14 Best Slam Balls for CrossFit Reviewed 2024 + Workouts

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14 Best Slam Balls for CrossFit and Gym Workouts Reviewed 2024

Why do you even need a slam ball if you already have a medicine ball?

Most gyms have med balls, and even athletes new to CrossFit know what a wall ball is when they see it on the WOD.


If you are new to CrossFit, you may not yet know about the slam ball, what you do with it, and what it’s good for.

With that in mind…

I would like to explain the difference between a medicine ball vs a slam ball, show you several workouts and the best slam ball exercises you can do, introduce 2 CrossFit WODs that use the slam ball, and finish off with a review of the 15 best slam balls on the market today.

What is the Difference Between Slam Ball and Medicine Ball?

Slam Ball vs Medicine Ball

A medicine ball is designed more for cardio, is usually lighter than a slam ball, and has a uniform round shape, keeps its shape well, and usually has a little bounce, so it rebounds back to you after you throw it.

In CrossFit, you might see a med ball used for wall balls.

A slam ball is softer, sand filled, will not bounce or roll when you throw it, and will not rebound and bounce back to you.

Slam balls are usually heavier and more geared toward strength training vs cardio. In CrossFit, you might see a slam ball used for the Ball Slam, Russian Twist, or even heavy dead ball deadlifts.

Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Slam Balls

woman exercising with slam ball

Texture and grip

Slam balls generally have two styles of grip texture.

Heavy aggressive, tire tread-like texture.

Heavy texture allows you to get the best grip, but can be hard on soft hands, especially when the WOD calls for 150 repetitions.


Moderate to light texture, like a basketball.

This texture is easier on the hands, but can get slick when your palms start to sweat.

Valve or no valve?

A few slam balls out there have a valve built-in so you can adjust the air pressure.

The benefit of a valve is you can inflate or deflate the ball so it is as firm as you want. Inflating it will make it firmer and may give it a small amount of bounce.

The downside of a valve is it creates a weak point in the slam ball.

I recommend you throw the slam ball down in such a way that the valve stays up and does not hit the ground.

The benefit of a ball with no valve is that it does not have a built-in weak spot. The downside of a slam ball with no valve is that you cannot adjust it at all.

couple is working out with medicine ball in gym

Bounce, roll firmness and shape

Slam balls fall on a spectrum of soft and pliable, to quite firm. Most are somewhere in between. A firm ball will have more bounce, usually.

Traditional slam balls should not bounce or roll, they should stay in place after you slam them.

A softer slam ball will change shape after you slam it. This makes it more challenging to pick back up, which only adds to your workout.

A softer slam ball will be filled with sand and have a core that shifts as you throw it, making it more challenging to handle and throw. This is how a slam ball should be.

Best Slam Ball Workouts and Exercises

Slam Ball Exercise

The very basic slam ball move. This is the slam ball exercise you will often see in a WOD. It is a basic but intense more every beginner should master.

10 Minute Total Body Slam Ball Routine

10 minute Total Body Slam Ball Routine. This three circuit workout is simple, fast and intense.

The best part? All you need is a little motivation, 10 minutes of your time, and a slam ball to get it done.

What can you do with a HEAVY Slam Ball, aka Dead Ball?

Cleans, deadlifts, hip tosses and shoulder throws, heavy squats and lunges are just a few of the strength training exercises you can do with the heavier slam balls. They are all demonstrated here in this Iron Edge video.

Slam Ball Core Workout

The core and abs are a common problem area for athletes. Follow this slam ball core routine to tighten and tone your core.

This routine includes Russian Twists and Cross Body slams, so using a slam ball with a shifting core will give you an even greater workout.

CrossFit WODs that use a slam ball

Looking for a few great Ball Slam WODs?

Here are a few you can use to take out your rage using a slam ball.

Dimas WOD


  • Round 1: 50 of each exercise
  • Round 2: 40 of each exercise
  • Round 3: 30 of each exercise
  • Round 4: 20 of each exercise
  • Round 5: 10 of each exercise

Equipment needed

  • 20 lb Slam Ball
  • 20 lb Wall Ball


  • Slam Balls
  • Wall Balls

Beowulf WOD


Do all exercises in the Rxed amount in the list as fast as you can.

