17 Best Rowing Machines for Your Home Gym [Beginner’s Guide & Reviews 2019]

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Are you down to erg?

I think you are or you wouldn’t be here.

Erging is like rowing using a rowing machine as opposed to being on the water or OTW.

An ergometer is the technical name for the rowing machine which is also sometimes also called a rower.

What every you call them, they captured the attention of CrossFitters, Bodybuilders and are finding their way into more and more gyms.


Because erging is efficient. Erging engages every major muscle group in your body in a sonic speed calorie blasting cardio workout.

Erging is not as easy as it looks, it is some serious cardio. But it is also pretty low impact.

I will get into the benefits of rowing in a minute. I will also cover which muscles rowers work, how to choose the best ergometer for you, and finish of with reviews of 17 rowing machines available today.


Rowing Machines

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BodyCraft VR500 Commercial Rowerbuy-from-amazon-button
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 WaterRower Natural Rowing Machinebuy-from-amazon-button
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Two young sportsmen training on rowing machines

Don’t you worry, we got the answers right here.

Follow my guide and I promise you, not only will you find the perfect rowing machine, but once you start using it, you will crush all of your fitness goals in no time.

Rowers may seem complicated, but many personal trainers are quick to sing enthusiastic praises about the power of the rowing machine.


The best rowing machines deserve all the praise they can get.

It’s one of the quickest, most thorough full-body cardio workouts you can get – all in a single machine.

The most challenging thing about rowing machines is deciding which one to get.

Full Disclosure: The truth is, a max effort 500m row is the most challenging thing about rowing. But I assume you have not tried that… yet. So you have something to look forward to!

The kind of machine you choose makes a difference. It would be a shame to invest money in a piece of workout equipment that isn’t quite right.

Consider this your ultimate shopping guide for the best rowing machine for home.

Woman athlete exercising on rowing machine at home gym

Why Buy a Rowing Machine?

Investing in a rowing machine is more economical than it seems. When you workout on a rower, you’re engaging your upper body, lower body, and core simultaneously.

Erging is a speedy workout that hits every key zone. Rather than buying multiple pieces of separate equipment and trying to get in a few separate sessions, the rower can do it all in one.

Still need convincing?

This 2011 study evaluated ergometers as tools for training and conditioning MMA fighters and wrestlers.

The study judged rowers an excellent tool for emulating the intensity of a fight, improving upper and lower body coordination, increasing aerobic capacity and power output.

Bottom line:

Any athlete who benefits from increase aerobic capacity and power output (aka ENDURANCE) will benefit from erging or rowing.

Now STOP and think about this…

How often can you access a canoe and lake? How long does it take to prepare for a rowing trip?

rowers rowing machine workout

It’s a lot of work, and owning a rower makes a great rowing workout uncomplicated.

Best rowing machines also provide a low impact workout, which is surprising when you consider the intensity they bring to the table.

There’s virtually no impact on your joints when you row. You’re building muscle and shedding pounds in the process, all without the risk of impact-related injury.

These are a great option for people with small home gyms who may not have room to accommodate large equipment. Rowers have a small footprint and potentially replace several pieces of gym equipment, maximizing your investment.


Many rowing machines are designed to fold up when they aren’t in use, making their use of space even less.

A rowing machine is practical, powerful, and useful.

rowing machine

What Muscles Does a Rowing Machine Target?

  • Legs: While executing the pulling motions your quadriceps and hamstring muscles are put to work.
  • Back: Your back is targeted when working out with a rowing machine.
  • Arms: With the motion of the upper body, many arm muscles are activated with each stroke.
  • Core: Your abdominal muscles are put to work throughout the whole workout with a rowing machine. Plus, to complete the flowing motion your upper and lower body is coordinated to work together.

Which is Better, Treadmill or Rowing Machine?

The truth is, it depends on what your fitness goals are and what are you looking for in a workout. And we can say that both are great for a good cardiovascular workout and each has different benefits!

Keep in mind that running is more likely to cause joint and foot injury.

On the other hand, running on a treadmill is better for burning calories. However, if you use your rowing machine for HIIT type of training you’ll be able to burn a ton of calories without a doubt.

Also, a rowing machine is amazing for recovery training.

