13 Best Dumbbell Racks of 2021 Reviewed (Buying Guide)

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TOP 13 Best Dumbbell Racks of 2021 Reviewed + Buying Guide

Get your home and garage gym organized with the right dumbbell rack!

Keeping your dumbbells up and out of the way is not just a matter of aesthetics, it’s a matter of safety and security.

Dumbbells that sit on your home gym floor are a tripping hazard that can lead to injury and disaster.

I spent some time researching and investigating dumbbell racks and created this list of reviews of the 13 best dumbbell racks for garage and home gym so you can avoid accidents caused by wayward dumbbells.

I divided the reviews by racks that do and do not include dumbbells, along with a few that have high weight capacity for large and heavy dumbbell sets, along with a quick buying guide to help you decide.

TOP 13 Best Dumbbell Racks of 2021

Home and Garage Gym Dumbbell Racks

CAP A-Frame Dumbbell Rack

Review: This simple “A” frame dumbbell rack is a stable space saver, perfect for smaller home and garage gyms. It accommodates 5 pairs of dumbbells, up to 35 lb per dumbbell, but be aware, not all combos will fit due to the spacing between slots.

The space between slot one and two is 4 inches, and increases in length until the last slot which is 5.5 inches between slot 4 and 5.


  • Holds 5 pairs of dumbbells.
  • Space-saving “A” frame design.
  • Holds dumbbells up to 35 lbs with a 200 lb MAX capacity.


  • Needs more space between the slots.


Inexpensive, stable and compact, good for a starter home gym or compact space.

If space is an issue, you may also want to consider a pair of adjustable dumbbells as a space-saving option. Check out my latest list of reviews of the best space-saving adjustable dumbbells of 2021.

Marcy 3 Tier Metal Steel Dumbbell Weight Rack

Review: This budget-priced Marcy 3 tier stadium-style dumbbell rack is perfect for a home gym on the cheap.

It holds 800 lbs of total weight-not too shabby considering the price. It can hold weights up to 60 lbs each, but the big guys should only be loaded on the bottom rack.


  • Holds up to 800 lbs of dumbbells.
  • Can hold dumbbells up to 60 lbs each.
  • Slanted rows make it easy to get dumbbells on and off the rack.


  • Rack will not hold a full complete set.


A great stadium-style dumbbell rack for moderate to intermediate weight lifters.

Marcy 3 Tier Solid Steel Dumbbell Rack

Review: This budget-priced powder-coated three tier stadium-style dumbbell rack is a great rack for organizing a small compact home or garage gym. It is designed to hold up to 8 sets of dumbbells, but less, if the dumbbells are larger.

The top tier is a flat tray that can be used to store kettlebells and other small fitness equipment to help you clean up and organize your small workout space.


  • Attractive powder-coated finish.
  • Good for small dumbbell collection (6 to 8 pair under 25 lbs).
  • Top tray for kettlebells and other small items.


  • Not for weights over 25 lbs.


Attractive dumbbell rack that is perfect for a small collection of dumbbells and kettlebells, great for getting your fitness space organized.

Are you interested in starting your own collection of kettlebells? They are so versatile, it’s hard to imagine a well-stocked home gym without them. Check out this list of the best kettlebells for home and garage gyms.

If you are tight on space, I also have a list of adjustable kettlebells so you only need to buy one and have many different weights available. Take a look here.

Deltech Fitness Three Tier Dumbbell Rack

Review: This Deltech Fitness rack is offered at a good price considering it is a heavy-duty rack designed to hold heavy dumbbells.

It has three stadium-style tiers, all designed to hold dumbbells up to 65 lbs. It features quality welding and a protective powder-coated finish and would be a perfect rack for any home or garage gym.


  • Holds dumbbells up to 65 lbs each.
  • Made with 14 gauge steel tubing, carefully welded.
  • Affordable price.


  • The units itself weight 105 lbs.


A high quality, heavy-weight dumbbell rack at a fair price, you will be impressed with its quality and robust construction.

BalanceFrom 2-Tier Easy-Grab Dumbbell Rack

Review: This inexpensive dumbbell rack is perfect for storing a small collection of dumbbells. It will give your home gym a professional look while keeping dumbbells safely and smartly stored out of the way.

The slanted rack makes it easy to get dumbbells in and out without pinching your hands and the rack itself has some heft and feels solid.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Holds 600 lbs of dumbbells.
  • Attractive pro look.


  • Only holds about 6 to 7 sets of dumbbells.


A low priced, compact dumbbell rack that looks great and keeps your dumbbells stored safely out of the way.

