TOP 13 Best Gluten Free Protein Powders Reviewed 2021

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TOP 13 Best Gluten Free Protein Powders Reviewed 2021

Isn’t it awesome how many protein powder options are at your disposal these days?

There are dairy-based ones, plant-based ones and ones made with a combination of different ingredients.

And, if that’s not interesting enough, did you know that whichever of the categories I mentioned you go with, you’ll most likely find excellent gluten free options?

Let’s take a look at 13 of the best gluten free protein powder products in the market today!

Top 13 Gluten Free Protein Powders Reviewed 2021

100% Pure Whey Isolate Protein Powder

Review: With 85% protein content per gram, Origin 100% Pure Whey Isolate by Pure Label Nutrition is one of the most concentrated gluten-free products on this list.

And since it is 100% pure whey isolate, it’s also free from lactose, so it works great for people who are intolerant to the substance.


  • Loaded with 24 grams of protein in every 28.4-gram scoop.
  • Does not cause bloating.
  • Has zero soy, gluten, fillers, lactose and GMO ingredients.
  • Excellent bioavailability.
  • Comes in two delicious flavors: chocolate and vanilla.


  • Contains artificial flavors.
  • Can be too sweet for some people.


Whey has always been popular among fitness enthusiasts of all levels, but the fact that not all options are lactose and gluten free does not make it a viable option for everyone.

This product fixes all that. It’s not only 100% free from lactose, but also contains absolutely no gluten.

Just match it with a good pre-workout, and you have everything you need to get more out of each training session.

Don’t know what to get? I’ve compiled a list of the best organic pre-workouts for you!

Legion Whey+ Whey Protein Powder

Review: Packed with 22 grams of protein and additional leucine in every delicious 28.9-gram serving, Legion Whey+ Whey Protein is regarded by some as the best gluten free protein powder for weight gain in the market today.

It’s loaded with everything you need to get bigger faster.


  • Excellent 76% protein content in every gram.
  • Loaded with extra leucine to improve muscle protein synthesis.
  • 100% free from gluten and GMO ingredients.
  • Comes in eight flavors: chocolate, cookes & cream, chocolate peanut, strawberry banana, mint chocolate, mocha cappuccino, vanilla and unflavored.
  • Has only 3 grams of carbs per serving.


  • Contains lactose and soy.
  • Can be too sweet for some people.


If you’re looking for a product to help you get bigger and stronger faster, then you should definitely check Legion Whey+ Whey Protein out.

It doesn’t only have excellent protein content per gram, it’s also packed with extra leucine to help supercharge your progress.

And, as a bonus, it’s also considered as one of the best tasting gluten free protein powder products around.

But that’s not all.

With 136 mg of calcium in every serving, it’s also regarded by some people as the best gluten free protein powder for women because it can help prevent osteoporosis.

BiPro Whey Protein Isolate Supplement

Review: With 20 grams of protein in every 25-gram scoop, the biPro Whey Protein Isolate is as good a protein powder as they come.

It contains all nine essential amino acids and packs 4.7 grams of the BCAAs valine, leucine and isoleucine per serving, giving your body everything it needs to build more muscle.


  • 80% protein content per gram.
  • Has a complete amino acid profile.
  • Contains absolutely no gluten, lactose, caffeine and added sugar.
  • Has less than 1 gram of carbs per serving.
  • Good source of muscle-building BCAAs.


  • Flavored version can be a bit too sweet.
  • Sweetener leaves aftertaste that may take time to get used to.


You’re here because you want to build more muscle, right?

Then you should definitely give this product a shot. It not only has excellent protein content per gram, but also a complete amino acid profile and BCAAs.

Also, it’s considered by some people as the best gluten free protein powder for weight loss, thanks to the fact that it has less than one gram of carb and only 90 calories per serving.

Sunburst Superfoods Organic Brown Rice Protein

Review: With its 80% protein content per gram, the Sunburst Superfoods Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder can easily compete with all the dairy-based options on this list.

It’s also loaded with all nine essential amino acids, making it one of the best gluten dairy free protein powder products around.


  • 24 grams of protein per 30-gram serving.
  • Cold processed to preserve as many nutrients as possible.
  • Highly digestible.
  • 100% pure and vegan.
  • Organic, non-GMO and gluten-free.


  • Texture is a bit gritty.
  • Virtually flavorless, so it doesn’t taste good on its own.


Why limit yourself to just dairy-based protein powders when you can get pretty much the same high-quality protein from products like this one, which is made from 100% plant sources?

With its excellent 80% protein content per gram and complete amino acid profile, it is, without a doubt, one of the best vegan gluten free protein powder products you can buy.

Want other options?

Here’s a list of the best vegan protein powders around to help you get started!

Opportuniteas Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder

Review: Thought Pure Label Nutrition Origin’s 85% protein content per gram is the highest we’ll go today?

Not even close.

Opportuniteas Grass-fed Whey Protein Isolate takes things to a whole new level with its 90% total protein content. You’d be hard-pressed to find alternatives with more at the same price point.