Fitness girl running on treadmill

How Good is a Rowing Machine for Weight Loss?

To lose weight, you have to burn calories. And you have to burn more than you take in!

The great thing about a rowing machine is that you can build your own workout with resistance that works best for you.

This means you can use a rowing machine to exercise with a HIIT type of workout. HIIT workouts are amazing for burning calories and losing some of that extra weight.

Rowing also uses most major muscle groups at the same time, and is an efficient calorie burner.

How Can You Get the Most Out of Rowing?

Erging is a technical movement, and if you want to get the most out of it, you must learn to row correctly.

Here are some tips to get you on track.

  • You row in a two to one ratio. Take 2 beats to slide up the track, and one beat to slide down. Get this rythem down and you will be off to a good start.
  • Your hands need to stay level, and above your knees as you row. If your hands are bouncing up and down in order to clear your knees your stroke is misaligned.
  • Your hands should stay in the same plane. If they have to jump over your knees when you come up the slide, your stroke is off. The movement progression is as follows.
  • As you row, do not curve your back.
  • Pull the rower handle to your chest, pec height.
  • Keep arms outside the knees and keep legs straight.

Need more guidance?

This video will show you How to erg.

How Much Does a Rowing Machine Cost?

The cost of a rowing machine depends on what you are looking for and how much you are ready to invest.

There are different quality rowing machines in all price categories which means you can simply follow our recommendations to find the one that fits you and the size of your wallet.


We have tried out different rowing machines in the price range from a couple of hundred dollars to well over a thousand dollars, and yes, there are good and bad models throughout the whole spectrum.

What Rowing Machine Should I get?

Before making the decision you should consider a couple of things:

  • How often will you use the rowing machine?
  • What is your desired price range?
  • How serious are you about working out?
  • How many people will be using it?
  • Do you want to track your progress?
  • Do you need instructions for better workouts?

Finding answers to these questions will allow you to find a perfect best rowing machine for your home gym.

Be sure to check out my list of 17 rowing machine reviews below. The list covers all price ranges and styles of rowers available.

private home gym

How to Find the Best Rowing Machine?

Picking the right rowing machine may seem tricky at first, but the process becomes a lot easier when you know what you’re looking for. Some rowing machines are made with a quick workout in mind.

They’re great for cardio, and a little bit of muscle toning.

Other rowing machines are heavy duty, and the resistance will provide you with intense muscle building. If you’re looking for a rowing machine that can do it all, it may be worth spending a little more on a premium model.

When you think about the other equipment you won’t have to buy, the investment practically pays for itself.


If you are in the market for a new rower, it is likely you are looking for some additional equipment to your home gym or maybe a rower is the first piece of equipment for your home.

In this case, you may be asking yourself….

What is the Best Indoor Rower?

The rowing machine you are looking for can be simple. The best indoor rowers do not have to be the same quality as the ones built for public gyms.

However, if you are ready to make the investment, you should be looking for the kind of quality that lasts a lifetime.

Understanding the differences between rowing machine styles is key.

Keep in mind that some are designed as CrossFit rowing machines, for example.

What is the Best Rowing Machine to Buy?

The best rowing machine for home is the one that you can afford and brings good value from the investment.

However, if you want to be really specific, here are a couple we would suggest as some of the best ones on the market right now:


Rowing Machines


WaterRower Club Rowing Machine

A water resistance rowing machine that is basically a piece of art.

BodyCraft VR500 Commercial Rower

A hybrid of air and magnetic resistance that is without a doubt one of the best rowing machines available.

What Are The Different Kinds of Rowing Machines?

What is the difference between an air, hydraulic, magnetic and water rower?

Every variation of the rowing machine is used for a different purpose, though they all provide a similar experience.

Machines with fixed handles will generally cost you less money, but will not feel similar to rowing on water.

While the workout will be mechanically similar to real-life rowing, the handles prevent it from being exactly as engaging.


What are the 4 different types of rowing machines?

The four different types of rowing machines are:

  • Water resistance rowing machine
  • Air resistance rowing machine
  • Hydraulic resistance rowing machine
  • Magnetic resistance rowing machine

Once you understand how different rowing machine types work and how they create resistance, it will be easy to select the machine and experience you desire.

