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The Problem With Your Weak Grip and How to Change It

You have been building strength for a while now and your endurance is spot-on yet you still fail to fully execute certain parts of your workout or the progress is slowing down.

It’s a common situation a lot of people face at some point on their journey to becoming a better version of themselves.

So where’s the problem here?

Well, there is a good chance that the problem is your grip strength. Actually, is most likely is your grip and the fact that the strength of it holds back other muscles.

It has been proven by some studies, that grip strength does in fact directly affect your endurance and the muscular strength of other parts of your body.

If you have been following different specific body strengthening programs, your forearms and grip have already been trained. But sometimes that’s just not enough and you need to put in some extra specific work for your grip.

One of the best ways to strengthen your grip is by using grip rings.

Even better if you are using rings that come in different resistance weights. Starting from the lighter one and moving up to a bigger resistance allows you to develop strength that won’t ever hold you back.

Let’s put it this way to give you a better look at the reality of your situation.

Overall motivation decreases due to the frustration of losing progress. Because of that workouts might seem less entertaining and fulfilling for yourself.

  • Because of that workouts might seem less entertaining and fulfilling for yourself.
  • Because of that workouts might seem less entertaining and fulfilling for yourself.
  • And this makes you the person that gives up! (And you don’t want to be that!)
  • All of this because of a weak grip.

Right there is your most likely problem. It’s your grip that does not hold up to the growth of strength and endurance of your body.

The solution is simple: start putting some effort in training your grip and getting your forearms in shape.

Some work with grip strength equipment should give you:

  • A strong grip that does not hold you back.
  • The person that keeps on going and making progress.
  • More feeling of fulfillment and a lot more entertaining workouts.
  • Confidence in yourself, your abilities and motivation to put in the work.

One of the things that we like about resistance rings is that you can literally use them anywhere. Even if you are not building a personal home gym, resistance rings for grip strength is a must-have item at your home.

You can work on strengthening your grip while watching TV, reading a book or working. A super versatile tool that gives you the push you needed to take the next step.

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