Best Dumbbell Weight Racks and 10 Top Rated Racks Reviewed 2020

We get it!

There are a TON (pun intended) of dumbbell, rack and set options out there.

  • Vertical dumbbell racks
  • Olympic dumbbells
  • Small dumbbell racks
  • Hex and fixed weight dumbbells
  • Power Blocks or adjustable dumbbells
  • Spin lock dumbbells
  • And the list goes on

How do you choose the best dumbbell rack for home gym use?

Don’t worry.

We will explain the different types of dumbbells and review our favorite 10 weight rack for dumbbells available today.

We will list a few of each style so everyone can find the best dumbbell rack for home gym use that meets their individual needs.

dumbbells storage rack

Types and Styles of Dumbells

Fixed weight hex style dumbbells

Pros: Perfect if you have lots of money, space, and place to store them. Just choose the weight you need and go. Very convenient, you can use these dumbbells in a circuit, which is hard to do with the kind you need to set up. This is the style you will find in most commercial gyms.

Cons: Expensive to purchase each dumbbell separately

NOTE: for a home gym, opt for the dumbbells with rubber covers so you do not damage the floors.

The Hex design keeps the dumbbells from rolling on the floor. If you get dumbbells with round ends, you will need a dumbbell set rack to store them out of the way.

Hex weights stack easily without a dumbbell set rack.

Power block-adjustable dumbbells

Pros: These are the best weights for those who train at home in a very limited space, since they stack and store in a nested fashion. They are easy to adjust and they are well built, they have a good reputation in that respect.

Cons: The price is high, considering the amount of weight they offer.

Spin lock dumbbells and plates

Spin locks commonly have a small steel bar with plastic covered concrete weights.

They are limited weight wise, but may be a good choice for those who only want to lift light weights, or are just starting out.

Pros: Inexpensive, common, easy to find.

Cons: can not load with too much weight. Take more space, relative to their size. Challenging to switch between different weights.

Olympic handle dumbbells and plates

These are dumbbells for serious lifters. They use an Olympic size dumbbell handle that you load standard Olympic weighs on.

Pros: Since they use Olympic compatible weights, the customization of weight is huge. These can be very heavy if you load them that way. They rotate in your hand so they put less stress on your wrist.

They are also reasonably priced, plus if you are starting out you just buy a few 5’s and add weights to your collection as you advance.

If you already use an Olympic weight barbell, you can use the same Olympic weights with these.

Cons: Need to use a competition grade collar or the weights may move or slide off.

Is it Better to Buy a Set of Weights on a Rack, or the Rack and Weights Separately?

Is the best dumbbell rack for home use the one that includes weights?

That depends.

Dumbell sets that include the rack and weights are ideal for hex weights, small weights, spin lock dumbbells and the adjustable style dumbbells.

The reason they are ideal is because they are less expensive to buy all together, plus they have the storage rack so your home gym stays organized, and with a set you have the variety you need to get a good workout.

The one exception

With the Olympic dumbbells, you do not need to buy all he weights right away. If fact, it is not common to see the dumbbell bar, rack and weights sold as a set.

This means you can start with a few pieces and add to your collection as you go, so it can be an affordable option if you plan to lift heavy.

TOP 10 Dumbbell Weight Racks on the Market

Best dumbbell sets with rack fixed weight or hex style

XMark's 550 lb Premium Hex Dumbbell Set

Review: XMark’s 550 Hex Dumbbell Set is the only rack most home gyms will need. With weights up to 50 lbs and angled organization, you could place this set against a wall and have a tidy, well stocked home gym going.

  • Weight Type: Hex weights with rack included.
  • Weight range: Pairs of 5 lb to 50 lb weights
  • Chrome plated handle
  • Rubber casing-protects floor
  • Anti slip rack with rubber feet and
  • Angled rack for easy access to each weight
  • 10 pairs of weights , 5lb increments.
  • Includes 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45 and 50 lb pairs
  • Small amount of odor from the rubber-it should dissipate

A premier weight rack with dumbbells set for the athlete who wants to train with intensity and maintain an organized space.

XMark A-Frame Vertical Dumbbell Rack

Review: This A frame rack and hex dumbbell set is good for those who want to lift moderate weights and have very little space to spare.

  • Weight Type: Hex weights with A frame rack included.
  • Weight range: Pairs of 5 lb to 30 lb weights
  • Chrome plated handle
  • Rubber casing-protects floor
  • Anti slip A Frame rack with rubber feet
  • 6 pairs of weights , 5lb increments.
  • Includes 5, 10,15,20,25,30 lb pairs
  • May carry a slight rubber odor, but it goes away with use.

A weight rack for dumbbells that fits neatly in one corner and provides the weights appropriate for the moderate weight lifter.

Best selectable adjustable weight rack with dumbbells

Universal Selectorized 445 Dumbbells and Stand

Review: For the exceptionally small space, the adjustable weights with rack included provide the ideal solution.

  • Weight Type: Adjustable select a weight dumbbells with rack included.
  • Weight range: Pair of Dumbbells that adjust up to 45 lbs
  • Very space saving
  • Easy to adjust, using a simple dial
  • Up to 45 lbs
  • Compact 24” by 16” footprint to fit in limited spaces
  • Secured with sturdy metal pins, well built set
  • They are bulky, not as compact as Hex weights would be

These adjustable weights, made by well known and trusted manufacturer Nautilus will not disappoint. They are moderate to heavy and easy to adjust.

Best small dumbell racks for your home gym

AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbells

Review: Sweet and simple. This small set of dumbbells comes with a rack that keeps your home gym organized and gives just enough resistance for a light weight workout. Great addition or compliment to a cardio based routine for toning and shaping.

