Complete Guide to CrossFit for Women & Why Ladies Should CrossFit

CrossFit. The “Sport of Fitness”. Functional Fitness. Whatever you call it, one thing is for sure. You can call it popular because it is.

If you have arrived here there is a good chance you are contemplating a CrossFit Routine.

two crossfit girls doing pushups in outdoor

  • Maybe a friend suggested it.
  • Maybe you noticed a Co-worker or spouses transform there body and are intrigued.
  • Maybe you overheard a conversation or saw something on TV that made it look intriguing or fun.

I remember what it was for me. I have tried “going to the gym” I have tried lifting weights and circuit training on my own.

You know what? It was BORING.

Sorry, but it’s true. I could not stick with it because I just was bored and alone at the gym and wanted to just go home.

You won’t necessarily make friends at the gym. You may see a gang of folks lined up on the treadmills or elliptical trainers like the hamsters I had as a kid.

hamster wheel

But what are they doing, besides “working out”? Listening to music (with ear buds in), or reading books (with their heads down).

Some gyms just are not conducive to building relationships. Maybe they should put the treadmills in a big circle and …well, never mind. It is a bad idea waiting to happen.

Guess What?

We are BUILT for relationship. Humans are naturally social creatures; we will make friendships when we are in a setting where it feels natural to do so.

And you know what else?

CrossFit is designed to build the relationships us humans crave, which is one of many reasons for its enduring success.

crossfit strenght workout training

OK, before I go any further

I want to let you know by the end of this article we will lay out the reasons CrossFit is great for women, and why women should do CrossFit.

Coming up we cover the health benefits of CrossFit for women, some basic workouts, and what to wear to the box.

Benefits of CrossFit For Women

Why women should do CrossFit?

There are many exercises similar to CrossFit

HIIT Videos

HIIT videos are great, and honestly, and excellent workout, but unless you exercise with a friend, you miss out on the social aspect of CrossFit.

Don’t underestimate the motivation you receive from cheering others on, and being given encouragement.

Boot Camps

Another superb exercise, and very similar to CrossFit. The thing about boot Camps is they usually only run for a limited time.

If you want to learn more about the difference between CrossFit and Bootcamp, click here.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is good, but it lacks the social aspect and variety CrossFit offers.

Aerobics or Spinning Classes

Great for cardio, and you will easily make friends in these classes, buuuut….you will miss the strength training that CrossFit has.

CrossFit pumps out Fit Sexy women like McDonalds Pumps out burgers.

Seriously, there are countless testimonials, transformation stories, recommendations, people you know in real life who are just average folks, that changed their life and body using CrossFit.

Female athlete exercising in crossfit gym

Actual health benefits of CrossFit training

  • CrossFit works regardless of your current fitness level. A CrossFit based HIPT (High Intensity Power Training) training program can yield meaningful improvements of maximal aerobic capacity and body composition in men and women of all levels of fitness.
  • CrossFit will help you lose fat (and gain muscle, if you want to). Studies on CrossFit show increases in aerobic capacity and a decrease in upper and lower limb circumference. Translation: Their arms and legs got smaller.
  • CrossFit is good for your mental health and well being. This study showed that Connection and Community were top on the list of motivations for continuing CrossFit. Participants said things like “the workouts are tough, but the sense of community and friendships I’ve built have kept me coming back for me” or “I love the camaraderie that comes from CrossFit.”

Is CrossFit good for women?

I say YES. There is a lot to say about women’s health and CrossFit.

We have already answered these two common questions:

CrossFit Workouts for Women

Women workout

Looking for a new routine? We have several lined up for you.

CrossFit Apparel for Women

running shoes

You don’t have to wear special workout clothes for CrossFit, but it sure helps.

Pants that don’t slide or creep, tops that don’t constrict and stay down, and shoes that are flexible enough to use in agility movements and stable enough for heavy lifting are all part of a serious CrossFit Athletes wardrobe.

We have recommendations for each of these areas:

CrossFit Gear

fitness girl during workout at gym
As you progress in your journey, and more so as you lift heavier weights you might consider CrossFit Gear. Some gear, like knee sleeves, may seem like stuff for body builders.

But it’s NOT!

Knee sleeves, wrist wraps and gloves are for everyone. Especially if you have bad knees, weak wrists, or you don’t want to tear up your hands using the bar.

Make no mistake!

Gear can help improve CrossFit results for women

We have created these informative guides to get you started.

So What are You Waiting For?

Are you ready to Jump into the world of CrossFit and see all that it has waiting for you? Don’t put off enjoying the benefits of CrossFit for women!

If you want to see more content for women in CrossFit go ahead and leave a comment and we will make sure new articles are delivered to your inbox.

So, until next time, we will see you at the box!



Katie is a busy wife and mother of four. She is a freelance writer and frequent contributor on Garage Gym Power. She guards her gym time jealously, and would rather miss a PTA meeting or get takeout for dinner than miss a workout.