  • 27 grams of protein in every 30-gram serving.
  • Made with 99% pure grass-fed whey protein.
  • Absolutely free from gluten and GMO-ingredients.
  • Cold processed for better taste and texture.
  • Easier to mix, thanks to the added lecithin from non-GMO sunflowers.


  • Has a bit of flavor even though it’s supposed to be flavorless.
  • Sturdiness of packaging can still be improved.


If high protein content is what you’re looking for, then this product is one of the best you can get for the price.

Just take note that it doesn’t really taste neutral despite being labeled flavorless, and for some reason, it doesn’t mix as well as other products despite the added lecithin.

Sunwarrior Classic Plus Protein Powder

Review: Looking for variety? Then you should definitely check Sunwarrior Classic Protein Plus out.

It gets its 72% protein content from a proprietary blend of plant-based superfoods: peas, quinoa, brown rice, amaranth and chia seeds.


  • Loaded with 18 grams of protein per 25-gram serving.
  • Made with five high-quality protein sources.
  • Available in three flavors: chocolate, natural and vanilla.
  • 100% organic, vegan and non-GMO.
  • Free from dairy, soy, added sugar and gluten.


  • Doesn’t have the best flavor and texture.
  • Does not mix easily.


If you’re a fan of plant-based protein sources, then this product is perfect for you.

It uses a total of five high-quality completely vegan ingredients to provide you with a whopping 18 grams of protein per serving.

Naked Whey Protein Powder

Review: If purity is what you want, then you’d be hard-pressed to find a better product than Naked Whey.

Its unflavored variant is literally just made with one ingredient: 100% premium grass-fed whey protein.

But even its aptly named Less Naked flavored variants only add no more than two extra all-natural ingredients to the mix.


  • Loaded with 25 grams of protein per 37-gram serving.
  • Made with all-natural ingredients.
  • 100% free from soy, gluten, growth hormones and GMO ingredients.
  • Does not use artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners.
  • Third party tested for heavy metal content.


  • Can be difficult to mix.
  • Virtually flavorless, so you can’t consume it on its own.


Not a big fan of artificial additives in your protein powder?

Then you should definitely give this product a shot. It has everything you need to make gains and absolutely none of what you don’t.

Organic Vegan Protein Powder

Review: Here’s another great vegan option for you.

Packed with 24 grams of protein per 38-gram serving, Organic Muscle Organic Vegan Protein is known for its proprietary protein blend consisting of organic pea protein, hemp protein, sancha inchi and Jerusalem artichoke.


  • Decent 63% protein content.
  • Loaded with all nine essential amino acids.
  • Made with certified vegan and organic ingredients.
  • 100% free from gluten, dairy, preservatives and hormones.
  • Has 3 grams of fiber.


  • Not known for having the best flavor.
  • Protein content is good but there are products with more.


With its complete amino acid profile, this product can easily go toe to toe with dairy-based protein powders – like most products on my list of the best protein powder brands – in terms of protein quality.

Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal

Review: If you’re the type of person who always wants to get maximum value for their money, then Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal is the product for you.

Aside from the 20 grams of protein it packs into every 35-gram serving, it’s also loaded with a wide array of other beneficial micronutrients, such as vitamins A, B12 and C, calcium, magnesium and zinc.


  • Decent protein content per gram.
  • Contains 6 grams of fiber in every serving.
  • Loaded with micronutrients, probiotics and digestive enzymes.
  • Comes in four delicious flavors: chocolate, vanilla chai, lightly sweet and vanilla.
  • Organic, vegan and free from gluten, dairy and soy.


  • Texture’s a bit gritty.
  • Does not come unflavored.


You’ve probably heard of the saying “less is more.”

Well, that doesn’t apply to this product at all because aside from giving you a high-quality protein boost, it also provides you with vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes and probiotics.

It’s also a super convenient and delicious way to get your daily dose of greens and other healthy foods.

Genuine Muscle Milk Protein Powder

Review: Unlike most alternatives on this list, Genuine Muscle Milk has a more athlete-friendly macronutrient blend.

Aside from 32 grams of protein, it also has 20 grams of carbs and 9 grams of fat in every 70-gram serving, providing your body with everything it needs to not only preserve and build muscle, but also work harder during training.


  • Excellent macronutrient mix.
  • More calories per serving for better gains.
  • Contains 3 grams of leucine per serving to promote better muscle protein synthesis.
  • Top-notch protein digestibility.
  • Free from soy and gluten.


  • Not that easy to mix.
  • Aftertaste takes time to get used to.


If a true meal replacement is what you want, then you should definitely check this product out.

Unlike most other protein powders than only have protein and not much else, it has a more balanced essential macronutrient profile.

Raw Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder

Review: One of the very few products that can rival Naked Whey in terms of purity, Raw Grass Fed Whey has an impressive total protein content 21 grams per 25-gram serving.

It’s also made with just one ingredient and is 100% free from sweeteners, fillers, preservatives and other additives.


  • 84% protein content.
  • Cold processed to preserve nutrients and quality.
  • Free from gluten, soy, heavy metals and GMO ingredients.
  • Contains zero added sugar.
  • Rich in CLAs and omega-3s.


