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8 Habits of Insanely Fit People You Too Can Develop

Have you ever noticed something special about people who keep themselves in an absolutely great shape?

It makes it look like the results you see come easy to them. And everything they do seems to be a natural part of who they are.

It’s true, there are people who work out, actively use their gym memberships or exercise at home and then there are these insanely fit people.

The ones we look up and either try to follow their path or just accept the fact that we will never get to their level.

fit women

So what makes them so special?

More importantly, is it possible for you to hack their lifestyle and learn to apply some of their secrets to your everyday life?

The difference between you and insanely fit people

There are no supernatural powers that would help these people in question.

The only thing that actually makes them different is their mindset. Which leads to taking up certain habits that then help them enjoy truly healthy lifestyles!

There are individual differences for every one of the fit people you look up to. But certain aspects of their lives are pretty common. And these are the habits that you too can develop and enjoy the fruits of your work after.

Make health a lifestyle

First and most important is making health a lifestyle.

Forget about balancing between the two worlds and commit yourself to living healthy and taking up fitness on a serious level.

yoga on beach

Yes, this does mean that you will have to learn to let go some of those and nasty habits.

Understand that there are things you don’t know. And learn them!

Forget about being the smartest person in the room. There are plenty of things you don’t know, which others understand to the very last bit.

When it comes to changing your lifestyle, learning from others is crucial.

Be yourself, but always take up new things that can make your results even better in the long run.

Simple workouts and lifestyle

Keep it all simple and don’t overthink unnecessary stuff. This will only distract you doing what is supposed to be done.

Plus, when you do too much analysis on every aspect of your life and workouts, it gets frustrating to keep up with everything. And this is when a lot of people decide to quit. So don’t take the fun out of it and keep it the way you can enjoy the process.

girl on beach

Focus on how You feel about yourself

This leads to the importance of feeling good about yourself.

Forget about the number on the scales and keeping up with insane diets. Of course, there is no doubt that you have to look after yourself if you want to be fit.

But most importantly, go for the results that make you feel good. And remember, that somethings getting your weight up a little and shaping it right is what makes you actually look good.

Also, you have to remember that following some diets can lead to damaging your body.

Follow the 85/15 rule

Talking about keeping up with specific diets, keep in mind that you can still eat whatever you want from time to time.

dessert with berries

Some health experts admit that a good ratio to keep up with is 85 to 15. This means eating clean, quality food and following your fitness diet for 85% of the time and allowing yourself enjoy whatever you want for 15% of the time.

Just keep in mind you have to be careful and not get caught in eating whatever you want too much.

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is crucial for your body to function properly and to avoid damaging your muscles that need to rest.

Spending long nights without sleeping and then waking up early will make you feel tired all the time. This will interfere with your workouts and make them less effective.

Keep a schedule

You should never stress out about your lifestyle and anything going on. Also, you have to learn to enjoy the process and make it interesting for yourself.

fitness schedule

But you have to find a way to combine these things with keeping a schedule. This is where creating a fitness log can come in handy. Keeping journal will allow you to plan ahead for more effective results and keep track of your progress, which is sometimes what gives the motivation to keep moving forward.

Compete and make it fun

There is no point of doing all of this if you cannot enjoy it. Look for workouts that are interesting and try to find a way of making your everyday life more fun.

Good competition!

At the same time, get yourself some competition (the kind of competition that you enjoy) and work as hard as you can to be the best. But keep in mind that this is about being a better version of yourself and not about being better than someone else.

Compete, but stop being crazy about comparing yourself to others.

It’s about you loving yourself

All of these habits are there for one reason and one reason only. To make the best to out of yourself and make you love yourself.

You have to make fitness a lifestyle and enjoy every little bit of it.

Got some interesting habits that help you with being insanely fit? Leave a comment or contact us to let us know!