TOP 15 Best Bosu Balls & Balance Trainers Reviewed 2021

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TOP 15 Best Bosu Balls & Balance Trainers Reviewed + Buyers Guide 2021

I’m sure you have heard about the benefits the Bosu ball offers.

The Bosu Ball offers a lot!

Improved balance, recovery from injury, stability training, and core strengthening to name a few.

Even neuromuscular training, or exercises that train the nerves and muscles to react and communicate can be had by using a Bosu ball.

But you may be wondering, with so many options and alternatives out there is this:

What is the best Bosu ball or balance trainer for me? How do I choose the right Bosu ball?

I have what you need!

A review of the top 15 Bosu balls and balance trainers, plus a Bosu ball buying guide to help you choose the right Bosu ball for you.

TOP 15 Best Bosu Balls & Balance Trainers 2021

Bosu Pro Balance Trainer

Review: With thicker rubber and a heavier base than the original Bosu ball, this PRO version will hold steady during your balance training workout.

The Bosu is excellent for low impact cardio, stretching and balance exercises.

The Ball portion is 22.5 inches, with enough space for any size user.


  • Thicker rubber, heavier base.
  • Includes foot pump for inflation.
  • 350 lb limit – can be used commercially.


  • Challenging to inflate.


A commercial quality Bosu ball.

URBNFit Balance Trainer

Review: This sturdy balance ball is half the price of the top competitor, but just as well built and useful.

It is easy to inflate, feels strong and robust, and includes arm resistance bands to add to your routine.

This balance trainer comes with a handy instruction manual to allow you to get the most out of this equipment.


  • Quality product – sturdy, strong and safe.
  • Includes resistance bands to work arms.
  • Inflation pump included.


  • The resistance band connectors are not very sturdy.


Good value balance trainer with resistance bands.

Bosu Pro NexGen Balance Trainer

Review: The Bosu NexGen has an updated ball surface. It is now marked with 4 quadrants so you can position yourself perfectly.

The user manual has been updated too, with new exercises and a downloadable DVD and wall chart you can grab for reference.


  • Textured with 4 separate quadrants so you can easily find you place on the ball.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Commercial grade, holds up to 350 lbs.


  • Pricy.


Commercial quality, dynamically textured Bosu ball trainer.

Devebor Half Ball Sport Balance Trainer

Review: This affordable Bosu ball alternative is sturdy, reliable, and comes equipped with resistance bands held in place by strong metal carbineers, not flimsy plastic like some others.

You will appreciate the price too, this balance trainer is half the price of the top competitor.


  • Includes resistance bands held with metal clips.
  • Great price.
  • Very strong – holds up to 800 lbs according to manufacturer.


  • Challenging to inflate.


One of the best Bosu ball alternatives available.

Sportneer Balance Ball Trainer

Review: The Sportneer balance ball trainer is one of the best values on this list. It is sturdy, well built, and includes resistance training bands fastened with metal clips.

It is not as big as others, but that also means it is lighter and easier to move around and works better in smaller spaces.


  • Includes durable resistance bands held in place with metal fasteners.
  • Great price.
  • Thick sturdy material.


  • Smaller footprint than most.


Best bang for your buck when it comes to balance trainers.

Bosu Balance Trainer Original

Review: This is the Original, where Bosu ball was born. This first generation Bosu ball is still a classic.

It is available in different colors and is made specifically for home use.

It can hold users up to 300 lbs and is compatible with the Bosu Powerstax which elevates the ball and increased the variety of exercises that can be done using your Bosu.


  • Heavy duty.
  • Available in fun colors.
  • Includes DVD, Inflation pump and manual.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Expensive.


The tried and true classic that brought balance ball trainers to popularity.

Beleboom Balance Trainer Ball

Review: The Beleboom is lighter and more portable than the original Bosu ball, yet it holds up to 800 lbs.

Plus, the Beleboom comes with resistance band arms, unlike the original Bosu. These resistance bands are connected to the balance trainer with metal clips – not cheap plastic like some others.


  • Max weight capacity of 800 lbs.
  • Includes resistance band arms connected by sturdy metal clips.
  • 5mm surface thickness, very strong.
  • Includes inflation pump and exercise wall chart.


  • The resistance bands don’t have much resistance.


Quality balance trainer at an affordable price.

Zelus Balance Ball Trainer

Review: The Zelus trainer is one of the lowest priced balance trainers on this list, and is therefore accessible, price-wise, for most folks.

The Zelus is a good starter piece of equipment for beginners who are building a home gym or those just starting their training.


  • Very inexpensive.
  • Comes with resistance band arms.
  • Foot pump included.


  • Poor packaging and no instructions included.


Great quality for a very low price.