Equipment needed


  • Row 1000 meters
  • Run 800 meters
  • 50 ring dips
  • 100 pull ups
  • 150 jumping ball slams
  • Run 800 meters
  • Row 1000 meters

Looking for more CrossFit WODs you can do at home? Check out this compilation of home gym WODS.

TOP 14 Best Slam Ball Reviews 2024

Rogue Echo Slam Balls

Rogue Echo Slam Balls

Review: These battle tested Echo slam balls by Rogue take a beating without busting open.

They produce very little bounce when slammed against a wall or on the ground for a little extra challenge over traditional med balls.

These red rubberized slam balls have good texture so you won’t lose your grip as you lift it over your head and hurl it at the ground.


  • Available from 10 lbs all the way up to 50 lbs.
  • Super durable rubberized ball will not bust open on you.
  • Well balanced.
  • Striking red color.


  • A little pricy.


High quality, practically unbreakable slam ball that takes all the abuse you can give it.

Titan Fitness Slam Spike Ball

Review: Titan slam balls are great quality rubber sand filled slam balls that have no bounce, which is exactly what you want in good quality slam balls.

They have a good grippy texture and are clearly marked with their weight in lbs. The sand filling shifts inside the ball, changing the center of gravity of the ball, causing you to work a variety of muscles as you slam.


  • Dead bounce/no bounce slam ball.
  • Sand and air-filled ball.
  • Available in weights from 10 lbs to 60 lbs.


  • Some athletes wish it had more grip or better texture.


A great slam ball for garage or home gym use.

Rep V2 Slam Ball

REP V2 Slam Ball - 30 lb
  • Stronger and More Durable: The second iteration of our balls are designed to take the abuse of high-intensity workouts! We made this next generation with a 50% thicker shell and reinforced air nozzle so you can slam them repeatedly without fail.
  • Build Strength and Power Faster: The explosive, full body movement of slam ball movements develops serious, functional metabolic conditioning. These are perfect for Cross Training and HIIT, where the slam ball is a staple of many workouts.
  • Choose Your Size: We offer a full range of sizes from 5lbs all the way to 70lbs to meet the needs of any athlete or workout. 30lbs and under sizes are 9 inches in diameter, while 35lbs and higher get progressively larger.
  • Designed in Denver, CO: REP Fitness designs and manufactures high-quality strength and conditioning equipment for home and commercial gyms. Order today and get a full 1-year warranty for home use, 6-month warranty for commercial use.

Review: The Rep V2 slam ball is a popular choice for the home gym.

It has decent grip, is available in a wide range of weights, and has no bounce, and the sand inside shifts a bit, adding an extra challenge to your CrossFit workout.


  • Available in 10 lbs all the way up to 70 lbs.
  • Sand filled the shifting center of gravity adds challenge to your workout.
  • No bounce at all, which is what you want.


  • The sand may start leaking from the inflation hole after heavy use.


Tough and reliable slam ball for your CrossFit Workout.


  • Ergonomic Design:Rubberized PVC tread pattern provides the most slip-resistant and wear-resistant surface, It is characterized by providing firmness and grip, increase friction, Allows for a stable grip as your hands sweat throughout the workout, Prevent accidents during exercise.
  • Filled With High Density Fine Sand:he internal bladders for the medicine balls are filled with sand like metal filings Prevent bouncing or rolling Enhances ball balance and sturdiness Can withstand constant tossing on the ground and won't bounce back To ensure that users will not be injured due to rebound during use
  • Multiple Weight Options:POWER GUIDANCE Slam Ball Available in a variety of sizes ,small exercise ball Ranging from 6 lbs to 30 lbs ,6 lb to 15 lb diameter is 9 inches 25 lb and 30 lb balls are 11 inches in diameter . Whether you are just starting out and you need a lightweight accessory to get enough reps, or you need something big and heavy,We can meet your needs.
  • Suitable For Any Fitness Level:These med ball athletes of any size and skill level can benefit.They are versatile,Can be used for overhead lunges, ball slams, push-ups, bear crawls, Russian twists, squat throws, thrusters, air squats, and sit-ups. Can improve cardiovascular fitness and overall strength of working shoulders, triceps, abs, quads, glutes, calves and back.
  • Provide Follow-up Services:If the product is leaking, damaged, or the fitness ball is deflated within one month of use, we will provide you with a free replacement as soon as possible