Water Flywheel Rowing Machines

Water rowing machines provide you the most authentic experience any rowing machine can give you. The handles are attached to paddles suspended in a tank of water.

Adjusting the amount of water in the tank can help you customize your resistance. Like real rowing, the resistance will naturally become higher as you row faster.

Because of this, you won’t have to worry as much about adjusting your resistance – you’ll naturally learn to row harder and faster, making your workout more intense as you learn.


These models are much heavier and a lot more difficult to store, but if you have enough space for one, these are top-of-the-line. Many can be stood up on end without leaking water.

Air Flywheel Rowing Machines

With an air flywheel, you’re basically powering a large fan. They can get a little loud, but the workout is great. Like the water rowing machine, the air rower will offer you more resistance the faster you go.

Depending on the model you select, you may also be able to manually set the intensity by adjusting a valve that directs airflow to the wheel, but you might not need to do that.

You’ll be able to naturally acclimate to the higher intensity simply by practicing.

The best type of rowing machine? ARGUABLY, YES!

Many professionals say that this is the best type of rowing machine there is, and even Olympic athletes choose to work out with air resistance rowing machines.

Hydraulic Resistance Rowing Machines

These rowers are powered by hydraulic pistons, which are affixed to the handlebars. While hydraulic rowers may be adjustable, the way the pistons are attached makes the handlebars immovable.

For example Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine with 50 resistance levels for many options to choose from while working out.

Because of this, hydraulic rowers are best for arm workouts – you won’t be able to do as much with your legs or your core.

These are generally less expensive, but they don’t offer as much versatility. If your main concern is building up your arms, however, you may find that a hydraulic rower is the one you’ve been looking for.

Magnetic Flywheel Rowing Machines

If you are looking for the best magnetic rowing machine, this one right here could very well be what you are looking for.


Magnetic Rowing Machines


Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Rowing Machine

Nothing fancy, but for the price you get a good workout maching that will do the thing.

Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Rower

Choose the resistance you want and set it up on the screen before using the rowing machine. Good value for the price.

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

The compact desing makes this machine perfect even for small homes for a good price.

These wheels use complex electromagnets in the flywheel to provide the resistance necessary for an intense workout. In most cases, the resistance is highly adjustable, so you can amp up the electromagnets as you gain experience using your rowing machine.

With less expensive magnetic rowers, the resistance is pre-set and cannot be changed. If you decide to opt for a magnetic rower, make sure the one you’re getting can be customized to suit your needs.

TOP 17 Best Rowing Machines Reviews 2019

Now you know the differences between rowing machine types and have a budget (hopefully)! It’s time to ask just one more question.

What is the best rowing machine?

To answer that, we have reviewed some of the most popular rowing machines in the market.

And here’s a glimpse at the 17 top rated rowing machines. The full spectrum of the price range, quality and experience!

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine

This is a great entry-level model. This compact magnetic rower folds up when you aren’t using it, helping you store it away.

You’re getting eight adjustable resistance levels, and a monitor console that will help you track your workout time and calories burned.


  • Foldable.
  • Monitor console displays time, calories, total count and more.


  • Noisy slide mechanism.
  • Build quality good, but not excellent.

Resistance: magnetic tension system with eight adjustable resistance levels.

Body and Foot Support: large anti-slip foot pedals and a fully padded seat as well as non-slip grip handlebars.


Noting fancy, but it gets the job done. If you just want to get your workouts done on a reasonably priced rower, this machine might be perfect for you.

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor

This water rowing machine is as close to an actual rowing experience that you can get from the comfort of your own home.

This is a hefty model, weighing in at over 100 pounds. It’s sturdy and built to last. It comes with a comprehensive monitor that will allow you to track your heart rate and even your workout intensity.


  • Handcrafted.
  • Replicates actual rowing feel.
  • Quiet.
  • Series 4 performance monitor tracks workout intensity, stroke rate, heart rate, and more.


  • High price point.
  • Non-regulating foot support.

Resistance: smooth and self-regulated water resistance.

Body and Foot Support: 15’’ ergonomic handle and ergonomic saddle.


