10 Best Double End Bags to Master Accuracy, Timing & Rhythm

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10 Best Double End Bags to Master Accuracy, Timing & Rhythm Reviewed in 2024

The double end bag is one of the bags pro boxers spend significant time training with.


Training on the double bag will make you faster, more dangerous to your opponent, and more likely to deliver the knockout you need to be champion.

If you don’t have a double end bag, fear not!

I did my research and I can say with certainty that I found the top 10 best double end bags and I reviewed them, so you can choose the right one for you.

I also included a quick buying guide and a double end bag FAQs to cover the most common double end bag questions out there.

TOP 10 Best Double End Bags in 2024

Title Boxing Double End Bag

TITLE Boxing Double End Bag, 6"
  • All-leather shell with triple nylon stitched
  • Extra-long 3.5” twin-ply leather attachment straps
  • Heavy-duty chrome O-rings on top and bottom have hook-and-loop security
  • Comes complete with two industrial rubber double end bag cables with S-hooks for hanging

Review: The Title Boxing double end bag is one of the most durable double end bags you can get. It is made from real leather, available in several sizes, and includes most of what you need to mount it, except the base weight or anchor.

It can be made as soft or firm as you prefer, and the leather is high quality, soft yet durable, not cheap feeling at all.


  • Genuine leather shell.
  • Triple stitched – durable.
  • Includes strap, bungee cord and mounting hardware.


  • Does not come with a base plate weight.
  • Challenging to inflate.


Durable, quality leather double end bag that includes mounting accessories.

Cleto Reyes Double End Bag

Review: Each Cleto Reyes bag is carefully hand made with premium leather and lined with tough nylon so it will not pop or split.

This teardrop-shaped double end bag is on the small side, at just 10 x 8 x 6 in. The size, however, allows you to focus on precision and coordination, and makes an excellent tool in the boxer’s arsenal.


  • Highest quality leather shell.
  • Manufactured by hand.
  • Extra bladder included.
  • Durable Nylon liner.


  • Swivels and elastics bands not included.


The highest quality double end bag, smaller size and teardrop shape are perfect for training accuracy.

Ringside Leather Boxing Double End Bag

Ringside Leather Boxing Double End Bag, 7 inches
  • Package length: 9.906 cm
  • Package width: 12.7 cm
  • Package height: 24.892 cm
  • Product Type: PUNCHING BAG

Review: I really love this ringside leather double end bag. It is top quality at an affordable price, and just as good as more expensive bags.

The bag is available in three different sizes and the bungee cords to hang it are included, but be aware the bungees lose elasticity with time and it’s probably a good idea to replace them.

But the bag itself is the best quality and will last for years to come.


  • High quality leather and careful craftsmanship.
  • Triple stitched for strength.
  • Cables/bungee cords included.


  • The bungee cables it comes with may lose elasticity and need replacing, but the bag itself is great.


Best double end bag of 2024, the highest quality at the best price.

You should be aware that this bag has raised seams and you should not hit it with bare hands. In fact, you should always wear gloves or wraps when using any style punching bag to prevent hand injury. Pick up a pair of wraps or boxing gloves, if you do not already have a pair.

Fighting Sports Fury Double End Bag

Review: The fighting sports is a small, tidy double end bag. It is neatly constructed with triple stitching and welted seams.

The precision balance, small size and butyl rubber bladder earn this bag the name Fury, because it comes at you fast and furious, so watch out!


  • Available in three sizes.
  • Genuine full-grain leather.
  • Butyl rubber bladder for lighting fast rebound.


  • No cords, mounting hardware or extra bladder included.


Best quality & furious speed make this double end bag a great option for your home boxing gym.

Pro Impact Genuine Leather Double End Bag

Review: The Pro Impact leather double end bag allows you to practice combos and improve your timing from your home gym.

It is made with quality leather that will last for years. The seams are somewhat smooth, although I still recommend using wraps or gloves during your workout to protect your hands.

It includes the cords and hooks, but you still need to pick up an anchor to install this bag.


  • Made using the best quality genuine leather.
  • Triple stitched welted seams, resists losing air.
  • Includes bungee cord and S hooks.


  • The included bungee cords are not very flexible and may need to be replaced.


Good quality, reasonably priced double end bag with cords and hooks included.

