TOP 10 Best High Impact Sports Bras for Large Breasts 2021

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TOP 10 Best High Impact Sports Bras for Large Breasts Reviewed 2021

Are you a big breasted lady?

Good news!

You don’t have to be held back by breast pain or bouncing when you exercise!

There are some truly excellent sports bras for large breasts which will keep you feeling secure and supported no matter what activity you choose to undertake!

Keep reading for a roundup of the best sports bras for large breasts and a few key pointers on what to look for.

TOP 10 Best Sports Bras for Large Breasts 2021

Enell High Impact Sports Bra

Review: This is an excellent quality, a very well-designed sports bra that leaves you with no doubts that your girls will be supported while you move.

It features a string of hook and eye closures at the front that take a bit of practice (you have to do up a couple, then arrange your breasts, then do up the rest), but this combined with the full coverage back and incorporated cross strap is about as secure as it gets.

Not everyone will love the fact that it is a compression bra, so your breasts will be somewhat squashed together and against your chest. But, it works and allows you to run with little to no bouncing.


  • Moisture wicking.
  • Fully enclosed back with incorporated cross-strap.
  • Hook and eye closure at the front.
  • Wide non-stretchy shoulder straps.
  • Almost completely eliminates bouncing.


  • Can take a bit of practice to get it on.


This could be the best sports bra for back support and easily the best sports bra for large breasts of 2021. It reduces bounce to almost nothing, keeping you supported and comfortable.

Glamorise Full Figure Sports Bra

Review: If you’re not a fan of underwires, you should take a closer look at this bra. The cups are reinforced but wire-free and the wide, non-stretch straps are easily adjustable.

The company has a troubleshooting guide to help you get the perfect fit! But maybe the best feature of this bra is the mesh panel above your cleavage that keeps your breasts comfortably contained when they bounce upwards, but also gives you a bit of modesty and ventilation too.


  • Breathable, moisture-wicking material.
  • No underwire.
  • Functional top panel protects against upwards movement.
  • Excellent support and containment.
  • Very comfortable.


  • The trim causes issues for some people – may not be hypoallergenic.


This is one of the few bras to offer reinforced separate cups but without an underwire. This is a very comfortable option for people who don’t like underwires but need the support of them.

New Balance Shockingly Unshocking Sports Bra

Review: If you’re looking for something that really doesn’t compromise on bounce, this is your bra.

Your chest stays so well contained you might actually be able to forget that you’re a large-breasted woman for once!

It does compress your breasts into one package, but underneath the uni-boob appearance, your breasts are actually supported in individual molded cups which is essential for large chests.


  • No bounce.
  • Straps are wide and adjustable.
  • Traditional hook and eye closure at the back.
  • Molded cups.


  • Little bit of uni-boob going on.


If you don’t mind the uni-boob look, this is the best sports bra for runners with large breasts. Made specifically for running by New Balance, you can be guaranteed to avoid any bouncing.

Champion Spot Comfort Full Support Sports Bra

Review: This is a really highly rated sports bra for busty women. It manages to achieve excellent support and hardly any bounce without just squashing your breasts against your chest, which is a hard feat to achieve!

It is very comfortable, with gel padded straps and moisture-wicking material which keeps you dry and chafe-free. The hook and eye closure at the back is secure but easy to undo.


  • Gel padded straps.
  • Comfortable fit without being tight.
  • Easy to undo back closure.
  • Durable.
  • Very little bounce.


  • The seams are itchy in places.
  • Sizing is a little off.


This is an excellent, high impact sports bra for large breasts. It ticks all the boxes for large breasted women so you won’t be held back from any activity.

Freya Epic Underwire Crop Top

Review: This is a really popular sports bra for runners who appreciate underwires and individual cups as opposed to compression bras.

You get support for each breast rather than mushing them together into a uni-boob. The straps can also be reconfigured into a racerback style if that’s what you prefer or if it results in a better fit.


  • Coolmax inner fabric keeps you cool and dry.
  • Padded, adjustable straps.
  • Straps can be adjusted into the racerback style.
  • Soft, comfortable material.


  • Not everyone loves the shaping.


This is a sports bra for women who don’t like sports bras. It looks like a regular bra, keeping your breasts separated, but supports them completely.

Panache Underwire Sports Bra

Review: Panache are one of the leaders when it comes to sports bras for bigger breasts and their bras are really popular, but they are a little more pricey too.