Bonnlo 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack

Review: The Bonnlo 3 tier stadium-style rack is offered at a reasonable price and holds a small collection of dumbbells, about 7 to 10 pair, depending on the weight and shape of dumbbells in your collection.

I really like the slanted shelves that make it easy and comfortable to get the dumbbells in and out of the rack.

The quality of the rack is mid-level, the screws are just barely long enough, and the finish is not perfect, but if you are looking for a bargain rack that holds a decent amount of weights, this rack fits the bill.


  • Holds 660 lbs total weight.
  • Holds 7 to 10 sets of dumbbells, depending on dumbbell weight and size.
  • Good price.
  • Compact.


  • Does not hold plate style dumbbells, the ones you put together with weight plates.


Best dumbbell rack in the tier stadium rack style in the lower-end price range.

Dumbbell Rack with Weights Dumbbells Included

CAP Barbell Dumbbell Set with Rack

Review: I love the space-saving “A” frame rack and the hex, no roll shape of the dumbbells on this top-rated package set. Its 150 lbs of weight and a space-saving rack at a fair price.

The dumbbells come in pairs from 5 to 25 lbs, good for intermediate athletes, and they have nice knurling so they won’t slip out of your hands.

All in all, this is one of the best dumbbell rack with weights packages available today.


  • 150 lbs total weight included, pair of 5,10,15,20 & 25 lb dumbbells.
  • Convenient compact “A” frame rack included.
  • Hex shaped barbells won’t roll.
  • Most comfortable knurled and ergonomic handles.


  • Compact stand makes it a challenge to grab weights from the center.


All the dumbbells a beginner to intermediate level athlete needs in one neat compact space-saving package.

If you have a compact space to workout, this CAP dumbbell set is perfect. I also have something else you might find useful. If you are tight on space, an all-in-one home gym machine might be just what you need.

I did some research and created this list of the best all in one home gyms. Take a look!

Papababe Dumbbell Set with A-Frame Rack

Review: This set is nearly identical to the CAP dumbbell set above, including the space-saving “A” frame, hex weights from 5 to 25 lbs included, and the same knurled ergonomic handles.

It’s a great set of dumbbells with included rack for a great price.


  • 150 lbs total weight, dumbbells from 5 to 25 lbs included.
  • Compact space-saving “A” frame rack included in the set.
  • Knurled, easy to grab ergonomic handles.


  • These weights have a strong odor when new that dissipates after a few weeks.


A good hex dumbbell weight set with compact “A” frame rack at a fair price.

XMark's Hex Dumbbell Weight Set & Rack

Review: This is the dumbbell and rack set for serious lifters. Get it while its hot, folks! It comes with 10 pairs of dumbbells from 5 all the way up to 50 lbs!

It includes a three-tier stadium-style rack with slanted racks so the weights are easy to grab.

What more could you ask for? Best weight rack and dumbbell set of 2021, hands down.


  • 550 lbs of weights included 10 pairs of 5 to 50 lbs.
  • Sturdy compact three-tier stadium-style dumbbell rack included.
  • Nice knurled ergonomic handles feel great in your hand.


  • Be careful to select the option with weights, as it is sold as a rack separately, and in a set with weights.


My choice for best dumbbell rack for a home gym with weights, it has well designed heavy weight dumbbells and a fine rack.

Commercial and Large Capacity Racks

Looking for some serious capacity for your home or garage gym? Check out these top-quality, best-rated commercial level dumbbell racks.

All you need to add is a full set of hex dumbbells? If you are looking for a set of hex dumbbells, check out this list of the best hex dumbbells and pick your set today.

Rogue Universal Storage System 2.0

Rogue Universal Storage System 2

Review: The Rogue Universal storage system can hold a full set of hex dumbbells on the two lower tiers and a set of kettlebells or med balls on the top tier.

Shelving configurations are custom, so you could have three dumbbell shelves or two and one kettlebells shelf, it’s up to you.

The two lower tiers are slanted making access to the dumbbells easier, while the top shelf is flat so your equipment will not roll off.

This storage rack is finished with the Rogue matte black powder coat, and caster wheels are included so you can move it.


  • Shelving configuration is customizable.
  • The trays are no pinch style, with no rim to catch your fingers.
  • Can hold a complete hex dumbbell set and then some.
  • Commercial quality.


  • Rack system is heavy.
  • If the rack is loaded really heavy, it’s challenging to roll.


Highest-rated commercial quality dumbbell rack that holds an entire set of dumbbells and more.