  • Weight Type: small set of fixed hex weights with rack included.
  • Weight range: 3 Pair of Dumbbells in pairs of 2 lb, 3 lb and 5 lb
  • Can carry and transport the rack, fully loaded
  • Not for heavy or moderate lifting. Max weight of 5 lbs pairs.
  • Budget price
  • Takes up very little space
  • Fun bold colors
  • Stand feels cheap and is made of plastic

This dumbbell sets with rack is good for those who want a little resistance work in their routine.

Neoprene Body Sculpting Hand Weights with Stand

Review: This simple set of three weights with rack included are an easy way to add resistance to your home gym workout. This small dumbbell rack is the best dumbbell rack for light toning and shaping.

  • Weight Type: small set of fixed neoprene cover weights with rack included.
  • Weight range: 3 Pair of Dumbbells in pairs of 3 lb, 5 lb and 7 lb
  • Wrapped in neoprene, comfortable in the hand and good grip
  • Includes stand to keep dumbbells neat
  • Good for physical therapy, children or older folks
  • Good price
  • Can stow and carry the weights in the stand
  • Numbers on the weights are large and easy to read
  • The rack places the weights too close together.
  • Weigh heads are round, so weights may roll if placed on the floor.

These weighs keep you home gym orderly and provide a good weight range for physical therapy, light workouts, pre-teens and more.

BalanceFrom GoFit All-Purpose Dumbbells

Review: This set comes as either a 20 lbs set or a 32 lbs set. We are reviewing the 32 lb set. This budget price set has weights up to 8 lbs, which is decent for a light weight workout and those new to using any type of weights or resistance training.

  • Weight Type: small set of fixed Hex style weights with rack included.
  • Weight range: 3 Pair of Dumbbells in pairs of 3 lb, 5 lb and 8 lb
  • Includes an 8lb pair of weights, a pound heavier than other sets.
  • Neoprene cover for comfort
  • Hex shape to prevent rolling
  • Great price
  • Contoured ergonomic handles
  • Stand is narrow and flimsy

This stylish dumbbell sets with rack is an excellent value.

Best weight racks for standard size spin lock style dumbbell

Marcy Plate Tree for Standard Size Weight Plates

Review: This vertical dumbbell rack holds standard size weigh plates that fit standard barbells and dumbbell bars. Triangle footprint means it can be stored in the corner for even more space savings.

  • Weight Type: Weigh plate tree, triangular vertical dumbbell rack for standard weight plates
  • Weight range: weights not included. Holds standard size plates up to 45 lbs.
  • Made with Powder coated steel
  • Triangle construction equals small footprint an maximum space savings.
  • Posts are tipped upward and each post is 6.5”
  • Pyramid formation adds stability, won’t tip over, even if plates are removed from only one side
  • “cup holder” on top, used to hold bar clips
  • Assembly required, tools not included.

An inexpensive way to get your collection of dumbbell plates off the floor. Best dumbbell rack for standard plates.

Giantex 2 Tier 40

Review: This carefully planned dumbbell rack holds a mix of weight plates, assembled dumbbells, clips and collars and even barbells.

  • Weight Type: Dumbbell rack for standard weight plates and dumbbells
  • Weight range: Weights not included. Only holds standard size plates. Holds up to 770 lbs.
  • Stores assembled dumbbells barbells and weight plates
  • Has rubber feet to protect floor
  • 7 rods which are 7.9” each for holding plates
  • Holds standard (not Olympic) weights
  • Holds up to 770 lbs
  • Only holds 3 pair of bumper plates.
  • Assembly required, will need your own tools.

The complete solution for holding all your free weights and keeping everything off the floor. Best dumbbell rack for CrossFit.

Best weight rack for olympic dumbbells

CFF Cross Training Bar and Bumper Weight Storage Rack

Review: This Olympic weight dumbbell rack holds assembled dumbbells, Olympic plates. Clips, kettlebells, and even has a chalk bowl on top.

A well rounded solution for the home gym that uses Olympic weights.

  • Weight Type: Dumbbell rack for Olympic weight plates and dumbbells
  • Weight range: Weights not included. Top rack holds 800 lbs.
  • Top shelf has a rubber mat to keep weights secure and quiet
  • Top shelf holds 800 lbs
  • Three plate horns on the side
  • Solid and sturdy construction, does not shake or move when placing or removing weights
  • Slot to hold Olympic dumbbell handle or Olympic barbell upright I a vertical position
  • Chalk bowl attached to the top easy to access, wont tip over or hang out on the floor like a chalk bucket does.
  • Assembly required

The ultimate Olympic weight dumbbell and barbell storage rack-best weight rack for CrossFit.

CAP Barbell 2 in. Plate Rack

Review: This Barbell stand sits upright and holds Olympic weights, has a compact footprint and organizes your home gym free weight plates.

  • Weight Type: A Frame Dumbbell rack for Olympic weight plates and dumbbells
  • Weight range: Weights not included. 500lb weight capacity
  • 4 45’s can be stored on the bottom rack peg designed to hold 45s
  • Sturdy, no shake or wobble, good value for the money
  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent price
  • No room for more than 4 45’s. This is fine for most lifters, and certainly enough space if using strictly as a dumbbell rack, but if you need storage for more 45’s consider the CFF rack above instead.

Sturdy and value priced storage for all your Olympic dumbbell plates.

Don’t hesitate! Get your home gym organized and make a step towards achieving your fitness goals today.

Let us know in the comments below if you have questions, or you have a dumbbell rack you love and want to share with us. We are always open to new ideas.