A handcrafted piece of art that has found its place in the gym. That’s the best way to describe this beautiful rowing machine that will get you in shape in no time.

WaterRower GX Home Rowing Machine

This model is similar to the natural rowing machine made by the same brand, but it’s more budget friendly. Rather than being constructed entirely from wood, this model features a metal rail design.

Since the rail is aluminum, this rower offers a great workout without being as difficult to move around. Though you can’t fold it up, it’s easier to transport to a different location if you need to free up some floor space.


  • Patented WaterFlywheel.
  • GX monitor that displays time, distance, total calories burned, stroke rate, and more.
  • Easy storage.


  • High price point.
  • Foot placement can’t be adjusted.

Resistance: adjustable resistance levels with water like rowing feel.

Body and foot support: real-life feel saddle and ergonomic grip.


Hands down, one of the best ergometers on the market. The realistic feeling of rowing in water is amazing. You won’t regret this investment.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

This air resistance rowing machine is an excellent choice for people who need to save space in their home gym.

You’re getting a quality rowing workout without the bulk and weight of a hefty machine. When you don’t need to use it, this model folds up compactly, and even comes with caster wheels so you can roll it away.


  • Flywheel design minimizes noise.
  • Tracking monitor with an adjustable arm.
  • Good quality build.


  • High price point.

Resistance: adjust resistance by changing airflow.

Body and foot support: 14-inch seat height with adjustable footrests and ergonomic handle.


A perfect rowing machine for your home if you don’t have too much space. Plus, not only is it compact, it is sturdy and delivers a challenging workout.

Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower

If you are on the market in search of a magnetic rower and you don’t want to settle for less, you’ll love what Avari has done with this design.

It features a fitness monitor that allows you to track your stats and progress, and it even comes preloaded with 12 workouts.


  • 12 workout programs including 6 cardio profiles.
  • Monitor tracking time, count, distance, calories, strokes per minute, pulse and watt.


  • Saddle could be more comfortable.

Resistance: adjustable resistance by changing settings on monitor.

Body and foot support: large footplates and molded saddle.


If you want to follow a certain workout program and keep up with the results, this machine is made for you. It’s good quality and comes at a reasonable price.

Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine

Hydraulic rowers are very compact, and that’s part of what makes them so appealing. This rower features two hydraulic cylinders to provide adequate resistance and an ergonomically designed seat for your comfort.

It’s fully programmable and comes loaded with monitoring capabilities, so you’ll be able to see what you’ve accomplished as you’ve rowed.


  • Display tracks Time, Distance, Energy Consumed, Strokes, Pulse Rate and Frequency.
  • Good price point.
  • Quiet.


  • Problematic assembly.
  • Lack of height versatility.

Resistance: hydraulic, with 50 resistance levels for a wide variety.

Body and foot support: comfortable saddle and pivoting footrests.


The feedback on hydraulic rowing machines often point to one issue. Hydraulic rowers lack resistance. However, on this piece of equipment, there are 50 resistance levels to choose from, so this rower does not have that fault.

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

This rowing machine offers a drum magnetic control system, allowing you to easily control the tension electronically.

It’s foldable when you need to put it away, and it’s made of lightweight, but durable anodized aluminum.

It comes with a heart monitor that straps to your chest to accurately measure your caloric output.


  • Electronic tension control.
  • Good price point.
  • Easy to fold and store.
  • Monitor for resistance and workout tracking.


  • Uncomfortable saddle.
  • Footrests could be bigger.

Resistance: adjustable resistance with DMC System.

Body and foot support: molded saddle and ergonomic footrests.


A small and simple machine, nothing too fancy. If you just want to do your workout, this machine is perfect!

BodyCraft VR500 Commercial Rower

This air rower is designed to be exactly like the ones you’ll find at upscale gyms. It incorporates 32 levels of magnetic resistance, making for a hybrid air and magnetic workout.

This commercial rower is ergonomically designed, making it easier to use for extended periods of time. It folds up and even features a child lock. This one is perfect for homes with children.


  • Excellent built quality.
  • Black Mask LCD w/LED Backlit Display and Keys.
  • Folds for storage in less than 3 seconds.
  • Handlebar with 4 Button IR Remote Resistance Controls.
  • Up to 4 User profiles.


