic and stretch mesh construction.
  • Real soft leather palm for good grip and durability.
  • Easy remove pull tabs on the fingers.
  • Terry thumb quickly removes perspiration.


  • Run small, size up!


Some of the most comfortable, best fitting weight lifting gloves out there.

FreeToo Women's Weight Lifting Gloves

Review: These form-fitting FreeToo gloves have a stretch top and a strategically padded 4 mm thick SBR neoprene palm with a microfiber cover.

The excellent grip you get with these gloves is thanks to the palm pads and the silicone dots on the palm that work together to help you grip the bar tight.


  • 4 mm thick well placed palm pads protect hands.
  • Stretchy spandex top for snug fit.
  • Handy pull tabs on fingers for easy removal.


  • Sizing runs a little small.


Well-padded weightlifting gloves for women with a comfortable, tailored fit.

RDX Women's Weight Lifting Gloves

Review: The RDX women’s weight lifting gloves feature a soft stretchy lycra top that allows the gloves to conform to your hand.

The palm has 3mm of padding in strategic areas of the palm. These have a plush layer of real suede for perfect grip and callus protection.


  • Angled, wide Velcro close give the perfect fit.
  • Many cute designs and patterns to choose from.
  • 3 mm pad under soft suede leather for the best protection and grip.


  • Run small, kind of expensive.


Attractive, well fitted women’s weight lifting gloves with strategic padding and awesome grip.

Buying Guide to the Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Women

Here are the things you need to look at before you decide on the best women’s lifting gloves for you.

woman at CrossFit gym wearing weight lifting gloves

Protect Your Hands with Proper Palm Padding

Padding in the palm of the glove is a tricky issue.

Too little and you are more vulnerable to callouses,


…too much padding does not help either, because heavy padding can compromise your grip.

Say NO to Studio Gloves

That is why “studio” gloves, which look like weight lifting gloves, but are heavily padded, are a poor choice for lifting.

Studio gloves are designed to pad your hands for floor work like planks, push ups, Yoga, Pilates and other activities where you need heavy padded protection.

Buy Gloves Specifically Designed for Weight Lifting

Weight lifting gloves need padding in key areas, like the lower thumb area, and right below the finger joints where calluses form.

FreeToo women’s weightlifting gloves are a good example of gloves that have padding in strategic areas, but still allow you to get a tight grip on the bar.

Material Matters – Best Material for Woman’s Weight Lifting Gloves

The material your workout gloves are made from determine how durable they are, how well they fit, and even how well they protect your hands.

Here is what to look out for:


Look for lycra, spandex or mesh tops. This material is breathable, but best of all, it creates a snug, hand conforming, comfortable fit.


For the palm look for real leather or suede.

Suede is soft, yet protects hands well and provides a good grip on the bar. It is also durable.

What to Avoid: Microfiber

Microfiber on the palm is too slippery and not very durable. It will tear much more readily than leather and the gloves will not last long with a microfiber palm.

Get a Grip! – Weight Lifting Glove Features that Help You Clamp on

Grip is, of course, a huge factor to consider when you are choosing the right women’s weight lifting gloves.

I already discussed padding. Too much padding weakens your grip, while too little leaves your palms unprotected.

What can you look for to get the best grip? Gloves with a neoprene rubber pad, like the Grip Power Pads Women Gym Gloves – Mimi give you the best of both worlds, just enough padding and great grip.

Fit and Form

Well fitted gloves add a lot to your lifting experience. If your gloves are slipping or sliding, or rubbing you the wrong way, you will notice.

Well fitted gloves with a comfortable fit that does not slip is a priority when choosing the right weight lifting glove.

What to look for?

Look for gloves with a stretch mesh, lycra or spandex top to get a snug fit.

Features like an angled Velcro close allow you to customize the fit around your wrist to secure the glove.

Women’s Weightlifting Gloves FAQs

woman doing sit ups with holding a weight plate and wearing gloves

What are the Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Women?

If you ask my opinion, I say the Grip Power Pads Women’s Gym Gloves – Mimi are the best weight lifting gloves for women.

If you want added wrist support, the Grip Power Pads Women’s Elite Gloves with Wrist support are the right choice.

These gloves give you excellent grip. They have a neoprene rubber pad in the palm that is genius.

It gives you both cushion and grip in one, without being bulky or lacking durability.

When you look at the gloves, it is obvious they are well constructed and great care went into every design detail.

Is it Better to Lift Weights with or without Gloves?

It depends. Some purists believe gloves negatively affect your grip.

Wearing the wrong weight lifting glove may in fact, impair your grip.


The right glove can improve your grip, protect your wrists and prevent calluses, something I think is worthwhile.

For me, I prefer to lift with gloves.

What Weight Lifting Gloves should I Look for?

In addition to the 10 best weight lifting gloves for women I listed above, there are other gloves I reviewed that are unisex or for men. Check out my list of the best weightlifting gloves here.

What are the Best Weight Lifting Gloves for CrossFit?

Weight lifting gloves for CrossFit should really focus on grip and callus prevention.

In CrossFit you use gloves for the Olympic lifts, but you also use them for pull up bar exercises, kettlebells exercises and on the rower and air bike, to name a few.

Check out this carefully crafted list of the best weight lifting gloves for CrossFit here.

Psssst! Hey you! Are you new to CrossFit or considering joining a CrossFit box?

I have just what you need…

…I wrote this guide for women thinking of getting into CrossFit. Take a look!

What are Some Alternatives to Weight Lifting Gloves?

Not everyone wants to wear gloves while they work out. There are a few alternatives to weight lifting gloves.

Check out this video to see how you can grip the bar to prevent calluses.

You can also use hand grips instead of weight lifting gloves to get a better grip and lift more weight. Here is a list of the best hand grips for CrossFit. Take a look.

How do I Wash My Weight Lifting Gloves?

Here is how I wash my gloves, which are made with suede and lycra, with a Velcro close.

  • Rinse the gloves with cold water.
  • Gently massage in some liquid laundry detergent.
  • Rinse well, removing all detergent.
  • Hang dry in an area with a bit of sun to kill germs.
  • Do not leave for more than a day in direct sun because they will break down prematurely if you leave them baking in the sun for days.

That’s all folks!

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