TOP 9 Best Portable Dip Bars for Home Gym Reviewed 2021

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Best Portable Dip Bars for Home or Garage Gym + 9 Reviews 2021

In the market for the best portable dip bar?

Why not?

Portable dip bars, also sometimes called high parallette bars, are a good addition to your home gym or garage gym.

Dips target all three heads of your triceps, plus they can be used for chest exercises and more.

Here I am going to quickly review what to look for before choosing the best portable dip station, what exercises can be done using one (hint: there are many) and review 9 of the best portable dip bars out there.


Let’s get started.

Quick and Dirty Guide to the Best Portable Dip Bars

Ok, this guide will not actually be dirty, but I promise to keep it quick.

I have used a few different styles of dip stations and dip bars, and I have discovered these 4 factors are the most important.

man doing triceps dip on parallel bars in gym

1. Height

This one is so important; which is why I list it first.

To do dips on portable dip bars you must bend your knees. Unless you enjoy hitting the ground with your knees on every dip, you need to make sure the height of the unit suits you.

Generally, if the dip bars are 31” or less, they will be good for athletes under 6 feet.

If you are over 6 feet, opt for dip bars that are at least 33” or preferably higher.

2. Width

Width matters too.

In order to perform dips with correct form, you need to keep your arms close to your body. This is especially true if you intend to focus on the triceps.

If you want to focus on the chest, you can perform dips with your hands slightly away from the body.

Either way, the length of your arms is also a factor. If you are a petite woman, dip bars that are fixed far apart will not serve you well.

Honestly, dip stations with angled handles, or those that have an adjustable with are best.

3. Max Weight Limit

Check the max weight limit on the portable dip station before pulling the trigger on your purchase.

The less the max weight usually means the more wobble it will have as you use it.


A dip station with a high weight limit can be used with a weighted dip belt, another nice feature of high quality dip stations.

4. Extras

Knurled handles, suspension trainers and weighted resistance style belts are all examples of extras these portable dip stations may have.

A suspension trainer adds so much versatility and utility to your dip station, making it a more valuable investment.

Is a Portable Dip Station Really Worth Buying?

Is a portable dip station a good investment?

You may get more utility out of a Complete dip station or tower power, and if you decide to head that direction take a look at our best power towers here.


Power towers can be used for more exercises, but they do have their drawbacks.

First, they are considerably more expensive. While many portable dip bars can be had for under 100 dollars, and even less than 50 dollars for a few, power towers usually cost double or triple that.

Portable dip stations are also smaller and easier to store out of the way, in addition to being a lot shorter.

Something to consider if you have low ceilings (think basement), live in an apartment, or have a small home or garage gym and can not spare the extra space a power tower uses.

Portable Dip Station Exercise and Workout Ideas

Learn how to target Triceps or the chest using dips

The key to targeting triceps is keeping your arms closer to the body. This is why dip stations with angles handles, or dip stations that have an adjustable width, will allow you to change the distance apart you have your hands.

To target the chest, the opposite is true. You need to have your hands a little farther from your body to target the chest.

Be sure to check the width of the dip station before purchasing one. Bonus points if they are angled or otherwise adjustable.

What other exercises can portable dip bars be used for, besides dips?

Elevated Push ups:

Prop both feet up on one of the bars and get into push up position. Elevating your feet makes the pushup even more challenging.

You can also use this position for extended and bent arm planks by holding your arms in either an extended or bent position for a minute at a time.

Or really challenge your arms by alternating between extending and bending your arms during the plank.

Looking for a whole body workout?

This fast paced two minute video (below) quickly demonstrates a Complete Dip Bar Workout for the Whole Body.

The demo includes agility moves, body weight exercises, triceps, chest, and plyometric moves.

There really is a lot you can do with a piece of equipment as simple and inexpensive as portable dip bars.

TOP 9 Best Portable Dip Bars for Home Reviewed 2021

Titan Fitness HD Dip Station

Review: This Titan Fitness HD dip station is large enough for tall users and sturdy enough to use with weighted dip belts.

It is reasonably tall, at 39” and is 20” wide, so you have room for dips, leg swings and more. This is a useful piece of equipment to invest it, you will not regret it.