Review: This Power Guidance slam ball is one of the best slam balls for CrossFit. It has thick strong walls, with just a little give when you slam it to the ground.

The tread pattern makes it really easy to grip, even if your palms start to get sweaty from the intense workout this slam ball gives you.


  • Thick sturdy rubber wall.
  • Excellent tire tread like grip.
  • Has a little give and no bounce.


  • The sand shifts a lot inside the ball.


The Power Guidance slam ball has the best grip!

Shogun Sports Slam Ball

Shogun Sports Slam Ball | Easy Grip Textured Slam Ball. Medicine Ball for Strength, Agility, Crosstraining. Available in 15, 25 $ LBS (25)
  • DESIGNED TO LAST: The Shogun Sports Slam Ball has a high quality PVC outer shell. The easy-grip textured surface offers improved grip and throw. It’s filled with iron sand preventing any bouncing or rolling and will last thousands of throws.
  • TAKE YOUR WORKOUTS TO A DIFFERENT LEVEL: The Shogun Sports Slam Ball allows for a wide range of exercises, ranges of motion, and movement speeds that cannot be achieved with traditional gym equipment. Slam Balls can be especially useful for developing your ability to generate a lot of force, aka POWER.
  • GREAT FOR FULL BODY WORKOUTS AND CARDIOVASCULAR ENDURANCE: The Slam balls are a great tool for full body workouts, they allow for a vast range of exercises such as Overhead Slams, Weighted Squats, Slam Ball Pushups, Russian Twists, etc. Allowing you to develop your triceps, abdomen, shoulders, calves, back, glutes and quads; all this whilst producing more power, increasing your heart rate and burning more calories.
  • GET BETTER RESULTS AND MORE GAINS: Picking up a slam ball can utilize the same muscles as more complex weightlifting moves, like the clean (hips, back, posterior chain). Plus, the fact that it’s a relatively unstable object forces you to adjust on the fly, especially as you rest the ball on one shoulder or another. Also, since it doesn’t do damage when it hits the floor, it’s the only piece of gym equipment that you can actively hurl at the ground without worrying of damaging it.
  • MULTIPLE WEIGHT OPTIONS: We offer solutions for all fitness enthusiasts regardless of the experience level. The Shogun Sports Slam Ball is available in different weight options 15, 25 and 40 LBS. These rubberized, dead-bounce Slam Balls can benefit athletes of any size and skill level, and they’re versatile enough to use as wall balls or for traditional medicine ball exercises, as well.

Review: This high quality slam ball by Shogun will not disappoint. It is filled with bounce proof iron sand for a satisfying solid feel as you slam the ball to the ground.

The chevron-shaped texture means you will always get a good grip as you heave this beast over your head and you can be confident the PVC outer layer will stay intact as you slam the ball back down.


  • Effective tread pattern, won’t lose your hold on this slam ball.
  • Will not bounce or roll.
  • Iron sand filled slam ball.


  • Not the least expensive slam ball.


Long lasting PVC wall slam ball shell with excellent grip.

Rage Fitness Slam Ball

Rage Fitness Slam Balls, 50 lb, Black (CF-SB350)
  • Encased in an ultra-durable, heavy-duty rubber shell
  • Rage slam ball is high endurance impact approved and performs in ways a medicine ball cannot
  • Textured surface allows for a high quality grip even when wet
  • No bounce design proves to be ideal for various throwing and Slamming routines
  • Equipped with an air valve making it possible to adjust the air capacity and overall firmness

Review: Take out all your rage by slamming this tough slam ball to the ground. This Rage brand slam ball can take all you’ve got and more.