Contender Fight Sports Boxing Double End Bag

Contender Fight Sports Synthetic Leather Boxing Double End Bag
  • Durable synthetic leather construction
  • Seams & straps double-stitched
  • Small 9" diameter enhances accuracy
  • Two rubber cables included

Review: This animal-friendly double end bag is made with synthetic leather which is much less expensive than real leather, which accounts for the budget price of this bag.

The bag comes with everything you need to hang it, except the pump and needle to inflate the bladder and a floor anchor.

This bag is on the large side, compared to others, it has a 9 inch diameter. It is great for beginners and those who want a fun, challenging cardio workout.


  • Includes hanging cables.
  • Synthetic leather construction – contains no animal products.
  • Very affordable.


  • Does not include inflation needle, instructions or mounting hardware.


Great double end bag for the money, the one to get if you are a beginner on a budget.

Ringside Mexican-Style Double-Double End Bag

Ringside Mexican-Style Double-Double End Bag 16"W x 2"H
  • Comes complete with rubber bladder and two cables
  • Full leather construction
  • Great for teaching the fundamentals
  • Double End Bag will help you focus on these techniques and sharpen your reflexes

Review: A Mexican style double end bag is also known as a peanut bag or a “double” double end bag thanks to the shape of two teardrop bags attached in the center.

This type of double end bag is perfect for practicing head-body combos, it’s a little slower than a traditional double end bag and allows you to practice throwing punches that dig into the body.


  • Includes two bungee cables for mounting.
  • Peanut shape, used for practicing head and body shots.
  • Well balanced bag.


  • Two bags to worry about inflating, instead of one like a standard double end bag.


A great Mexican style double end bag for body and head shots, one of the best double end bags for home use.

Combat Sports Double-End Heavy Bag

Combat Sports 45 lb. Double End Heavy Bag
  • Reinforced nylon straps and double-end attachment
  • Synthetic leather construction
  • Weight: 45 lbs.
  • Top diameter of 15"-- bottom diameter of 12"-- and height of 34"

Review: This double end heavy bag has 45 lbs of heft so you can add some power to your workout while you also train for speed and accuracy.

This double bag has a long striking surface and can be used for uppercuts, body shots and even kicks, knees and elbows.

It anchors to the floor with a hook and strap for faster rebound, but can also be used without the floor strap if you want.


  • Long striking surface of 34 inches.
  • Weighs 45 lbs for power punching and speed, coordination training.
  • Includes strap for anchoring to the floor.


  • Synthetic leather wears faster than high-quality leather.


A great training tool for upper cuts, power punching and combos.

Ring to Cage Mexican Style Double-Double End Bag

Mexican Style Leather Double-Double end Speed Punching Bag
  • Mexican style leather double-double end bag
  • This Mexican style double end bag offers double the punching options, great for teaching head-body combinations
  • All leather construction
  • Nylon web and leather riveted leather attachment loops
  • Twin rubber bladders. Measures: 26.0 in x 7.0 in x 5.0 in. Cables not included

Review: This peanut style double-double end bag is perfect for head-body combos and training for timing and accuracy.

This Mexican style double-double bag is one of the lower-priced bags of this style, but the craftsmanship is still really good. It holds air well and is made from genuine leather, just like the other guys.


  • Made from high-quality leather.
  • Durable bag, can take a power hit.
  • 26 inch long striking surface.


  • Bungee cables not included.


A great value for a Mexican style double end bag.

Pro-Mex Professional Double End Bag V2.0

Pro-Mex Professional Double End Bag V2.0, Red, 5" x 9"
  • Top grade goatskin leather, triple nylon stitching and leather welted seams for the fastest action and truest rebounds
  • Complete with two double-layer, rivet reinforced hanging loops, precision lacing and a butyl rubber inner bladder for all the speed, durability and performance
  • Comes complete with two industrial rubber double end bag cables with S-hooks for hanging
  • Authentic Mexican-style quality, craftsmanship and pride in every detail
  • Sizes: XS (5”x9”), S (6”x10”), M (7”x11”)

Review: Pro-Mex brand is made by Title Boxing. The Pro-Mex boxing gear is designed in the Mexican boxing gear tradition, using similar materials and shapes. This teardrop-shaped bag is made of goatskin, which is much softer than cowhide, which many other bags are made from.

