TOP 10 Best Bumper Plates For CrossFit & Weightlifting 2024

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TOP 10 Best Bumper Plates For CrossFit & Weightlifting Reviewed 2024

What kind of bumper plates should I Get?

Crumb or Virgin Rubber? Black or colored?

If you are on the hunt for the best bumper plates of 2024 for your garage gym you may be asking these questions.

I have done a ton of research and I have some answers. Here are the Top 10 best bumper plates I could find.

Plus, a quick guide on how to choose the right bumper plates, a bumper plate FAQs to answer all your bumper plate related questions.

TOP 10 Best Bumper Plates for CrossFit & Weightlifting 2024

Rogue HG 2.0 Bumper Plates

Rogue HG 2.0 Bumper Plates

Review: These economy-priced hard rubber bumper plates feature a smooth black finish that will look great in your garage or home gym.

These plates are ideal for heavy lifters because their slim profile means you can stack up the bar with more weight than other brands who have thicker plates.


  • Durometer rating of 88 – high density and hard rubber.
  • Low bounce.
  • Slim width means you can stack more weight on the bar.


  • Listed plate weight is not always exactly precise.


These Rogue 2.0 bumper plates are affordable, attractive and great for heavy lifters.

Rogue Bumper Plates by Hi-Temp

Rogue Bumper Plates by Hi-Temp

Review: The Rogue bumper plates by Hi-Temp are some of the best bumper plates for the money.

They are more than just affordable, their design demonstrates attention to detail with features like an inset steel collar that leaves room for plates to sit flush against each other on the bar and won’t scratch or damage flooring if you slide the plate on the floor.

They are made affordable due to the use of recycled crumb rubber and are on the soft side, with a durometer rating of 75, but because they are specially processed at the Hi-Temp plant in Alabama, they are more durable than other crumb or recycled rubber bumper plates, while still offering excellent value.


  • Specially processed by Hi-Temp plant to be more durable than other Crumb rubber plates.
  • Both affordable and high quality.
  • Inset steel collar allows plates to sit snug against each other.


  • Softer rubber means these bounce a little more than others.


Great price, outstanding quality bumper plates. A winner for the home gym.

Fringe Sport Bumper Plates

Fringe Sport Bumper Plates

Review: The Fringe Sport all-black bumper plates are made from dense, no bounce, virgin rubber. They have a unique hooked steel insert that stays in place, even if the plates are dropped over and over again.

These plates are also thinner than the competition, which means you can stack more weight on the bar than you can using the other guy’s plates.


  • Beveled edge for easy pick-up.
  • Virgin rubber material is thinner and denser – fit more weight on the bar.
  • Low bounce.
  • Durable hooked steel inserts last longer and stay in place better than the competition.


  • All black design makes it a bit challenging to identify weight by sight – but the look good!


Sturdy, thin and low bounce, best bumper plates for home gym of the heavy lifter.

Fringe Sport Contrast Bumper Plate Pairs

Fringe Sport Contrast Bumper Plate Pairs

Review: Just like the black Fringe Sport bumper plates, but with contrast lettering added for quick and easy identification, these bumper plates use the same high quality hooked steel inserts that stay in place and last longer even if dropped many times.


  • Contrast lettering on each side for easy identification.
  • Hooked steel insert stays in place even if weights are dropped.
  • Dense rubber means thin plates so you can fit more weight.
  • Dead bounce.


  • You pay a few more dollars for the contrast letters than for the all-black plates.


Contrast letters and dense rubber so you can fit more on the bar make these worthy of a pro-level home gym.

Fringe Sport Color Bumper Plate Sets

Fringe Sport Color Bumper Plate Sets

Review: The Fringe Sport bumper plates are carefully designed and made with pride with hard, durable virgin rubber and specially designed molded-in steel inserts that anchor into the rubber and won’t spin on the bar or pop out.

These bumper plates are so durable they can be dropped from 4 stories high without cracking.


  • Durometer of 90 for 10 and 15 lb plates, 85 for the others.
  • Integrated and anchored steel ring does not move.
  • High density, low bounce.
  • Color-coded plates for easy weight identification.