The strong rubber shell is designed for high impact and won’t burst when you slam it down.


  • Sand filled, can add more air via inflation valve.
  • Absolutely NO bounce, even with extra air added.
  • Strong and impact resistant.


  • The slam ball loses its round shape after a few slams.


Durable bounce free slam ball that will take all your punishment without complaining.

Slam Ball by Day 1 Fitness

Weighted Slam Ball by Day 1 Fitness – 35 lbs - No Bounce Medicine Ball - Gym Equipment Accessories for High Intensity Exercise, Functional Strength Training, Cardio
  • BUILT TO ENDURE THE TOUGHEST SLAMS: With a thick outer shell that absorbs multiple impacts, slamming or throwing this handheld ball against walls or the ground forces you to utilize more energy and force, resulting in more calorie burning and endurance
  • EXPAND AND INTENSIFY YOUR WORKOUT PROGRAM: Using these weighted workout balls in place of dumbbells or kettlebells can improve your training significantly and burn more calories by adding extra weight to your sit ups, push ups, squats, and plyo jumps
  • PERFECT FOR ANY STAGE OF FITNESS: Whether you’re a beginner on the fitness journey or a seasoned athlete, the weight varieties of these slam balls allow you to slowly and incrementally challenge yourself and provides an assortment of sizes for variety
  • LOOK LEANER AND STRONGER: Improve your overall body muscle mass, cardiovascular endurance, and hand-eye coordination. Run longer, jump farther, lift more and perform better. Achieve your best shape, whether training alone or with a partner
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Comprised of a strong outer shell and a sand-filled core, the dead weight provides challenging resistance, but won’t damage or hurt walls, floors, or your personal trainer’s hands. Our premium slam balls will last you ages

Review: The Day 1 Fitness brand is well known in fitness and CrossFit circles and has a good reputation for quality.

This well-constructed slam ball includes an air valve so you can make the ball softer or firmer depending on what you like.


  • Will not bounce.
  • Has an air valve to top off with added air.
  • Available in increments of 20 lbs up to 50 lbs.


  • Not as grippy as other slam balls.


Customizable slam ball, perfect for home or garage gym.

TRX Training Slam Ball

TRX Training Slam Ball, Easy-Grip Tread, 10-lbs
  • Made in United States
  • Package dimensions :25.603 cm x 27.101 cm x 27.990 cm
  • Product type : RECREATION BALL
  • Package weight : 4.99 kg

Review: TRX makes great CrossFit medicine balls, slam balls and tons of other high-quality equipment.

This robust slam ball has a robust texture so this ball will not slip from your grasp, thick rubber walls so it will not burst on impact with the ground, and a large variety of weight options, from 6 lbs up to 40 lbs for every fitness level.


  • Strong thick rubber shell.
  • Lugged texture for excellent grip.
  • Available from 6 lbs to 40 lbs.


  • Tread may be too aggressive for softer hands.


Sturdy ball with awesome grip from a well-known fitness company.

Valor Fitness Slam Ball

Valor Fitness SB-30 Slam Ball, 30lb
  • FITNESS IN YOUR HANDS – Increase your stamina, muscle mass, power, and hand eye coordination with this ball. No more heavy weights and barbell to get the physique or fitness level you desire!
  • MADE TO ENDURE YOUR SLAMMIN’ WORKOUTS – The dense wall that makes up the outer shell around the slam balls is made to absorb intense contact through a long period time. Don’t worry about how hard you will have to go because this ball can withstand all.
  • GRIP WITH NO SLIP – Textured design to provide grip to your intense sweaty workouts. The slightly coarse shell and the circumferential rings give your hands a grippy feel to grab onto the excersize ball during the sweatiest moments.
  • PERFECT FOR ANYONE – Slam ball exercises can be done in any stage of fitness, beginners or experts. They are both versatile and safe. Some of the exercises that can be done with slam balls are slams, weighted sit-ups, weighted squats, throws, twists, etc.
  • ADDITIONAL- Dimensions of SB-30 are 10” x 10” x 10”. Sold as an individual slam ball.