  • 750 lb weight capacity.
  • Wide anti-tip base.
  • Durable foam grips.


  • Assembly can be challenging.


One of the most sturdy dip bars for home gym and garage gym.

Fuel Pureformance Dip Station

Review: This durable upright dip station is built to last a lifetime.

It is powder coated, has a wide stable base, and is made from sturdy steel. It includes a chart of suggested exercises, with pictures, so you can see the variety of exercises you can accomplish with this unit.


  • 300 lb weight limit.
  • Super compact, sore against a wall.
  • Great Price.


  • The foam on the handles is thin.


A high quality, well rounded portable dip station at a reasonable price.

Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station

Review: This sturdy portable Dip bar is made from 1.5 inch steel tubing and a be assembled using no tools.

You can get optional accessories to add even more variety to the exercises that you can do on it, including a resistance band style “weighted” dip belt and agility trainer and push up trainers.


  • 3 feet tall.
  • 350 lb max weight.
  • Portable, folds flat and locks for easy carry.


  • Wobbles slightly when you are doing dips.


One of the best dip bars for home with the available push up and dip belt agility upgrade options.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-BH6507 Dip Station

Review: The Sunny health and Fitness dip bar station makes a great addition to your home or garage gym.

It is priced right and simple to put together and use. It has a stabilizer bar across the bottom for added security and is best suited for athletes 5’10” and under.


  • Adjustable width.
  • Connected bars make them more stable.
  • Made from 1.5 inch steel tube.


  • 30 Inches tall, better for those under 5’ 10”.


A good set of portable dip bars for the money.

Body-Solid Commercial Dip Station

Review: This Body Solid Dip station was thoughtfully designed with an ample 38 inch height and handles that flare out, causing dips to focus on the pectoral muscles.

This a premium quality dip station, at home in or in a commercial gym or your own garage gym.


  • 38 Inches tall.
  • Very stable and solid, 400 lb max weight.
  • Comfortable foam padded and angled handles.


  • Pricy.


The best dip bars for home gym or commercial gym. The Finest quality.

Lebert Fitness EQualizer

Review: These brightly colored dip bars by Lebert are not connected and therefore very easy to store out of the way when you are not using the.

They have comfortable handles, a nice enamel finish, and are offered at a reasonable price. The fact that they are not connected at the bottom means you can use one to do raised push up’s.


  • Includes workout DVD demonstrating how to use the bars.
  • Very easy to assemble, under 5 minutes.
  • Comfort grip foam handles.


  • 31 Inches high. OK for those under 6 feet tall.


Useful and attractive dip bars.

RELIFE Dip Station

Review: These ReLife portable dip bars are adjustable height up to 34.25 inches, plus they are connected at the bottom to add stability, and they hold up to 350 lbs securely.

Plus, since they are independently adjustable, you could use each bar at a different height to mix up your routine.


  • Adjustable height up to 34.25 inches.
  • Foam grim comfort handles.
  • Non-slip rubberized feet.


  • A little wobble when using.


Adjustable and easy to use dip bars.

Trademark Innovations Fitness Training Dip Station

Review: One of the most economical set of dip bars available because not only are they offered at a low price, but they include the push up suspension trainers.

Works for dips, inverse rows, aussie pull ups, suspension style push ups and more. A multipurpose little dip station.


  • Includes push up suspension trainer hangers.
  • Excellent price.
  • Comfy foam handles on the bars and push up suspension trainers.


  • Does not fold up.


Best dip bars for home that include a few extras like the suspension handles. A great choice!

Yaheetech Heavy Duty Dip Stand

Review: This Yaheeteh dip station has an impressive 500 lbs weight limit and is built for heavy duty use.

This freestanding dip station has a stabilizing crossbar, easy grip knurled handles, and stands at 53 inches tall.

If you are tall or heavy or both, this is the dip station for you.


  • Suitable for weighted dips, max load is 500 lbs.
  • Built from 2 by 2 inch square steel bar.
  • Knurled handles for optimum grip.


  • The handles are not angled.


For the height and quality, the price is absolutely unbelievable. This is the best choice portable dip bar station for tall and heavy users.

That concludes my review of the best portable dip bars.

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Be sure and drop me a line in the comments below and let me know which of the best portable dip bars you picked out for your home gym.

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