  • High price point.
  • Relatively large footprint.
  • Nylon belt might wear out.

Resistance: the resistance is smooth and easy to adjust. It’s electronically controlled and a hybrid of air and eddy current magnetic force.

Body and foot support: deluxe adjustable heel rest with quick adjust foot straps.


Yes, it’s not the least expensive machine you can find, but boy does it deliver. If you are looking for a lasting investment, this is it.

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor

With WaterRower’s rowing machines, you aren’t just working out – you’re actually learning to row effectively.

If you closed your eyes, you would swear you were in a boat with the sound of water swooshing around you.

This machine is created with the latest technology performance monitors on the market and is made of high-quality ash wood.


  • Handcrafted.
  • Replicates actual rowing feel and sound.
  • Performance monitor tracks workout intensity, stroke rate, heart rate, and more.
  • Great build quality.
  • Construction absorbs sound and vibration.


  • Foot placement can’t be adjusted.
  • Relatively large footprint.

Resistance: self-regulated resistance with water flywheel.

Body and foot support: ergonomically designed saddle with sufficient padding; truly comfortable handle.


Have you ever been on a boat? Well, this water rower will give you that sensation. It is just what you need for the best rowing machine workout.

Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower

This rowing machine is a beast. It’s one of the most heavy duty air rowers you’ll find anywhere.

It’s lightweight, easy to move and even comes with floor protectors to prevent damage to your home gym floor.

The seat and glide track are both oversized, allowing anyone of any size to use this machine rower to its maximum potential.


  • Monitor displays speed, distance, time, and calories burned.
  • Rowing motion is smooth.
  • Accommodates large riders.


  • Foam padded molded could be more comfortable.
  • Technically not adjustable.

Resistance: resistance adjusts slightly with harder rowing motion.

Body and foot support: large, adjustable footrests with straps; smooth glide on the rail gives more comfort.


A great heavy duty air rowing machine that is worth the investment. The company has taken into account all of the feedback and made it a high-end quality machine.

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

The biggest difference between the much sought after Concept 2 Model D, and this model E is seat height.

The model E design accommodates athletes with mobility issues and/or heavy riders in the 250 lb plus range.


  • Quiet smooth ride.
  • Sits 20” off the ground, easy to get on and off.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Gym quality machine.


  • Couple hundred dollars more than the Concept 2 Model D, but those with mobility issues say it is worth it.

Resistance: based on rowing effort, this machine uses a flywheel and a spiral damper to adjust airflow and the “feel” of the row.

Body and foot support: 20” seat height, one of the highest in the industry.


The ideal rower for mobility impaired athletes who want the rower with the best reputation on the market.

First Degree Fitness Indoor Water Rower with Adjustable Resistance

Row like a Viking with this mighty ergometer. The Viking II uses adjustable water resistance, constructed with stunning ash and solid metal parts, with a robust performance monitor to track your erg session.


  • Performance monitor tracks time, strokes, calories, distance and heart rate.
  • Resistance adjusts with the turn of a dial.
  • Consistent resistance through the entire stroke.
  • Smooth maintenance free belt drive.
Resistance: variable with 4 levels of adjustable resistance. The resistance remains consistent through the row.

Body and foot support: Textured seat surface prevents slipping. Adjustable foot pedal height.


Smooth, consistent and maintenance free water rower.

Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine

The Lifecore R100 rower is a belt driven air model with adjustable magnetic resistance. The system is compatible with the Polar HR monitor and includes programs that are based on your current heart rate.


  • Folds up for easy storage.
  • 16 levels of resistance controlled magnetically.
  • 600 lb max user weight easily accommodates larger athletes.
  • Large saddle.


  • The included HR monitor and calorie count are not as accurate as other rowers.
  • Some owners mentioned problems with clutch bearings.

Resistance: uses both air and magnetic resistance.

Body and foot support: 13” seat height, angled foot rests.


Both air and magnetic resistance set this ergometer apart from the others.

Xebex Air Rower Conditioning Pack

The Xebex air rower is similar quality compared to the Concept 2 Model E, it also sits high off the ground, nearly 24” to be exact, Plus it is less expensive and easier to stow and move.