Bosu Elite By WeckMethod

BOSU Elite Ball By WeckMethod

Review: Bosu Elite is perhaps the least well known and frankly, underrated Bosu ball there is.

This Bosu ball is a beast. It can hold up to 450 lbs, which is good, because it is designed to be jumped on and used with a barbell and kettlebell exercises to train key core muscles that cannot be trained the same way using standard lifting exercises.

This ball is high density, which means it is not as wobbly as other Bosu balls – it has some substance.


  • High-density ball – has some resistance.
  • Designed to be jumped on and used with weights.
  • Honeycomb grip surface.
  • Commercial quality.


  • Pricy.


The only Bosu designed with a high density dome for lifting and jumping exercises.

Finer Form Yoga Half Ball

Review: This Finer Form yoga balance trainer is offered at half the price of the original Bosu ball, but virtually the same quality.

I love its thick honeycomb texture that allows you to get good grip and traction as you use it. It is made from thick quality PVC and will not split or break.


  • Honeycomb anti-slip surface.
  • Includes air pump.
  • Fair price.


  • No resistance bands included.


A great balance trainer, with superior traction, at a good price.

Arlisa Balance Ball Trainer

Review: This Arlisa balance trainer is great for getting in a light balance ball training, improving balance and agility and strengthen the core.

It includes a pump to inflate and resistance bands to work your arms too.


  • Lowest price on this list.
  • Built-in resistance bands.
  • Pump included.


  • Resistance bands are held on using plastic attachments and clips which could break.


One of the lowest priced Bosu ball alternatives.

Insane Move Balance Trainer Ball

Review: The Insane move balance trainer is a great value and perfect for those who want an all in one kit.

This balance ball trainer includes everything you need to get your fitness routine started, including the balance trainer, sliders, elastic resistance bands, and arm resistance bands that attach to the balance ball itself.


  • Includes sliders, elastic resistance bands and resistance bands with handles.
  • Inflation pump included.
  • Hex knobs and matte finish make a stable non-slip surface.


  • The kit needs better instructions or an exercise manual.


A great value, so many additional accessories paired with this robust balance trainer.

Bosu Sport Balance Trainer - Travel Size

Review: The Bosu sports trainer is one of a kind. It is designed for travel. It has a smaller footprint and weighs less than all other Bosu balls, making it easy to take along when you travel.


  • Smaller footprint, lighter.
  • Includes inflation pump.
  • Less expensive than other Bosu brand balls.


  • Smaller surface area to use.


The only travel size Bosu ball available.

RitFit Premium Balance Ball Trainer

Review: The RitFit balance ball is a good value. It is offered at a fraction of the price of the top competitor, but it also has a few extras like resistance arm bands and a printed wall exercise chart.

It comes in several fun colors so you can get one that fits your style and home gym perfectly.


  • Great price.
  • Includes workout DVD, pump and wall chart.
  • Includes resistance bands.


  • Resistance bands are secured by plastic.


Low price balance trainer with resistance bands.

Pexmor Balance Ball

Review: This Pexmor balance ball trainer has it everything at a price anyone can afford.

This set includes resistance arm bands with high-quality metal clips that will not break, a set of rubber elastic style resistance bands and two-floor sliders, all at a really reasonable price.


  • Includes resistance bands held on with robust metal clips.
  • Textured non-slip surface.
  • Includes resistance elastic bands and sliders.


  • Needs better use instructions.


An all in one package at a great price.

Guide to Bosu Balls and Balance Trainers

athlete girl work out with Bosu ball trainer

What is Bosu Training? What is a Bosu Ball Used For?

The Bosu ball is a half ball, or hemisphere, attached to a flat, solid platform.

The Bosu ball can be used dome side up or platform side up. Exercises using the Bosu ball train the core, increase balance and rev up muscle activation and help increase neuromuscular control.

Bosu balls have been gaining popularity because they are used in gyms around the world as a part of a group class. A group class is a great way to stay motivated to get fit, and I highly recommend one.

If you have toyed with the idea of signing up for a group class, I have a review of the top 10 group fitness classes.

Is a Bosu Ball Worth the Money?

I admit it, the brand name Bosu ball is a bit pricy, so you may be wondering is a Bosu ball worth the money?

If you are serious about increasing your balance and working your core muscles, yes, a Bosu ball is worth it.

There are good Bosu ball alternatives out there, and I have listed several in my to 15 best Bosu ball and balance trainers above.

The two I think are on par with the Bosu trainer are the Beleboom Balance Trainer Ball and the Devebor Half Ball Sport Balance Trainer. Both are less expensive than the brand name Bosu ball, and have virtually the same quality.

man doing exercise with Bosu ball at the gym

Why is a Bosu Ball Good? What does a Bosu Ball do?