  • More expensive than the black plates.


Fringe Sport has the most durable bumper plates available on the market today.


CAP Barbell Olympic Rubber Bumper Plate

CAP Barbell Olympic Rubber Bumper Plate with Steel Hub 2" (Single), Green, 10 kg
  • ✓ CONSTRUCTION – Steel inner hub designed to withstand drops without damage; Made with solid rubber
  • ✓ PRO – Weight is accurate within 5-grams; For use with Olympic bars
  • ✓ FUNCTIONAL – Easily load and unload these weights onto any Olympic style bar; Slim, uniform diameter for evenly distributed impact
  • ✓ EASY IDENTIFICATION – Color coded by size for easy identification; Each sold individually
  • ✓ VARIETY – These weights are available in Kilograms and Pounds; KILOGRAMS: 10 (green), 15 (yellow), 20 (blue) and 25 (red); POUNDS: 25 pounds (green), 35 pounds (yellow), 45 pounds (blue) and 55 pounds (red)

Review: These top-quality CAP color-coded bumper plates have steel inserts that withstand abuse and corrosion better than inferior metals.

They are easy to identify weight by sight and glide onto the bar thanks to their smooth interior and uniform diameter.


  • Color-coded for easy weight identification.
  • Accurate within 5 grams.
  • Steel inserts.


  • Sold as singles, expensive.


Attractive and well-made colored-coded rubber bumper plates.

CAP Barbell Premium Black Bumper Plates

CAP Barbell Premium Bumper Plate Set, Black, 45 lb Pair
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED – TWO 45-pound premium bumper weight plates in black; Designed to accommodate Olympic barbells (with 2-inch center hole)
  • CONSTRUCTION – Cast iron core with a steel insert and coated in virgin and recycled rubber; All weights are uniform in diameter; 30-day manufacturer
  • FEATURES – The cast iron core offers a balanced weight; Rubber coating prevents damage to equipment; Steel insert offers a secure fit and prevent damage to the bar
  • VERSATILE – Extremely durable and odorless design makes these great for any gym; Add weight plates to any fitness routine to increase calorie burn and muscle mass
  • TRUST – Trust experience. CAP has been a pioneer in the fitness industry for over 30 years and has locations worldwide. Chances are, if you have ever worked out before you have used a CAP product

Review: These CAP premium all black bumper plates are sold in pairs and made from a mix of virgin and recycled rubber with a steel insert.

These bumper plates have a cast iron core and very little bounce when dropped.


  • Mix of virgin and recycled rubber.
  • Steel insert, superior to inserts made from other metals.
  • Cast-iron core.
  • Low bounce.


  • Pricy compared to most competitors.


Quality steel inserts with cast iron core, these top-rated bumper plates will take a beating.

HulkFit Olympic Rubber Bumper Plate

HulkFit Sport Series 2" Olympic Shock Absorbing Rubber Bumper Weight Plates for Barbells - Multi Color 35 lb Single
  • 2-Inch Olympic rubber bumper weight plates are versatile: These functional strength training plates can be used with a barbell, jammer arms, or can be used as a plate only workout. Weight plates serve as a muscle building tool that allows you to perform full-body workouts that target your “Core 4” with exercise examples including: arms (bench press), legs (squats), back (rows), and core (russian twists).
  • More than a bumper plate & training types: Great for all ages and fitness levels, from beginners to sports athletes like bodybuilding and martial arts to young adults and seniors. Training types include: multifunctional strength training (Weightlifting tools: barbell, weight plates, and dumbbells), resistance training (Exercise bands and straps), circuit training (3 - 5 exercises in rotation), and station to station (3 - 5 sets per exercise).
  • HulkFit Power Cage/Squat Rack Attachments - Don't forget about our Cable Pulley System or Lat Pulldown for cable workouts as an additional strength training tool. Additional cable machine accessories include: D Row, V Bar, Straight Bar, Tricep Rope, and Cable Machine Attachments (5 piece set).
  • The olympic bumper plate package includes: (1) 35 lb plate. Additional features: Raised edges allow for solo plate weightlifting, ideal for home gyms and personal training. Markings in both pounds (lb) and kilograms (kg) ensure easy weight identification. Made with a 2-inch stainless steel insert to withstand repeated drops and heavy lifting. Crafted from recycled eco-friendly, high-density rubber and virgin rubber that's gentle on floors with low bounce technology.
  • Problem > Solution > Benefits of our Bumper Weight Plates – Don't forget about HulkFit Barbells, Weight Plates, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Barbell and Weight Storage Racks! We aim to create meaningful solutions and provide benefits for your health related problems... Be HulkFit!

