Best Home or Garage Gym Mirrors: Benefits & Where to Buy?

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Guide to Garage Gym Mirrors – Where to Buy Large Mirrors and Why You Should

Imagine this:

Your Garage gym is finally complete. The power rack is set up, you selected the perfect barbell, a set of dumbbells, and a bench and a cable machine. Add a TV and some tunes and you are set.

Or are you?

You begin to lift and notice you forgot something.


workout gym with wall mirors

Some people say mirrors are unnecessary, or even vain.

I disagree, mostly.

OK, mirrors can be vain, but that vanity can be motivating when you like what you see. And that is a good thing, I say.

Mirrors are also useful in other ways which I will discuss in a minute.

I want to discuss here how mirrors benefit the home gym athlete, and where the best home gym mirrors can be found. I will end with a few reviews of mirrors I like.

On with the show.

How do mirrors for the workout room benefit the athlete?

There are two basic ways mirrors help the athlete:

  • Checking form. Some argue that this leads to bad form, but we are not talking about looking in the mirror through the entire lift. A mirror can help you check that the bar is straight on your back, that your lat raise is not high enough, or that you need to go deeper on a squat.
  • Vanity. OK, mirrors are great for flexing and looking at how swole you are after lifting, or checking out your rear to see the “fruit” of those countless squats. Hey, motivation comes in many forms, and seeing your progress is highly motivating.

So, If you decided that mirrors for home gym are the right choice for you, keep reading.

muscle men doing pull up exercise

Where to buy large Gym Mirrors

Sometimes finding a large gym mirror takes some creativity, and knowing where to look is the key to finding one for cheap.

ReStore Habitat for humanity If you have a ReStore in your area , they are a great place to find recycles home items, such as mirrored closed doors, which make excellent garage gym mirrors. Check and see if they are available in your area.

Craigslist – Facebook Marketplace or FreeCycle is another resource for used mirrors. Craigslist may have mirrors for sale, or occasionally free. Everything on free cycle should be free. Don’t forget to search for mirrored closet doors and Bathroom mirrors, as these are perfect as home gym mirrors.

Estate sales – These are different from garage sales, and usually, happen when someone passes away, and all of their belongings are sold. You might check craigslist for find estate sales happening in your area. They frequently have large mirrors for sale.

Goodwill or Thrift Stores – People sometimes donate furniture and other household goods, so thrift stress are also a likely sport to find some large mirrors. You may have to remove an ugly frame, and make sure the mirrors are not beveled, but thrift stores are one possibility.

Home Depot/Lowes/ Home Improvement stores – These places not only have large mirrors to sell, but sometimes they are willing to sell slightly damaged large mirrors that have been returned. Ask a manager if they have any to sell, you never know until you try.

Walmart or Target – We have seen folks take the inexpensive wall mart full length mirrors and put 4 or 5 together on the wall with some Gorilla tape to make one large mirror.

Alternatives to mirrors

Maybe you don’t want a mirror, maybe just something so you can see your form. Video is sometimes suggested, over a mirror, because it is less distracting and you can focus on a video, if only after the fact.

Here are two Ideas I can offer:

  • Webcams. You can install a few webcams at various angles to film yourself as you lift. Webcams are cheap, and you can install three or more to get a few different angles.
  • Selfie tripod: It’s not just for selfies anymore. These things are actually great for taking short videos as you lift to check your form. Plus, if you have a home gym, you can leave it set up all the time. It’s just another piece of equipment, right? I say yes. Anything is fair in the pursuit of excellence.

What should I look for when choosing a mirror?


Ideally, one large mirror is best, but two or smaller mirrors can be put together if necessary.

The benefit of smaller mirrors is they are less expensive and easier to hang. But they will have seams. Annoying!

What features to avoid

If the mirrors are for a home gym you may be tempted to buy less expensive acrylic mirrors. I personally don’t like them because they almost always have at least a small amount of distortion.

I would rather scour thrift stores for a great mirror, then pay as much for a mirror that makes me look like I am in a funhouse Mirror maze.

How do you hang a gym mirror?

How are you going to hang it- Installation tips

There are several schools of thought on how to hang a gym mirror. Some installers use just hardware, others use hardware and glue.

