What Is The 5X5 Workout and How It Increases Your Strength

What Is The 5X5 Workout and How It Increases Your Strength
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Have you been thinking what is the 5X5 workout and how you can benefit from it? Listen to this.

The number of different training programs and workout systems promising amazing results is actually mind-blowing. All because of the great popularity of fitness!

This means we have a good chance to come across workouts, that aren’t that effective at all.

And therefore more people are looking back at relatively simple workouts, that go straight to the point and making you the best version of yourself! These are the kind workouts we all appreciate. And yes, the 5X5 is exactly that.

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A simple, yet very effective workout system that was developed 1970’s by Bill Starr, a football strength coach who obviously knew what he was doing. And most importantly, how a body should be trained to gain the best possible results.

Sound good? Well, if you have ever thought about transforming your body into a better version of yourself, you should give it a try.

And this is why.

Why should you give 5X5 a try

So what exactly makes the 5X5 workout program so effective and why are more people talking about it every month?

First of all, it’s simple and effective! You are working with certain exercises, doing them for 5 sets of 5 repetitions. By following the program you are working out three times week. So it’s not really a high-intensity workout and you still have time to exercise parts of your body, that are not being used with the 5X5 training.

Whatever your condition is, you can start the program and slowly increase the weights you are using every week. This is what makes the 5X5 well suited for everyone.

Of course, this is a strength training workout program, so if you are willing to lose weight and only burn fat, you have to look for something else. But keep in mind, that intense strength training that builds more muscle is what you actually should be looking for if you want to burn more fat!

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Originally the program lasts for 6 weeks before taking a break after which you have start all over again, with some heavier weights.

So if you are in a relatively good condition and feeling strong, you will see great results after 6 weeks already. If you are an absolute beginner, you will have to go thru more cycles of the workout program.

All together we can say that the most important reasons for you to take on the 5X5 workout is its simplicity and effectivity.

Best 5X5 program you should follow

One of the problems that cause some misunderstandings in regards to 5X5 is that too many people have tried to implement unnecessary changes in the program.

If you do some searches online, you’ll quickly find that there is a variety of workouts and programs that include the 5X5 in their title. However, you can see right there that a good number of these don’t even follow the most basic 5X5 workout program principles.

Which means, that by following this kind of programs, you might not get the results you have been hoping for.

We suggest you look for the authentic versions of this workout and follow these exact programs for the best results.

The most effective program will consist of workouts with the following exercises:

  • Squat
  • Bench press
  • Deadlift
  • Overhead Press
  • Barbell Row

When these are properly executed, they work your whole body, giving you muscles exercises that allow them to grow and strengthen.

Each workout demands you add 5lb/2,5kg to the weights. This means your muscles have to react to the increased weight each workout. And this is exactly what makes them grow effectively. Keep in mind, that the best 5X5 workout has to simple, without unnecessary exercises that do not give the results these program has been built for.

What you need for a 5X5 workout

Simple workouts usually are designed to demand minimal equipment. And this is also the case with 5X5.

If you want to complete this program at home, you will need to make some investment in your home gym. But there is no doubt that this a good longterm investment that is worth the money.

What you need is simple power rack, squat rack, and a weight press. Also, a barbell!

Yes, for a home gym, this might seem like a serious investment. But there are many solutions that combine different equipment into a single unit. Plus, if you are not committed to making the investment, your local gym will definitely have all of the necessary equipment.

I would like to say that the most important thing that you need to complete this program is the right mindset. You have to commit yourself to going thru it no matter what.

What can you combine this program with

The 5X5 workout program is a strength training program and there is no other way about it. This means you’ll be only working on growing and strengthening your muscles!

For some you, this is not enough and I can understand that. There are plenty of fitness enthusiasts out there, who love to combine different exercises and change them over time. A good reason for this is that it might get boring to repeat the same exercises over and over again. But don’t you worry about that if you choose to give 5X5 a try.

As I said before, you will have 3 workouts every week. Which means, if you can, you can still do some cardio or other training. Of course, you have to be careful with doing so, because you could injure yourself while giving your body too much to handle.

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But stretching and doing at least some cardio can also be necessary because this program repeats itself the whole time. Therefore there is also a risk of injury from overworking these specific muscles that get to do the most work.

Basically, it depends on your experience and strength you already have. If you feel like you can do something more and mix thing up, go for it. If not, be careful and take your time to develop your body to where it is capable of doing the hard work.