This double end bag has double-layered reinforced loops, nice clean straight seams and has an air of quality craftsmanship. It’s a nice little double end bag with a fair price, much lower than authentic Mexican boxing gear, with similar qualities.


  • Soft, supple yet durable goatskin leather, triple stitched and welted.
  • Butyl rubber bladder for speed.
  • Teardrop shape trains accuracy.
  • Bands/bungee cords are included.


  • You will need to provide anchoring hardware. No extra bladders included.


A high quality, soft, goatskin leather double end bag with solid performance at an affordable price.

Buying Guide to the Best Double End Bags

To get the best double end bag for your needs, consider these 4 characteristics and decide what’s best for you.

double end bag hanging at the boxing gym

Shell Material

The material used to construct the shell determines the bag’s durability and suppleness.

Cowhide Leather

Most high-quality shells are made from cowhide leather, which is quite durable and wears well, so it will last for years. The Title Boxing Double End Bag is a good example of a high-quality bag made from cowhide leather.

Goatskin Leather

A few bags are made from goatskin leather, which is also very durable. The advantage of goatskin is that it is softer, more pliable, and easier on the hands.

The Cleto Reyes Double End Bag and the Pro-Mex Professional Double End Bag V2.0 are both made from soft, thick, durable goatskin leather.

Extras – Cables, Bungee Cords, Mounting Hardware

Some bags come with cables or bungee cords, hooks, mounting hardware, and extra replacement bladders. These things are nice to have, and add value to the package, but unfortunately, the highest quality bags usually come with the least extras.

If you are on a tight budget, the Ringside Leather Boxing Double End Bag includes hanging cables and comes at a reasonable price, but you still need mounting hardware.

To be honest, this Title double end bag mounting kit (link to Amazon.com) includes what you need at a really reasonable price, so if extras are not included with your bag, pick this up.

Style – Standard Round or Mexican Style?

There are two styles of double end bags represented in my list of the best double end bags for your home boxing gym.

Standard Style Double End Bag

A standard double end bag can be nearly round, slightly oval, or even teardrop-shaped. These are pretty fast, recoil quickly and are designed to mimic head shots.

Standard double end bags usually come in three sizes, 5”, 7” and 9”. Larger bags are best for beginners and smaller bags are harder to hit and faster, so get one of those if you are an advanced boxer or as you progress.

Mexican, Peanut or Double-Double End Bag

The Mexican style double end bag is basically two teardrop-shaped bags connected in the center.

This style has a longer striking surface, and can be used for head and body shot combo training. It moves a little slower than a standard double end bag.

The Ringside Mexican-Style Double-Double End Bag is a good example of a Mexican style or peanut double end bag.

red boxing gloves and boxer is sitting on the boxing ring

What Size Double End Bag Should I Get?

Double end bags come in various sizes, from a bit smaller than a volleyball, to as large as a normal size beach ball.

The smaller the double end bag is, the harder it is to hit and faster it rebounds.

Small bags are good for intermediate to advanced boxers. Larger double bags are good for all boxers, but if you are a beginner, start with a larger bag.

Standard Size Large 9”

If you can only get one bag, go with a standard style double end bag in a standard large size of 9 inches. The Pro Impact Double End Bag is a good example of what I am talking about.

This size allows you to practice defense and offense, is not too challenging for beginners, and allows you to train for accuracy, speed and timing.

Smaller 5” and 7” Double End Bags

Smaller bags are faster, recoil more rapidly and are harder to hit.

Once you master the 9” bag, go for one of these smaller bags to gain competency with faster combos and improve your speed and precision.

What do I Need to Hang, Set Up and Assemble My Double End Bag?

You will need two bungee cords, hooks, mounting hardware and a pump with a needle to inflate the bags bladder.

This Title double end bag mounting kit (link to Amazon.com) provides the mounting items you need.

Any bike pump with a needle will be able to fill your double end bag bladder.

How to Install Your Double End Bag

Check out the how-to video below to see how to mount your double bag properly.

How High Should I Hang the Double End Bag?

The bag should be hung so that it is positioned between your chin and shoulders.

The height you hang your double end bag, ultimately, will depend on how tall you are.

Double End Bag FAQs

female boxer hitting punching bag

What is a Double End Bag Good for?