  • Packaging is a bit too flimsy.
  • Not completely flavorless.


As far as pure whey protein powders go, this is about as pure as they come.

Add this to the fact that it has excellent protein content per gram and you definitely have a true winner in your hands.

Designer Protein LITE

Review: Building muscle while burning fat can be challenging, but Designer Protein Lite Protein makes it a bit easier by combining muscle-building and fat-burning ingredients in one ultra convenient package.

Loaded with 10 grams of protein, as well as green coffee extract and garcinia cambogia, in every 15-gram serving, it definitely has everything you need to get ripped faster.


  • 67% protein content.
  • Packed with fat-burning ingredients.
  • Only 60 calories per serving.
  • Loaded with micronutrients and prebiotics.
  • Free from gluten, fat and added sugar.


  • Texture is a bit gritty.
  • Sweetener used has a slightly bitter aftertaste.


If you want to build more muscle while keeping your fat gains low, then this is the product for you.

Aside from the protein, it also has garcinia cambogia and green coffee extract, which are both known to help promote better fat loss when combined with a sensible exercise plan.

Natural Force Organic Whey Protein Powder

Review: Loaded with 20 grams of protein per 26.78-gram serving, Natural Force Organic Whey Protein takes pride in the fact that it’s not only 100% organic, but also uses four ingredients or less in all its variants.

It provides you with 42% of your recommended daily intake of protein in every scoop.


  • 75% protein content.
  • Minimally processed without heat or acid for maximum nutrient retention.
  • Certified non-GMO.
  • Highly bioavailable.
  • Paleo friendly, kosher and gluten free.


  • A bit pricey.
  • Tends to get foamy.


Not a fan of too many hard-to-pronounce ingredients in your protein powder? Then definitely give this product a shot.

With no more than four ingredients in every variant, it’s rivaled only by Naked Whey and Raw Grass Fed Whey in terms of purity.

Quick Introduction to Gluten Free Protein Powders

Gluten free protein powders come all shapes and sizes.

There are dairy-based ones for people who don’t have lactose intolerance, plant-based ones for people who don’t consume animal products and specialty ones for those following a specific eating plan.

Long story short, no matter your dietary requirements and preferences, you can be sure that there’s a good gluten free protein powder for you.

Things to Consider in Buying Gluten Free Protein Powders

man preparing a protein shake

Kind of Protein Powder

Make sure that the type of gluten free protein powder you’re getting is specifically designed for your specific diet.

Allergies and Food Intolerances

While, in most cases, dairy-based protein powders have a higher total protein content and a more complete amino acid profile, you should only get them if you’re 100% sure you don’t have any issues with dairy.

Otherwise, you’re better off exploring other options. I included a couple of good ones for you in the list above.


Do you want something to use as a protein booster for your smoothies and other recipes? Or do you want something that you can just add water to and consume?

If it’s the former, then you’d want something flavored. On the other hand, if it’s the latter, then you’re better off with something that tastes neutral enough to be added to your recipes without affecting their taste.

Total Protein Content

A higher total protein content is always a good thing if you’re looking to build muscle.

If a meal replacement is what you want, though, then it’s okay to go with something with less protein but has other macro and micronutrients.


man drinking protein shake at the crossfit gym

Is Whey Powder Gluten Free?

While all the whey powders on the list above are free from gluten, not all products in the market are.

So, be sure to check the label of the brand you’re eyeing first before making the purchase.

Is Soy Protein Powder Gluten Free?

Yes, soy protein powders are gluten free – provided they’re made with pure soy and don’t contain any additives that have gluten.

Just like with whey powders, check the label of your chosen product first before buying.

Is Pure Protein Powder Gluten Free?

It depends on what the protein powder is derived from. Obviously, products made with ingredients that naturally contain gluten would most likely still have it even though they’ve already been processed.

Don’t know which ingredients to stay away from? Just search for protein products marked “gluten free” to make your life easier.

Is Hemp Protein Powder Gluten Free?

Some brands are; others are not.

As a general rule, unless it’s specifically stated that the product you’re looking at does not contain gluten, then it’s safe to assume that it does.

Is Gluten Bad for You?

Not necessarily. Gluten is only bad for you if you have certain medical conditions, such as celiac disease.

If you’re perfectly healthy, then there’s really nothing to worry about.

But, to be sure, check with your doctor first before buying any protein powder or supplement.

Will I Lose Weight if I Stop Eating Gluten?

There is currently no scientific evidence to back up the claim that eliminating gluten from your diet can lead to weight loss.

Unless you have a medical condition that compromises your ability to process nutrients, the science is simple: calories in versus calories out.

Simply put, if you eat more and move less, you’ll store more fat.

Conversely, if you eat less and move more, you’ll store less fat. That’s really all there is to it.

The Bottom Line: Going Gluten Free is Easy

These days, whatever eating plan you’re on, the sheer number of gluten free powders you can choose from virtually eliminates the risk of you having to settle for a product you don’t like just because everything else contains gluten.

Don’t believe me?

Check my “best gluten free protein powder products” list above again. You’ll most likely find a good gluten free product you can use that also satisfies your specific dietary requirements.

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