Review: The Valor ball is a favorite of some athletes because the texture is grippy, without being hard on the hands.

The ball has no bounce and changes shape with each slam, for added challenge.


  • 5mm thick rubber walls.
  • Moderate texture grip.
  • Can inflate with air to ideal psi using inflation valve.


  • The valve is a weak area, do not throw or aim so the valve hits the ground.


A good quality slam ball for home gym or CrossFit box at home.

Champion Sports Rhino Slam

Champion Sports Rhino Slam Medicine Balls, 8-Pound
  • The textured shell allows for catching, gripping and throwing with ease
  • Soft feel just like a gel-filled ball
  • Weight: 8-Pound

Review: This lightly textured 8 lb slam ball is great for beginners or high rep activities. It comes in a fun blue color and the softer shell make it a good choice for softer hands.


  • Light texture and softer shell make it a good choice for women.
  • Striking blue color.
  • 8 lb weight.


  • No other weights available.


Best medicine balls for slamming for women.

Power Systems Premium Slam Ball

Power Systems Premium Slam Ball, 30 Pounds, Gray (25464)
  • Rubberized, textured surface to ensure a superior grip
  • No-bounce design makes it perfect for plyometric slam ball exercises
  • Quality, durable construction to withstand years of heavy use
  • Uniform gray with bright white numerals and logo
  • Thirty pounds

Review: This premium quality slam ball will be a staple of your home or garage gym for years.

The thick-walled yet flexible construction allow this ball to withstand years of abuse without a blowout.


  • No bounce.
  • Basketball like texture for comfortable grip.
  • Very sturdy, will last for years.


  • Expensive.


Commercial quality and exceptional durability – one of the best gym slam balls around.

Fitness Solutions Slam Ball

Fitness Solutions Slam Balls (55 LB)
  • Non bounce Slam Ball designed for slamming and tossing
  • Commercial Heavy-Duty rubber shell
  • Textured for maximum grip
  • Adjustable density air valve
  • 90 Day Warranty

Review: This gym grade slam ball will not blast open during an intense ball slam WOD, so you can trust it in your home gym.

The high quality, thick walled rubber make this ball strong and secure. The ball is lightly textured so it won’t chew up your hands as you slam it to the ground again and again.


  • Available from 6 to 60 lbs.
  • Designed with an air valve so you can adjust the psi and firmness to your liking.
  • Commercial quality rubber shell.
  • Zero bounce.


  • Texture may be too slick for some.


Gym quality adjustable slam ball.

Crown Sporting Goods Slam Ball

Review: The moderately textured slam ball has stripes like a basketball but performs like a slam ball, with no bounce and a shape that is changed when you slam it to the ground.

The changing shape and unpredictability make it more of a challenge to pick up, which adds intensity to your WOD.


  • Attractive colored pin striping make this slam ball stand out.
  • Changes shape with each slam.
  • NO bounce at all.


  • Not available in heavy weights over 20 lbs.


This slam ball is attractive without sacrificing performance.

Champion Barbell Reactor Smash Ball

Champion Barbell Reactor Smash Ball, 6-Pound
  • Specifically designed to smash and slam without bouncing or rolling
  • Durable textured cover to withstand the most demanding slam workouts
  • Sand filled center shifts with exercise movements to engage core and stabilizer muscles
  • Latex free PVC cover will not split or crack

Review: The Champion Barbell Reactor smash ball is a softer style slam ball that will not move after you slam it to the ground.

It is sand filled, but has more give, so its shape contorts as you slam it, adding challenge as you go to pick it back up. It is unstable and unbalanced by design, to make it harder to throw and give a better work out.


  • Available in 6 to 35 lbs.
  • Will not bounce or roll.
  • Sand filled core shifts with each slam.


  • Some users wish it was firmer or more stable.


A softer slam ball with a shifting core make a challenging, unbalanced style slam ball.

That wraps up the 15 best slam balls available today.

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