This underwire sports bra goes up to 40GG size and really does prevent bouncing, no matter how fast you’re running.

The underwire is encased in silicone and a padded strap making for support so comfortable that you’ll be happy to keep wearing it even after your run.


  • Well-structured cups keep your breasts separate.
  • Thick, comfortable straps can be converted into a racerback.
  • Flattering shape – looks good under a t-shirt.
  • Moisture-wicking microfiber.


  • Some problems with the underwire being prone to popping out.


If you can figure out a way of stopping the underwire from popping out, this is one of the most comfortable and supportive sports bras on the market.

Shock Absorber Active Sports Bra

Review: This is a wireless sports bra that finds the middle ground between being compression, and keeping your breasts separated.

It provides great support in a comfortable package, with a good amount of coverage over your cleavage and wide, padded straps.

The wide chest band is secure but doesn’t feel restrictive and the whole design definitely doesn’t look like a sports bra.


  • Wide, adjustable, padded straps.
  • Secure, comfortable fit.
  • Moisture-wicking and breathable.
  • Front is nice and high so you won’t fall out when bending over.


  • Might be a little tricky to find the right size.
  • Also a little tricky to put on.


This is a great sports bra for hot weather, being thin, breathable and moisture-wicking but still supportive.

Berlei Sf4 Extreme Impact Underwire

Review: Another really top quality and high performing sports bra, Berlei’s Sf4 is a winner for big-chested ladies.

It’s also another great choice for hot weather as it’s breathable enough to stop you from getting sticky with mesh panels and overall lightweight design.

The straps can be worn like a regular bra or crossed over for a more secure fit.


  • Underwire and defined cups keeps breasts very separate.
  • Lightweight and breathable with mesh panels.
  • Very supportive.
  • Flattering shape.


  • Relatively low cut cleavage for a sports bra.


A popular, high quality and very supportive bra for high impact activity, that performs well in hot weather.

Yvette High Impact Sports Bra

Review: This is a bra for the die-hard lovers of crop stop style sports bras. The design actually makes it look like you’re wearing two crop tops, so if that used to be your deal, this is your gateway bra to wearing one that does the job of two!

This sports bra is impressively supportive for a bra without an underwire, the zippered front makes it easy to take on and off, and there is plenty of mesh to keep you cool and dry.


  • Zip up closer at the front.
  • Racerback with plenty of mesh for breathability.
  • Anti-slip shoulder straps.
  • Double layer for extra support.


  • Sizing is a little tricky to work out.
  • Could potentially shrink in the wash so use a cold cycle and don’t tumble dry.


This is the choice for girls who prefer crop tops.

Syrokan Coolmax Full Figure Sports Bra

Review: And now to round off the list with a more affordable option. The Syrokan sports bra is an underwire bra with molded cups to keep your boobs separate, and wide shoulder straps that can be clipped together for a racerback.

The Coolmax inner fabric is moisture-wicking to keep you cool, and the overall look is versatile enough for everyday wear.


  • Available in an H cup.
  • Slightly padded, molded cups.
  • Straps can be worn as a racerback.
  • Doesn’t look or feel like a sports bra.


  • Sizing can be tricky.


This is affordable option for large breasted women just starting to work out and looking to upgrade their sports bra.

woman ready for workout

How to Choose?

Choosing the best sports bra for large breasts is not a decision to take lightly. Just like when you’re choosing your next pair of women’s running shoes, there is a lot of comfort and potential injury at stake.

Even though the price tag is lower with a sports bra, the decision requires the same careful weighing up of pros and cons.

The best sports bras aren’t like regular bras. They have some key features that make them comfortable and practical when it comes to working up a sweat.

If you’re interested in looking at sports bras in general to see what’s out there – take a look at our list of the best sports bras.

So, what to look for?

Broadly speaking, there are two different styles of sports bra for large breasts that provide support in two different ways.

Different Styles of Sports Bra

  • Bras that support by compressing the breasts. Think your classic crop top. They usually don’t have an underwire and often results in a uni-boob. They can work for some people, but usually aren’t the best choice for large breasted women.
  • Alternatively, bras that support through enclosing the breasts in separate cups with the help of an underwire, don’t compress the breasts so much, are better at keeping them separate, and provide better prevention of bouncing. – These are the ones you want for big breasts!