I am surprised it is not more popular.


  • Easily folds up to store, unlike many others, plus it has front and back transport wheels.
  • 24” off the ground, easy to get on and off of, does not feel like sitting on the ground.
  • Well packaged, well built, and easy to assemble.


  • The console programs are not intuitive.

Resistance: uses air resistance.

Body and foot support: molded well formed comfortable seat. Adjustable foot pads.


Seriously easy to move and store, commercial quality rower. This rower will not let you down.

First Degree Fitness Newport AR Rower

If you want true water resistance, this Newport AR rower has it. Not only does it feel like rowing on the water, the on board console allows you to connect with online racing against other online rowers.


  • Resistance remains consistent thru the entire stroke.
  • Quiet belt driven operation, with a pleasant water swoosh sound during each stroke.
  • Stores upright without leaking.
  • Seat glides smoothly on ball bearings.


  • Sits low to the ground.

Resistance: adjustable water resistance.

Body and foot support: heel support adjusts to your foot.


Superb, smooth, quiet, easy to store water rower.

LifeCORE Fitness R90 Rowing Machine

LifeCore R90 sets itself apart from the competition, as it offers both air and 6 levels of magnetic resistance, sits 19.5” off the ground, almost as high as a standard chair so those with mobility issues, or those who simply like sitting up off the floor, will benefit.


  • Belt drive and magnetic resistance make for a quiet(er) row.
  • Console with 7 data metrics displayed, plus workout programs, including a race program.
  • Sits 19.5” off the ground for easy exit and boarding.
  • Easily folds and stores.


  • No HR monitor or ANT+ connection.

Resistance: both air and magnetic resistance.

Body and foot support: adjustable foot rest with heel supports. 10 degree bend in the handle support ergonomic hand and wrist movement.


High seat height and dual resistance mechanisms make this rower a good choice for your home gym.

Kettler Home Exercise/Fitness Equipment: Coach E Rowing Machine

The unique top-center placement of the rowing cord open this machine up to exercises that go beyond rowing because it is set up to function as a cable machine too.

Using the back pad, you can perform crunches, bent over row, single arm row, standing, seated or reclined bicep curls and more.


  • German made, with high quality Electronics by Siemens.
  • Polar HR monitor included- plus includes HR controlled workout programs.
  • Stands on end for storage.
  • Allows for additional cable exercises.


  • Because it is German made, some materials may not be in English.
  • Requires a 110-120 volt AC power source.

Resistance: resistance is displayed in watts. Resistance is provided by a brake system and the Ergometer also has frictionless electromagnetic resistance.

Body and foot support: seat glides smoothly on ball bearing rollers. Adjustable Velcro straps secure feet to a pivoting footplate.


Superior on board electronics, included Polar HR monitor and the ability to perform cable based arm exercises make this German made rower a winner in my book.

A rowing Machine for the Future!

While choosing a rowing machine, you have to think about the future. In other words, understand that you are making a serious investment in your health and fitness.

Therefore consider how the specific model will work in long term and what is the actual value of the purchase.

How Easy or Hard is it to Maintain a Rowing Machine?

It mostly depends on the type of rowing machine you choose to use. For example, when using the water resistance rowing machine you might need to change or add some water from time to time.

Several models listed in the reviews above will not need a water change for many years. I also point out maintenance free models if that is important to you.

The rolling and sliding parts of each rower should be lubricated in order to keep them fresh and working well.

Everything else depends on how you use the machine. Use it right, and there should be no significant problems with any of the models we have reviewed!

Is There a Way to Reduce the Noise on My Rowing Machine?

Not really!

If you are looking for a quiet piece of equipment, you might want to consider a water resistance rowing machine. They are known to be quieter than any other types of rowing machines.

You can try and reduce the vibration the machine creates by placing a stable piece of fabric under the legs of the rowing machine.

A Great Piece of Equipment

There’s simply no way to lose with a rowing machine.


They’re powerful, versatile, and great for people of all fitness levels, with different fitness goals.

Almost everyone will be able to incorporate a rowing machine into their fitness routines and see real results in a short period of time.

Tell us about your experience with rowing machines in the comments or do it privately by contacting us!