Review: HulkFit bumper plates are an economical choice for your home or garage gym. There are color-coded for easy identification, and the weight is listed in both pounds and kilos.


  • Color-coded for fast weight ID.
  • Affordable.
  • Weight inscribed in kilos and pounds on each plate.


  • Cannot drop or use 10 lb plates alone with the bar, they will crack under the weight.
  • Colors do not follow IWF standards.


Affordably priced, color-coded bumper plates for your home gym.

Gymenist Bumper Plates

GYMENIST Bumper Plates Commercial Olympic Size Heavy Duty Weight Plates for 2 Inch Barbell (15 Lb - Orange) (G341-15)
  • These bumper plates come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 10 LB to 55 LB to satisfy all levels of users.
  • All sizes have the different weights but a consistent diameter to maximize surface area when they are dropped.
  • Bumper plates come with steel insert, so that it tightly grips the barbell and doesn't slip while you work out.
  • Plates are color coded, each weight size is a different exciting color so they can be easily identified. Plates are also marked with the size on both sides.
  • Made from only high quality rubber, these bumper plates are versatile ant have the perfect level of bounce to maximize your workout effect

Review: These Gymenist bumper plates are made with high quality, high styrene content rubber so they are firm and have very little bounce.

They feature steel inserts and are color-coded which makes them easy to identify.


  • Steel inserts.
  • Color-coded for easy ID of the weight.
  • Hard rubber with high styrene content.


  • Sold as singles, kind of pricy.


Solid dense, no bounce, color-coded bumper plates.

Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Discs

Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Discs

Review: Eleiko training discs are designed to IWF standards and intended for competition-level athletes to train with.

They have precise, to the gram weight, are made from a special rubber which is abrasion-resistant and stable, causing these bumper plates to last for many years without the deterioration seen in standard rubber.


  • Olympic color-coded finishes.
  • IWF certified.
  • Abrasion-resistant SBR rubber that ages better than standard rubber.


  • Expensive.


The perfect training discs for athletes who plan to compete.

Competition, Training or Technique Plates, What is Right for You?

Rogue bumper plate and pair of workout shoes

The quality of your bumper plates really makes a difference in terms of the plates longevity. You want them to be durable and long-lasting, and if we’re being honest here you want them to look good too!

Cheap bumper plates can split, come in colors that are not uniform, as in two plates that are supposed to be the same color are actually two different shades, or may come with blemishes, inclusions or unfinished edges.

You want to avoid that crap, right?

The problem is that online, all bumper plates look the same, so this article will help you to pick the best bumper plates for you.

There are three main types of bumper plates available, these are: competition standard, training standard, and technique bumpers which are very basic (but very durable).

If you are shopping for a home gym or looking to create a CrossFit gym then the basic set of training bumper plates is probably your best bet.

The Competition standard plate sets are only required for competitions, or if you’re very serious about your lifting and must have precise, to the gram weight.

The difference between bumper plates and regular steel and iron plates is that bumpers are made of rubber and are designed to be dropped, whereas regular steel plates are designed to stack well and can get more weight on the bar.

Bumper plates have a uniform diameter, which means the 10 lb plate is the same diameter as the 45 lb plate. They vary in thickness, but not in diameter. This makes it easier on the barbell when the bar is dripped.

If you’re looking to place as much weight on the bar as possible, then steel plates are usually the go-to style.

But if you plan to do any Olympic lifts, where dropping the bar (by accident or design) is inevitable you need bumpers.

Another advantage of bumper plates is that they raise the bar higher off the ground than cast iron plates, another reason why they are ideal for deadlifts or Olympic lifts.