Other things you’ll want to look for include:

Things You’ll Want to Look for

female athlete doing fitness workout at gym

Wide, Padded, Non-stretch Shoulder Straps

This is really important.

Thin shoulder straps won’t be able to take the weight of your breasts. The elastic will quickly fail and your bra will lose some of its ability to support you.

Thin straps will also dig into your shoulders and be really uncomfortable.

Hook and Eye Closure

This isn’t a deal-breaker, but hook and eye closures usually ensure the most secure and snug fitting closure around your chest.

Wide Chest Band

Most of the support actually comes from the chest band so having one that is nice and wide with very firm elastication is important.

A thin one won’t provide enough support and will likely end up digging into your flesh and feeling uncomfortable.

A Little Padding in the Cups

This helps with support, durability and modesty, keeping those nips in line regards of the temperature outside.

Moisture-wicking and Breathable Material

Nobody likes chafing!

Moisture-wicking material is essential to keeping you dry, cool and chafe-free.

High Coverage Over the Cleavage

We all know the saying “what goes up, must come down”, and the same is true with breasts, but in reverse.

“What goes down, will bounce up”, and having spillage out of the top of your bra is a very real and very annoying possibility.

Having your cleavage nicely contained behind some mesh helps to prevent this as well as providing a bit of modesty and additional support.

fitness woman at the gym


This is essential. Wearing a bra that doesn’t fit you perfectly could cause pain and eventually injury.

Pay attention to the specific sizing charts listed with each bra and re-measure yourself if you have to.

Sizing often varies between manufacturers, unfortunately.

Designed for Your Activity

Do you run? Are you into CrossFit? Or do you mainly cycle or lift weights?

Knowing what level of support you need will help you to decide whether you need a high impact or medium impact sports bra.

We have a couple of articles dedicated to the best sports bras for CrossFit and bras for running so if you’re interested in getting an idea of what suits those sports specifically then be sure to take a look before you make your choice.

A Shape that Flatters You

You’ve got to feel comfortable in your workout gear! I know it’s all about looking good, but bras come in different shapes.

Some women prefer a pointier look, some prefer to squeeze their girls into submission as much as possible.

Choose a bra that you like the shape of so you can feel good about yourself while you’re working out.

That wraps up the checklist of what to consider when choosing the best sports bra for big breasts.

At the end of the day, the two most important things are comfort and support. Everything else should follow automatically after that.

But, for big breasts, choosing a bra with reinforced, separate cups, really is a game-changer. So be sure to bear that in mind!

No more doubling up of crop-top style sports bras designed for B cups, please. We can do better than that!


fit woman wearing high impact sports bra

What is the Difference Between Sports Bra and Normal Bra?

A sports bra is designed to be a lot more supportive than a normal bra, preventing bounce and allowing you to exercise or play sport without having to worry about breast pain.

Is Sports Bra Good for Large Breasts?

Sports bras that are specifically designed for large breasts are good for large breasts. Some sports bras are excellent, but what works for a B cup will probably not work for a DD.

So, the best sports bras for DDs and up absolutely need to have the criteria listed above.

What is the Best Sports Bra for a Large Bust?

This depends on your specific shape and size. But Enell and Panache sports bras are widely considered to be some of the best. All of the bras on the above list are great choices.

Can Sports Bras Flatten Breasts?

Some sports bras support by compressing the breasts against your chest which can appear to flatten them.

However, the effect is not permanent and lasts only as long as you’re wearing the bra!

Is Underwired Bra Good for Heavy Breasts?

Not everyone loves underwires, and they do have a habit of popping out and inconvenient moments.

But, they do provide excellent support and are often necessary for heavy breasts. So, yes, underwires are good for heavy breasts.

Why are Sports Bras so Tight?

Sports bras need to be tight in order to provide enough support. If they’re too loose, you’ll still end up bouncing all over the place when you run.

Do Sports Bras Stop Bouncing?

Good ones that fit you properly do, yes!

They’ll never stop the bounce completely, but they should reduce it to a level that keeps you comfortable and eager to keep exercising.

Hopefully, you now feel confident choosing your next best sports bra for large breasts, so you won’t have to worry about any painful bouncing in your upcoming workouts.

If you’re still interested in good sports bras but think you maybe don’t need one specially designed for large breasts, after all, be sure to have a read of our list of the best high impact sports bras.

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