Where the Bosu ball really shines is its ability to improve your balance and core stability.

If you exercise or do sports that require balance and core stability, like gymnastics or dance, or you work out on uneven or unstable surfaces, like roller derby, ice skating or trail running, a Bosu ball can really help your performance.

It is also good for physical therapy, recovering from injury and it is good for folks in their golden years who are looking to regain or maintain balance.

One study showed folks with Parkinson’s and stroke victims benefited from regular use of a Bosu ball.

In either of these cases, I say yes, a Bosu ball is a good investment.

What Exercises can You do with a Bosu Ball?

The number of exercises that can be done on a Bosu ball are seemingly endless.

You name it: squats, mountain climbers, planks, push-ups, burpees, sit-ups, and lunges. You will never get bored with a Bosu ball.

Need some ideas on what to do with your new Bosu ball? Get the most out of your Bosu pall with these great exercises.

How do I Choose the Right Bosu Ball or Balance Trainer?

What Size Bosu Ball do I Need?

The vast majority of Bosu balls and balance trainers have a dome diameter of about 23 inches.

The one exception is the Bosu Sport Balance Trainer – Travel Size which is just under 20 inches in diameter.

I recommend the 23-inch variety to give yourself some space to work, but if you need a smaller Bosu to travel, by all means, invest in the smaller travel edition.

How Much Should I Spend on a Bosu Ball or Balance Trainer?

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Expect to spend between 90 and 150 dollars on a good Bosu trainer.

If you can afford it, avoid balance trainers that use plastic clips to hold in the resistance bands, and spend a few more bucks on the balls that use metal clips. Brand name Bosu balls do not have resistance bands, so you can forgo using them altogether if you wish.

What Texture Should I Pick for My Bosu Ball or Balance Trainer?

One of the HUGE differences between Bosu balls and balance trainers is texture.

Some are smooth and can be slippery, while others, like this Finer Form Yoga Half Ball have a non-slip surface I really like.

For obvious reasons, I prefer the textured version, because the last thing I want when standing on a ball is to slip off it.

Should I get a Bosu Ball with Resistance Bands?


As I said, the original Bosu ball does not include resistance bands, and resistance bands are not necessary to get the balance and core strengthening benefits of the Bosu ball.

Resistance bands are something nice to have, but not a requirement in my book.

Bosu Ball FAQs

women on swiss ball in living room

What Can I Use Instead of Bosu Ball? Bosu Ball Alternatives

Thanks to the free market, there are about 20 different companies who make Bosu ball knockoffs, or Bosu ball alternatives that are very similar to the original Bosu ball.

Some of these Bosu ball alternatives are on my list of the top 15 best Bosu balls and balance trainers above. If they made my list, it’s because I think they are good.

Another alternative to Bosu balls and balance trainers are exercise balls. They can be used to improve balance as well.

Like the idea of an exercise ball? Check out my reviews of the best exercise balls.

Does Bosu Ball Improve Balance?


But don’t take my word for it!

This study showed trained athletes who used the Bosu ball for a period of six weeks, increased their performance on a balance test at the conclusion of the study.

How Much Weight can a Bosu Ball Hold?

This depends on which Bosu ball you get. The Bosu Balance Trainer Original holds 300 lbs, while the commercial version Bosu Pro Balance Trainer holds 350 lbs.

Keep in mind, this weight takes into consideration dynamic exercises, like jumping, so the Bosu ball can actually hold a user who weighs up to 300 lbs, plus the force from that user jumping, without bursting.

What Muscles do Bosu Squats Work?

Bosu ball squats work the same muscles standard squats do: the glutes, hip flexors and quads, mainly.

Secondary to those muscles, Bosu ball squats work the hamstrings, abs, and calves.

Where the difference comes in is the extent the secondary muscles are used. A Bosu ball squat will activate secondary muscles to a greater extent.

How do You Clean a Bosu Ball?

It is simple to clean your Bosu ball.

Use a mild cleanser that is safe for your skin and the PVC plastic the dome is made from. Dip a rag in mild dish soap diluted in water and use that to clean the surface.

How Much Should I Inflate My Bosu Ball?

Most Bosu balls have a height requirement so you need to check the owner’s manual carefully to see how high to inflate the dome.

Many Bosu balls and balance trainers say to inflate the dome to 8.5 inches.

You measure based on height by placing the ball dome side down. Then measure from the top edge of the platform to the floor.

That sums up our top 15 best Bosu balls, and I sure hope you find the perfect Bosu ball or balance trainer for you.

If you are looking for all in one, whole-body workout systems that don’t cost much or take up much space, take a look at our review of the best TRX and suspension trainer reviews.

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