What to Look for in a Bumper Plate

man doing squats with barbell at the gym

Decide the Type: Competition or Training Plate?

First, you need to decide what type of bumper plate you want, for most, it will be the basic, training or technique plate.

These are very hardy and they can be dropped from overhead without getting damaged. Training plates are great for beginners looking to deadlift or perform Olympic lifts, and they look similar to competition plates but may not be exact weights, as they can be off by a few grams.

Training plates are less expensive than competition plates, so that is a benefit.

How Much Bounce Should the Bumper Plate Have?

Something you should look for in all bumper plates is “dead bounce”.

Dead bounce is where the plates are dropped but don’t bounce back up in the air afterwards. The best bumper plates out there will barely bounce even after being dropped from an overhead position.

Look for dense virgin rubber, this is the material least likely to bounce much.

man doing exercise with the barbell in the gym

Inspect the Quality of the Center Ring

Another factor to pay attention to is the metal ring in the center, if this is of poor quality or material then the plate will not last long.

The center ring needs to be properly integrated into the plate to prevent it from becoming loose.

Look for center rings made from steel and that are hooked. You won’t be able to see the hooks, they are integrated into the rubber on the inside. Hooked inserts keep the insert from shifting or moving when the plate is dropped.

Consider Your Barbell Collars, Too!

While we are on the topic, a good set of barbell collars are necessary when you plan to drop your weights.

You need barbell collars that can withstand the abuse and keep the weights in place. Check out this list of the best barbell collars to find the right pair.

Type of Rubber

High-quality CrossFit bumper plates are made with either virgin rubber, recycled rubber, or recycled crumb rubber.

These can all be a good choice, but if you are building a garage gym on a tight budget recycled rubber is the least expensive.

  • Virgin rubber: More expensive, denser, slimmer profile, more durable, less bounce and harder.
  • Recycled Rubber/Crumb Rubber: Less expensive, not as durable, bonded together, can chip apart, are softer and bounce higher when dropped.

woman doing weight lifting exercise with Olympic barbell

Do You Really Need Bumper Plates?

Bumper plates are special plates designed for Olympic lifts. They are uniform in diameter and made from a dense rubber that will not bounce too much if dropped from overhead or waist level.

Think about how you lift today.

Are you lifting in a way where you plan to drop the barbell from overhead?

In a home gym, dropping the weight may not be ideal, especially if your gym is inside the house.

A garage gym, or garage CrossFit gym, is a better option for this style of lifting, but still consider if this is how you actually lift.

If you are training with bench presses, squatting, deadlifts and your barbell never hits the ground in an uncontrolled way, an Olympic barbell set or a weightlifting style gym might be a better option.

Why would Steel or Cast Iron Plates be a Better Option?

Iron plates take up less space than bumper plates, and it’s easier to load 600 or 700 lbs, used for weight lifting or powerlifting, using steel plates than bumper plates.

Of course, the Fringe Sport Bumper Plates are thinner, so you can add more weight per side than other bumper plates, but overall, cast iron wins out in terms of max weight on each side.

Iron plates are also, usually, less expensive on average than bumper plates.

If you are thinking of creating a weight lifting style gym, I have a list of the essential weight lifting home gym equipment here.

When You Need Bumper Plates?

If you train using the Olympic lifts, and you routinely drop from overhead or waist level, bumper plates are the right choice.

In addition to saving your barbell, bumper plates have a certain aesthetic appeal that some athletes favor.

So by all means, if you want bumper plates, get them.

Bumper Plate FAQs

man is doing squat exercise with barbell at the gym

What do the Colors Mean on Color Coded Bumper Plates?

Generally, those colors, sometimes known as Olympic color finishes, you see on higher-end bumper plates mean something.

The colors are set to IWF standards so the color of the plate indicates how much it weighs. Eg, all red bumper plates are 55 lb plates, regardless of the brand or manufacturer.

The following outlines the IWF standard:

  • Red Plates are 55 lb
  • Blue Plates are 45 lb
  • Yellow plates are 35 lb
  • Green plates are 25 lb

Color bumper plates make it very easy to quickly calculate the weight of the bar from a distance.

