Best Running Shoes for Narrow Feet & 12 TOP Reviews for 2019

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“I think I laced my shoes tight enough, but why does it seem like my feet wiggle around when I run?”

If you are experiencing this, then you may have a lot of room for your toe box because you have narrow feet!

In that case, you REALLY need to find yourself a pair of the best running shoes for narrow feet.

The majority of runners I’ve encountered are looking for wider toe box.

It’s a different case for runners with narrow feet and this should be addressed with different solutions.

I also belong to this type of feet so trust me, I know and have encountered all the dilemmas associated with having a narrow foot. There are a number of shoes that are better suited for runners with narrow feet.

running shoes for narrow feet

Let’s do Some Shoe Hunting

Shoe hunting is probably the most exciting and, at the same time, complicated thing to do for runners.

A lot of things need to be considered in buying the perfect shoes in general. Sometimes, runners consider the superficial things about the shoes– its style, looks, or color.

Others put weight on the shoe’s price or affordability, too. A lot put a premium on the fit and comfortability, of course.

But there are keen runners who go beyond these things and take into consideration the technicalities of a shoe.

Going Technical?

It will be helpful to check the stack height of the shoes – if it’s too high or low.

Stack height means the thickness of whatever is under your foot. Shoes with higher stack height are usually less stable compared to shoes with lower stack height.

Some runners also check the drop height or the heel-to-toe drop, which is from zero mm to 12mm.

  • Lower heel-to-toe drop shoes are better, with 4mm to 10 mm as a safe range.
  • Higher than 10mm will be too high and more prone to injuries. On the contrary, going lower than 4mm requires a lot of adjustment unless you are used to these kinds of shoes.

Some also consider the rubber of the outer sole, upper mesh, and even the shoelaces. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your preference and where or how you are going to use it.

female runner stretching

Today, this article will show you the best running shoes for narrow feet based on the reviews of trusted runners and fitness enthusiasts all over the world.

It’s not enough that the shoes fit on your feet, it is also important that it will bring out your best performance and at the same time provide the best comfort for your narrow feet.

The list also includes some of the best running shoes for women with narrow feet. Narrow feet is common among women because the volume of their feet is lower compared to men.

To all the girls who have these kinds of feet, worry no more because after reading this article, you will be able to find the best women’s running shoes for narrow feet.

Some of the selection may not be the best but it is still a good option for narrow feet. Good shoes for narrow feet are shoes which may not be perfect but are worth trying nonetheless because of the remarkable benefits that they offer.

So be keen on each pair’s pros and cons. There are also variations among narrow-footed runners – some have flat feet, some have high arches, and some have narrow heels.

The list will provide you options for the best running shoes for narrow flat feet, best running shoes for narrow feet and high arches and even best running shoes for narrow heels.

Things to consider

There are a lot of things to consider when buying shoes especially when your feet are narrow that is why it’s really important to research and test the shoes first before buying a pair.

This article presents 12 of the best running shoes for narrow feet based on thorough research and personal examination.

Before we proceed with the list, here are some tips when buying a good fit of shoes for narrow feet:

  • There should be an allowance of thumb-sized or half-inch space for the toes to wiggle or expand.
  • It should feel like a glove on the midfoot section.
  • There should be no slipping on the heels and no uncomfortable feeling.

12 Best Running Shoes for Narrow Feet Reviews 2019

Saucony Women’s Omni 14 Running Shoes

Review: The shoe has a stack height of 26mm in the heel and 18 mm on the toes, which is comfortable enough to use for running daily.

This pair is also good for someone who is looking for stability type shoes because of its pronation control capabilities.


  • Breathable upper mesh.
  • Great midfoot fit.
  • Durable sole.


  • Looks bulky for a narrow shoes.


This pair is made by one of the most respectable names in the running industry!

New Balance Men’s 1080 v8 Fresh Foam Running Shoes

Review: The shoe offers the most comfortable ride and is good for long distance running like a marathon. It also offers a neutral support for runners and is good for daily running.


  • Breathable mesh and expandable.
  • True to size.
  • Flexible and smooth ride.


  • A bit expensive.


The shoes also offer wider toe box sizes, in case you have a running buddy with wider toe and you want to have a similar pair.

How cute is that!

NIKE Men's Lunarsolo Running Shoes

Review: The shoe is light-weight and a good value for money compared to other shoes with the same specifications.

It also offers a neutral support for runners as well as for competition shoes because of its lightweight structure.


  • Lightweight for only 240g.
  • Snug fit design.
  • Moisture wicking materials.


  • Not recommended for long distance running.


The pair is great for indoor activities like running on the treadmill and doing high intensity interval training.

New Balance Men’s 940 v3 Running Shoes

Review: The shoe is a good option for runners with moderate to severe pronation. It is flexible despite the fact that the shoes are for people looking for a stability type of shoes.