A double end bag is used to train and practice accuracy, rhythm, speed, coordination, precision and timing.

Getting a Good Range

Double end bags can help you become better at range finding, or getting a feel for how close you need to be to land a good punch.


Double end bags also train you to defend yourself. Unlike the heavy bag, which moves slow, the double end bag comes at you fast, like an opponent will, so it trains you to keep up your guard, be light on your feet and react to the recoil of the bag.


Since the double end bag moves a lot, especially if you do not set cables tension too high, you can really practice your footwork with a double end bag.

Is a Double End Bag Worth it?


Most pro boxers use a double end bag to train, which is a testament to how effective double end bags are as a training tool.

Double end bags can be used to improve your timing, practicing short combos, drilling defensive reflexes, improving hand-eye coordination and speed.

What is the Best Double End Bag?

I have a few favorites!

Beginner Boxers

If you are a beginner, I recommend the Title Boxing Double End Bag in the 9” size. It is durable, long-lasting and the right size for a beginner to practice offense and defense.

Advanced Boxers

If you are more experienced, I like the Cleto Reyes Double End Bag because its teardrop shape makes it more challenging to hit, further refining your skills. It’s made by hand from soft, supple, and strong goatskin leather so it will last for years to come.

Head and Body Combos

I also really like Mexican style double-double end bags because they can be used for head-body combos and have a longer striking surface. You can’t go wrong with the Ringside Mexican-Style Double-Double End Bag.

How do You Hit a Double End Bag?

When you hit the double end bag, you use it to hit small combos. Be sure to continue to hit, especially as the bag rebounds, and keep moving around the bag. It’s best to have some double end bag drills in mind before you start.

Check out this how-to video to get started with your double end bag.

Double End Bag vs Heavy Bag: Which is Better?

A double end bag is just one tool the boxer uses to improve. The double end bag cannot replace the heavy bag, and the heavy bag cannot replace the double end bag.

You need both!

The heavy bag is for training power punches and strength.

The double end bag is for speed, timing, accuracy and coordination.

You need ALL these things to be a great boxer.

If you do not have a heavy bag in your home boxing gym, check out my list of the best heavy bags and get yours today.

Should I get a Double End Bag or a Reflex Bag? What’s the Difference?

Double end bags and reflex bags have a few things in common, but ultimately are different enough that the boxer can gain advantages from using both.

The Advantages of a Double End Bag

A double end bag is hung from the ceiling and anchored to the floor using two bungee cords. The cords can be set with higher tension for less movement and lower tension for more movement.

The double end bag is faster and moves a little more predictably, and is great for combos.

The Advantages of a Reflex Bag

The reflex bag is a bag set on a free-standing pole. The pole has a spring, which allows the bag to recoil as you hit it. Some say the reflex bag is more fun, and moves in a more random manner than a double end bag.

The reflex bag also can be used anywhere, since it does not need to be mounted into the ceiling.

But the reflex bag is not as fast as the double end bag, which is why some boxers prefer the double end bag.

I personally like them both.

If you are interested in a reflex bag, check out this list of the best reflex bags out there.

Check out Ryan Garcia, up and coming boxer, use the cobra reflex bag.

Double End Bag vs Speed Bag, Which One Should I Choose?

If you can only have one, my vote is for the double end bag, because it is such a superior training tool for a real boxing match.

The speed bag can train you to have better rhythm and strengthen your shoulders, but the benefit, compared to using a double end bag, is kinda small.

Still, speed bags are fun, make a great cardio workout, and look cool if you use them right.

If you want to pick up a speed bag, I have a list of the best speed bags right here.

Setting up a Boxing Gym at Home

You can get a home boxing gym set up that is just as good as a boxing gym, without spending a ton of cash.

It’s actually really easy to do, especially if you have a garage or basement you can hang bags.

At a minimum, your home boxing gym needs a heavy bag, a double end bag, and a pair of boxing gloves.

If you want more, check out this article on building a boxing gym in your home.


What if you live in an apartment where you cannot make too much noise, cannot drill holes or cannot hang bags?

I have just what you need.

A free-standing punching bag or apartment-friendly heavy bag may be just what you need.

Now that you have seen the best double end bags, it’s time to pick one up for yourself and start reaping the benefits.

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