If you see a bar with a green and yellow plate on each side you know, without having to inspect the weight up close, that the bar is carrying 60 lbs on each side, so 120 in total, plus 44 lbs for a standard Olympic bar is 164 in total with plates and bar. You also need to add in the weight of the collars, which can be an lb or more depending on style.

What are the Best Bumper Plates?

My personal favorite bumper plates are the Fringe Sport Contrast Bumper Plate Pairs.

Because they are sold in pairs, made from a high-quality dense rubber that is thinner than others so you can fit more weight on the bar, and they have indestructible hooked steel inserts that will not fail when the bar is dropped.

I also really like the Rogue HG 2.0 plates because they are durable, hard virgin rubber, best-rated on the durometer, with virtually no bounce and they make and home gym look badass.

Are Bumper Plates the Same as Olympic Plates?

ANY plate with a 2 inch hole is called an Olympic plate, and bumper plates are used for Olympic lifts, so things can get confusing.

The defining features of bumper plates are:

  • They are made from rubber, and
  • They have the same diameter, regardless of weight.

Those cast iron weights where the plates are all different diameters are used most commonly by weight lifters, but those iron plates are still considered Olympic plates if they have a two inch hole.

So, bumper plates are simply one style of Olympic plate, but not the only style.

man doing workout with Rogue Fitness olympic barbell

Why use Bumper Plates?

The reason bumper plates are used for Olympic lifts and sports like CrossFit and other functional fitness regimes is that they are designed to be dropped.

They are made from a dense rubber which will not bounce too much. Bumper plates are also all the same diameter, regardless of weight, so they hit the ground easier if they are dropped, causing less damage to the plates and your Olympic bar.

What Does the Shore or Durometer Rating on My Bumper Plate Mean?

The shore or durometer rating tells us how hard an object is. A gummy bear might have a durometer reading of 10, a pencil eraser is 40.

Most bumper plates fall between 70 and 95 durometer rating, with 95 being the harder plate, will be less bouncy and less likely to split.

Virgin rubber bumper plates have higher durometer ratings than crumb rubber. Virgin rubber is harder, has less bounce, and is more durable.


Since virgin rubber is hard, it is louder than crumb rubber when you drop it. It is also more expensive since the raw materials must be new.

What is IWF Certification, is IWF Certification Necessary for My Bumper Plates?

IWF or International Weightlifting Federation is one of the oldest sports federations in existence. The IWF governs Weightlifting.

One of the missions of the IWF is to control and regulate all international weightlifting competitions, which includes standardizing the bumper plates used.

Bumper plates used in competition must be IWF certified.


IWF certified bumper plates are very expensive, so most training plates are not certified. Instead, the best bumper plate makers create plates that match the standards, without being certified, and those are the best bumper plates to get.

What are the Best Bumper Plate Brands?

I will lay it out straight here. The best bumper plate brands are:

Rogue, Vulcan, Fringe Sport, Eleiko, Werk San, Ivanko, Again Faster, Titan Fitness, Hulk Fitness, Villian Fitness, York Barbell, CAP Barbell, Kabuki, Uesaka and Origen.

What Lifts Use Bumper Plates?

Some say bumper plates only need to be used on lifts where you may drop the bar, such as a snatch or overhead squat.


…bumper plates are a safe option for all Olympic lifts.

Bumper plates are used for the snatch, deadlift, clean and jerk, overhead press, squat and overhead lunge.

Keep in mind:

Bumper plates will make your lifting a little quieter too, if that is a concern at your house.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen the best bumper plates of 2024, it’s time to make a decision.

Are you going for the budget option? Or are you looking for something that may cost more initially but will last longer? Maybe you want to make a statement and get the best money can buy?

The real question is: what works for you?

Whichever set you decide on, treat them well. Never drop them if you don’t need to.

Place them on lifting platforms, not concrete, and don’t throw the plates around. Even the best set of 10lb plates on the market can break if mistreated.

Are you working in a small space or compact home gym? If so, check out these compact home gym options.

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