CAP Barbell 3 Tier Stadium Dumbbell Rack

Review: The Stadium rack makes your home dumbbell set look and feel like a commercial gym. The flat slanted trays are ideal for hex dumbbells, and the slant makes them so easy to get dumbbells back in and out.

The lip of the tray is high enough to securely hold the dumbbells, while low enough to clearly display the dumbbell weight.

This is a heavy-duty rack, and holds a respectable 2000 lbs total weight.


  • Holds up to 15 pairs of hex dumbbells, up to 60 lbs each.
  • Holds up to 2000 lbs total weight.
  • Slanted trays make it easy to set and get dumbbells.
  • 3 stadium-style trays.


  • Assembly instructions are unclear.


This attractive 2000 lb CAP rack is the best home dumbbell rack for heavy weights and complete dumbbell sets.

Papababe 2-Tier Dumbbell Rack

Review: A rack like this is hard to come by because it’s a budget-priced rack with high capacity. Each shelf holds 300 lbs, making the total capacity 1200 lbs.

It has two shelves on each of the two tiers. Both tiers are angled, making it easy to get dumbbells on and off the shelf.

It holds plenty of dumbbells and plenty of weight and is a great full-size dumbbell rack.


  • Holds 1200 lbs total weight.
  • Holds up to 12 sets of dumbbells. Even 80 lb pairs.
  • Very inexpensive.


  • Must be careful to load only up to 300 lbs on each section.


The budget dumbbell rack for holding complete hex dumbbell sets.

CAP Heavy-Duty Dumbbell Rack

Review: This CAP high capacity rack is a simple rack that gets the job done and a reasonable price. It fits an entire set of hex dumbbells, up to pairs of 100 lb weights.

It has two tiers of slanted stadium-style racks so it’s easy to rack and un-rack your weight. This rack holds a total of 1500 lbs and is a great rack if you own a complete set of dumbbells.


  • Holds a complete set, including dumbbell pairs up to 100 lbs.
  • Total weight capacity of 1500 lbs.
  • Affordable option.
  • Slanted shelves for easy rack and un-rack of dumbbells.


  • The plastic feet/post covers are chintzy, but that’s a small complaint.


It’s hard to say anything negative about this high capacity rack, it holds 1500 lbs of weight, complete sets, and dumbbells up to 100 lbs!

How to Choose the Best Dumbbell Rack for Your Home Gym

close up dumbbells set in rack

What is Your Lifting Ability of Level?

Before you find the best dumbbell rack for you, you need to know what type of lifter you are.

More specifically, how heavy are your dumbbells and how many pair of dumbbells do you have?

  • Are you a lightweight lifter? Using dumbbells between 1 and 20 lbs only?
  • A mid-level or intermediate lifter? Lifting up to say 45 lbs?
  • Or a heavy lifter, going up to 100 lbs per dumbbell?

The weight you plan to lift is a factor in choosing the right dumbbell rack for you.

If you are a lightweight lifter and only have 4 or 5 sets of dumbbells, the Marcy 3 Tier Solid Steel Dumbbell Rack is perfect.


If you are a heavy lifter with a complete set of hex dumbbells including dumbbells up to 100 lbs, you need a CAP Heavy-Duty Dumbbell Rack or Rogue Universal Storage System 2.0 to accommodate both the number of dumbbells and their total weight.

How Much Space do You Have Available?

There are compact dumbbell racks and full-size racks.

Generally, full-size racks are racks for heavy weight, and hold more than 8 pairs of dumbbells. Full-sized racks are normally tiered racks that sit against the wall and take up a bit more space.

If you have a smaller collection of lighter dumbbells, you can get a shorter rack more compact rack, or the most space-saving rack, the “A” frame dumbbell rack.

woman in the gym close to dumbbells rack

How Many and How Heavy are Your Dumbbells?

Before you pick out a dumbbell rack, consider how many pairs of dumbbells you have and how heavy each dumbbell is. Lighter weight compact racks may not hold 50 or 80 lbs dumbbells, nor will they fit a complete set of dumbbells.

On the other hand, you may not need a heavy-duty rack or high capacity rack if you just have 4 or 5 pairs of dumbbells lighter than 20 lbs.

I have divided this list of dumbbell rack reviews up into home gym racks, dumbbell racks with dumbbells included and heavy-duty, high capacity racks so you can find exactly the dumbbell rack you need.

Do You Need Dumbbells with the Rack?

If you need a set of hex dumbbells, you can look here for a pair.

Another option is you can check the racks I have reviewed above. There is a section of racks in my reviews for dumbbell racks that include a set of dumbbells as a package together with the rack.


Now that you have seen the 13 best dumbbell racks, I know you will find the right one for your home or garage gym.

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