  • It has absorbed cushioning that reduces impact from running on the concrete.
  • 10 mm drop which helps you move forward.
  • It has good cushioning.


  • This pair is heavy.


The sock liner is made of ortholite, which keeps the moisture away and adds more cushioned feel.

Asics Women’s Gel Cumulus 18 Running Shoes

Review: The shoes are a good training partner for middle to long distance running like a marathon. The gels offer great deal of comfort every step of the way.


  • Provides a very comfortable ride.
  • Its 10 mm drop push you to go forward.
  • It has more colors to choose from.


  • It needs some time to break in.


The shoes come from one of the company that has a long and proven track record of producing quality running shoes and the best shoe for narrow feet and high arches.

Asics Gel Nimbus 20 Running Shoes

Review: The shoe is an excellent choice for a supportive and lightweight ride. This is another shoe from the brand Asics that offers a comfortable ride but at the same time, you can still feel the pavement when you run.


  • It is a great looking pair with a sleek style.
  • 10 mm drop for men and 13mm for women.
  • A truly wonderful fit.


  • The footbed is stiffer compared to other versions.


One of the best looking shoes especially the black one, which you can even pair with a non-running and casual wear.

Also the best shoe for narrow heels because of the heel clutching system creating a better fit.

New Balance Men’s 990v4

Review: The New balance offers a wide range in terms of sizing from narrow to wide toe box. This pair is a looker with its classic look and colors. From a quick glance, it can even pass as a lifestyle shoes.


  • Provides stability and support.
  • Its 12 mm drop is good for moving forward.
  • Durable pair that can last for years.


  • A bit expensive and heavy weight.


Best running shoes for narrow flat feet because of the eva core that offers further support.

Brooks Women’s Pure Cadence 7

Review: The shoe offers a sock-like fit to your toes. It also provides a responsive ride and flexibility but doesn’t sacrifice stability support.


  • The shoe is lightweight.
  • Experience more relaxed ankle because of the 4mm drop.
  • It has a flexible sole.


  • You might need some adjustment if you are used to higher heel-to-toe drop.


This is the 7th version of Brooks Pure Cadence. If you want to try and get an older model, you may be able to get it on a cheaper price.

Brooks Men’s Pureflow 7 Running Shoes

Review: This pair provides a natural support and comfortable ride. It is perfect for medium to high arch type of feet. It also offers less cushioned feel so that you will feel more connected to the ground.


  • Lightweight and minimal in design.
  • Its 4mm drop means a more relaxed ankle.
  • Provides better alignment for the joints.


  • The shoe is not as breathable as others.


The sizing claimed as medium width but it’s actually quite narrow. The reason for this is that the upper mesh is designed to be close to fit the foot.

Mizuno Womens’s Wave Inspire 14 Running Shoes

Review: The shoe provides a stable ride but it is lightweight at the same time. The fit is perfect for narrow feet without sacrificing the comfort and breathability.


  • Breathable mesh without sew overlays.
  • Smooth landing and smooth toe transition.
  • Ideal fit which relieves stress on the foot.


  • Feels a bit stiff on the midsole.


This shoe brand is trusted by athletes who want a serious performance and competitive results. Also a good choice for runners with narrow flat foot.

Saucony Women’s Kinvara 9 Running Shoes

Review: The shoe provides a neutral support that is very light and the feeling which is closer to the ground. It is also good for daily running as well as longer distances like marathons.


  • Light and snug fit.
  • Less pressure for the heels and joints because of the 4mm drop.
  • Soft and cushy.


  • The outsoles seem to fade faster compared to other shoes.


The most comfortable shoe I have used both for my everyday training and even long distance races. One of the best running shoes for narrow feet and high arches runners.

Hoka One One Women’s Speedgoat 2 Trail Running Shoes

Review: For those who want to get dirty out there and are tired of the pavement, this arsenal is for you.

The shoe is good for trail, mountains and cross country running. It’s also perfect for runners who love cushioned shoes but are lightweight at the same time.


  • Comfortable and breathable upper mesh.
  • 5mm lugs for supreme grip, Vibram outsole.
  • Cmeva foam midsole which absorbs impact.


  • Not recommended for runners who prefer a more ground feel or minimalist style.


Running on the roads cause greater impact on our feet and legs. Try to run on the trails sometimes. You just might enjoy it. Just use the right shoes accordingly like this pair.


Which shoe for narrow feet do you think is the best for you? Do you prefer the cushioned ones or do you love to feel the ground ones? Do you also consider running on the trails and would like to know more shoes to select from?

Share with me your experiences and things that you want to discuss.

Let me hear what works for you! I will be more than happy to read each one and answer it to the best of what I know.

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