Glue adds to the security of the mirror, but it also makes it PREMANENT, and ruins the drywall, and mirror, once removed. So, glue is not a good option for a rental house or apartment.

Installing a mirror with hardware and glue

I like this video because the mirrors are installed carefully, and the narration is clear, including what you need beforehand, how much glue to apply and other useful tips.

Simple Hardware only Installation

This installation uses only hardware, and honestly is better for smaller mirrors. The installation starts at 2:57, and the beginning of the video is explaining where to find good home gym mirrors.

He just uses mirror hangers, purchased at home Depot, a screwdriver, and screws. He screws directly into the studs, but if you have drywall, you will need a stud-finder.

TOP 8 Best Home Gym Mirrors Reviews + Selfie Tripod & Webcam Suggestions

Fab Glass and Mirror GM48x60

Review: This 48 by 60” mirror is perfect for the gym because of it’s large size and un-beveled straight edges. It is ready to hang right out of the box.


  • Large size
  • Packaged well for delivery
  • No frame
  • Straight edge


  • Pricy


If you want huge gym wall mirrors without the hassle of removing a frame, this is a great choice.

Troy System Rectangle Mirror 72

Review: This large 72” by 36” ¼ inch thick mirror will not disappoint. It was designed for the gym wall and is ready to install right away.


  • Safety mirror design
  • Large size 72” by 36”
  • Thick, ¼ “


  • J Bar comes in the 72” length, so if you want to hang it with the 36” side down, you need to trim the j bar.


One of the taller wider mirrors for home gym, may be the only one you need for a full length mirror in a smaller space.

Croydex Kentmere Rectangular Wall Mirror 36-Inch x 18

Review: This smaller mirror works well for stacking and a few can be put together to fill a larger space. Multiple sizes available to create the mirror YOU want.


  • 5mm thick
  • Safety glass
  • Flat edge-no bevel
  • Smart Hang and lock mounting system


  • Will likely need two or more mirrors as these are not huge. Larges size is 36 by 18.


One of the smaller gym mirrors for sale, available at a reasonable price.

Large Simple 30x40 Beveled Mirror

Review: A mid sized mirror, which can work for a home gym, has a beveled edge.


  • Extra thick glass
  • Solid wood backing
  • Frameless
  • D rings attached to the back for ease of hanging


  • Beveled Edge


Midsized mirrors for workout room at a mid-range price. This is a good mirror to hang solo in a small home gym.

See All Frameless Flat Mirror

Review: This small, and budget priced mirror is great for hang two to 4 at a time, includes plastic mounting clips and screws.


  • Flat edge
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Budget priced


  • Will defiantly need two to 4 or more, due to the smaller size.


Great for a small tiled mirror in your home gym.

36x24 Bathroom and Wall Mirror - Handcrafted in U.S.A.

Review: This midsize mirror is large enough on its own for a small space, or you can double up with two.


  • ¼” glass
  • Safety glass
  • Includes hanging hardware on the back
  • Made in the USA


  • New Manufacturer


This is a decent size mirror at a good price.

Logitech C270 Widescreen HD Webcam

Review: The Logitech Webcam is great for the home gym as a replacement for or addition to gym mirrors. Get two and get more than one angle. Correct form and posture with the impartial and irrefutable feedback of video.


  • Films in HD AND Widescreen
  • Mac and Windows compatible
  • 60 FPS
  • Films “close up” compared to others. This is good if you are reviewing lifts.


  • No mounting hardware, you will need to get creative with placement


An excellent alternative to the traditional gym mirror, get two to see your lift from several angles.

Selfie Stick Tripod

Review: The most convenient method to use to take a gym video selfie-the selfie tripod stick. It’s not vain if its for correcting form, right. Great for your instagram feed or YouTube channel too.


  • Inexpensive option to use with your phone to tae video
  • Doubles as a table tripod and selfie stick


  • You might feel awkward pulling this out of your gym bag, but hey, whatever. You gotta do what you gotta do.


A unique problem to the gym video issue, and a workable alternative, budget priced alternative to a gym mirror.

We want to see your setup. Share a picture of your gym via a link in the comments below. We want to see how you solved the gym mirror dilemma.

Also, any tips on how to get the best home gym mirror? We are all ears, let us know.

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